Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- The weather has been PERFECT the last couple of days. I love summer!

- I'm off tomorrow and Monday, so no blogs from me (unless I become inspired to post something). Otherwise, the next blog you'll see is Fury's TMI Tuesday blog on July 6th!

- I made a steak this morning and I can't WAIT to eat it. Gonna be DEEEEEE-licious!

- What to do for the 4th weekend? Any suggestions?

- Someone told me I look "svelte" today - love hearing that. Still have a long way to go though - but I'm doing it!

- Guess who got tickets to see Jay-Z and Eminem at Yankee Stadium? ;-)

- I should buy stock in Snapple. I really should.

- If I wrote a book, what would I write about?

- This morning on the train, I almost sat on this guy's lap when the train jerked as I was sitting down. I apologized and he said, "No problem. I've always wanted a lap dance first thing in the morning." Once I get in better shape with Deebo, the pole dancing class is next...then I'll master the lap dance :-)

- I already miss my braids...I sweat my hair out in the gym.

- Here's a question: Which would you rather have - a cheese steak with cheese whiz on it, or a chicken cheese steak with mayo on it? Choose wisely...this is going to settle a bet :-)

- Soul Siesta next year will be in Mexico! I've never been there, so BEST believe I'll be going! Woo-hoo!

- This is Serena's Goddaughter Kayla - congrats to her on her graduation!

- Last but not least is Brian's Random Thoughts Thursday Throwback! This was my JOINT!!! Still IS!

Have a great, long weekend! Go!



Jay said...


Anthony Otero said...

Damn you Jay...the Perv Leader does not approve.

Jay said...

LMAO! Sorry Perv Leader!

The weather HAS been perfect lately. Not too hot, not cold. Just right.

LeBron is not coming here. I'd be surprised if he did.

Check the Rhyme was the SHIT!

Brooke, I want some steak!

I'm tired of hearing about Chris Brown...again.

Brooke, you got Jigga tix to Yankee Stadium??? That show is gonna be HOT! I'm jealous.

TAKE ME!!! :)

I'd like a lapdance first thing in the morning too :)

Monica said...

cheesesteak with cheese wiz mmm!!! mayo? yuck!!

Dr. PLJ said...

Hi Brookey! I want you to know that I look forward to your blogs each day, especially lately. Work has been kind of rough - clients relapsing, couples divorcing...intense.

Well here are some of my random thoughts of the day.

1) I'm off to Disneyworld tonight to meet up with my best friend. She's planned a wonderful girls weekend for us, including a 10 course dining experience at some cool restaurant. I can't wait!

2) I also can't wait to get back so I can go riding. I'm going to try out a Harley 883 Sportster to see how I like it. Thank goodness I'll have my mentor by my side. I'm a bit nervous.

3) What does everyone think of the rumored divorce settlement between Tiger and Elin?

4) Brooke, you should go ahead and try that pole dancing class. You'd be surprised. I took one a while back, and it was amazing!

5) When I did eat meat, I would have had a cheese steak with Cheese Whiz...NO chicken cheese steak with Mayo. Where did that even come from?!

6) Why is Soul Siesta in Mexico next year? I've been trying to get out to the DR. Truth be told, Mexico is much easier for me to get to, so I shouldn't be too upset. Hope to see you all next year!

That's all I can think of right now...Off to work.

Jay said...

oh right...I agree. Cheese whiz. Isn't that how you Philly people eat a cheesesteak? I've never had a chicken cheese steak, so I have to go with cheese whiz.

Brooke said...

I think $750 million is a ridiculous amount of money. But supposedly she's getting that much so that she can NEVER talk about Tiger and their relationship - even after he I hear anyway. But still...$750 mill!?

I guess when you play, you gotta pay. That's crazy!

I won't answer any questions about the cheese steak question until the end of the day so that I don't sway any votes :)

Thank you Dr. PLJ for reading my blog everyday! That means so much to me! I'm sorry you're going thru it at work though...not fun :(

I'm going to Annamaria's wedding in DR next year, so a new location for Soul Siesta was RIGHT ON TIME!

I wish I didn't have a fear of motorcycles...they seem cool. Can't do it though :(

Yolanda said...

So mad I missed yesterday, but I enjoyed reading the lists.

Kinda blah this week. Not sure why.

I got a huge pick me up Tuesday night when the boy (that's what I call him... He's all man though. LOL) remembered an earlier convo and dropped by to bring me some good music I didn't have. Much appreciated. Sometimes it's just nice to be though of. Hell, ALL the time it's nice to be thought of.

Still on the job search but got a few freelance gigs lined up. I attempted to make a connection last night with a producer whom sorta looked an me like I was speaking Greek. I gave him my card anyway!

I apologize if there are any typos. I'm getting the hang of this touch screen thing.

I want tacos.

I'm loving this weather. I'm a Spring baby so this is right up my alley.

I'm trying to arrange an outing to the gun range. I think it could be fun.

I love my Momma. She's the best.

I need a haircut. Holding out though till I figure out exactly what my next look will be.

Sigh. The joys of being a woman.

Whoever gets LeBron is going to get a major boost for their city.

My iPod was on a major Prince kick yesterday. It kept shuffling to his stuff. I ain't mad. Not mad at all.

I'll be seeing a lot of my cousins this weekend. Family reunion time. Funny. Many of my cousins in my generation either are childless or waited to have kids. The teen cousins behind me are now having kids. What tha hell?

One of my summer jobs: working with the Syracuse broadcast grad students in DC. Amazing all the stuff they're learning that we never got in Newhouse. I'm so old.

Lapdancing sounds good. There's a strip club that I often pass on my way home. It's the most dinky looking place Everett. But it's always packed. I'm tempted to go see what the fuss is about.

More later...?

Stef said...

Hey everyone!

I love the weather we've been having. A sister was sweatin out her perm when it was 90 degrees out!

I'm mad Ant calls himself the Perv Leader! LOL! Must be all that porn!

Oh, and I've been meaning to ask - who are you in love with Ant? It better not be Brooke, or else Jay and Cable Guy would kill you - especially Cable Guy! LMAO!

Chicken cheese steak with mayo. Cheese whiz is nasty!

I wanted to get tickets to the Jay-Z/Eminem concert but them shits sold out in like 15 minutes! How did you do THAT B? I wanna go!

I'm jealous Brooke has a 4 day weekend! I have off on Monday though, so I'll take it!

Check the Rhime was THE SHIT! I needed that this afternoon - now I can't stop singing it!

Brian's throwbacks have been ON POINT!

Can I suggest a throwback one week, or is Brian the only one who can do it? :)

I need to drink more water. I feel like I look dry.

I have lots of bbq's I could go to this weekend, but I just wanna sit and relax by some water. Any pools anyone would suggest?

Brooke, go to Philly to see the kiddies!

Yolanda said...

Damn this touch screen. Everett was supposed to be EVER!


Anthony Otero said...

- it has been barely 70 up here the last two days. I mean it is ok, but damn...

- I have no plans for july 4th

- Soul siesta in Mexico? do you know where?

- $750 Mil is alot of money! dayum! I want 7.50 for lunch

- speaking of which...she is being paid to shut up about Tiger, which means that she knows all his little bitchassness. I think she wore strap ons occasionally when he was stressed...

- Oh do you know i am not in love with you? Cable Guy is cool and all...but Brooke would switch to Fios for me...

- Perv Leader...I just have to embrace

- Tired of Chris Brown again...

- Tired of Lebron...

- I may have to work the weekend of July 17 (wtf!)

The Cable Guy said...

That's what YOU think Ant. I think Brooke would stick with a TALL glass of me before switching to any other provider...TRUST :)

Stef, mind your business.

LeBron is not coming here, and if he did, he still won't win a championship. Being the King of NY is not enough for him. Leave that to Diddy.

A steak sounds really good right about now.

I'd take a cheese steak with cheese whiz on it. But I think a chicken cheese steak with mayo on it would be good too.

I need a new phone...again.

Not sure who this Brian cat is, but not mad at his throwback joints!

Am I the only one kinda looking forward to Jersey Shore? Those clowns are nuts!

Anthony Otero said...

CG - I keep telling you the Brooke LOVES Latinos! I am not sure you understand that. Why do you think she goes to DR every year? and now Mexico? Platinos and Burritos all damn day son!

The Cable Guy said...

I think she would prefer oxtails and rice and peas :)

Serena W. said...

This sucks! I just wrote a whole post and it disappeared sigh!

Okay let's start over...

RTT!!!!! Woooo hoooo!

SU Alum please RSVP to the DC BBQ ASAP at

Over 100 peeps confirmed! Let's get it poppin'

My goddaughter was amazing at graduation! Her son turned to me and said, "I'm proud of mommy!"

I have a picture of her from prom too! Brooke can you post it if I send it to you?

I'm so proud of her!

Heading to Dallas, TX tomorrow night for 10 days and 9 nights.

I have a mtg with my editor, person laying out my book, will check out the book cover as well. May even record some poetry!

See what the blessing was! 3.5 years out there...lead out there by a dude and it didn't work but God had a bigger blessing in destiny to become an author! Amen!

Although me and the guy aren't friends anymore I still pray for him.

Anyway...I plan on having a good time in the Big D!

I need to find a BBQ while I'm out there.

Check the Rhyme is freaking classic!

Lovin' this weather!

Getting the hair did tonight!

Dr. PLJ have fun in Disney! I wanna see the Harley!

Yolanda...I will finally see you at the SU BBQ! We only live in the same dag on area!

Brooke write the book already! It could be Brooke's Bloggisms! LOL!

More after I warm up my food!

Annamaria said...

1. We @ the airport in ATL waiting for our connection to NOLA.

2. DMOE hooked us up with lots of suggestions hopefully we'll have 5 min to look one of them up.

3. Why did we take an airmexico plane to ATL?

4. I miss my Soso. I've called my mother to check on her about 5 times already.

5. Can't wait to get back to NYC on Sunday. This weekend should be INTERESTING.

6. DR next year for the wedding... U will find me @ the BAR. I'll take a 10 min break to say my I do's & get right back..

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Chicken cheese with mayo. Cheese Whiz IS nasty.

- Mixed feelings today - anniversary of the death of my grandfather...

- Had tacos for dinner last night...

- I can't WAIT until the new season of "Jersey Shore", Captain Cable! The new trailer looks INSANE...

- watched the new "Real World" last night. Thought this season might be wack - nope. Hot mess as usual - WILL be watching...

- I'm loving how people are trying to justify Chris Brown now that reports are out that he DID indeed fake it. I'd respect people more if they just said "I forgive it and I like his music, so I'm rockin' with him!"

- LeChoke ain't never winning a ring unless he has an elite coach AND an elite player with him to pick up the load when he bitches out (as he has the past 2 years). Hell - even Kobe needed Ron Artest to save his hide in game 7...

- But he WILL make a major impact on whatever city he decides. No doubt.

- I blew Ant out last time we played Scrabble. This pleases me.

- Anything by Tribe Called Quest is gospel to me, and has always been from the very beginning...

- I've gotta agree with Perv Leader - for $750 mil, she had to have strapped on AND brought other men in the bedroom. I mean - there's nothing anyone could reveal about me that I would even pay $1 mil to hush up if I had it! $750 mil can literally buy the f'n Yankees! NUTS.

- Perv Leader - get off work. The 17th is gonna be dope!!!

- one of the news interns is a USER - won't be bothered with anyone unless she can use them to benefit her. They keep trying to put her with me - I keep ignoring works on the other photogs cuz she's cute and has a FATTY...

- I'm leaning towards getting a Droid in the near future...

- I don't know WHAT it is with white women and flip-flops - but ALL of them wear those things at my job. The only white woman who doesn't is Princess. Consequently, I can hear these women coming from 100 yards away...

- I'm getting passes to Inception. Can't wait...

- I need to lose weight...

- my station team performed horribly in a big b-ball tourney last week. In fairness, these refs were allowing prison ball to be played...

- the Lakers are the 2009-2010 NBA REPEAT champions. Just thought I'd remind y'all. >:-)

More After The Break.

Brooke said...


Of course I'd post the pic! Send it!

And I like Brooke's Bloggisms :)

Have fun in Dallas - safe travels!

AirMexico to ATL? uh...ok :)

I'm hungry, Monica is taking mad long!

I need to go get my nails done.

And return some stuff to the Gap.

This day is surprisingly calm - waiting for people to realize we're off tomorrow and Monday before they slam me with work.

Geeque said...

I agree Brooke, I love this weather!!!
Hope everyone has a great 4th of July and be safe!!

Annamaria said...

Sitting in the LAST row on the plane. Literally the bathroom is right behind us.

Of course the bathroom is broken right now. So we have to wait for maintanence to come fix it.

Powerz is already typing a letter of complaint to Delta. Can anyone say travel voucher? LOL

Brooke said...

Serena, the pic of your Goddaughter is posted!

Serena W. said...

Get that voucher girl!!!

Rameer I know the feeling my friend. Stay strong today.

Brooke I forwarded you the picture of Kayla :)

Serena W. said...

YEAH!!!! Thanks Brooke!

Everyone go and check out my diva goddaughter Kayla!

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