Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dance Break: WHIP IT!

Tuesday afternoon dance break!

At 9 years old, this girl is already a BOSS!

Even Sesame Street knows she's a BOSS!

Two words: MAD CAKE!

"I whip my hair back and forth!"



Annamaria said...


Stef said...

I LOVE Willow Smith! She's killin' it!

Monica said...

That is one talented family! lol

Jay said...

Between Willow, Jaden and the older one Trey, Will and Jada seem like they're doing a great job raising their kids. They're doing it big!

Geeque said...

Talented Family!! They built that wealth and they are making sure to keep it!!!!

Anonymous said...

This little girl has a lot of charisma! I like the song too! Who knew a 9 year old could have such a fun song?


Brooke said...

That song has been in my head all day - love it!

Ms. Penn said...

I love the Sesame Street "I love my hair" original video, and the whip my hair remix of the video is just as adorable. Willow doesn't tie her beauty just to her hair - she's an original and you can tell she was raised to believe in and love herself. Kudos to Jada and Will on raising such amazing and humble children!

Yolanda said...

The story behind the original Sesame Street "I Love My Hair" song is really sweet. I saw the father on the news last night. He's the head writer for Sesame Street. He and his wife are white, they adopted a black child who doesn't understand why her hair doesn't look like her Barbie's. So, he wrote a song about it!

Brooke said...


That was on the eveninng news here yesterday too - very cool story :)

The Cable Guy said...


Song is hot!

@Yolanda and Brooke,

I hadn't heard that story - very cool! They should have done this sooner. I'm sure if I had a daughter, I'd want her to see that on Sesame Street.

Now that song is in my head too. LOL!

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