Friday, July 9, 2010


Okay, what the hell is going on? I woke this morning to rants on my radio from angry New York Knicks fans on Hot-97.

"F LeBron, he dissed us!"

"I hate him now! I hope the Knicks murder the Heat this year" (yeah right)

"Forget about LeBron, he's a sell-out!"


Call me crazy, but did ANYONE really believe LeBron was coming to the Knicks? I mean, really? Sure, it would have been nice if he came here. NYC doesn't really NEED a boost as far as cities go...but it would have been MONSTER had he been "the King of NY." I get it. I didn't see it happening, but I get it.

But if anyone should be REALLY disappointed, it should be Cavs fans. After all, he's the hometown boy who's done a lot for that city in the 7 years he's been there. Any city would have gotten a boost if LeBron had joined their city's team...but Cleveland NEEDED it...and probably still does. Miami and NYC would have been just fine without him.

And Cleveland will be just fine too.

The Knicks failed to get him. Simple as that. He felt he needed a he left Cleveland. Clearly it wasn't for the money, because he could have stayed in Cleveland and gotten paid. LeBron made the decision he felt was best for HIM. Why everyone is taking this personally is beyond me. The NBA is a business. LeBron wants a chance to win and feels he has that shot in Miami. He clearly couldn't make it happen in Cleveland...and he DAMN SURE wasn't going to win a championship in NY - so Miami it is. The decision is made. Live with it.

I agree that the media circus he created was a bit over the top. He wanted to capitalize on it. Big deal. So what. None of this surprises me anymore. It is what it is. The owner of the Cavs boo-hooed about it and (as a friend put it), went all "Celie" on him in a mean letter once he realized his beloved LeBron was headed to South Beach. Stop crying already. Your slip is showing.

At the end of the day, he felt the only way he had a chance at winning a title is to join forces with D. Wade and C. Bosh. I can't be mad at him for that. That's what any professional athlete should aspire to do - win it all and be the best. That's what MJ did, that's what Kobe does, and that's what LeBron is trying to do. Clearly being a two-time NBA MVP doesn't guarantee a ring - and going to Miami doesn't guarantee one either. The Lakers and Celtics are still in tact, and D. Wade and LeBron will still have their hands full and he'll still have a lot to prove. We can only wait and see if the King will eventually get a crown.

But in the meantime...get over it. It's a bit ridiculous now. In the wake of the Oscar Grant verdict, this is trivial.



Anonymous said...

first bitches!!!

Anonymous said...

Brooke you are so right....People burning his jersey...come on....He needs to be were he wants to be....You don't see players acting up burning their jersey's when they trade their ass like yesterdays news!!! its stop acting like a bunch of bitches!!!!

annamaria said...

I've been waiting for this blog for hours!! Lol
HATERS! Cleveland & NY HATERS!!!!!!!

It would have been the WORST thing ever for Lebron to come to NY. He doesn't have any support as far as teammates & the knicks aint winning a championship anytime soon! They'd be lucky if they won a freaking free donut from krispy kreme!
He gave the Cav's SEVEN years of his life. He doesn't owe anyone anything!!! He tried but again they don't have a strong enough team to help him win a championship!
Yes he's a wonderful player & an MVP but he wants to WIN A RING!! And he has every right to do what he needs to do to win that ring.
He didn't need to consult with anyone except his family which he did. Once he got their blessing FUCK EVERYONE else!
The immature as Ohio hillbillies & the wack NY's! Lebron did what was right for HIM & I'm proud & happy for him. If I was him I wouldn't even go back to Cleveland to pack!

Geeque said...

The man made a decision that was right for him.. I don’t get why everyone is acting a fool!!!!

I felt bad for the Cavs, but after hearing the statement that the owner made, I said FUCK the owner and the CAVS. How dare he disrespect Lebron like that!! He needs to apologize for his comments!

The CAVS wasn’t shit before Lebron got there. We all know it’s about money. The owner knows that Lebron fills stadiums so he is pissed he wont cash in on the brother!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes the fans are way over the top on this one.

Well here is my view NY fans are spoiled and that is because of the Yankees. I truly believe because of the ease with which the Yankees sign big time free agents, New Yorkers believe they are the beginning and end of the world, especially the sports world.

They find it insulting that someone would not want to play here and see it as an act of betrayal. But wait, dude is a FREE agent which means HE had the choice to sign WHEREVER he wanted.

So I think a lot of the vitriol that Knick fans are spewing is quite childish. And I am a Knick fan! Like if anyone should be mad it should be Cleveland fans, but LeBron and his crew handled this the absolutely wrong way.

He should have never done his announcement on a tv special. He should have let teams know what his plans were so they could go about and pursue other plans instead of having everyone wait on him. It was a textbook case of narcissism

annamaria said...

Listen if I was making millions & playing in Miami & playing with the team he's about to play with I would have caused a media circus & announced it from the white house! I would have had everyone standing outside their houses at 9:30pm looking for the planes skywriting my decision! Lmao no matter what he did or how he did it someone was gonna take it personal FUCK EM!

TheBlackMan said...

Sorry, but I will have to look at this as the Slave on the plantation scenario!!!

The Cavs owner (Master) doesn’t want to let go of his prized Slave for fear of not producing enough cotton so he and his family can fatten their dam pockets!!!

F him!!!

The Cavs wasn’t shit before Lebron got there and they won’t be SHIT now that he has left, especially after his idiotic comments!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

The owner's reaction is one of the funniest things by an owner EVER. Hilarious...

Would he have won a title in NY? We'll never know. Him going there would've attracted other good players, and a complete team could have been formed around him. As it stands in Miami, that will be VERY hard to do - put a COMPLETE team around him. I tend to know my ish, and I think unless Pat Riley puts some good teammates around him - and not the bargain basement player they currently only have the flexibility to get - they STILL won't win. It's a great roster for NBA Jam - but there are a multitude of reasons they wouldn't make it out of the East, let alone beat the Lakers.

However, give it a 3-year window...this could be scary.

I'll say this - the overwhelming majority of the great players in the league made their teammates better and built their franchise up. Leaving to go to a D.Wade-led superteam DOES diminish his legacy if he wins...and turning his back on his hometown team will always be reviled. Especially when, if you take biased Lebron-love out of it - HE was largely responsible for choking against Orlando last year and even moreso against Boston THIS year. So one could say he left cuz he couldn't win - and that's exactly it. HE couldn't win. Cuz his team DID have the best record in the league 2 years running, and were favorites to go to the Finals this year out of the East.

The way he did it is f'd up, too. The spectacle embarrasses and hurts every Ohio fan who loved him...he could've easily made this decision without nearly the hype. The way he left is even greasier than when Shaq did it to Orlando - and make no mistake about it, Shaq did Orlando greasy too. But that city isn't as snake-bitten in sports and economically-depressed as Cleveland; and going to NY or LA has always been viewed as more acceptable, as those are THE big markets in all of U.S. sports.

I'll be very interested to see how he deals with what Kobe Bryant has dealt with since Colorado and the Shaq breakup - being a bad guy to 50% of the fans. Cuz it's a very hard thing to do. A guy like Kobe Bryant feeds off it; uses it to fuel him. You're almost better NOT booing him than to boo or ridicule him; he tends to play better when he thinks people are against him. Jordan, Bird and Magic were that way, too. But MOST athletes aren't - they're effected by people hating them or being reviled. It's a hard thing to work through. Vince Carter couldn't do it, T-Mac, Derek Fisher, Jason Kidd, Grant Hill - all had very hard times when dealing with backlash. But none had it to THIS level, with the exception of Kobe. Lebron admitted he had no clue how he would deal and that it would be hard.

And if he loses?

WOW. The criticism will be like nothing he's ever prepared for. And I'm going to say it now - unless I see some major moves, I don't see them winning next year. Possibly in the next 3 years, assuming roster moves are made...but not next year. They'll be GREAT in the regular season, but playoffs? Nah. Boston still exists, and Chicago will be much improved.

Time will tell. But I think Lebron take heat is warranted - making a decision like this in the way he did it, you gotta expect this type of heat.

Pun intended.

Stef said...

I wanna know how LeBron's baby mama feels about South Beach! LOL! Let's talk about THAT!!

She'll be the next "non" Basketball Wife on Shaunie's show - cuz he's about to get it IN in Miami. I'm sure he was gettin it in in wack ass Ohio (sorry if I offend any Ohio peeps here) so you KNOW he's not turning down any ill na na in Miami. Them b*tches is on some ole OTHER sh*t! LMAO!

Kobe & Co. said...

Whats all the fuss about? They will get smashed by Kobe & Co. if they ever make it to the finals. Brookey's fav player.

Seriously it would have been nice to see him come to NY and build a contender around him & Amare, but that didn't happen so its on to plan B. No need to hate the brother cuz he chose to take the easy way out. That is his choice. Not to mention Miami doesn't even have a team in place and they will need time to fit into their roles as well as the supporting cast. Boston & Orlando are still established teams in the east that they will have to get by.

Cleveland organization has no class as well as their fans and they showed why they weren't shit before LBJ got there and why they won't be shit now that he is gone. They way they acted are like spoiled children who could not get their way. FUCK them all.
Just look at how CHicago did Jordan & Pippen after they won 6 championships for the organization, they were tossed out like a used condom!!!

All in all these moves in the east means nothing they what ever team come to the finals will get smashe by the Lakers. You heard it here first.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Stef - that's THE REAL story! Good point! Lmao!

And please - let's not make this a Lebron vs. Kobe thing. That's so played and useless...we've gone over the differences and realities a gazillion times. Let's stick to Lebron, his decision, and the Knicks fans.

BTW - if y'all have time, please read this article on the entire spectacle. I truly believe the writer is the best sportswriter in the game...and what he points out about this whole situation is better than any analysis you'll see on ESPN or anywhere else.;_ylt=AnaBB7CHC4EbvME2EjSVAju8vLYF?slug=aw-lebrondecision070910

Anonymous said...

My problem is where is the parity in the game? I think we lose something in competition when 2 of the top 5 players in the league play for the same team! I want to see Lebron and his crew try and take it to Wade and his crew! I would have like to have seen a scenario where the Cavs or Bulls or Knicks (contingent on a Boozer or Stoudamire pairing) fair against a Wade-Bosh duo or Kobe and Gasol...Carter-Howard ( just for the sake of pairing) The Celts and the big 4!

Anthony Otero said...

I really wish you could have been on twitter during this Lebron dick riding special. There were some funny ass tweets going.

I personally do not care either way. I knew he was not coming to NY. I don't get why New Yorkers would hate him. Someone told me that they rated Lebron over Reggie Miller in hate...what????

Reggie earned that shit! Lebron simply made a damn choice. But you know what it is...

It is like when a jumpoff sucks someone off all the time and gets dissed in the end because well..SHE IS A JUMPOFF! Now people are all upset. It is ok. The Yankees will get Cliff Lee and all the dick riders will jump on that.

I still think Lebron's mom need to do an hour special on who she will seduce next...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Damn, Ant - you been going HARD on dude's moms! Lmao!!

GoLakers said...

All this hype doesn’t matter anyway!!! The LAKERS will win again Next year!!!!

Geeque said...

@Rameer - I read your first comment and you are on point!!!

Brooke said...

Damn Ant! Tell us how you really feel :)

I can't believe the Phillies let Cliff Lee go...if he comes to the Yankees, I'd be happy with that :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ GeeQue - thank, bruh. 'Preciate the feedback!!

As far as Cliff Lee - oh, I'd love to see that too, as a Yankees fan. Boy, I can imagine the hate for NY after THAT...

I notice that out of the 4 U.S. teams I love - Oakland Raiders, LA Lakers, NY Yankees, and SU athletics in anything - all of the pro teams illicit hate from people (well, the Raiders when they're winning). And I came to like each one for very different reasons. So funny.

Brooke said...

Oh, and are SO right. Ms. Savannah is gonna have her hands full with all the vavajay she's going to have to try to intercept coming her baby daddy's way :-) Those Miami women are on a MISSION! LOL!

He's not turning down that - I can't see ANY man being able to resist THAT temptation. It's a wrap, she might as well just enjoy the ride...especially if she's not married to him. There's nothing she can do.

Jay said...

I'm late on this discussion and I pretty much echo Rameer's sentiments. He's not winning a championship next year. I believe he'll win one, but not next year.

Anyone who believed he'd come to the Knicks is delusional, and I couldn't imagine he'd stay in Cleveland after 7 years and no title. We all knew that wasn't happening, or SHOULDN'T happen.

Anyway, all this reaction is idiotic, and I agree with anonymous that NYer's are a bit spoiled and childish. They shouldn't be hurt because no one should have thought he was coming here. They really need to get a grip. Cleveland does too. He gave you 7 years, and he'd end up like Charles Barkley if he stayed. He doesn't owe them anything, and he did what he wanted as a FREE AGENT. Should he have done it on tv, probably not. But he did, the Boys and Girls Club got the money and ESPN got some ratings. None of this should surprise us...or having us burning jerseys in the street. If you ask me, all this reaction is exactly what he was looking for and he got it. ANY press is good press...and as Yolanda said, it's almost genius.

Yolanda said...

I'm really over the whole thing and I really want LeBron to do something about that chinstrap beard. The real winner is the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Not only did they get the advertising $, Nike MATCHED it!

Of course, one of my favorite olive-skinned dudes was behind the whole circus: Ari Emanuel!


Brooke said...


I agree, I'm happy the money went to the Boys & Girls Clubs - victory for them! Now as for that chinstrap beard...I have no idea what's going on there :)

The Cable Guy said...

Did I read this blog correctly? Did Brooke give a little bit of props to Kobe? :)

Like you said Brooke, given the Oscar Grant verdict, this reaction to LeBron is nonsense by comparison. Who cares....

Brooke said...

Yes you did - Kobe is a champion, he works for it, he earns it. Can't dispute that. LeBron now has to do the same thing, no matter where he is.

Good article Rameer.

Jay said...

yeah, that was a good read - thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

No Cliff Lee!

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