Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's crackin lil homies!?

- Today is day two of my killer cramps, and I took my last two Midol this morning. I know y'all didn't need to know that, but this is not cute. I'm always glad to see Aunt Flo, but the bitch is actin' out.

- I love fall fashion as much as the next person, but seriously people...I saw a few folks with wool jackets and chunky scarves on. It's a gorgeous morning and it's 80 degrees out! It's not cool to be sweatin' like a runaway slave just so you can rock a turtleneck and skully. Stop the madness!

- I took my favorite jeans to the cleaners this morning to have yet ANOTHER patch put on them. They keep ripping, but I can't get rid of them. And no, it's not because they're too tight - they were just made in a bad batch that got recalled by the Gap. And I can't wait to pick them up and put them on. I know...trifling.

- Jay Z is gonna be on Oprah today, can't wait! She'll be walking through Marcy Projects and rapping on her show. Only Jigga can get Oprah to do that...*heart* that man!

- Did anyone see Mackenzie Phillips on Oprah yesterday talking about she had sex with her father and how he was the first person to shoot her up? Yikes! It was quite disturbing.

- Cougar Town was kinda funny last night :-) I can't WAIT to see the season premiere of Greys Anatomy tonight!

- I want Edy's Ice Cream. I have no snacks in my house.

- They always play that Kid Cudi song right before I leave the house with the Lady Gaga "Poker Face" sample on it. I have to listen to my iPod just to get that song "unstuck" from my head.

- Speaking of my iPod, I discovered some new music on it that DMoe put there. I have so much music to get through, so I put it on shuffle every morning and just let it ride. This morning I discovered James Morrison's song "You Give Me Something." I love it! I also discovered Gabriela Anders, music with Joe Sample and Lalah Hathaway and a song I'd never heard from Estelle. I love that I'm hearing music I would have probably never heard had he not pre-downloaded an iPod for me. I had a groovy, easy going commute this morning :-) Thanks D!

- My cat was arguing with me this morning. Yes...I said he was arguing with me. I guess I didn't feed him as early as he would have liked.

- I feel like I'm going to be paying student loans til I die, even though it's not that great of an amount. I'll be glad when that mess is over.

- I would LOVE to wear a Wendy Williams wig just once! Her wigs are BIG and fabulous!

- Stephon Marbury is looney.

- I'm afraid of the swine flu vaccine.

- I can't wait to see the Michael Jackson movie! Tickets go on sale this weekend! Who's going with me!?




momo925 said...


The Fury said...

Not first BITCHES!!

This is the only place where Black people (women included) can be called bitches and no one starts talking about men losing respect for women.

Here's a hint, women are getting more respect now than they have throughout history. Y'all bitches are killing it! No disrespect.

Ever fee lmore disrespect BECAUSE someone said no disrespect?

Ladies would you be offended if a man called you a bitch during sex? And I don't mean if he came first and said FIRST BITCHES!!

Yanks clinch that playoff spot. Can we get one this year?
I wanna go to the canyon of heroes for something more than visiting Century 21

Think Gayle will come out and let Jigga smack her butt a la Deja Vu video?

Have you seen Gayle's ass? She was a video girl in a former life.


Anonymous said...

Sarah says

Please!!! Click on our game and play it. Pass it on. We are almost at a million hits with narry a penny on advertising.

student loans LOL can you say deferment? I could buy a house with what I owe them. Guaranteed job my ass.

Have an idea for an app that would be great for the iPhone? Lemmie know and we will be millionaires together

my hands are still peeling from the desert.

Why is the mechanic taking so long?

Cynthia said...

1. Enjoyed 'Eastwick" last night... Will most likely add to my weekly rotation..

2. Mya looks good on DWTS...

3. Guys at work are STILL talking about how dissapointed they are that Lauren London really had Wayne's bebe... ok? moving on now!

4. Halloween is on a Saturday this year!! Woohooo, its my fave...

5. When do we officially stop wearing flip-flops to work?

6. Does that white past labor day rule still apply?

7. Finally got my brochures for Greece, the planning has begun...

8. Why does my supervisor expect me to remember names of staff that quit almost 3 years ago.

9. BROOKE! YES! I saw the Phillips interview on Oprah! VERY disturbing...

10. DVR ready for Jay on Oprah tonight!! CHECK!

11. Is planting Daisy's and Forget-Me-Nots in the office...

12. Bill DeBlasio came to the job to ask for our assistance on Election Day, I almost did a lil mama on him just because I thought it would be funny.

13. I have an eminem at work and its starting to get annoying.

14. Got my first HS parent teacher night today... I am a little excited to see what my sons day is like.

15. BRANDON!!! how can you already start forgetting hw and its only the 2nd week of school!! HERE WE GO!!!

16. Flash Forward tonight...

17. Curb and Entourage on Demand tonight too..

18. Dexters back this weekend.

19. Sorry, got nothing exciting happening, its all about the tv shows..

20. Went to see the screening of Capatalism: The Love Story by Michael Moore on Tuesday. Pretty good, another awakening flick.

Got more for later.. gotta go..

Anthony Otero said...

- I am here to field questions about yesterdays outburst on this very

- Yes, I got the blueprint 3 (shut up to those in

- is almost NOON! Ask me how much real work I got done

- John Legend was awesome last night.

- I will start lifting weights next week

Keefe said...

-NYC I'm coming home this weekend. YAY!!

-I wonder if Brooke is gonna hang out with a brotha?

-I'm not motivated today.

-Can someone recommend a good fictional book to read?

-I also need a recommendation for a good lounge on Saturday night.

Annamaria said...

1. Momo I'm coming to bust your kneecaps..LOL

2. Fury you are HYSTERICAL!!!


4. Today she woke up with a huge smile on her face & acting right... I love her again...

5. I just got rejected by jehovah witnesses that came to my door because I was Puerto Rican.. They wanted my haitan landlord...

Annamaria said...

Cynthia I'm with you... Fall is the best just for the TV shows... I couldn't even finish watching Oprah yesterday cause the interview was soo disturbing to me...LOL

Brooke said...

I have to agree, Gayle DOES have a badunkadunk. When I met her, I was like "WOW!" I'd kill to have an ass like hers.

Someone else on this blog has a great ass...he knows who he is ;)

What is Canyon of Heroes?

Hi Sarah! I can't buy a house with what I owe, but maybe a Kia :)

I saw my Sudanese girlfriend yesterday. She said "hello beautiful" and kept walking. If I swung that way, I'd make her my boo :)

The Kid Cudi song is back stuck in my head :(

Cyn, I'm new to Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiam. DMoe got me hooked, dammit! He writes a blog on for Entourage, you should check it every Monday - his site is on my Blog List.

I wear flip flops til November - and white all year round.

I would LOVE to go to Greece!

Keefe, is that why you called me all early this morning? I'll hang with you!

Annamaria is busting kneecaps, uh oh. Sophia is a doll!

Ant, don't start!

Annamaria said...


Annamaria said...

Word if the weather is nice wear flip flops.. Just don't try to be that one chick hanging on to flip flops when your toes are blue cause of the cold. And if it's clean I'm wearing it. I don't care what color it is..LOL

Sophia is a doll today.... yesterday she almost became the latest victim of shaken baby syndrome..

Serena W. said...


1. Geez what a week.

2. Brooke..throw the jeans out! LOL. I'm like you, my long and leans are ripping and I'm in denial.

3. Mad I'm going to miss Jigga on Oprah (I gotta see it on the net tomorrow).

4. Yesterday was a crazy day but it could have been worse.

5. Momo good luck on your race this Sunday! GO TEAM!

6. I got my new sink yesterday in my apartment!!!! Yeah!

7. I was up at 4:00am having a conversation with my Mommy because she couldn't sleep :( I just want her to come home.

8. Bible study was off the chain last night!

9. Ant I need a copy of Blueprint 3!

10. Annamaria you love that girl tooooooooooo much to toss her on a doorstep.

11. So conflicted on what to do...what happens when you see your dream job pop up at your old stomping grounds...but it's in NYC (sigh)...Harlem to be exact!

12. I want a Blizzard right now from Dairy Queen (Reeses Peanut Butter Cup or an Oreo one will do) :)

13. Is it Friday yet?

14. I'm going to miss Yolanda Adams this weekend at my church cause I'll be in NYC :( she's going to be fabulous.

15. I think when my Mom gets over this huge mountain in her life called cancer we should both go to medical school. Why am I tell medical staff about side affects, what her diet should be and they are saying, "Oh yeah...forgot to mention that." Bums!

16. I truly need a vacation, soon, somewhere warm when Mom is well.

17. Brooke...find a wine tasting in NYC in October on a weekend. We need to go.

18. There are some fresh (yes I said fresh) kicks in the Foot Action on 34th and 7th Avenue.

19. I love RTT! Gives me a chance to ramble my thoughts.

20. September is almost over...what a month!

21. Yolanda...if you read this soror then put down a date where we are going to hit DC and paint it crimson and cream and go to a happy hour!

22. I want to go shopping.

23. I have some fly knee high brown boots. I bought them in January for $24.00 (gotta love sales). Can't wait to rock em.

24. I'm procrastinating going back to work.

25. Did anyone see Jigga's concert he did on 9-11???? It was dope! Saw it in on tv!

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Here's where I stand:

-ATL took a beating earlier this week, and many homes and businesses have been lost. From our drought in 08, to our monsoon in 09', not only will my heart go out, but my hand will be lent to those in need down here.

-I've been interviewing folks for a position, and it makes you really take a look at the game YOU are actually spittin' when it comes to being a candidate. Some got game. Others? Not so much.

-@Sarah - I've got an idea for a killer iPhone app, that can expand to a few different ones. It deserves some research though.
I think we can do this.
my email address is

-@Brookey: Your welcome for the tunes. Nothing does me proud like a "DeeScovery" on the iPod. In the words of Mr. T (aka Clubber Lang) from Rocky 3, "I gotta lotta mo' for ya Balboa..." - lol. Music is air people, breathe it in!

And with that, here's what DMoe's rockin' this week:

Eurhythmics/Sweet Dreams. Ah...The 80s...Synthesizers, simple hooks and MTV. This classic takes me back. The funny thing is, Annie Lennox was so far ahead then, that she's STILL ahead now.

Christion/Full of Smoke. Short-lived Roc-A-fella R&B duo (or tandem) that cranked out some pseudo-Marvin Gaye joints that were updated with a lil Jay-Z/Dame Dash flava. I'm sure you'd remember this joint if you heard it "watchin' my lfe go down!"

Various/Tribute to Maze.
People, listen closely: There are some things DMoe likes and there are things he loves. The group Maze is one of the things i love. I own every recording, know every word, and have seen them perform live more than a dozen times across this great land.

If its said that imitation is the purest form of flattery, then this tribute CD is the most flattering thing they could ever receive.

Raheem Devaugh, Ledisi, Mint Condition, Kevon Edmonds, Kem, Joe, Mary J and Musiq provide some stunning renditions of my favorite group's classic jams.
Not only is this compilation "Completely COPPABLE" its just downright PHEnoMENAL.

And for you "digital pirates of the caribbean" do this group a favor: pay for the music. As you know, they haven't recorded any new material in 15 years, so they could use the scrilla for your paid download.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Annamaria said...

Serena I have the concert on my DVR & refuse to delete it. ALONG with 2 interviews he did that day & I'm set to record him on Oprah today...I Loof him..

And yes I love her dearly BUT lordy is she a handful... AND I can't even be mad at her cause she's got my personality. She's stubborn as all hell. And does not act like a 7 week old baby...

Brooke said...

Serena, I'm on it! I can't wait to meet you! I feel like I've known you forever!

Your mother stays in my prayers and thoughts.

Put your deposit down for Soul Siesta for next year Serena!

Yes, my Long and Lean jeans! I love them simply cuz they go all the way down to the floor - I love the length. I refuse to throw them away, I just can't do it!

I love Yolanda Adams too! But some songs she sings make me cry because they remind me of my late step-father :(

Serena, you have a tv??? :)

The 9/11 concert was bananas!

Sweet Dreams was the JOINT!

Serena W. said...

Sorry not done...

26. My new business cards are going to be fly!

27. Made loot at the flea market on Saturday!

28. Saw Akima, his lil one, D. Murray and his beautiful wife (and my soror) Alison! It was a great Saturday!

29. Working on the framed poetry and book mark line up for the holidays (you guys are in for a treat).

30. No comment Fury on what I allow my man (if I had one) to call me in the bed lol.

31. I'm full of random thoughts.

32. FYI for Cosi lovers...their Chai Tea is the bomb!

33. My part time contract starts soooooooon. Great news is that they aren't trifling lol.

34. All friends on my FB check out my profile and play the spoken word and musical joint by my peeps Will Richey and Kelly Nygren. I miss them so much!

35. I think I'm tapped out for now on

36. Oh one last one...can't wait to go running tonight with my homeslice Renee! :)

Brooke said...

Did y'all see the baby born in Indonesia who was 19 POUNDS!!!??

Pure fuckery.

Powerz said...

I'm the Baby Daddy, thanks for the shout (yawn) out

TGIT - this is my Friday since I'm off tomorrow

A little nervous to see the backlash of Michael Moore's
"Capitalism" since my company was one his is topics.....

Why am I playing marriage counselor with a couple that can't decide or agree on what house to buy....


Flash Foward is DVRed

Gotta give props to my Baby Mamma, baby driving her crazy and she still looks great at 1am!

Just heard a pregnant woman concieves during poregnancy. I thought this was the ultimate birth control! WTF!

I can see ground zero from my window

I can see New Jersey from my window (Eat your heart out Sarah Palin!)

The above 2 comments were totally random! lol

Wii Resorts 3 point shoot out is very addictive!

Serena W. said...

37. Nope I don't have a tv. My cuz in NYC DVR'd the concert lol!!!

38. DMoe...Eurhythmics/Sweet Dreams was the shiz nit. I have it on record!

39. Yes I still have my records!!!

40. Yeah Brooke we may have to suck it up and buy some new long and leans :(

41. And who's behind were you literally talking about? LOL!!!!

42. DMoe how can I get some tunes :(

43. Now I'm in the mood for Mexican food (yummmmmm).

44. Sorry fellas...that time is creeping up on me. That's why I'm starving and have a sweet tooth.

45. Is it wrong to apply for a position that you can't pronounce?

46. Yes it happened yesterday to a few people applying for a class at my gig...heeeelarious.

47. Brooke I know, I know...I need to put $5 on my trip but Pretty Ricky doesn't accept that amount lol!

48. Where the heck is Rameer?

49. Liz if you're out there we need to hook up soon...I need that shea butter!

50. That cutie from church is MIA...dang it! I should have gotten the digits (some of you men just don't get it)! lol.

The Fury said...

Canyon of Heroes is the area of lower Broadway in the finance district where all of the NY celebratory parades are held.

Serena you don't have tell us what you WANT him to say, just whether or not you allow "bitch". (word on the street you prefer "your majesty" but you aint heard that from me)

no disrespect

19 pounds out the cooch? she ain't neva gon be right

Brooke you giving ass shout outs now?

i aint doing shit today..fcuk it! (throws hands up)

Ever feel like quitting everything? Just walk away & change your name to MoonBeam Holocaust and live off the land? neither

(in Bernie Mac's voice) you can tase children under 12 weeks she won't remember it...and she'll sleep through the night. LOL

Did I say fcuk it yet? Fcuk it, I aint doing ish! I'm gonna harass ninjas on this blog and twitter all day until Oprah..then Imma do it again! (cue beat)

Annamaria said...

Thank you Austin Powerz...although I don't feel attractive at 1am when Sophia has been screaming all day & night...LOL...

I think you guys need to change the name of your company...AIG just isn't working for you guys anymore..OBVIOUSLY..LMAO

SOOO Glad that you will be home with us tomorrow. Great way to start a busy weekend!!

Brooke Yes I just heard about that 19lb baby. Pure baffonary. I'll stick with my peanut.

Honey a woman got pregnant while she was pregnant. Talk about a FREAK OF NATURE. I WOULD KILL MYSELF.. To me having a baby is birth control... I have NO desire to do it again..LOL


Annamaria said...

Fury gave me the green light to tase Sophia for the next 5 weeks. It's on & poppin.. Let her ass cry ONE more time! LMAO

Serena W. said...

51. LOL! "your majesty" is one hee hee!

52. Thanks Annamaria! Now I want some milk and cookies! Geez!

53. About to go to a meeting :( boooooo! I just want to take a nap!

Powerz said...

yes, I work indirectly for AIG - ummm a music company...uhhh yeah.. Acoustics In Guitars...yeah that's it! lol

Rameer said...

Aw sookie...

- @ have men complaining about the fact that Lauren London got prego with Lil' Whoopi's kid? REALLY?? See...this is the type of bitchassness I'm talking 'bout, y'all - I know a lot of people, and I literally don't know a single dude upset or could give a eff about that situation. In fact, the last celeb situation that I can remember dudes really commenting about was years ago when we found out Jermaine Dupri was with Janet Jackson...and that was more on some clowning type ish, NOT jealousy.

Bitchassness is out of hand. Pull those "men's" skirts up...

- I don't get the Oprah thing with women. Never have. Y'all flock to that show and "Sex In The City" like it's the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth...

- WTF was up with Captain Cable Dude yesterday?!? Holy schizophrenia, Batman!!

- DMoe never ceases to amaze. Bruh - I was listening to Christion this past weekend.

- I WILL download that Maze tribute album. Why? Those cats came through Cleveland a few years ago...I saw their rider and how much they were getting paid for that one show.

Download like a muddafugga...

- Really? Gayle is packing? Never knew...but then again, I RARELY see her on TV or in pictures.

- "Cougar Town" was HILARIOUS last night! Really well done. Plus, I never thought Courtney Cox was attractive when white people were loving her back in the "Friends" days...didn't think Jenn Aniston looked good either. But now that both are older, and have some actual curvature (they were up and down boards back in the day)...they both are a lot more attractive to me...

- I LIKE older women. I really do.

- I'm blasting 50 Cent's Forever King mixtape at work. Why? Not cuz it's the best music out...cuz it's loud and hood. I'm sick of hearing these people and their incessant, trivial convos at work.

- I haven't seen "DWTS", cuz I never watch it unless I'm at work when it's on. But Mya??? The most delicious of the delicious. Seriously...I have a MAJOR THING for her and Amanda Diva in the redbone category...lolz!

- I think AnnaMaria is adorable.

- Blueprint 3 sold almost 3k in it's second week of release. Seeing as I've had it almost a month, I'm amazed at people who have yet to hear it...not saying no names, though...

- I watched "Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights" last night. I don't usually watch this show, I've seen bits and pieces - but this season has Kimbo Slice on it. I LOVE Kimbo, cuz at the root of all he's done, his motivation is solely to take care of his kids. He just wants to provide, and doesn't care what he has to do or be subjected to. I admire that.

I find this show interesting, cuz all the fighters on it are jealous of Kimbo. I find it unbelievably interesting to examine grown-ass jealous men. I've seen in a surge in recent years coinciding with the advent of bitchassness. I just can't wrap my head around a man being jealous of another man. Seriously.

- One of my boys told me "I hope you ain't on that shy bullsh*t again." My boys are *so* understanding, ain't they? Lmao!

- I'm listening to De La Soul now...they're Top Ten dead or alive amongst groups all-time in Hip Hop to me. MAAAADDDDD under appreciated and underrated...

- My football team is 2-0 going into a big matchup this weekend. Wish us luck!!!

- Ghostface's new single with Raheem DeVaughn is dopeness. Can't wait 'til I get the new album.

- Syracuse won it's first game of the season last week...and all was good with the world...

momo925 said...

LMAO! you guys are hilarious today! I go to a meeting and come back to this lol.

The cougar show was funny last night Brooke! I think I will have to put it on my DVR list.

I saw Eastwick too and I think I like it. The dude playing Jack Nicholson's role is not too shabby.

I desperately need food. I should have made time to eat breakfast!

Damn Anna maria..bust my kneecaps?!lol I think I liked it better when you was tazing mofos. Now all I have to say is...catch me first! lol

Adam Rodriguez is my new husband... he just doesn't know it yet.

I saw a cutie on the train the other day! He was asleep but opened his eyes to say "bye have a nice day"! I thought it was adorable but damn he should have said "hello" when I got on the train! lmao

Thanks for the support Serena! I picked up my race packet on Tuesday :-)

Brooke said...

Oprah does great interviews. I don't really pay attention to her design shows, or fashion, or other fluff when she does it...but when she does Whitney, Mackenzie and Jigga, I'm ON IT!

Gayle has a fat homo.

I really enjoyed Cougar Town last night. When Courtney Cox said "I did some stuff with my coochie cooch and had a kid" - I liked to die! She was so funny to me! I didn't think she was funny during Friends, which I barely watched, but last night I thought she was hysterical :)

Mya was AWESOME on DWTS. And Macy Gray was...interesting. I liked her, but she got voted off :(

Mo, we might have to share Adam Rodriquez :)

And you should have woken the cutie pie up on the train. I'll learn you yet girl!

My sister literally talked to me for 20 minutes straight, she had the raps. I think I said maybe 2 words...but I love her to death!

My nephews are so nosey!

momo925 said...

Also why is it that in EVERY Tyler Perry movie there happens to be a SUPER fine man that is somewhat scruffy around the edges that somehow sees through this b*tch of a woman that somehow NEVER seems to know a good man when she sees one? (sorry for the run-on)

I DON'T BUY IT! please get a new plot! lol

momo925 said...

Brooke get ya own man! Don't get cut know I know where you work. LMAO

Oh and can we eat now?

Brooke said...

Cuz Tyler is gay, that's why. He wants a good man just like we do! Ha!

Rameer said...

- the cot-damned producer who sits near me is yapping non-stop again. Damned intern got her going...time for some Frou Frou...

-DMoe mentioned it a while back...but Garden State is a really quirky, magnificent film. Seriously.

- I saw District 9 and was completely blown away. It's EXCELLENT. I found it so interesting that it basically refers to the way that white people have treated many people of color in their homelands when they came to those places...and yet, was ironically set in South Africa. Sheer makes a lot of good points that aren't obvious to casual viewers. I was stunned it was that good - they really don't show you what it's about in the trailers.

- I have to take my baby sis to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs this weekend...

- I've spoken to Adam Rodriguez before about a very personal matter in his family. Didn't know he was related to the person...

- "Eastwick", huh? Hmm...I kind of liked the movie. Maybe I'll check for it.

- I hate men that stumble over a pretty woman just cuz she's pretty. The dudes at my job can be manipulated into anything if a young, attractive woman is involved...

- Tyler Perry IS gay. I admire that he tries to write good stories, and does good things for people and his community.

- Macy Gray is a druggie. Seriously...if y'all only knew...

- On "Cougar Town", when her friend dropped off the young dude and drove off yelling "YOU LEFT THIS AT THE BAR, BIIIIITTTTTCCCCHHH!!!" I laughed out loud uncontrollably!

- Momo - there are LEAGUES of women who don't know a good man when they see one. Fifteen come to mind immediately...

- Serena was soooo cool in college...Brooke-Ra, y'all should start hanging regularly ASAP.

- A woman I knew who was cool at college just asked me about one of the cats in our crew at SU. She hung with him and another alum this past weekend, and wondered why me and this one guy don't talk any more. I just told her...Things Fall Apart...

- I raise an eyebrow to guys who watch "Oprah" as regularly as women. I know EVERYONE catches major eps, but when you know every ep like you know the damned "Family Guy" or "Martin"...uh...suspect...

- I don't have any work on my docket for the rest of the day, and no one at my job knows this. Shhhh...

Annamaria said...

Mo I will catch you.. Bitches Adam Rodriguez is neither one of yours. I claimed him back in da day.. We was almost at the same wedding once too. He is the cousin of one of my closest friends husband. Soo he almost came to the wedding but there was an awards show that night so he didn't make it BUT his mother came to the wedding. I must say his mother is absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!! I don't know what his dad looks like but his mother is one of those older women that you can't help but stare at whether your a guy, girl, straight, gay, single or taken. She's beautiful.. A real Sophia Loren type older lady...

Speaking of Sophia now that she's sleeping & not because she's my daughter but she really is a beautiful baby.... She gets more beautiful every day...

I don't think Mya should be on DWTS..She kinda has an unfair advantage since she had choreographers & stuff and has dancing experience. It's supposed to be for celebrities with NO dancing experience...

Rameer said...

AnnaMaria - I don't watch "DWTS", but I KNOW they've had Joey Fatone and Marie Osmond on, amongst other entertainers. Both have danced most of their lives and had mad choreographers. Not to mention...didn't Mario Lopez win a season? He's been dancing since a little boy.

Thus, it's fair. If they allowed them, they can allow her. And besides - she's the flyest woman they've ever had on that show...with Brooke Burke in the discussion...

The Cable Guy said...

wassup bitches! I know y'all missed me :)

Schizo? funny...


Not mad at Kid Cudi.

Dmoe's playlist strikes again.

Glad it's almost Friday, work has been stressin me lately.

Don't watch much tv, so I have to check these shows online when I get a chance.

Being a father is awesome.

19 pound baby, what's THAT about?

I might have to break my own rule and catch Jay on Oprah. I can only take her in small doses.

Is it Friday yet?

momo925 said...

"He is the cousin of one of my closest friends husband" This is all I heard Anna Maria lmao.

HOOK ME UP! You already got a man! lol

Cougar Town- The entire 30 minutes had me in stitches! "Whats the scar? OH I got knifed when I was a kid. Really? No it's from my C-Section!" lmao

Brooke said...

fan base - but she's definitely the best on there. I voted for her.

I'm a fan of Tyler Perry, but I haven't been moved to see his last 2 films. I'll catch them though.

I'm stuffed from lunch today. Had Chipotle with Momo.

Mo can have Adam Rodriguez - Monica Rodriguez has a better ring to it :)

Annamaria said...

OK MOMO... Let's get you married to Adam... Monica Rodriguez does have a nice ring to it... Good looks Brooke. Now all we have to do is get Taraji out the way & it will be all

Rameer I agree that if they let all those other people on there they should let her. BUT I personally didn't agree any of them should be on the show thus why I say she shouldn't be allowed..LMAO... I didn't even think the olympic chick from last season should be allowed because in an interview she said she did ballet as a child..LOL

Brooke said...

Not sure how some of my comment got cut off, but what I meant to write was Mya was the best on DWTS, but that she probably won't win because I'm not sure she has the fan base.

I feel like crawling under my desk and taking a nap. I need my rest for when I go spinning with Mo tonight.

Spinning and killer cramps DO NOT go together :(

Andre said...

I don't expect to learn anything new from Jay being on Oprah but will watch it cuz it's a cool moment in big Black dollars.

Ever since this economy hit the skids I've seen way more out of work dads hanging w/ children. Guess that's what Bush meant by getting the family back together...thanks George.

Just me or does Qadhafi (however you spell that this week) look like he had some work done?

This weather in NYC is bonkers. I just got oil delivered and today is shorts temps,

momo925 said...

OMG I don't know about you guys but this clip is HILARIOUS and I don't even have sound on my computer! lmao


momo925 said...

It's funnier on facebook...the youtube clip isn't as clear and its slower or maybe thats just my computer.

Brooke said...

Yeah, we won't learn anything new, it'll just be fun to see Jay Z and Oprah hangin out :)

It's like summer time outside... and it'll probably snow tomorrow. Crazy.

I would talk shit about playing DMoe this week in Fantasty Football, but I fell from number 1, so I need to be quiet. All I'll say is "comeandgityousome!" LOL!

Now help me... :-) LOL!

I saw that clip and DIED laughing. Dude fell like he got knocked out by George Forman! He was seeing stars...ole girl better run while he's still trying to figure out where he is! Wow!

DMoe said...

Back again.

-Tyler Perry movies just ain't my thing. If you want to revoke my blackness for not being a fan, feel free.

-"Gospel Stage plays" aint my thing either for that matter. They all end up providing employment to "has-been R&B acts" (who retire in ATL, cuz this is the retirement village for old R&B singers.)

You know the radio ads for these...

Cue the annoying, older announcer with the high-pitched yelp bordering on falsetto tone:

"Coming Live to the (whichever big city, small-time theater) its 'Momma, I got a song' starring -"Cheryl Pepsii Riley" (quick cut from "Thanks for my child" plays)...
Also starring "Shirley Murdock" (quick cut from "As we Lay" plays)

Annoying announcer concludes:

"Its 'Momma, I got a song' written, directed, produced, edited and choreographed by Antonio Charles Whigham (or some other 3 name guy/gal). Get your tickets NOW, available at all ticketmaster outlets"

I say all this to say....I hate Tyler Perry movies and gospel stage plays.

Dmoe aka Chase Lounge

Brooke said...

Tell us how you really feel DMoe :)

Nik said...

Hey everyone,

I just got caught up from reading yesterday and Cable Guy, I'm on your side! Get your girl!

The past few days I've been hanging around the U.N. trying to get a glance of our President. Secret Service is keeping a close eye on me :)

I need candy. That time of month for me too.

That 19 poind baby in Asia is HUGE!

I hate Tyler Perry movies because they're unrealistic. Oh, so Boris Kodjoe the bus driver can't get a date because he's the bus driver? Yeah, we believe THAT one. Goes back to the blog yesterday, if youre fine, you'll get play from SOMEBODY! Oh, Shemar Moore with the nappy corn rows can't find a good woman? Really? Whatever.

I've never seen a gospel stage play at the Beacon or anywhere else, and I never plan to.

Brooke said...

Okay, it's Jigga Time!

Rameer said...

- In defense of so-called fine brothers who can't get a date...I could intro you to plenty that women went on and on about how good they looked...then found out their profession and would give them NO PLAY. Especially since they didn't have "swag".

It happens. Same way I didn't believe a woman like Nia Long's character in The Best Man would ever be single...

Until I started visiting DC on the regular. Then I was like "DAMN - it IS TRUE..."

- The new female TV show seems to be "Glee". I ain't watching that crap...seems a bit fruity for my tastes based on the descriptions I've heard. My girl Sarah told me some dude was dancing to "single Ladies" before kicking a field goal?!?


- Nik cheering for Captain Cable Dude? Mm-hmm. I remember women telling Anna Mae to go ahead and do it near the beginning of What's Love Got To Do With It, too...

- I feel DMoe on his assessment of Tyler Perry movies. I've only seen two, and never have any interest in seeing them. But I will always give the homie props for trying to put out something inspiring and opposed to the anything by the Wayans Brothers and the unbelievable amount of coonery and bad imagery that comes out year after year. *I* won't go see it, but I'm happy Black people are organizing to see something GOOD for a change.

If that takes a man wearing a dress to do so, then so be it. Lmao...

- DMoe is DEAD-ON with those gospel plays and chitlin-circuit ads! LMMFBAO!!!

- I will help you with Fantasy Football, Brooke-Ra...

- that clip Momo posted validates an older blog when I caught hell for saying any woman trying to put hands on me I'm knocking her out and ending it QUICK. Homie took her light cuz she was a female...Mama told me don't let know one get off on me...underestimate no one...

- I want grapes. Green ones.

- I haven't been working since 12 noon. This is *great*...

- The Fury's avatar is dope...

- Mi abuela told me she hates that I dress like a slob when I'm such a good-looking man when I want to be. Don't you just LOVE family? My mother and grandmothers are the only ones who give me compliments typically.

- I might kill a bottle of wine tonight...I got the taste...

- I want to STRANGLE the producer near me.

- Tomorrow is my sponsored breakfast at work - everyone takes a turn chipping in, but every Friday we have breakfast. I'm excited cuz on MY days, I make them get fresh fruit and fruit juice...

- The one "female" show I watch is "Real Housewives Of Atlanta". I'm *so* ashamed I let my female friends get me hooked on this H.A.M....

- I was s'posed to download Kid Cudi. I forgot....

- Going to go start some ish before our newscast starts...

Nik said...

It's not like Cable Guy is beating Brooke's ass, he's just giving her compliments and stating how much he likes her. There are worse things he could be saying. I'm sure it's all in fun, and if a guy gives compliments, no matter how over the top they may seem, how can we look at that as a bad thing?
It's not like what he's saying isn't true. I think it's nice.

Anyway, the Jay Z interview was great! Now that Barbara Streisand is on, I'll be turning from Oprah now :)

I still need candy!

The Cable Guy said...

Thank you Nik :)

If I'm giving compliments to Brooke, then no one else should care, unless they want her. If you do, or if you don't, I'm talking to HER, no one else.

And I'm supposed to be Ike Turner, even tho you say if a woman puts her hands on you you're knocking her OUT? I know you think OVER complimenting a great woman is wack to you, but you suggesting that I'd beat a girl is out of control. Meanwhile, you'd clock a chick if she raised up. Ok dude...

Rameer said...

I LOVE when people take things the wrong way/too serious. I could give some deep explanation, but I won't. I'll just say the comparison was to show that like Ike wasn't good for Tina, nor is Captain Cable Boy for Brooke-Ra.

AND HELL YEAH - I'D BEAT THE BRAKES OFF ANYONE WHO RAISES HANDS TO ME. No apologies for that - read the blog on that topic if you don't know.

**cues up Onyx's "The Worst"**

Judah said...

Rameer...can you get off Dmoe's dick for a second? I think it needs time to breathe. Everyday I read this blog and EVERYday you say something assanine! So we are all supposed to believe that you and your homo crew are the exception to the rule? Yeah ok...

You think "glee" is "fruity" but you watch the housewives of Atlanta?! LMAO This is how we all know your gay! Any man proud to say they would snuff out a female is a straight PUSSY!

Your mom and grandma are the only ones that give you compliments regularly? NEWSFLASH ASSWIPE: they have to...they are related!

You are the biggest cornball on the planet! Cable guy has more balls than you and he can't even pull Brooke!

Fuck you and your whole shitlicking fag crew up in Buffalo... the men who would supposedly "raise up" on somebody for bumping into them. The dudes who bump they're gums like you are the same ones who scream and run when they hear a fucking twig snap. Your whole crew would simply "raise up" and get ya asses WHOOPED! You try so hard to prove yourself on this blog...and all you are proving is how much dick you suck. LMAO

Maybe dmoe can bend over so you can keep sucking his ass and give his dick a break.

Peace Bitch aka Dicksucking Rameer

Brooke said...

whoa...uh oh

Rameer said...

Did I get your panties in a knot, Judah?


I'm over the Internet thug thing on here. I really am. Real touch words through the screen. You, Captain Cable Boy, and whomever else is offended by me can liberally kick rocks to your heart's content.

You don't move me. Cuz we both know all that talk is just e-thuggin' to the grave...


***cues up Xzibit's "Get Your Walk On", Cripwalks sideways out of thread***

The Cable Guy said...


Anthony Otero said...

Wow...nothing random about those

Rameer said...


Judah said...

Cues Up Katharine Mcphee's "so over it" LMAO!

That's exactly how you sound Rameer... as lame as that bitchass song.

Oh you want some too lil mockerson aka latinhomo? How about you give your lil brother back his baby-T... You know how I know your gay? Only a fag would be posing in a hot pink cut off shirt (i.e your homo blog picture)

Get on with ya lil babybones ass! Get ya weight up and then chime in LMAO.

Rameer said...

Judah - you wild emotional, son! LMBAO!!!

I told Brooke-Ra I would NOT engage in long-drawn out battles with clowns like YOU on this blog again, so I won't. Besides - it's more fun to watch you put up your "assessments" or your pitiful, incorrect attempts at psycho-analysis.

No need to explain, defend or rebut a damned thing. Whatever you say..."I'LL BEE DAT!!!"

Besides...we can see your skirt showing. You jump from me to Ant and he didn't even TYPE anything of note...

You like that high school chick in the cafeteria trying to pick a fight for attention. Well here - the blog is YOURS. It's past 6pm...which means I'm off for the day. So here - the blog is yours!

Hope it makes you feel like a bigger woman! Go in, baby! Get your attention-whore on! I'm sure everyone will read it, go "WTF?" and move on with their lives.

It ain't that serious. And seeing as I only check the blog when I'm at work, I won't ever see whatever it is you write for the rest of the night.

One thing about Captain Cable - at least he can take a joke and has fun with this blog like most of us...

Brooke-Ra? I think that blog on bitchassness comes closer to reality every day.

LMBAO!!! Excelsior!

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