Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- President Barack Obama was on The View today. I still love that man.

A question posed on the radio this was morning was "Do Black people still support Barack Obama?" While I don't assume ALL Black people supported him to begin with, it was an interesting question. They asked listeners to chime in - 5 of them - and the majority of them said they do NOT support him anymore. What say you? Are you still rockin' with our President, or not so much anymore? Were you ever a supporter of his? Let's hear it!

- I'll save my answer to that for the comments section if you all care to know, but I will say that I never get tired of hearing him speak. Say whatever you want to say about him, but the man is brilliant.

- I know money can't bring Sean Bell back, but I'm happy that some form of justice was handed down for his murder. No amount of money is enough. I hope his family is comforted.

- RIP to Lorenzen Wright. Sad news.

- Would any of you accept a marriage proposal via Facebook?

- Who's watching Jersey Shore Season 2? I know Rameer is :-)

- Did I mention how sexy Pres. Barack Obama is? :-)

- I've been watching Teen Mom lately. It's the best form of birth control that I know of right now.

- I can't believe Sunday is August 1st. This summer is flying by, but I'm enjoying it!

- Deebo tried to kill us last night - but I'll take it. Only 3 more sessions left. I counted one, but he's saying 3, so I won't argue with him :-)

- The RTT Throwback! Remember this one!?




Rameer The Circumstance said...


Stef said...


Stef said...

and HELL NO! I wouldn't accept a marriage proposal via FB. That's just tacky, and very impersonal.

I've been an Obama supporter from the beginning and I remain one. Give the man some time! I know alot of white people have turned their backs on him, but I think that survey was flawed on the radio. I think the majority of black people still support him.

I watched him on The View too and you're right Brooke, Barack Obama is sexy as hell...grey hair and all!

I'm glad Sean Bell and Guzman got SOME form of justice. Nothing can bring him back to his parents, his wife and his children though.

I can't wait for a break in this humidity! My head looks like a cotton ball! LOL!

ArrElle said...

Dang I'm never gonna to be FIRST!!!! LOL

ArrElle said...

- No I wouldn't not accept a marriage proposal on Facebook!
-Yes I still support President Obama, we all need to be patient and have faith that things will get better it's just going to take time
-Gurl yes President Obama is handsome, sexy and a distinguished gentleman. I know the First Lady is hitting that every chance she gets..LOL

Brooke said...

I'm sure you will one day ArrElle :)

What do we think of T.O. becoming a Bengal? :) Rameer?

I'm looking forward to football season, even without Donovan on my beloved Eagles team. I'm STILL mad at them for that.

He'll be fine...I hope he thrashes the Eagles. I need tickets to that game...anyone? :)

My hair is all frizzed up too Stef. I can't wait to get my hair did on Saturday.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Now that THAT'S out of the way...

- I still support our president. People kill me jumping ship when they were all rah-rah before he got elected. Goes to show people are sheep who are easily swayed by others' opinions and the media. The job isn't easy - and he DOES deserve criticism, like all sitting presidents have. But to say you don't support him when you did...that's weak to me.

- My girlfriend can't BELIEVE how hyped I am for Season 2 of "Jersey Shore"! She thinks something's wrong with me...she's probably RIGHT...

- I hate when the interns on my floor are in. The loud talkative lady who sits near me feels emboldened to talk EVEN MORE...

- Inception was excellent. Salt was very good. And now, I have another one for you guys to go see - DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS!! The most ridiculous movie of the seems like ever since The Hangover, there's a preposterously silly and hilarious movie every summer now - and this one continues in that vein! Steve Carell has offically replaced Will Ferrell as that dude...

- thank God for Pandora...

- If anyone checks out Witches Brew...apparently I prefer white women and light-skinned women according to one grossly misinformed lady on on there. Nothing bad to say about her - she's actually pretty cool in my opinion - but it provided great entertainment to read her tell me about my affinity for white women and light-skinned chicks based off my comical and sarcastic remarks that I post...

I think people be reading waaaaayyyyyy too much into what they think they know off of Facebook sometimes...

- Going to a mansion party tonight. Yeah, I got it like that...lolz.

- Can't wait for Kem's new album to drop...on my HARD DRIVE...

- I think my girl regrets getting me that PS3 - in fact, I KNOW she does...

- I don't get what's up with women and "Teen Mom"...I know mad women who watch that joint. I have ZERO interest, and turn the channel when my girl isn't looking if she has it on...

- RIP Lorenzen Wright. How tragic.

- T.O. AND Ochocinco on the same team? DRA-MAAAA...but that offense could be really explosive...

- I'm putting it out there - Lakers will repeat AGAIN provided the team is healthy. It's a wrap.

- I was glad the Sean Bell family got SOMETHING. I'd personally prefer an eye for an eye for those officers - and if that offends you, so be it.

- LOVED Leaders Of The both their albums.

- I need a wedding proposal done in-person, personally...

- downloading movies right now for my PS3...

- I miss DC.

- I got pizza for lunch - with pineapples on it. Anyone else like that combo? I LOVE it...

- I'm cooler than Freddy Jackson sipping a milkshake in a snowstorm - in Antarctica...

More After The Break...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Oh - and I hope Donovan KILLS the Eagles this year. I really do.

Jaz said...

If a man or woman proposes on FB, he or she is a loser! I'd NEVER accept a marriage proposal of FB, who can even take that seriously!?

Pres. Obama is one hell of a sexy man. Michelle is very lucky!

I still support him. Brooke, I care to hear if you do as well.

I heard that poll on the radio too this morning and those black people said they don't support him anymore, but never said why. I'd love to hear the reasons.

I've been wearing hats lately to deal with the frizz and the humidity :)

I want something bad for lunch.

Brooke, everyone I shared your blog with from Tuesday LOVED that story. You should definitely consider writing erotica.

And if that story is real, then the man who inspired it should give a clinic...cuz I don't know too many men that can last 4 hours, and turn you out like he did! IF that story is true that is :) LOL!

annamaria said...

I LOVE MY PRESIDENT! He's not only sexy as all hell he's just an honorable & wonderful man!

My baby will be 1 next Thursday! Her party is Saturday. I think I may cry! Lol

Brooke ur dedication to Deebo is amazing! You go girl!

People are annoying! Lol

Leave the immigrants in Arizona & the rest of the US alone. They aint NEVER done anything to no one..

I agree although no amount of money can bring him back I'm glad Sean Bell's family got something. However I feel they deserved a lot more than they got! Especially for his 2 beautiful daughters! God bless them!

Anthony Otero said...

- I am not sure why black folk are not supporting Obama. Did we forget GWB already?

- How much was the amount for the Sean Bell case?

- I wish I could have stayed in NYC longer.

- Looks like I am almost down with the first chapter of this book I am writing

- For the nerds on the blog (Rameer), I saw Batman: Under the Red Hood. That shit was fire. Get it.

- I read that e-books will over take real books in sales in a few years. I am concerned for libraries.

- Fuck Jersey Shore. I think that reality TV is making us dumber. Read a book.

- Someone recently asked me how can i be so nice and yet so perverted at the same time...haha

Brooke said...

Ant, they got $7 million. The Bell estate will receive $3.5 million and the remainder will go to the families of Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield, who were with Bell on the night of the shooting.

Brooke said...

oh, and Ant - I got that question on Tuesday after people read the story on my blog. They were like "Brooke, you got turned out, but you are so nice!"

I can be nice with a great imagination can't I? What does one have to do with the other?

It's like men and women who are nice, smart, successful, driven or funny can't be sexual at the same time.

Now...perverted might be something else :) I wouldn't say I was perverted, but I have no problem expressing the right scenarios. I would think being a highly sexual person would be the icing on my very well rounded cake :) But that's just me... :)

Annamaria said...

RIP Lorenzen Wright. Prayers for his friends & family.

LOVE Mr. President.

Must admit I'm DVR'ing Jersey Shore....

Yes I should read a book but I don't have time..LOL

NO proposals VIA FB. HELL NO...

Brooke said...


I still support our President. I was never one of those people who believed that he could turn the country around in a year, so it baffles me that people think you can end 2 wars, reverse a recession, and get a health care bill signed in a matter of months. I didn't think he'd be able to do that in ONE TERM, let alone a year or two - and he said that throughout his campaign.

I think people have selective memory and thought Barack Obama could walk on water. He is a man with a very tough job to do. He volunteered for it, so I applaud him for that alone - because what he inherited was monstrous and "fixing it" is a huge undertaking. We tend to overlook his accomplishments and focus on his shortcomings. He does deserve criticism in some areas, but he also deserves to be praised for his accomplishments as well. Either way, we have to support him in order to get anything done - especially when there are those who'd rather seem him fail simply because he IS a Black President rather than do what's best for the people of this country.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I'm pretty sure *I* can still go 4 hours. #Justsayin

- Yo Ant - I LITERALLY just downloaded Under The Red Hood this morning. EVERYBODY is saying that joint is raw as all hell! Gonna put it on my jump drive and watch it on my PS3. Oh, and check my FB page - Thor Trailer. FIVE MINUTE Thor trailer...

- Multiple studies over the years show - the best sexual partners for men are SMART WOMEN. There are more likely to want to be adventurous, spontaneous and freaky behind closed doors. And way less sexually cats thinking a woman who is nice and smart can't get it in are badly mistaken...

- To Ant's comment about GWB - dude, I said that to a co-worker this morning. Great minds...

- I STILL don't get the Angelina Jolie thing. No, really - I don't get it. What in the blue hell is so beautiful about her?!?

- Years ago, people in my building chastised me for downloading things (legal or illegal). They were like "downloading stuff will never catch on - that's just for kids and computer nerds". Now, over 50% of the video we use is sent via computers and downloads at my station - and all types of content is downloaded daily. I love old people - they're always disavowing crap they have no clue about...

And now I'm the unofficial "please download this" guy on my floor...

- Congrats at your little angel being here for 1 year, AnnaMaria! What a blessing!

- I'm giving REALLY SERIOUS thought to starting a blog by the end of the summer - people have really been urging me to do so lately...

- They're making a damned Yogi Bear movie with CG blended with live people, a la Scooby Doo. PLEASE, Hollywood - stop killing my childhood TV shows and cartoons!

- Mango-flavored Italian Ice. Mmmm...

- Ananda Lewis. Ain't nothin' wrong with THAT...

- When Mya did that video with Jigga for "Best Of Me"...I thought a girl wearing a basketball jersey as a complete outfit was the sexiest ish ever...

- Speaking of which - STILL waiting for Brooke-Ra to post a pic of her in the SU jersey!

Even MORE After The Break.

Anthony Otero said...

- Brooke, reading your story made me think about that 4 part story I wrote. I may have to wipe the dust off of it...

- RIP Lorenzen Wright. I think I had his rookie card.

- Inception is the movie of the year hands down.

- look like a cotton ball huh? You know I like it

- NBA Players on campus again this week due "Sportscaster U". Chris Duhon and Gary Trent among others...

- Does everyone have foursquare? blah!

Brooke said...

What is foursquare?

Every athlete should take a course at SU "Sportscaster U" - best school for it :)

That's what I originally wanted to be - a sportscaster :)

Some mango water ice would be SLAMMIN right now :) or Lemon :)

Smart women are sexy - y'all ain't know? ;)

Rameer, you SHOULD start that blog - Lord knows you have plenty to say and opinions to share. Just ask anyone who is your friend on FB :)

When I'm done with Deebo, I'll take that pic Rameer :)

Looking forward to baby Sophia's bday party on Saturday :)

Stef said...

I don't have natural hair, but you'd think so Ant. My permed hair frizzed up like I stuck a finger in a socket! Uggh!

The Cable Guy said...

If the smarter a woman is, the sexier...then Brooke must be AMAZING in bed. Jus sayin'!

I think there is a perception that "nice" equals "prude." Not true at all. Actually, the really mean, snobby, worst personality having chicks I know are TERRIBLE in bed - mostly because they're pretty and rely solely on their looks to get a guy. A cute smile and big butt are definitely nice - but if you're stupid or can't have an intelligent conversation as well, then what good are you?

I think that's why I'm so baffled as to why Brooke is single. She's clearly beautiful, and sexy and all that. But her personality is amazing and she's probably one of the smartest women I know hands down. Add to that she can cook, loves and KNOWS sports, has all her teeth (gorgeous smile), is driven, talented, has a great job AND is GENUINELY NICE - and that's a total package right there. Men out here must be blind or stupid - or both.

Only thing left to find out is if the sex is bangin' LOL! And I'm guessing it is...bow chicka wow wow!

RIP Lorenzen Wright - such a tragic end.

RIP Sean Bell.

I'm still rockin' with Barack!

Proposal on FB? Wackness.

Happy bday lil Sophia!

annamaria said...

Thank you all for Sophia's birthday wishes!!! :)

Can't believe a year has gone by already.

Stephanie said...

I love our President. I think he's doing a great job. He has accomplished more in 1 year than the last administration did in their first year. Here are some examples:

1.Passing the "largest" economic stimulus bill in American history.
2.Ordering the closing of Guantanamo Bay military detention facility and abolishing "enhanced interrogation techniques."WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR AN EXACT DATE.
3.Setting a fixed timetable for withdrawing U.S. combat forces from Iraq.STILL WAITING FOR AN EXACT DATE
4. Ordering 21,000 additional troops to Afghanistan and enlisting, with modest new assistance, European allies in a new multi-layered strategy there and in Pakistan, and setting a timetable for a draw down of our troops.
5."Returning science to its rightful place" by lifting the Bush restrictions on federally funded embryonic stem cell research.
6. Signing laws to expand children's health insurance (financed by a 61-cent per pack increase in the federal cigarette tax the adviser did not tout).
7. Signing a law meant to improve the ability of women who allege pay discrimination to sue their employer.
8.Lifting travel and remittance restrictions for Cuban Americans who seek to travel more frequently to the island and send more US currency to their immediate family.
9.Appointed the first Latina to the US Supreme Court
10. signed a law supporting increased financial aid to severely injured war veterans, and their caretakers.
11. Banned offshore drilling until parameters for deep well safety procedures are clarified.
12.Put a hold on Artic oil exploratory digging until environmental impacts are clear.
13. Passed health care reform.
14. signed a hate crime bill .

People have to understand the President has limited powers.The only real power the president has is veto power. He is not GOD he is a man who is trying to fix the damage done by the GOP. People refuse to educate themselves and learn the basics of our political system. Did you know you can send an email to the White House and someone will respond to your questions. I've done it several times already.If you do not like what our government or president is doing, speak up and let you voice be heard. If you just want to complain, lay down like a sheep and shut the FUCK UP.This is only the beginning. I can't wait to see what he does next.

Stephanie said...

hahahahahahaha.OMG sorry for the repeats. On my end the system says not enough space, try again.

Brooke said...

No worries Stephanie, I deleted the extras :) LOL!

Serena W. said...

Steph was so hype about our Prez she posted it like 10 times! LOL!

RTT!!!!! YEAH!

Why is there a monsoon out my window!

About to throw some soap on the truck and let the rain hit it and melt away the dirt!

Saw a soror that was visiting from Dallas with a group. So great to see her and she promoted my framed poems and I got some sales out it! She's awesome!

My newsletter is out and I'm getting some great reviews. Let me know if you wanna sign up. I'll forward it to you.

Doing an incredible fundraiser this Saturday at Bloombars at 3222 11th Street, NW WDC from 5-8pm for Harriet's Girls. An organization that is sending girls to South Africa next month for a mission trip!

I go on at 5:30pm! Be there!

The book is coming...the book is coming! Stay tuned!

Can't wait to book my Vega's trip this week!

9 weeks left until my contract is over.

Everyone look out for a sista.

Hey Ant! I gotta talk to Ced at Multicultural Affairs about doing this gig! Start nudging him but don't hurt the man.

When I see Ant he's getting a big hug!

I gave Rameer a couple when I saw him! I felt like I was back on the front porch during SUmmer Institute when I saw Rameer and Anthony (another Ant).

I have 3 more reports to go, a mtg to conduct and another eval to conduct by 5pm! Can I do it!!!

Can my writing and nonprofit consulting be my full time. I don't like having 4 bosses over me :(

Gotta go and conducts meetings! Ciao!

Brooke said...

Serena is doing her thang! She's such an inspiration!

Ant and Serena are writing books and I'm bullsh*ttin' :) Gotta get on it!

I don't like having a boss either, but luckily I work autonomously for the most part. I work by myself, but with everyone at the same time. Very strange dynamic.

And I've been working my behind off all week, even though I feel unmotivated. Not getting my work done is not an option though - alot of premieres happening.

I have two pet peeves that have been working my nerves all week at work - and I know these will sound crazy - but I hate when people stop the microwave with 2 seconds left on it and then don't re-set the time. And I also hate when people leave cabinet doors open. Makes me crazy :)

Stef said...

LOL @ Brooke! I hate when people leave cabinet doors open too - cuz I always bang my head on them! LMAO!

I have thing with cabinets and headboards :)

I watched Growing Up Twisted on A&E just because Brooke works there. I saw your name in the credits Brookey! I felt like I knew a celebrity or something!

I didn't much care for the show though. I just don't get these rocker families, and all celebreality seems the same to me now. Sorry B!

Brooke said...

No need to be sorry Stef! I just work here :)

That's not to say that I don't like any of our programming, but I don't expect everyone to love it either. To each his own, I just appreciate that you watch because of me :) That's sweet of you, but totally not necessary...unless you have a Nielsen box ;) LOL!

Jay said...

Hey everyone!

Busy at work today but had to chime in to say hello.

You pulled that throwback out the HAT! LOTNS was hot back in the day.

RIP Lorenzen Wright and Sean Bell. The $7 mil was cool, but not real justice if you ask me. Not worth the man's life by ANY means.

I agree with all that Cable Guy said about you Brooke - and smart women ARE sexy as hell. Beautiful skin and a killer smile also help ;)

T.O. and Ochocinco equals drama like Rameer said. Totally agree. Let's see what they do though.

Pres. Obama has my full support. Let the man do his job, and we can critique him when his term(s) are up.

FB proposals now? Really?

I'm gonna have to pass on Jersey Shore.

Teen Mom - saw it once - and those kids would have a foot up their ass if they backtalked me while I was letting them raise their kid under my roof eating up all my damn food. As Brooke would say, pure fuckery.

Brooke said...

I'm glad Shirley Sherrod is planning to sue that conservative blogger. Exactly what he gets.

Brooke said...

oh, and thanks Cable Guy and Jay - you both are so sweet :)

oh and Jay, I agree. Those kids on Teen Mom are ridiculous. They don't know how good they have it, cuz I doubt my mom would be as nice as those parents are. The first time I'd mouth off to my mother after bringing a baby home at 16 would be my last - and I'd be out the door...after she flew my damn head!

Jay said...

They need an ass whoopin!

Yolanda said...

Whycome I only remember it's Thursday AFTER I get home and most of ya'll are off the blog?

I hate news. Like really. I need a new career path.

Marriage proposals need to be well thought out. I can update a status from my email. So, Facebook/Twitter/any kind of social media proposal is a fail... unless of course, you get the Old Spice guy to make a YouTube video for me. Then, I might have your babies.

I love my President. I do sometimes wish he'd choke a bish though.

I dunno about this Shirley Sherrod lawsuit. It opens up a Pandora's box about blogging, what qualifies as a "news" site and whether bloggers have the right to "make up" whatever they want. I wish her the best though. I do think she is milking her 15 minutes like a mug though. The blogger did a hilarious piece on her lawsuit today where he said "After a week of The Shirley Sherrod Media Redemption Tour™ Sponored By Luster's Pink Oil Moisturizer©, Mrs. Sherrod finally went back home, took a nap, and called Greenberg and Bederman."

I nearly fell off my chair at work.

I want a dog. Still.

I'm feeling a little ignored by the boy. Not too sure how I feel about that. He's got some family stuff going on and I'm doing my best to give space and let him know I'm thinking of him. So far, crickets chirping. But he replies to random Facebook stuff and group emails we're on. Whattup with that? I'm such a pushover though...

Le sigh.

Rameer loves the exotics. LOL. That thread was too funny.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck slays me. I wish there was a mute for her mic.

This Essence hiring a white woman story has taken on a life of it's own... even Anderson Cooper did a segment on it.

Do people still subscribe to Essence?

Have a good night folks!

I'll probably be late again next Thursday :-(

Brooke said...

I love your comments Yolanda!

I've been following the debate about the white fashion editor hired at Essense...but Cooper did it too? Wow.

I saw that piece you put on the Brew, hilarious!

I missed the "exotics" topic about Rameer on FB, now I gotta go find it.

I've been on The Brew all day!

Serena W. said...

Hi Yolanda and Brooke! I'm late too!

Had a slew of mtgs but the team mtg I conducted was heeeeeeelarious!

I'll miss my staff once the contract is up.

One of my staff peeps talked about a double dating experience where the girl he was "hooked" up with bowled with a fried chicken leg in one hand and bowled with the other!


Our mtg went from there lol.

I love our Prez! He rocks!

Happy Early Bday So-So!

I have a 4 day weekend and a friend from nyc is coming! I can't wait to see her!

Anyone have a free file cabinet to give me, a flat screen tv, cd racks and nice Pier 1 floor pillows. I'll even take World Market (love them)!

That's what I need to make my apt complete.

Rameer...DC misses you too!

Brookey I'm still waiting for the blog bbq! Lol.

Wish I was in New Orleans with my sorors of DST :(

Yolanda the dude that's giving you the silent treatment can kick rocks! Big ones!

Making a call...maybe I'll be back if others comment.

Serena W. said...

Lastly I got a 2 year Essence Subscription...using some frequent flyer miles ;)

I still like Essence but its not what it used to be. I miss the old Essence.

Okay finally making my call to my Aunt Hilda.

Peace and love peeps!

Yolanda said...

Remember when the tagline for Essence was 'when you miss Essence, you miss you'? That's when it was hot! I only had a free subscription because I went to the Essence fest last year. I let it run it's course and didn't renew.

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