Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- So, Chris Brown...where to begin?


- A friend of mine said he looked like an extra from "Motown Philly" with that bow tie on :-) LOL!!

- Somewhere Ne-Yo and Usher are going, "yes!" Okay, maybe not...but still ;-)

- I love sleeping in on a beautiful day. It's gorgeous outside...and I'm off today!

- Today is a great day for a wedding. Congrats Nikki and Jason! See you later on :-)

- Gucci Mane is hideous. I'm sorry, that was mean..but damn! Why would you wanna break up? Really? Might have something to do with those gold fronts...jus sayin' :)

- Gucci "mane" - not MAN - "mane"...da hell is that? Should be "Boogie Man" :-)

- My cat is looking at me like "what the hell you still doing here?" Damn, can a sista have a day off? Makes me wonder what he does when I'm not here.

- I'm still gonna wear my white jeans after Labor Day.

- I still have Essence Magazines from 2004. I know...I hoard magazines...just Essence though.

- Watching The View right now and they're wondering if the G-Spot really exists. The answer is yes. Don't ask me how I know ;-)

- I'm in a shopping mood.

- I'm just now starting to do my Fantasy Football research and make my picks. This is like having another job! Geesh!

- I'm glad I have a long weekend, can't wait to see my babies!




cynthia said...

first bitches...

Brooke said...

Cynthia!!! Hi!!!

Annamaria said...

WOW...taking out my taser!!! And my shank...

I'm watching the T.O. show..

I have a lot of stuff to do but this lil girl won't let me put her down.

Why is she giving me dirty looks too????

She's becoming a butterball & actually starting to outgrow stuff....

Looking forward to fall...not sure why but I am..

I saw these HOT boots I want!!Not in my budget but I loved them...

cynthia said...

Hi Brooke!!!

I made it first for the first time... woooohoooo!!!

1. Im feeling on point today..
2. Still need to lose weight.
3. Hate fake bitches! Smile at me all day but the minute we step outside you dont even remember my damn name, never mind that we work in the same department and sit RIGHT NEXT TO EACHOTHER!!!
4. How come some say I need to "Man Down"!! WTH does that mean? I am a VERY independent woman, I dont need you to help me but I appreciate that you do! Is that a bad thing..
5. Want to plan a dinner party! Got a full menu on the brain.. Fatty moment..
6. My brother's wife just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 2 days ago, "Gabriela"..
7. How do you know you are doing what you love (career wise), how can you get into what you love without wasting time.. How about if you think you are gettin into what you love turns out to be something you just like.. then what.. uugghhh..
8. No weekend plans, not a bad thing.
9. Im off ALL next week..
10. Summer is OVA!!
11. Need a second job..
12. oh boy oh boy the politics at work are not cute..
13. If you make a choice that will change your life forever, how come you get mad if things dont work out as planned.. Was that NOT your choice..
14. BRB, the boss is on my ass..


Brooke said...

what does "Man Down" mean?

Congrats on your new niece Cynthia!

Annamaria, she's not giving you dirty looks...maybe she just has gas :)

Annamaria said...

Brooke she's got my personality.... TRUST ME she's giving me dirty the corner of her big eyes!

Cynthia said...

That's exactly my question! What does that mean!! It usually comes out when I say, "no thank you, I got it", or "no, I dont need it", or "I'll do it"... I dont ask for favors, money or help from anyone, and sometimes I may need it, but that Big Ego of mine, doesn't let me... Soooo, I get that "you need to man down" line when I reply that way.. Maybe you can figure it out for me!!!

* and I dunno.. I kinda liked the whole bow-tie killer thing Chris Brown had going on..

* Annamaria - love the T.O. Show..

* If you could have your own reality show, what would you call it?

Have fun with your babies Brooke!!

Brooke said...

I've never watched the T.O. show - he urks me.

That's a great question Cynthia about a title for a reality show - I'll have to think on that :)

"Man Down" huh? That's new to me... and maybe people just need to leave you alone :)

Annamaria said...

yea I'm kinda digging th TO show...

Brooke to answer your question from yesterday I'm not originally from Queens. I'm from Brooklyn... That's why I don't feel obligated to root for those loser Mets! lol...

-V- said...

First Pixar and now Marvel, Disney has officially become the Evil Empire!

So much to do, so little time.

Off to San Diego this weekend to see my brother's new crib.

Taking the boat there, should be interesting ... why does the theme from Gilligan's Island keep playing in my head?

"A 4 hour tour, a 4 hour tour ... "

Hope I catch some fish along the way :-)

If you don't hear from me next week, I'm lost at sea ;-)

I'm really craving an Italian Hoagie (drool).

Enjoy the long weekend!

Say Hi to Nicole for me.

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Here's where I am:

- I heard a presentation yesterday in a meeting and the dude said "your working with someone and you need to 'Judo' the idea into something that works for everyone." - I filed that in mental rolodex. Love that line.

- Don't ever try to take big "Horse Dose-sized" vitamins with a hot cup of coffee. Jus sayin, I had a bad experience only moments ago.

- What a great start to this day by seeing a young black male being hailed as a hero on the national news. Unfortunately, this high school kid had to tackle a young black female waving a loaded gun on a school bus full of kids.
Da Hell?

As for what DMoe's rockin,
here are some highlights of my iPod's shuffle today:

Dr.Dre/Forgot about Dre
(Chronic 2001) - Easily one of the top 15 rap albums. Ever. And just think, this was the sequel. The original should also appear in this ranking.

Cybotron/Clear - A breakdance classic. Your pop/lock education began with this cut.

Dru Hill/Love's Train - Perfect example of a remake "kickin the rocks" of an original. Con funk Shun's song was good, but this Dru Hill redux was stellar.

Pebbles(feat Cherrelle)/Love makes things happen - I was/still am a huge Pebbles fan. Hopefully, each of her children are named Kenny and/or Babyface. He made her.
On that note, quick question: WHy does Cherrelle begin each song she's featured on with "Let's sing it together"...Uhhh, Cherrelle, Hi, its DMoe...May I ask why you have to announce this? After all, its a duet. Of COURSE your gonna "sing it together"...jus sayin.

Last thing (quick) -

For everything Whitney DOES NOT reveal on her bangin-azz comeback CD, my boy Chico Debarge spills the beans on his. For every one of Whitney's cloaked and closeted references to the struggles of the last few years, Chico's big return CD gives you the full-scale, "that stuff had me messed up", "addicted", "got the grip on me" and on and on (to da like break o dawn).

Hey Chico, can I mapquest the crack house you frequented too?

Jeez. With that said, his album's a funky-good time. The ladies will love his saucy production more than the guys, but its a D'Angelo-ish, vintage Chico of the 90's kinda recording.

Your boy officially says "cop that"

Stay thirsty my friends.


Rameer said...

- Chris Brown STILL needs his ass beat.

- The loud-eating guy got laid off last week. I must admit - it's been Nirvana without him. I do all his job responsibilities now, but he had so many little things that annoyed mind is so much at ease with him being gone. Hey, just telling the truth.

- The sales associates are supposed to go to my supervisor and work out what they need done from my department. Three of them come directly to me all the time...and give me projects that pisses my supervisor off cuz he doesn't know I'm tied up. Yet no one corrects the miscommunication...

- the white dudes at my job swear certain women at my job look good. I tell them it's a cultural difference and that I know crackheads that look better than some of these weirdo looking white chicks they fawn over.

- I LOVE Jay-Z's Blueprint 3. Grown music directed at my generation, not kiddies. Original production and topics HE can relate to - not promoting some new dance step or talking up drugs...

- Had my first Fantasy draft last night...did well, but saw that the projected trend for this season's drafts rang true. Doesn't matter - I'mma SON this cats...

- Those old biddies on "The View" don't know about the G-Spot?? How sad. I feel bad when I read/hear about the lack of education and knowledge many women have...and how a majority don't have orgasms. Crazy...

- I'm no longer using the term "independent woman". A watched a video that broke down that the correct term should be "self-sufficient"...cuz there's nothing wrong with depending on someone in certain situations. Like for love, compassion, understanding, etc.

- Why do people say "the devil is a liar"?? Like, really? Guess what? So is your mother, father, family and almost every person you've ever met. Most people lie. I'm one of the few people who almost never does it after making the conscious decision to stop doing it freshman year in college. I GET why it's said, but it's one of those things that is such a cliche, no one ever thinks about the words they're saying. Since everyone lies for the most part, differentiating the devil as a liar is kind of...moot.

- I still type novels on here. Suck it up.

- DMoe is HILARIOUS when he goes at it with some of y'all...

- This Italian woman at work NEVER STOPS TALKING once you get her going. I try to shut her ass up as soon as we have a convo - most of the time, VERY rudely. It's the only thing she gets.

Rameer said...

- I took my baby sis to see the new Halloween 2 remake. She was mortified! The brutal, realistic killings really disturbed her...this little punk TOLD ON ME to our mother! And did it with our mom in the room so I couldn't beat her ass! Then she whined and made me promise to take her to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs when it comes out.

This little punk supposedly likes horror movies...but she grew up liking the cheesy ones of her generation, like the Final Destination movies - movies that aren't horror movies at all. More kill murder comedies. I took her to see the remakes of Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre - she cried at both. And now this...I'm, never taking her little simple behind to my type of horror flick AGAIN.

- Why was there a mother with a four year-old and a kid under ten at our theater? Nice parenting, bitch. Hope you're measuring them for their prison suits now...

- The women around me today are incessantly chatting about NOTHINGNESS. I really want them to STFU...

- I think I may try to give up milk. Read a really interesting article breaking down how it's actually rare for humans to be able to drink milk their entire lives.

- So excited about football season starting!!!

- I don't understand why so many women come out the woodwork wanting a piece of me when they think I'm attached. Buffoonery.

- I LOVE "Robot Chicken".

- This season's finale of "Rescue Me" had a CRAZY cliffhanger ending...

- I refuse to watch "Grey's Anatomy". I don't *like* doctor shows.

- I truly love it when people try to analyze or pyscho-analyze me. Cuz they're NEVER right. I mean NEVER. It makes me laugh.

- I also love when people try to trick you into reacting a certain way and when they try to get you to alter your behavior. Example: "you read comic books? I thought only kids did that...I outgrew that. A little too mature for that." Like their opinion is somehow supposed to make you alter who you are, what you do or what you like? Oh, this happens to WEAK-minded people. But me? Nah...

And I don't read comics...that was just an example. Well, I don't read 'em regularly...if one of my comic-loving friends has some, I'll read 'em.

- I'm a back-up husband for one of my best friends and a good buddy I work with. I was given the title by both of their wives...if something ever happens to them, I step in. Lmao!!!

- The co-worker's wife actually calls me up on it when he's out of town. No, not the physical part - but if she needs someone to go with her somewhere or help her with something? My phone's kinda funny and cute.

- I want to see Where The Wild Things Are, Alice In Wonderland and 9 when they come out...

- Megan Fox is *still* Black man's kryptonite.

Time to do some work...

Rameer said...

- I'mma download that Chico Debarge right now based on Dmoe's recommendation...

- T.O. is a JERK. Trust me.

Yolanda said...

- MAN DOWN? As in Frankie's (Keyshia Cole's mother) "MAN DOWN, CODE 10" situation? That's when you've got an emergency, a mess or some "serious matter" (as the AKAs say). I've never used MAN DOWN in the sense of the opposite of MAN UP though.

- Finally got my A/C working correctly... now I don't need to use it!

- Why is my side hurting? Geez.

- Do the pills that take your period away make you fat though? Anybody know? I'm ready to ditch this thang for a couple of months.

- Speaking of which, DO NOT take that what will your life be like this year quiz thing going around FB. Chances are... it'll tell you that you're going to get preggo. I immediately hit SKIP on that one!

- Chris Brown needs to tell the truth and get it over with. They probably hit each other regularly and BOTH need some counseling.

- A friend's FB status summed it all up perfectly: "< Thinking > How Can I Remember Fights From Elementary School, But Chris Brown Can't Remember Beat Boxing On Rihanna's Face? *Strong Side Eye*"

- We don't believe you Chris, you need more people.

- The new guy started work this week. I hoped he'd be Black but you know I did some Googlin' before he got here and discovered he wasn't :-( But, he's a SMOKER! I despise the filthy habit. He smokes AND drinks coffee. Not a pretty smell. Nice guy nonetheless. Not sure how long he'll last here though.


- Looking forward to tonight! And I asked HIM out!

- Finally found myself some good health care. The approval letter is on its way! Aww skeet skeet! (*looking at YOU Obama*)

- I want new hair.

- Spent an hour in T-Mobile Tuesday night for something that only should have taken 15 minutes, tops. But the people ahead of me treated cell phone shopping like they were buying a house or about to propose to the phone. It's a PHONE! Man up and made a decision!

- Got a new Blackberry. Upgraded to the 8900! Woot woot!

- I love Fall, love the breeze, love the fashion. But, is it me or did the temperature just drop way too fast in the last week?

- Going back to DETROIT again for another film shoot! ARGHHHH. Do I have "send me to Detroit" plastered to my forehead or something?

- Still want a dog :-(

- Am I the only one slightly annoyed by Jay-Z's use of that "uh"/"awh" sound under his tracks? Sounds like he's on the toilet. I still love him though.

Rameer said...

Yolanda - I DID wonder what's up with Jay and the "uh/aw" sounds...

And to answer your question - yes. Birth control can and does put weight on many women.

Brooke said...

Yolanda makes me laugh out loud every time...never fails :) "on the toilet?" LOL!!

she really wrote "skeet skeet, woot woot!" LOVE YOU YOLANDA!!

you always make my day :)

V - I'll definitely say to her for you, I miss you! Have fun on the boat! And don't get lost!

I want a turkey hoagie now, dammit Vince!

DMoe, what are you talking horse dosed vitamins for? What is THAT about?

I've heard mixed reviews about Whitney Houston. And Chicol DeBarge, really? hmmm...maybe I'll check it.

Or maybe I'll just have you do my ipod again :)

Rameer, I saw that video you posted on FB with the woman saying the correct term should be "self sufficient"...and I totally agree. We all need someone sometimes.

I hate when people bring their kids to grown people movies. NO babysitter? Stay your ass home then and get Netflix.

I need a few backup husbands...for different things ;)

Birth control never made me gain weight, all women are different, but it gave me headaches.

Yolanda said...

I seriously just laughed when I read Rameer's gynecological response. You're an expert on many things, Master 'Meer!


Brooke said...

excuse my typos...

I meant to write "taking" instead of "talking" in reference to DMoe's horse pills...and "Chico" instead of "Chicol"...

must be my lazy fingers on this lazy day on my day off ;)

Yes, Rameer just schooled us on birth control and the g-spot :) All up IN our stuff ;)

Yolanda said...

Birth control absolutely made me fat but that was a long time ago.
These new-school ones may be different.

Any thoughts, Dr. Green?

Rameer said...

Lolz...hey, what can I say. I know a lot of women...I spend way more time with women than men. baby sis is 23. SHE was cringing at the brutal nature of that flick. How do you take a kid to see a homicidal mass murderer carry out his crimes in brutal detail? Buffoonery.

Rameer said...

@ Yolanda - it depends on what the exact birth control is. However, I'mma stop talking about it now before the men on this blog start thinking I'm working undercover for y'all...I've been told in the past I know WAY too much about I'm a scientist or something. =/

Brooke said...

You are! a MAD scientist!

Serena W. said...


Yolanda BCP's made me gain 5 pounds and I always had a massive headache. Hence why I decided to get off of them.

Soon as I stopped 5 pounds dropped off of me.

Ran a few miles last night with Renee and Lia (we're going to do a marathon next year) watch out!

I increased my pace like crazy! Running 10 minutes then walking 3 minutes compared to the 5:1 last year!!!! I'm a beast!

Chris're this week's H.A.M.!!!!!!! "Like wow" can we please talk proper English on Larry King.

I love this weather, especially for running!

Getting it together at the new gig (hey I'll get an office with a door).

Woot woot! (Yolanda I love it)!

Brooke have fun with the babies.

Cynthia congrats on the new niece :)

Annamaria we still gotta connect and you too Brooke.

Yolanda we need to do a happy hour one night!

Keep sending prayers to Mom. She's doing better amen!!!!

I can't wait to see her on Saturday.

Thankful for a long weekend.

Real random...did y'all know that mama say mama saa mama ma coo saa was an African chant? (I love MJ for that)!

Just finding this out and love it!

Here are the facts on the web, "Duala is spoken in Douala, Cameroon's largest city, which has long been a musical hotbed. Since the 1960s, Cameroonian pop music has been dominated by a rhythmic style of dance music from Douala known as makossa. The Duala word makossa is often glossed as "(I) dance"

Again...MJ I love you!

I think sometime this weekend I'm going go out for a late night drink after tucking Mom in...I need it.

And see my godchildren. My godaughter starts 12th grade on Tuesday and just announced that she wants to go away to college! (Wooooooo hoooooo)!

So proud of her, she wants to go south and I'm even willing to do a college tour with her!

Brooke said...

Serena, so glad mom is doing better!

We'll meet up next weekend when you come up...or maybe we can go meet Annamaria. I might even make a cheesecake1

Oh wait, I can't eat it til after Momo's race is over...dang it!

thank you so much for posting that little tidbit! I love MJ for that too! Did you tell Pretty Ricky??

I love this weather too...very nice!

Serena W. said...

I didn't get a chance to tell him, hoping he reads the blog :)

Next weekend is hit or miss, but we'll get together really soon!!

I can't believe Momo's race is this month!

Is it really September?

Once I get my loot together I'm buying some tough black boots I saw in DSW...and some Timbs...I guess sweaters would be nice (I only own like 5 now lol).

If you don't know what H.A.M. ask Brooke. But Chris Brown is one! He's old enough to talk intelligently!

Check out my new blog post, "Something Old and Something New."


Yep still selling books on there too (I have 10 left)!

Had to do a plug!

Serena W. said...

Dang it...I typed it wrong:

Oh yeah I'm getting ready for holiday orders on framed poetry and bookmarks (latest addition). Stay tuned!

Anthony Otero said...

- chris brown needs to be in jail

- listening to Motownphilly... (thanks Brooke)

- I finally got something to eat...geez

- I lost count of how many Fantasy football leagues I am in

- Been watching the George Lopez marathon on Nick at Nigt all week...hysterical

- I had the best 2 mile run last night

- is it I have written less blogs in August but have gained more followers...

- John Edwards is coming to Syracuse, thinking about going to see him

- I got a shirt the other day that just says "Poet"

DMoe said...

Sidebar to Serena's excellent "MJ Love" post from earlier:

For MJ's "Wanna be startin somethin" motivation, check out the song that sparked his inspiration. Its called "Soul Makossa" by Manu Dibango.

Its been sampled along thru the years by Jay-Z among others, but this is the one that got it started.

One other "We love MJ" note:

Does anyone know the true master of Michael's signature "Moonwalk"??

It was none other than Jeffrey Daniels. Name rings no bells? He was the 3rd (and least vocal) member of the 70s R&B group "Shalamar". Daniels was widely-known for his innovative dance moves, and MJ caught wind.

MJ basically said "teach me everything there is to this move" and the rest, they say is HIStory.

DMoe aka Click Dark

Brooke said...

"Motown Philly back again....doin' a lil East Coast swaaaang!"

Your blogs lately have been very open and honest Ant...maybe that's why? Good stuff :)

Serena W. said...

Ant! I want a Poet shirt, where did you get it????

Yeah DMoe I saw that dude over the weekend on tv and wondered why he looked so familiar! The third of Shalamar!

Now I'm going to find some Shalamar to listen too!

Have an interviewee in 10 minutes for a staff position (it's great I have staff too)!

Real random...I really want some frozen yogurt right now...or orange/vanilla sherbert! (Hmmmmm may have to get some after work)!

Has anyone but me heard Al B. Sure's new single??? (Hotness)!

Brooke said...

Haven't heard it...I don't think? maybe?

anyway, off to a wedding, check back later!

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