Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- This day is starting off rough for me :(

- My curling iron broke while I was only half way done with my I'm looking really crazy right now. I'm supposed to meet the girls later for drinks, so this is not good. I need a drink though, so my hair is just gonna have to look crazy.

- Deebo tried to kill us last night - but I needed a good workout.

- So...who's watching "The Decision" tonight? AKA the LeBron media circus :-) I'll be glad when he finally announces his decision so we can get all this nonsense over with. Here's a question - is this display from LeBron "arrogance" or should he cash in on his decision like everyone else? And will the pressure be greater on him to win a champion after all this hoopla - or was the pressure always there? Any guesses as to where he might end up? Do you care? :-)

- I don't feel like being at work today.

- I just had the strangest urge to buy boots.

- I need another vacation...NOW.

- I feel like I have no idea what's on tv...and I work in tv. How sad is that?

- Not in the greatest mood right now.

- I keep getting calls from places who received my resume somehow asking me to come in for interviews for positions I never applied to. I suddenly feel the need to order my credit report. Very strange.

- I think Rameer and I have been in a "poking" war for almost 2 years now on Facebook :-)

- Mel Gibson doesn't like anybody does he? "Wetbacks?" Insane.

- Witches Brew is off the chain today! Love that site!

- Brian's Random Thoughts Thursday Throwback!




Annamaria said...


Annamaria said...

1. I'm sick of this damn weather.

2. They decided to paint our office TODAY while we are all here.. I'm dizzy thanks to all the fumes. AND of course the director of our program walks in & goes I don't know what you guys are talking about I don't smell anything! LOL

3. Powerz b-day is in T minus 9 days.

4. My baby girl will be ONE in exactly 28 days. I can NOT believe how time flies.

5. Why do people feel the need to give you their opinion on what YOU should do even when you don't ask for it & don't want or need it.. I GOT THIS..

6. I don't work on Thursdays BUT I had to work today. THIS IS SOME BULLSH*T

7. Swim class with the lil one tomorrow.. Thank god. I need a pool in my life right now.

Stef said...

Brooke, is someone bothering you? Sorry you're having a bad day :(

I need a pool in my life too! This heat has been bonkers! Not as bad today though thanks to the rain.

I don't give a rats ass about LeBron James. I'm sick of it already.

Did anyone see Alicia Keys fall on stage on youtube? That was scary considering she's 5 months preggers! Yikes!

I want ice cream.

As much as I tease Cable Guy, I can see why he gushes over Brooke. She's the bestest :)

Sorry you have to work today Annamaria :(

The baby will be one in a month?? Wow, time DOES fly! I feel like just yesterday Annamaria was saying she was pregnant!

I want a baby.

Brooke said...

Thank you Stef, that was sweet. I needed to hear that today :)

Anthony Otero said...

- It is hot Bitches!!!!

- I have to work so I will not be going to DC for the SU BBQ :(

- I had to install my AC this week, it is crazy out there!

- Mel said something about Latinos??

- I am interested to see where Lebron ends up but I am not interested the show.

- The final paperwork for the divorce has been submitted freedom is at hand

- Today I realized the I am worth more than i am getting. I feel great about being aware of that fact

annamaria said...

Awww Stef... Cyber hug! Thank ya! Yep almost one. She puts her lil finger up to show u one also!! LOL I wanna slap her!

I could care less where Lebron ends up BUT I will say it will be MIAMI.. NY never stood a CHANCE...

Yes I saw the video of Alicia keys. Scared the bejesus out of me... I hope she saw a DR afterwards..

Brooke is the bestest.. Feel better.

Ant I'm glad u realize that. I hope u find someone in the future that realizes that also. And to quote my boy Mr. S. Carter.. ON TO THE NEXT ONE!

SarKism said...

1. Its hot and I dont mind it too much.

2. I'm back from vacay and I so missed my those boogers....also missed Brookey's blog....u guys make me smile and get me through...

3. Once I changed my attitude at work, my pain in the ass boss is so much more tolerable :)

4. I cant wait to connect with my friends this weekend. Its been a long time coming and I need to check in on them fools.

5. Finally got the hubby to agree to go to the SU BBQ, so we'll be there.

6. Ummm...realizing that I do not have ANY SU gear...what's up with that.

7. Lebron James???? it football season yet so we can talk about Donovan...

8. @ I want ice cream and Chipotle just the mention of those things makes me want it.

9. and yes now I want Chipotle!!

Yolanda said...

-Feel better Brooke! Don't make me take my earrings off and come up there to punch anybody who pisses you off.

-On the one hand, I think LeBron thinks he's on the Obama-level with this presser and occupying an hour of TV time. But, as a trained media expert (LOL), I think his people ought to win an award for this. What a way to promote your brand and make the story about *you* rather than having others make up their own stories! Either way, he ain't coming to the Wizards, so I don't care too much.

-I really need to take this weave out.

-Went to the gym late last night. I really feel like a lil warrior when I do that.

-Sadly, I came home and had some crackers and a pickle afterwards.

-I love pickles.

-My bestie comes in this weekend for our line sis' baby shower. Plus the Cuse weekend in DC is next week. Woot woot! Social butterfly overload.

-I really need new clothes.

-All my random thoughts start with "I"... I'm downright selfish today.

-Don't you hate it when people stand behind you and talk to the person at the desk across from you? Bugs the hell outta me.

-The sound of someone else's chewing also drives me bananas.

-This Devin Thomas guy is a treat to look at. I'm going to enjoy the Redskins even more this year.

-3 baby showers and a wedding! I need to start yearly "my friends and their life changes" fund to keep up with all this stuff.

-I lust after Mini Coopers when I'm driving.

-Guess I should learn to drive stick first.

-More later?

Jay said...

Hey y'all!

This is display by LeBron is a circus, but nor surprising. He's arrogant like the rest of them, but if he wants to make his money, go ahead. I don't care, it's all hype and he needs show and prove wherever he goes that he's deserving of the title "The King." I think he'll end up in Miami, but if he stays in Cleveland that'll be a big mistake. He'd be loyal though. It's anyone's guess.

Brooke, I hope your day gets better. You're too beautiful not to be showing that smile of yours.

Glad the heat is breaking a bit.

What's for lunch?

Baby Sophia will be one soon? Wow, time DOES fly!

Even though your freedom is pending Ant, I'm sorry to hear about your divorce. I always want it to work out for good peeps.

Brooke said...

I hope Serena and Yolanda don't forget that I'm crashing at one of their spots Saturday night after the Cuse BBQ. Just sayin :)

crackers and pickles? I love both, but not sure I love them together :)

I can't stand hearing people chew GUM...or seeing it in their mouths when they do. Makes me wanna rip their tongue out their mouth :)

Welcome back Sarkism! I'll see you at the SU DC BBQ - find me if I don't find you first!

Thanks Jay...I'm still smiling :)

Yolanda said...

I had the crackers with a little tomato, then I had the pickle.

Sure thing. Just let me know so I can wash the sheets. LOL (kidding... they'll be clean)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Please refer to Yolanda's comment on LeChoke for my stance...

- I'm getting excited for the SU BBQ Reunion myself...


- I had to shut some Kobe haters down on a friend's FB status today. The subject had nothing to do with him, and of course - here it came. After I diffused his ridiculous stance, I then inboxed the person the next 4 things he might say (cuz Kobe haters tend to have the EXACT SAME lines that they repeat like a mantra). Once his next 3 comments reflected 3 of the 4, my friend had to interject and call him out. It was sooooo funny!

- My girlfriend spent too much money on my birthday, I'm thinking. She's being really secretive, and there's a big wrapped box she promptly took out of the house after I saw it and put at her mother's (cuz I WOULD'VE ripped that wrapping). I told her to save her money - I'm cool with a Raiders, Lakers or SU hat or t-shirt!

- I still need a new phone.

- These people want me to edit together a package on these Las Vegas performers who have performed in blackface before. Methinks they'll be waiting an awfully long time if they think I will...

- I've been O'Ding on Italian Ice lately.

- I LOVE The Roots! Great Throwback.

- Powerz is a July man like me? July babies are THE BEST...

- Went to a happy hour, and by the time I left wound up having drank 2 bottles of wine cumulatively. Thing is - I only bought one glass...women I met AT THE HAPPY HOUR wound up buying me and my boy from out of town drinks!!

- I spoke to a girl I use to work with and who used to be interested in me back in the day last night over the phone. While catching up, she mentioned that I always tend to know a lot of pretty women...and that I should hook her up with one.


- My sister is working for some really big head of a department at the University Of Buffalo. It can really help her along - I'm very happy for her...

- got passes to go see Inception Monday...

- Witches Brew is HILARIOUS TODAY!!! Seriously has been distracting me from work...

More After The Break.

AngryMofo said...

Lebron James will STAY in Cleveland!!!

Domina*tricks said...

Maybe you can hook me up with a pretty girl too Rameer :)

Brooke, glad you're smiling today. You have a gorgeous smile. Don't let anyone or anything get you down. I'd love to wake up to that smile everyday.

Stef said...

Yes, that throwback was hot, I meant to say that. They've been ON POINT so far. Good work Brian, whoever you are! :)

AngryMofo said...

OH Yeah Domina*Tricks let's see some of that girl on girl action!!!!!

Mr.Wong said...

Oh Yeah Domina*Tricks let's see some of that Girl on Girl Action!!!

Domina*tricks said...

That's not for you to see Mr. Angry Man :) I just have an appreciate for beautiful people - man or woman. I don't discriminate. I'd love to roll around with Fury too!

Domina*tricks said...

that should have read "an appreciation" - sorry!

Mr. Wrong - are you and Angry Mofo the same person? If so, then see my previous response :)

Mr.Wong said...

I just agree with AngryMofo!!! LOL

Annamaria said...

I think they are the same person & whoever it is just wants to see whoever dominitrix is with another chick....LMAO


Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Domina*tricks - if you were at the SU BBQ Reunion (shameless plug, I know), you'd have DOZENS to choose from! One thing about SU - no man on Earth can say we don't have a preposterous number of beautiful lady alums. Look at Brooke-Ra!

More RTs:

- Anthony has a friend who he's included in a three-way Scrabble match with me in the past few days - she's beat us 2 out of 3 times. I'm not liking this...

- As I grow older, I have an even bigger love for seafood. I don't know why that is...

- Malinda Williams. Ain't nothin' wrong with THAT.

- Here's a dope summer mixtape for all of y'all in the downloading game:

Copy and paste it...

- Someone told me today "geez, honestly - you really know your ish when it comes to sports most times, huh?" Sports guy at my station said "Shhh - don't TELL him that! Even if it might be true - his head is big enough as it is!" LMMFAO!!

- I came to work with no lunch, and really didn't want to spend any money on it. Wa-la! A pizza joint sent over some complimentary pizza pies! Boy, now THAT'S good karma. =)

- Never apologize for being who you are ethnically. I saw a dude feeling bad cuz he didn't fit in with his white cohorts his interests as a Black man should be faulted or something. Sad...

- We have this Moroccan intern at my job who is REALLY stunning. And she has no idea how beautiful she is...but she's such a sweetheart.

- I could use some oatmeal raisin cookies tonight...

- Why do people feel bad for Lindsay Lohan??

- I don't get the Betty White thing. Oh, I have no problem with her - how could you dislike her? But the whole going crazy over her thing...I just don't get it. But if it brings her a new audience and success, God bless...

- I miss my ancestors.

- I've been thinking a lot about mortality in the past few months...

Gotta go do work. More later...

Brooke said...

Lindsay Lohan is a clown. She's nuts.

Betty White is adorable, and I think people are fascinated by older people for some reason. I'm happy for her.

Thanks for the compliment Rameer :)

I need to get away, so I'm looking forward to the DC SU weekend.

I won't be involved in any girl on girl action :)

this day is forever.

Rameer The Circumstance said...


Cuz you know it's a national holiday, right?


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