Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Sorry there was no blog yesterday - I had nothin' and was busy at work - my bad!

- My bangs are too short.

- I missed Fences’ run on Broadway…dagnabbit! Next time Denzel!

- I’ve been wanting chocolate all week and have resisted...but I don't think I can make it to Friday without eating a Snickers.

- I think our intern has developed a girl crush on me ever since I told her her driver’s license picture wasn’t “that bad.”

- I miss my nephews...we had such a great time last weekend. I might sneak thru Philly on my way back from the SU DC BBQ to see them before they go to Niagara Falls for vacation.

- Then they’re stopping thru the NYC to see me! I don't know how they're all going to fit in my small apartment, but we'll make it work!

- I hoard umbrellas. It’s a sickness.

- Why are men and women’s shoe sizes different? Anyone know?

- If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes? Maybe I can find out the answer once I go to the zoo :-)

- Bristol Palin is engaged to her baby daddy Levi Johnston. I doubt I could marry anyone who talked greasy about my family like he did.

- I have no desire to watch Chad Ochocinco on tv - but I did catch this on The Wendy Williams Show the other day. Why do we care? Do you care who he chooses?

Should Black women even bother going on dating shows?

- We have only four more sessions with Deebo - this saddens me. I hope we can do it on our own!

- Vitamin Water Zero is nasty.

- Justin Bieber is cute, but I still don't get it.

- Mel Gibson is straight trippin'. That dude is in big trouble. Leave it to Whoopi Goldberg to defend him.

But then again, she dated a dude who thought it was cool to go out in blackface, sooo....

- Do we still support his films knowing that he's a nut? He needs prayer.

Although Jesse can go a little to the left out his neck when he speaks sometimes, he sort of has a point:

Dan Gilbert deserved to be fined, he was way out of line.

- Brian's RTT Throwback!




Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches!

Yolanda said...

-Freaky morning power outage at home… very odd. Whole house goes dark except the kitchen? At least my food won’t spoil.

-I was all in the fuse box with a flash light like MacGyver. Very impressed with myself.

-New weave. Not sure I love it yet. Gotta play around with it.

-On an up note: my “real hair” is growing… and ooh so are the naps. I might be too tender for this natural hair thing. I will keep a perm on standby.

-Why is everyone having babies like RIGHT now? I have 6 friends that are pregnant and these aren’t even blizzard babies.

-Congrats to Brooke on getting more blog exposure. She’s on now (and do is Witches’ Brew… shameless plug).

-Excited about the SU BBQ weekend. Hope I can store up the energy to make it to The Park tonight. I’ve got my heels in the car.

-My Mother just got back from Vegas. She hit at the slot machine IN THE AIRPORT the DAY she arrived! Such luck!!!

-I want to know what Danny Glover thinks about this Mel Gibson mess.

-I’m tired.

-I’d really like to go some place where the people don’t speak English and the water is very blue and the lobsters are big.

-How is Ant gonna be first and not post any Random Thoughts?

-More later… perhaps???

Brooke said...

Ant always does that. He posts "first bitches" and then disappears. I think he's waiting for Stef to show up :-)

I wanna know what Danny Glover thinks too...waiting for other black folks to chime in besides Whoopi.

I can't wait to meet you this weekend Yolanda!

One of my articles is up on the FreshXpress site today! Woo-hoo!

Witches Brew is crack. I was all up on that Mashonda interview on Vibe. If what she says about Swizzy is true, he's a straight bastard!

I'm ready for another vacation myself.

The Cable Guy said...

Gin and Juice was my ISH!!!

be back in a bit...

Stef said...

I'm here! So Ant, come out come out wherever you are! LOL!

The Tea Party is racist, I dont' care what anyone says. Obama and Hitler? Really?

I spend a good hour during the day on Witches Brew everyday. I can't help it! Congrats B on the FreshXpress site! You guys rule!

Swizzy is an asshole and Alicia Keys has lost mad cool points from me. I don't care what's going on - separated is NOT divorced - and if what Mashonda says is true, then they'll both get theres.

At the same time, Mashonda should have left his ass after he got some other woman pregnant while they were married - and especially after that stress caused her to lose HER baby. I would have bounced a long time ago.

Messing with people's husbands is wrong - PERIOD. Karma is a bitch, trust me...I know. Get your shit right before you move on to someone else. Otherwise, the new relationship will crumble. It may not be next week, next month, next year, or 10 years from now...but it WILL happen.

Mel Gibson needs to be in jail.

Yolanda, I want a weave! But I can't afford a "good one" so I guess I'll just keep getting the creamy crack!

Fences is gone already? Damn!

I want to crash this school bbq you all will be at this weekend. Brooke, Yolanda and Serena all in one place sounds like alot of fun!

I don't like Vitamin Water either. All the flavors taste weird to me.

I think Bristol Palin and her baby daddy are doing this just to get a reality tv show. He called her brother a retard didn't he? Yeah, there'd be no going back after that.

Brooke, give me one of your umbrellas. I never seem to have one since I rarely watch the news or the weather channel and I got SOAKED the other day!

I hate the double standards between men and women. Men can be hoes too.

Not saying that I'm one though ;)

I've been thinking about lunch since I woke up, but haven't eaten breakfast. How stupid is that?

Dr. PLJ said...

Good morning everyone. I'm procrastinating and glad that this is my Friday.

1) I had a blast riding last weekend. I was a little nervous at first, but my mentor took me around the block a few times so I could practice starting and stopping. Before i knew I was riding up and down Pacific Coast Highway. What a feeling! I should get some more practice tomorrow and Sunday.

2) I am done with this whole Mel Gibson drama.

3) I don't feel like I need to watch tv when I read some people's Facebook posts. Oh my about "Living out loud!"

4) I'm obsessed with motorcycles now. I don't understand it. My mom is also a bit confused, especially since she "didn't raise me that way" (direct quote).

5) Brookey, why are you ending your sessions with Deebo?

That's all for now...just looked at the time and gotta run.

Craig n 'em said...

1) What if you had T-REX arms? Life would be a bitch...

1a) I would have a good excuse not to give change to people on the train or street..."Sorry I can't reach...T-REX arms"

b) I would never be able to masturbate again...(Thinking)...I can't even continue on this list...This one is depressing enough...

2) "LOUIE" on FX is funny....

3) I'm seeing INCEPTION first thing in the morning...

4) I think everyone should start using Baby wipes after they take a DUMP...I can't reach the sink from my toilet...and TP breaks when its wet, then it can get on your fingers and the story goes on....

5) I may have to have BUNION surgery one day in the future...

Brooke said...


I can't afford more sessions with Deebo. I looked at the rates earlier this week and I can't do it. Monica and I got a GREAT deal back in February on their "2-Fit" program and it was half off, so we bought 32 sessions (even though Deebo has given us more..shhhhh!) but the rates at NYSC are just too high...for now. But if they have that sale again, I'm all over it!

Love your motorcycle photos on FB!

Craig...T-Rex arms??? You're so silly :) But yeah, life would definitely be hard walking around with arms like that :)

I'm curious about Inception, but it seems like a movie you'd really have to pay attention to and think about. I'm waiting for the review from Rameer before I make up my mind. Looks interesting though!

I have passes to see Salt on Monday.

Yolanda said...

Craig, I never leave home without baby wipes! They are the beesknees.
As long as they don't do this to you:

Annamaria said...

Karma is a bitch which is why Mashonda is in the situation she is in. NOT SAYING THAT SHE DESERVED TO GET PLAYED (IF SHE IN FACT DID) BUT Swiss Beats had a child when they started out. She chose to be a bitch & make it difficult for him to see his first child. When you decide to date and marry a man with children you MUST accept EVERYTHING that comes with him because his kids are a part of him. She put him in the situation where he had to choose between his child & her AND GUESS WHAT HE CHOSE!!! SO GUESS WHAT THE BITCH CAN CRY ALL SHE WANTS ABOUT HOW SHE GOT PLAYED WHEN IN FACT SHE PLAYED HERSELF AND LOOK HOW WELL IT WORKED OUT FOR HER...

If in fact he found someone that allows him to not only be happy in a relationship BUT ALSO have a fulfilling relationship with his kids then CONGRATS!!!!!!

Not saying the whole situation is right but if I would have tried to keep Powerz away from his children who are such a big part of who he is & then gone on & tried to start a life with him & Sophia with NO regard to the other two then I deserve all the fucked up things that come my way. BE A WOMAN & OWN UP TO YOUR SHIT TOO & THAT'S WHY I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ALL THIS BOOHOO MASHONDA BULLCRAP.

It is your choice to decide to date a man with kids & when you don't have any that's a difficult decision BUT if you do let this be a lesson to treat those kids as you would want your kids to be treated cuz you never know what situation YOU may be in one day.

Yolanda said...

Swizzy must be packing a monster cuz I just don't get it. He looks like a bird.

Annamaria said...


1. Was in & out of Acura by 9:15 this morning when I took the car in for service..YIPPPEEEEE

2. Sophia kept everyone in the waiting room thoroughly entertained..

3. T-minus 2 days til Powerz birthday...I have 2 weekends of non-stop fun planned. SO excited & I can't wait.

4. LOVE when life works out. We had his kids the weekend of father's day & THIS weekend so they get to share in his special day...

5. Planned Sophia's 1st birthday for the weekend we have them so they can definitely be there (see how easy it is..LOL)

6. MEL GIBSON IS A FUCKING NUT!!!!!!!! He needs some serious help & medication.. Danny Glover is probably trying to get ALL lethal weapon movies pulled from the shelves..LOL

7. Lindsey Lohan is another crazy heiffer...... Send her ass to the slammer & loose the key for an extra week or two... They should send her ass to rikers not no la county jail.

8. VERY excited about my new business venture hope it goes the way it seems to be heading..

9. Proud of Powerz & all that he's doing.


Anthony Otero said...

My Bad..I jut want to be first and then I got caught up writing my blog.

- Job searching sucks. I think I am an expert at writing cover letters

- Yo...I started another book outline. I think I am going to expand on a short story I wrote

- The Old Spice is killing me. He has a page on Youtube...hilarity

- Congrats to your blog thing gurl.

- I am over this Lebron crap..unless someone makes a good joke about it.

- I miss the World Cup already.

- We still on this Alicia Key's thing? I love how she gets all the blame like Swiss didnt do anything.

- He ugly anyway..fuck you thinking Alicia?

- How does apple not allow porn on the iphone? The iphone for does video call so you know someone doing cock shots while talking...

Stephanie said...

Can't wait for my vacation this weekend.
Mel Gibson has lost his mind.

Argentina makes history and legalizes gay marriage. Maybe the US will follow.

@ Stef I agree,Messing with people's husbands is wrong - PERIOD. Let that Dude get out of his relationship if he's unhappy. Don't let him try and better deal his wife, because you will be next.

@ Brooke I had no idea who Chad Ochocinco was until dancing with the stars. Very cute.But to cocky for my taste.
I don't believe man evolved from monkey's. I believe we have evolved from a interplanetary species that combined their DNA with the cro-magnum man and monkeys to create us. I know it's weird.

Stef said...


According to the Vibe interview, Mashonda WAS MARRIED to Swizzy when he knocked up that other woman. She didn't MEET him with kids, he didn't have any when they met. He knocked up some chick WHILE HE WAS MARRIED TO MASHONDA and WHILE Mashonda was pregnant TOO!. AND also according to that article, she said she treated his son with the OTHER woman like he was her own, especially since she lost her OWN baby as a result of being stressed by him and the situation. So when he was on the radio talking about she made him choose between his marriage and his son, she was taken back because she never made him choose - she EMBRACED his son...the son he had with another woman WHILE they were married. You should read the article before you make all these assumptions, because he did NOT have that kid before they met. He had two women pregnant at the same time, and one of them was his WIFE.

I'm not wishing ill will on him and Alicia, but getting with a man when he's not divorced is a sin and it's wrong. Period. There's no way of getting around that. Any woman who thinks it's cool to fuck another man's husband ain't right. I know shit happens, but be a woman and own up to that shit. Alicia Keys walks around like her shit don't stink, meanwhile, she was bangin' someone else's HUSBAND. Now that SHE'S engaged, I wonder how she'd feel if he did the same thing to her once she walks down that aisle. She better think about it, but I'm sure she thinks that because she's ALICIA KEYS, he won't do her dirty like he did his first wife...but I beg to differ. He's a cheater, and he'll cheat on her too.

annamaria said...

Google Swizzy... His oldest is 9... He married Mashonda in 04 I believe.. U do the math... I googled him before I wrote my comment just to fact check.

Yolanda said...

Swizzy has 3 baby mommas... soon to be 4.

He brought the oldest son with him to the BET awards.

Multiple babymammas is a dealbreaker, son.

Annamaria said...

AND REGARDLESS of when he had the other kid. SHE CHOSE to stay there & be with him. It is NOT that kids's fault therefore that kid should not be put in the middle of that situation.

I was in that situation a long time ago where an ex boyfriend went & had a baby with another woman & we stayed together for a few months after that child was born. BUT THAT WAS THE DECISION I CAME TO AS A GROWN ASS WOMAN. I never put that child in the middle & there was never any competition because I KNEW I would lose. It's only right. I would NEVER put a man before Sophia so why would I hate on a man putting his kids before a woman.

BUT like I said not the case since his son was around way before she was.

AND yes Yolanda...MULTIPLE BABY MAMA's say stay away...LMAO

Jaz said...

I have to say, I agree with Stef on this one. No one is perfect, and I'm sure Mashonda made some mistakes in their marriage too. But if you're unhappy, LEAVE. Get a divorce, and THEN start seeing someone else. Swizz Beatz cheated on Mashonda, and she should have left then. But at the same time, she was his WIFE. That means she can choose to be with him or not for better or for worse. She chose to stay, and she never made him choose between his marriage and his son - she loved his son. She stayed with that man for 6 more years while he had a son with someone else before she even decided to try to have one of her own - that's love. And like the article says, REAL love doesn't have a foundation like this. REAL love doesn't hurt someone else in the process. REAL love isn't built on deceit and lies. That's what this so-called "love" between Swizz and A. Keys is built on, and it will crumble.

I don't know what anyone's religious beliefs are, but adultery is adultery...and both Swizz AND Alicia committed it. While Mashonda may not be perfect, NO woman deserves that. If he was an upstanding guy, he would have gotten a divorce BEFORE he started seeing her. He's a dick. Alicia is foul too, but he started it. I hope Mashonda finds peace and any woman who thinks she deserves what she got is probably a low down heffa her damn self - cuz any real woman who knows her worth and what women are worth would never defend Alicia Keys f*cking someone else's man. He can be happy in a relationship, but his happiness shouldn't come at the expense of his wife and son. He's a dog.


I'm over Mel Gibson too. He has troubles. He's insane.

I still can't believe all the hoopla over LeBron. He made a decision, he didn't kill anybody!

I would LOVE to ride a motorcycle one day! But I'm scared! It seems so cool though!

My weave is loose, gotta tighten it up!

have fun this weekend Brooke, and congrats on the blog thing!

Chad Ochocinco is not cute to me, and coutry as all hell!

Stef said...

She never put his son in the middle of anything. She loved his son like her own. Swizzy cheated on her and that's it...end of story. She should have left him, but that was HER husband. She wanted to fight for her marriage, which is what you're supposed to do. He didn't want to be with her anymore, and that's fine. He should have gotten a divorce first. He didn't. That makes him an asshole. Period.

I find it odd that people (especially WOMEN) will defend Alicia to the end, but say Mashonda got what she deserved. SHE was the wife, not ALICIA. I don't see how what Alicia did isn't ten times worse than Mashonda simply making a bad decision to stick with her HUSBAND. That is crazy to me!

Annamaria said...


What I REFUSE to do though is place 150% of the blame on Swizz Beats & Alicia & then listen to this chick rant & rave about how sad she is & how she was done wrong. She takes NO responsibility for anything she's done & to me that's just as wrong.

Those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones..

NO one deserves it but I'd feel more sorry for you IF it kinda wasn't your fault...

Annamaria said...

The reason I don't blame Alicia is because it wasn't Alicia's responsibility to keep him faithful. And let's be honest if he didn't cheat with Alicia he would have cheated with someone else. HE CHOSE to get married & make that vow & then he chose to break that vow. It was HIS responsibility alone to check himself.

I'm getting married next year. If Powerz cheats I will be upset with HIM.. Not the chick cuz the chick owes me absolutely nothing. Whereas Powerz broke that vow.. AND WE ALL KNOW HE'LL PAY FOR THAT SHIT DEARLY...LOL

BUT I can tell you right now if I was ever in that situation I'd hope I'd handle it more Sandra Bullockish & less Mashondaish..LOL

Ms. Penn said...


I agree. Women are very quick to persecute another woman who made a bad decison out of love and wanting to maintain her family. While no one is perfect, and I'm sure Mashonda isn't just like Swizz and Alicia aren't - she was his wife. He married her. He didn't hold up his end of the bargain.

There are many couples who rebound after infidelity, so I can't say that Mashonda should have left him. Her decision to stay was her own and none of us can judge her for wanting to save her marriage. BUT if Swizz didn't want to fight for his marriage, then he should have divorced her first. That's what a real man would do if he had any respect for the sanctity of marriage, for his wife and for his children. He disrespected all three, and there is no justifying that. It saddens me that women are quick to put down other women in situations like this - and I also find it curious that most women see nothing wrong with Alicia's part in all of this, but want to put all the blame squarely on Mashonda's shoulders. There is nothing wrong with falling out of love and wanting to not be married anymore. But there's a way to do it with integrity and Swizz has none. If I were Alicia, I would take heed in this man's actions. It could be her next.

Annamaria said...


How does my child have NO teeth yet just finished a plate of rice, beans, steak, potatoes & carrots...and no not pureed baby food.. Actual food.. And she chews???? WTF????

Stef said...


I disagree that it wasn't Alicia's responsibility to keep him faithful. If more women would respect themselves, then there would be no women for him to cheat WITH. The bible doesn't say that the person who is married is the only person who commits adultery. The bibles also says that the person they cheat WITH is committing adultery too. It's a sin for BOTH parties. Like Jaz said, I don't know anyone's religious beliefs, but I believe what the bibles says...and in this case, both Swizzy AND Alicia committed adultery, and she's just as wrong as he is.

I don't think women should beat down the other women who cheat with their man, but they ARE responsible too. If you fuck someone's husband, you are breaking a vow too, and you are breaking the sanctity of someone else's marriage. Women need to have more respect for themselves and stop thinking that someone else's man will do. Find your own man. OR, what she should have done was say "you know what, get a divorce first and THEN come holla at me!" But she chose to intrude on God's union. No woman brings that shit on herself, I don't care HOW imperfect they are. In this case, Alicia and Swizzy were WAY more foul than anything Mashonda did. All Mashonda is guilty of is loving and marrying a cheating ass man. We all have imperfections, but no one deserves to be cheated on.

Anthony Otero said...

Just want to mention that there is oil still spilling into the gulf...

Annamaria said...

I'm not going to point a finger at anyone or say anyone in this discussion is right or wrong. I have respect for myself & frankly that's all that matters. BUT I'm also not going to sit here & expect everyone around me to live word for word by the bible & quote scripture because I know I'm just not that perfect! :)

Jay said...

Oh damn! What is going on here!?

As a man, I have to say, Swizzy is an asshole and Alicia will be next. Women like her think a man won't cheat on them because they're beautiful, successful, have money, etc. Unfortunately, that usually doesn't factor into a man's thinking most times when he cheats. It seems to me that Swizzy has a history of not treating women well, and while I hope he's grown up, the way he handled this was all I doubt he has.

I agree with the bible, both parties commit adultery. Women should hold themselves to a higher standard, because then men might think twice about cheating, and if they don't, they'd find it hard to find women to cheat with. Unfortunately, there are a lot of birds out here who have no problem fucking someone's husband...and I feel sorry for them.

Mel Gibson = racist maniac. I agree, he should also be in jail.

Whoopi Goldberg = idiot. It's hard for me to respect her sometimes.

Bristol Palin & Baby Daddy = who cares. Reality tv show coming.

Chad Johnson = country bama who only dates white women :) Okay, so maybe not, but he ain't picking a sista on that

Brooke on FreshXpress = awesome!

Jesse Jackson = right on point. The $40 Million Dollar Slave

Women on motorcyles = Hot!

Craig = he's a fool! T-Rex arms! LMAO!

Ant and job search = good luck bruh.

Stef said...

No one is perfect, least of all me, and I hope I wasn't implying that I was. I just hate hearing people say Mashonda got what she deserves, that's just hateful to me. No one deserves that.

@Ant, yes, oil is still spilling in the Gulf and that's so tragic! I hope they figure this out soon.

But just to remind you, this IS random thoughts thursday :) so we can talk about whatever we want!

Now, time for lunch! I'm starving!

Stef said...

Exactly Jay!

okay, NOW lunch :-)

Anthony Otero said...

@Stef I am just deflecting! Just tired of the subject. They will go to hell and be room right next to mine while we all ready Brooke's heavenly #justsayin

Annamaria said...

ANT YOU ARE HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Powerz said...

Motorcycles are cool, dangerous but cool. Be careful out there and remember ride as if everyone's an asshole (quote from my teacher)

Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend, OW I will even though I have no idea what I'm doing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Clearly if people are reading a blog for random thoughts Thursday, then war and starving kids and oil spills isn't on the top of anyone's mind either. Just saying.

random thoughts are just that - random. talk about whatever you want.

Annamaria said...

@Stef... I have a tendency to come off sarcastic even when I'm not trying to be soo I wasn't implying anything..LOL

ALL I'm trying to say is there is a WHOLE lotta wrong in this situation. BY ALL 3 PARTIES INVOLVED. And to me one is just as wrong as the other. NO one deserves it but I treated Powerz kids the way that I would want Sophia treated if we didn't work out. AND if he got with someone that didn't I would hope that he would walk away BUT if he didn't I could HONESTLY say I wouldn't be upset if he treated her like crap...LOL (SORRY JUST BEING HONEST...)


And yes it is RTT so we can talk about whatever.. Ant be glad Stef & I aren't going back & forth about childbirth or

Annamaria said...

FYI: I have the next 2 weekends planned to celebrate Powerz birthday & he has no clue what he's doing! LOL

It's hysterical....


Serena W. said...


I can't wait to see everyone! We have 207 rsvp'd to date! OMG!

Going to be a blast!

I was on vacation last week to see my peeps in Dallas, rest and met up with my editor and the company laying out my book! It's all coming together!

My poetry book WILL be released late fall! WOOOO HOOOOO!

Everyone keeps asking, "Did you see your ex while you were there?" Um no...he doesn't live in the country and there is nothing to talk about. It's been 2 years since I've seen or spoken to a brother.

No hard feelings but why do people keep asking? Sheesh!

I don't get why people still have a grudge over the situation and I've been over it for a while!

Anyway...tired of hearing about Gibson, Beatz, Keys, etc.

Oil is still spilling and these jokers are talking about drilling by Libya! BP needs to be stopped!

Yolanda! I'll see you this weekend!

Brookey I will see you too!

Happy Early 1st Bday Sophia!

I need another vacation (I think I feel a cold coming on).

11 weeks to the day my contract is up...any job leads?

Ant I'm with you. I've become a professional at cover letters.

Gotta fax something...more later :)

Stef said...

the whole Swizzy and A. Keys/Mashonda thing had nothing to do with how she treated his son. The kids aren't a part of their adultery. He cheated, it had nothing to do with his son and how she treated him, so that shouldn't even be a part of the disucssion.


Why doesn't Powerz dress up like Elmo? Isn't that the father's job? :-)

The Cable Guy said...

I was gonna ask the same thing Stef, if it were my kid, I'd be the one dressing up, whether I liked it or not :)

Annamaria said...

NOOOOO Daddy's job is to hold her & comfort her if she cries cuz Elmo scares her.... lmao

Powerz said...

@ Stef and Cable Guy:
I offered to Dress up like Elmo but A-Buzz won't let me. I guess my fatherly duties as the protector takes precedence!

I have no problem with it. Would be kinda cool!

Yolanda said...

I think it's cute that Sophia is having a bday party. I don't think the folks in my family do bday parties for kids until they can remember the party. Slick way of getting off the hook! In fact, the first birthday pictures of me that I can remember in our photo albums were from my 5th or 6th birthday. Someone needs a-talking to...

Annamaria said...

Yes Powerz actually volunteered to do it from the begining. He had no problems with it at all. I'm the one that wants someone else to do it.

Yolanda that is some bullcrap. I think someone owes you a 1st birthday! lol

I'm PR we throw parties for EVERYTHING.. u can get a splinter in my family & we'll have a party! LOL

Mr. Wong said...

Swizzy will do the same thing to Alicia!!!
She will be on the other end sooner or later!!!

The Cable Guy said...

Well, looks like Powerz will be conforting a child with no Elmo at the bday part! LOL!

I agree Mr. Wrong.

I gave my son a first bday party, but it wasn't anything extravagant. I think celebrating their first year is important, but I see parents overdo it because the child won't remember. The first bday party is really for the parents, not the kid.

Annamaria said...

YES this party is completely for ME. lmao no one else.. LMAO...Powerz will definitely make sure I don't overdo it although he has a tendency to go overboard also sometimes. BUT we're gonna keep it simple. Luckily she's a summer baby so it will be a nice lil backyard BBQ.... BUT I have said I want her to wear a tiara...LMAO... Maybe I'll compromise & get her a plastic one..LOL

Geeque said...

@Cable Guy - You are right the first Birthday is for the parents; however I couldn't resist and did throw my daughter a Big Party. Luckily she did not sleep and she enjoyed the party greatly!! That made it so much better since we did put out some serious cheddar!!LOL

The Cable Guy said...

My son's first birthday was big, but not expensive - just alot of family and friends. I only plan on going all out on his college graduation (maybe his high school one, but a high school degree is a given) and perhaps his wedding. As for his other birthdays, he'll get a party MAYBE for his 16th and the rest he'll have to earn :)

I'm glad I have a son so I don't have to worry about "tiaras" and such :)

Brooke, where are you today? I notice you didn't want to partake in the whole Swizzy/Mashonda discussion :) LOL!

Brooke said...

I'm here Cable Guy :)

I just sat and read the comments on Swizzy and Alicia Keys. I have an opinion about it, and I share most of the sentiments written here, but I try to stay away from certain subjects for fear of possibly sounding like a hypocrite. I've been in sticky situations before similar to theirs, and I've learned lessons from it. With that being said, the parties involved know what the truth is, and if any shadiness went down, it'll come back to bite them in the ass one way or another. I don't wish ill on anyone, but what I WILL say is adultery is wrong in any way shape or form, can never be justified, and no one deserves to be in pain while in a marriage. I agree with the Bible, and us imperfect humans should use it as a guide for what is right or wrong. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail - but we all know in our hearts what is right and wrong - and those involved will learn whatever lesson that is to come from their situation. No one else's business.

My first nephew had a pretty big birthday party for his first one - while the second nephew got a small party with just family...and neither of them knew the difference. There is no right or wrong when it comes to first birthday parties - but I do agree that the first one is usually for the parents and their joy than for the kid. But that being said, Kyce had a great time at his party, so if Little Leah had a great time, then I love it, and it means all the energy and money you put into it Geeque was well worth it! You only live once, do it up! :)

Just don't spend next month's rent money on it ;) LOL!

Had sushi for lunch, was delicious!

I need to put in a good workout tonight since I won't be working out this weekend in the DMV!

Serena, can't wait to see you again!

But why do you have to bring all yo damn papers to this little shindig!? It's at a park on a military base, and damn if they don't wanna see ALL your information just to get past the gate! Geesh!

I don't blame them, but I have a folder in my bag filled with copies of my driver's license, Soc. Sec. card, insurance card, registration, blood donor card, printed out invite, t-shirt order, etc. Dang! :)

Stef said...


You know what, that's a REAL answer right there. That's why you get so much respect from me from one woman to the next. For REAL!

I could see myself giving my kid a big party for his or her first - I'm all for kiddie parties! LOL!

I had a cheesesteak for lunch Brookey! Was DELICIOUS!

Any good movies coming out? Inception looks weird to me, but Salt looks a bit interesting. Angelina Jolie is another husband stealing heffa! Just like J.Lo! LMAO! All trifling! LOL!!!

I'm hungry again.

I bet the guy who does the Gekko voice for those Geico commercials is PAID! How do you spell Gekko anyway? :)

I have three paper cuts that are KILLING ME!

Serena W. said...

It's at Ft. Meade and it's more than a park on this base which is probably why. But the venue is nice and we'll have a grand time! If you can carpool with someone that would be better :)

Brooke said...

I believe it's spelled "gecko" :)

Brooke said...

No one I know from up here is going that I know well enough to travel with - so it'll just be me Serena :( But looking forward to it nonetheless!

Powerz said...

@Brooke, every time I see you guys refer to "DMV" I think you talking about Dept. Of Motor Vehicles!!!! lol

I learned how to Professional fight with a swaord from my sensei! watch out little sophia wanna be boyfriends~~~~~~

Powerz said...


"professionally" and "sword"

I am edumacated!!! lol

Annamaria said...

I'll handle teaching Sophia how to spell... Powerz can be the muscle...LMAO

Brooke said...

LMAO! Yeah, good idea :-)

Jay said...

Gin and Juice has been in my head all day thanks to Brian's throwback joint. Thanks :)

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