Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Glorious Random Thoughts Thursday!

It's a gorgeous day! Love the summer!

- My family is supposed to be coming my way on their way back from Niagara Falls! I hope they had a great time and I can't wait til they get here!

- Deebo tried to kill Monica and I last night. But he DID give us the BOMB rub-down after our the tunes of the Isley Brothers :-)

- Floyd's baby girl Brooke - mean muggin'! With her cute self! Love it!

- If I were Shirley Sherrod, I'd tell them all to "kiss my ENTIRE ass!" (ala Della Reese in Harlem Nights). I'm happy she received an apology, but that whole thing was just wrong. She's on The View today. Pres. Obama needs to call her.

- I wish someone would ask me to pull over to the side of the road to text in my resignation. Again I say...."my ENTIRE ass!"

- I'm sick of Whoopi Goldberg defending Mel Gibson and every other racist out there. He said it.
He meant it.

- I need to drink more water today. I'm a bit dehydrated.

- Why is healthy food so daggone expensive!?

- Forgot to bring my lunch today :-( But it's too hot to cook.

- My cat licked my face this morning til I woke up. I know that grosses some of you out, but it made me smile :-)

- The Reeses in my candy jar are taunting me. Time to go get some yogurt.

- Anyone ever been to a nude beach? I've been invited to go, and I'm considering it. Not that I plan on being nude...but I might go see what the fuss is all about ;-)

- I'm sick of Drake. Really.

- I wanna get on a roller coaster. Six Flags anyone?

- I'd probably have a heart's been so long.

- It's almost the end of July already. Summer is flying by...make sure you're enjoying it!

- Random Thoughts Thursday Throwback!




Anonymous said...

First!! Face licking Feline's!!!

It's your booy!

Brooke said...

LOL!! You're crazy!

I'm STILL mad you didn't come to the bbq!

Stef said...

I've been trying so hard to be first this's not working.

At least I posted before Ant! LOL!

Shirely Sherrod should give them all the finger!

That throwback is on POINT today! did you pick it this week Brooke, or was this from the mysterious Brian who no one knows? :)

Eat a Reeses Brooke, you deserve to splurge a bit :)

This heat is bananas.

I hope Sexless got the answers and guidance she needed yesterday. I re-read some of the comments and we really were hard on her. Not all people are sex crazed fiends like we are :)

I hope Craig shows up again today, he cracks me up!

I'm sick of Drake too. He looks like a mouse.

What's for lunch??

Annamaria said...

1. Its gorgeous & I'm soo glad I don't have to work.

2. Waiting for Sophia's godmother so I can go shopping for her party. I hate waiting for people. I would have been back by now.

3. I'm NOT a morning person!

4. I need a massage.

5. I'll go to 6 flags with u B. I need someone to go on roller coasters with me cuz everyone else I know doesn't like them.

6. Stef we was a lil harsh BUT we're a bunch of horndogs! Lol but we say what we mean with no filters. Gotta respect for that.

7. I really hope she does seek help because it really does sound like she has a problem.

8. Its freaking hot!

9. My parents watch Sophia the 3 days a week that I work. Thurs & Fri my dad comes to my house to see her cuz he misses her! Lol

10. I love her.

Brooke said...

I know Kyce's school goes to Six Flags in the fall for an Islamic holiday, so I may go with them. Maybe we can all go then? :)

just ate a bowl of fruit and I'm stuffed from that...very strange :)

it's freezing in this building.

I'm really looking forward to Sophia's birthday party :)

Reading "Sexless'" letter yesterday didn't make me think she was having any problems in her relationship at all...but moreso she was just wondering if something was wrong with her sex drive. If her man isn't complaining, she feels loved, and they're connected to each other - I really don't even see what the problem is. I know folks who are in miserable relationships who have sex with each other AND cheat on each other with no connection at all. I didn't hear any concern in the tone of her letter - but maybe simply confusion.

...but that's just me :)

Anonymous said...

Shirley Sherrod better take her job back and don't become another statistic!!! Enough of us in unemployed as it is, we don't need to add anymore to the unemployment numbers.

Jay said...

Hey everyone!

It's hot but it's gorgeous outside! Gotta love it!

I agree with you Brooke on the tone of Sexless' email. If it's working for her, then it can only get better. I wish her well.

Is it football season yet?

Brooke, didn't you say you got tickets to Jay Z and Em concert at Yankee Stadium? Do you know who you're taking? (hint hint ;)

Brooke, ignore Stef...don't eat the Reeses. You've been working hard, fruit is the right way to go.

I want to see Inception. How was Salt Brooke?

I'll go to Six Flags with you! I LOVE roller coasters. Let me know when the kiddies go and roll with.

Can I crash Sophia's bday party?

I really don't see why Drake is hot. I mean, he's not BAD...but I'm tired of hearing 6 Drake songs in a row every morning.

Black Moon was the SHIT!

Shirley Sherrod should tell them all to go f*ck themselves.

The Cable Guy said...

I'm mad Brooke and Monica got a massage while listening to the Isley Brothers. Sounds like Deebo was trying to seduce ya'll, not rub you down! LOL!

SarKism said...


* I really enjoyed myself at the SU BBQ. It was niceto see everybody and meet some blog folks.

* I love the heat but I need like a few days break. It feels like its been hot for 45 days straight...geez!

* My son is staying with my girlfriend for camp during the week and I miss that little boy like no tomorrow. I may be addicted cause when I see him I just kiss him tell he tells me go away :)

* I almost quit my job this week but I'm glad I have a strong (and more sane) support system to talk me down from the ledge!! My boss is bananas and I can tolerate but so much ignorance.

* I'm looking forward to the weekend cause I have absolutely nothing planned so i'm going to really enjoy that.

* I'm so ready for football that I loaded the entire redskins schedule into my 'berry so I wont forget the games. Is it too much to get a Donovan jersey before he ever plays a game?

* Shirley Sherrod should go back to her job and rock the world so that she makes them look even more stupid. And in true political form, she should run for office...

* If I knew trainers gave massages to the Isley Brothers, I woulda signed up for one long time ago.

* How in the world is the summer going so fast. I havent done half the stuff I wanted to....geez. Brooke I may have to join you at Six Flags cause that is on the list.

Brooke said...

I was great meeting you too! I'm not sure if I should throw your government name out there Sarkism!

your daughter is gorgeous - with her glittery sneakers :)

We can ALL go to Six Flags!

Get that Donovan jersey - I plan on copping one myself.

I have to say, I love our trainer. He works our nerves sometimes with his ADD, but he's good...and his massages are great! He's old school tho, thus the Isley Brothers music. Good for a rubdown, bad for sparring. We need 50 Cent for that! LOL!

Anonymous said...

1. I'm mad too B...I really wanted to see you...
2. just had lunch with this hottie at my job.Oh i love black woman!!
3. it's Hot outside... but i dont complain...bcs if you think about it...on the next planet over it's like 3000 i'll take 100 any day!!!
4.Brooke..i have a huge hug waiting for you...I'm going to try to squeeze the mad out of you..
5. it was good seeing Val...she is still gorgeous...remember when we rode to Philly that time...great times..
6. i am really impressed with the way Sherrod has handled the situation she is in...especially the way she handled the media trying to get her to talk slick about Obama...She was like..."he is my president" Aoooow!
7. Sexless...needs a therapist or some testoterone injections...pun intended..i mean sometimes 'no' really means...'come and get it' but seriously..sexless if your man has a low sex drive guys are a perfect fit...enjoy each other..get married and explore the wonders of sexual making.
8. I had a blast at the SU events this past was good seeing folks...luv yall!
9. I hate my job...i gotta find a way to do what i love all the time and get paid for it.
10. i need a beach day asap!
11. already planning ZAYDAY 2011....Viva Las Ze-gas..yall coming?
12. what do you think is harder ...findnig love or maintaining it?
13.i feel like listening to "young gifted and black" by Big Daddy Kane..que music...
It's your booooooy!

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

Nice to read everyone's stuff again.

Here's where DMoe is:

- Drake's album is alright with me. I got no problems with it.

- Inception was savvy and clever. I loved it.

- Two weeks til I'm back in NYC. It should be fun to take another bite of the Apple.

- Six Flags? I'm in.

- Agreed. Shirley Sherrod should go Della Reese. Kinda looks like her anyway. LOL.

- I think its time to grow my hair out again. Yeah, why not...

- Almost time for football season...Let's Geaux Saints!

Brooke said...

Val is beautiful as ever - we had fun in school :)

I have a huge hug waiting back for you :)

Maintaining love is definitely harder than finding it...but I think once you find TRUE love, you're willing to do the work.

I might have to make an appearance at ZayDay in Vegas.

I'm going to the beach on Saturday! Gonna be a scorcher!

Brooke said...

DMoe is back in the buidling :)

Inception will probably be the next movie I see. Salt was good, I enjoyed it. I feel like they're setting it up like the Bourne series. We'll see.

SarKism said...

@Brooke - no gov't names please...

Dang...there u go again...the beach is on the list too.

Maintaining love is ABSOLUTELY more difficult than finding love

I was disappointed about the booooy not coming on Saturday but I hear my better half got to hang out with him and Rameer so its all good. Vegas????sounds fun...keep us posted.

Monica said...

What up peoples!!

Yes deebo gave us the crazy rub down lol! Brooke I think at one point he got a little too close to my cheek (if you know what I mean).

He also showed me how to use the foam roller...can you say pain?! You guys should have seen Brooke's face when he used the foam roller on her lmao!

Ran a 4M race in Central Park last Saturday and finished in 40 mins woo hoo! I almost died but I still ran as fast as I could. All I kept thinking was sheesh 22 more miles in nov...don't know how I'll do it.

I hate liars...for the umpteenth time!

I want to see Salt too!

Brooke I can't seem to find or maintain love lmao ...oh well

I propose a Blog 6 flags trip. How fun would that be?!!

Is it 5:30 yet?!!!

Anonymous said...

I really want to see Inception, my boss said it was fabulous! I cannot believe that my kid is already six months...where does the time go?

Took her to the Dr. yesterday and she is 26.5 inches (she is six months!!)

Drake's album isn't too bad. it's just everytime I see him on TV the first thing that comes to mind is Milhouse from the Simpsons!

I haven't been keeping up with this blog as much work got a brother busy!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Brooke said...

Floyd! We missed you!

Baby Brooke is getting BIG!!!

Shawn Wayans said Drake looks like a substitute teacher :) LOL!!!

"who you got 6th period?"

"man...I got that cornball Mr. Drake..."


Sarkism, let's go to the beach!

Monica, Deebo DEFINITELY got a little too close to my cheek. It's bad enough he slapped my ass that one time getting a rubdown. I blame YOU for that one!

That foam roller was no joke. I think I'm getting a bruise.

A blog Six Flags trip would be fun!

Anonymous said...

I missed my blog fam too!
I feel like I am the second cousin sometimes because I didn't go the 'Cuse LOL!
You know as a kid Drake commented that he was deeply entrenched in Judaism. At least that it was what I gathered from this online interview that I watched! There are a lot of people that want him to succeed. While I think he is a ok MC, the commercialization and the spins that he gets on the radio is quite intriguing! Jews run Hollywood and music sooooo.

Lil' Brooke :) is indeed getting big and she eats like a runaway slave! Her stomach is a bottomless pit! My goodness, it seems like every minute I am shopping for food! I told my pops and he said "welcome to parenthood". Serves me right, I used to try to eat him out of house and home, finishing a gallon of milk a day!

I have to send you my favorite picture of her! I posted it on FB, but I just love it because there is so much personality in her face in this picture!

Brooke said...

send it Floyd!

Now it's payback time for you! A gallon of milk a DAY??? It usually took me 3 days to finish a gallon :) My poor mother :)

Annamaria said...

1. Jay can come to Sophia's party IF he comes as Brooke's date. Sorry Cable Dude.. U can come too if u hook Sophia up with some free HBO! Lol

2. Still looking for someone to dress up as Elmo!!!

3. I just bought the stuff for her party. All Elmo all day! Lol and she got a tiara! :)

4. B- where's soso's jersey!!!!!!!!

Brooke said...

SoSo will get her jersey at her birthday party :-)

Anonymous said...

NAH! I wanted to be nice and tall 6'6". I drank milk for breakfast, lunch, dinner, with name it! Then I would go in my room and stretch. Unfortunately, I fell short by two inches and I am now lactose intolerant! As an adult, I now drink lactaid to support my milk addiction! It isn't the same though!

Brooke said...

Floyd, I think you'll live at 6'4 - be happy with that!

But that IS funny though! :) And you're right, Lactaid isn't the same :)

I went and posted a pic of Floyd's baby girl Brooke in the blog for ALL to see! Go look! :)

The Cable Guy said...

I feel like Brooke and Monica have been training FOREVER! You guys must have gotten the PLATINUM PACKAGE!! Trainers are expensive!

But ya'll are doing it though, great job!

Even if you do have a suspect trainer trying to feel you up! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Cable Guy! I was thinking the same thing...Sorry Brooke, but a rub down afterwards? Hmmm something smells foul in Seattle?? LOL

Brooke said...

Uh...let me tell you something, there is NOTHING like that going on. There IS one trainer there though who literally feels up his one client. They run together, and then he takes her into the studio and they give each other the most sensual, sexual rubdowns I've ever seen. They really need to get a room. Last week, he was fingering her while massaging her thighs - I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Monica and I were in the studio with Bobby working out and it was like we weren't even there!

All the trainers there stretch out their clients, if they ask them to...and we asked Deebo to stretch us cuz otherwise we wouldn't be able to walk today - that's how hard our session was last night.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Is the perv trainer's name Wayne Berry? My cousin is a personal trainer at LA Fitness and that just sounds like something his nasty ass would do! LMAO! That is pretty nasty!


Stef said...

Floyd, your daughter is GORGEOUS! She has such a cute face! So much personality in it at 6 months!

And she's BIG!!! WOW!!! She's gonna be tall like you!

Brooke said...

Floyd, I coudln't believe it. I was like "is he...nah...IS he??"

I don't know his name, but he works at NYSC. And he wears this funny little ankle bracelet. Do men really do that??

Anthony Otero said...

let's be clear. I was on the road to NYC so you had your chance stef!

- In is hot down here! wtf

- Going to six flags tomorrow with my brother and nephew! (It is his birthday weekend)

- I just got a very good lead on a possible job down here. Please cross your fingers..

- I am amazed what a long drive can do for me. I feel like listening to music and just THINKING with no distractions was a blessing

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stef!...She gets it from her momma!!! i am such a lucky man!

Brooke, I guess! My cousin ( I love him dearly) is a real douche bag! He is bedding 30% of his clients! I mean I guess their occupation is a great way to meet ladies. I don't know man! I don't believe in shittin' where you eat soooo...
It may not be my cousin but as we say in my family its very "Waynge- esque"

Brooke said...

I just saw a pic of Floyd's wife and baby Brooke - and the wife is pretty too. Yes, Floyd very lucky, but you're no slouch either! :)

"Wayne-esque" behavior was definitely going down. If you want to sleep with your clients, then fine - do it behind closed doors - and NOT the closed doors of the gym studio!

Ant is in the NYC! Yay!

and yes, it's hot today, but not humid like the last few days. It was a great breeze goin' on at lunch time...I just want to be outside. But this weekend, watch out, it's gonna be 100 on Saturday.

This girl at my job complains everyday at how hot it is. Finally I just said "guess what? It's SUMMER TIME!" Geesh people! These will be the same ones complaining that it's too cold out in January.

Good luck with the job lead Ant!

Anonymous said...

I am blushing...but Brooke you are faaaaar too kind!

With respect to the lady at the job, some people will never be satisfied! This weather is way better than last summer when it rained 75% of the time!


The Cable Guy said...

Um...I'm just now seeing something. I went back to look at Floyd's daughter - who is GORGEOUS by the way - and noticed Brooke said something about a nude beach?

First she's being seduced by rubdowns with Deebo, and now the nude beach? What the hell is going on man?!

Brooke said...

Yes, I'll take THIS summer over LAST summer any day! It rained all the time and was no where near as warm as it should've been. I love the heat, so I have no complaints!

Cable Guy, it's all in good fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of nude not visit the topless beaches in Tenerife! (Actually I think they are all topless) but make sure you know which beach to go to! The one that I went to all you saw were old ass women with fake breast! I am talking about 60 plus yrs old and older! The shit is not sexy! I had to go back to my room and watch porn to get the grotesque images out of my head! Thinking about it now is making me sad and sick at the same time! Yuck!


Serena W. said...

RTT! Late edition!

Crazy, crazy, crazy day!

But I made it!

My whole bathroom in my apt is getting a face lift! New sink and medicine cabinet!

Now can I get that jacuzzi tub lmao!

Stuck in rush hour!

My contract ends Sept 30th! Its great wen directors are looking out for a sista in terms of something else.

But my boss has to go!

SU BBQ was hot!

SarKism please tell your better half hello! It had been years since I saw him!

I wanna do Six Flags!

Doing Vegas in September!

Going to take a chance and use up loot to finalize my book between Aug-Sept!

I'm scared but gotta do it.

Zay Day you were missed Saturday!

Doing an event Saturday, July 24th at Marvin Gaye Park in Southeast at the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest! I'll be at the welcome table from 1-5 selling poetic products! DMV fam come out!

Would someone to wash all this hair of mine!

I miss my Nana and sisters.

Miss Mommy :( Monday made 5 months.

I can't help but to feel her smile down and send me heavenly hugs.


Had a dream the other night that I had 2 daughters and their middle names were Sauti and Ayana.

Is God trying to tell me something? :)

Only time will tell...

Brooke said...

ewwww! that's not cool. People don't think about these things down the line - like what they'll look like with full sleeve tattoos at 60, or breast implants at 80.

and I'm sure that's the ONLY reason you went back to your room to look at porn, right Floyd? :) LOL!

Brooke said...


Maybe God IS trying to tell you something. I think I had a dream once that I had a baby - and I promptly woke up! LOL!

I know that's how it's done, and I've seen it done live in person - but the idea of a baby coming out of my body seems so weird to me.

I wanna go back to Vegas!

It was so great seeing you Serena!

Serena W. said...

It was good seeing you too Brookey!

These lil girls in the dream were adorable with their afro poofs :) they looked to be about 3 and 4 (sheesh...back to back).

Its all good. With the right man in my life I'd do it :)

Yolanda said...

I have JUST now realized it's Thursday. I really need to put a reminder in my calendar.

I've been to a nude beach in the Caribbean before. I wasn't nude but the 65-ish year old man with the swinging, saggy balls swimming next to me was.

Would be nice to both find love AND maintain it. I could get with that.

I needz a job son! The part time runs out in 2 weeks.

Time to start trickin!

I'm kidding.

Am I?


Saw my favorite man this much as he gets on my nerves. I love he (I think).

I need a new purse.

As much as I couldn't stand Drake at first...'Fancy' is my JAM!

I sure hope someone reads these random thoughts.

I've decided I will get married at the Gaylord Hotel in MD. Now, to find a groom & a sponsor...

Brooke said...

I'm reading your random thoughts Yolanda - I never miss yours!

To answer someone's question - Black Moon was Brian's throwback, not mine :-)

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