Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

On behalf of Monica Gonzalez - aka Momo925 - I'd like to thank those who contributed in helping her to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). She has reached her goal of raising $3,000, and it's because of your contributions that she was able to help save a life. As we all know by now, Monica is training to participate in The Westchester Triathlon through the Team In Training Program. This is a .9 mile swim, a 26 mile cycling portion and 6.5 mile run. The race will take place on Sunday, September 27th, so come out and support our girl and help her complete on of the most meaningful and challenging things she's ever done! Woo-hoo! Go Monica! And you can still donate if you haven't already, so get to it!


- Why was this woman all up in my personal space on the practically EMPTY train this morning?! And she had stinky food in her bag. Yuk!!

- And no...she didn't hit on me :-)

- I can't believe that student at Hoftra LIED about being gang raped. She recanted her story and admitted that the sex she had with the 4 men accused was consensual. Sex with 4 dudes in a bathroom...real nice.

- This weather is all over the place. Say so long to summer!

- I want to go to a Halloween party this year...anyone having one? Pretty Ricky??

- I did pretty good my first week in Fantasy Football, but this Sunday looks to be challenging. We'll see how I do. Rameer stopped helping me :-)

- I kinda like Jay Leno at 10p.

- I cut my foot on my new flat shoes yesterday and it STILL the dickens! DMoe thinks that's "like the dickens" a country saying?

- I have autumn colored foil wrapped Reeses Peanut Butter Cups in my candy jar and I don't want anyone to touch them. I want to keep them there for decoration.

- My hair is bouncin' and behavin' today...thanks Liz!

- Where is this year going?

- Considering getting a bikini wax for the first time ever....ouch! I'm skerred!

- LaToya Jackson is on The View...I'm just gonna leave it at that.

- However, I LOVED the Whitney Houston interview on Oprah! Voice or no voice, she's still as beautiful as ever :-)




Serena W. said...

First B******!!!

Brooke said...

awww shucks!

Serena!!! How you been girlie!? I missed you!

Yolanda said...



• I had to create an event in my Bberry calendar to remember to check for Random Thoughts Thursday
• I pre-planned these thoughts on Tuesday in case I forgot on Thursday
• My brain would be non-functional without data on a digital backup.
• This is a sad window into what my life has become. If it’s not scheduled, I don’t do it. Not cuz I don’t want to, but cuz I forget.
• Can I quit my job yet?
• I have an application for the Pier 1 store next to where my ‘real’ job is. Think I could live off a Pier 1 income? I mean, I like decorating and stuff. I might be useful.
• Kanye West is a genius.
• 4,000 people went to our blog the night he kirked out on the VMA’s. Wonder if he’ll sponsor an ad for us?
• “I’ma let you finish...” is the new “Who gon’ check me, Boo.”
• Lil Mama is searching for relevancy.
• I’ve decided, I’m not lazy, my time is valuable! So what if I have my groceries delivered or if I online order lunch from the restaurant attached to my building! At least I’m being productive, right?
• I want fall fashion! But I won’t be buying anything! Operation ‘Get AMEX off me’ is underway.
• I’m determined to finally learn how to sew. My Mom is an expert seamstress and I need to quit fakin’ and learn so I can MAKE myself some fall fashion. I have so many ideas.
• Jay-Z is kinda cute when he smiles. He should do that more often.
• It’s hard to type on this new phone.
• I want President Obama to call a secret meeting of all Democrats and punk/beat/shame them into getting on the same page about health care. Take those cats to the woodshed dude. The time for pussyfooting around is over.
• Always wanted to use ‘pussyfooting’ in a sentence.
• Since when does a network reporter not know you don’t Tweet an off the record remark from the President? Tsk tsk Terry Moran!
• May Patrick Swayze RIP!
• But, his inability to quit smoking after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer is further proof that smoking is de debbi!
• How many of ya’ll used Swayze and “I’m Swayze” (as in, I’m ghost) in a sentence after he died? I sure did.

Ok, back to work!

Serena W. said...

Yeah I was first!

Stuck in a mtg with a very chatty woman.

Will she shut up! Its not even her mtg.

Momo I'm proud of you! Go Team!

Ran 5 miles of hills Tuesday! Woooo hoo!

Thank u for the prayers. Mom has been discharged from the hospital and is in rehab.

I will run a full marathon in honor of her and all those suffering from cancer.

Yes she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer August 10th.

She's my hero!

Feeling optimistic and a breakthrough on the way.

Yolanda said...

So happy your Mom is out of the hospital, Serena. Sending healing prayers and vibes her way... and prayers of patience, calmness, serenity and coping to you!

momo925 said...

Thanks for the support B and everyone who contributed! I truly appreciate it. Now we'll see how the race goes... lol

I do not want to be at work today!

This weather blows!

I ate breakfast but I'm already thinking about lunch.

Serena I'm glad your mother is out of the hospital. 5 miles of hills?! Go girl!

Yolanda there is always next time lol. At least you avoided Anna Maria's tazer.

Brooke said...

Serena, your mother remains in my prayers. Thank God she's getting better. Sorry to hear about her diagnosis, but God is good.

Jay Z is kinda cute when he smiles. His concert last Friday was great! Bey better go!

They couldn't WAIT to Tweet what the Prez said off-the-record. Fuckers.

And yes, Kanye knows EXACTLY what he's doing, jackass or not.

Lil Mama Serena would say...a HOT ASS MESS.

I want pizza today, but I can't have it til after Monica completes her race. We have pizza circled on our calendar for Oct. 5th, my sister's birthday - so I'll be celebrating two things that day with pizza!

I want Edy's Slow Churned ice cream - Cookies and Cream.

I can't wait for the Greys Anatomy season premiere next Thursday.

I kinda wanna check out Cougar Town too - I have a feeling that'll be me :)

The race will go great Mo! And I'll be able to eat a real carb again!

5 miles of hills sounds like knee pain hell to me, you go Serena!

Soup again for lunch today?

Yolanda said...

I want pizza too :-(

Doctor wants me to try going gluten free. Is he nuts? Does he not KNOW me? The nerve of this dude.

But baby steps, my salad for lunch today has no croutons in it.

Brooke said...

Gluten-free? I'd die.

Okay, so I'm watching the news and they're saying they won't release the name of the girl who lied about being raped. Why not?? She wasn't raped! Meanwhile the 4 men accused had their names and faces plastered all over the news. That chick needs to have her name put out there so she can see what it feels like. That's nuts.

Rameer said...

Yo, Brooke-Ra...I'm really happy for you and this blog, and I'mma let you finish - but Craig had one of the best "Brookey's Cafe Blog" posts of ALL-TIME...

- I love Yolanda's "Witches Brew" blog...but I really have a distaste for some of the more ignorant things that are posted at times. But hey - it's not my blog...

- I hate when people post things on social media or blogs saying "did you see?" about some old racist crap from Fox News or a TV show or publication. Why? Cuz you're exposing not just an individual, but HUNDREDS to thousands of people to it, and what do they do? RUN TO CHECK IT OUT THEMSELVES. and then they tend to keep coming back...thus giving the subject the attention it wants.

Which is why glenn Beck is enjoying the biggest ratings of his career. People - just shake your head, denounce these things and move on. Unless you're organizing a boycott or trying to hit them in the pocket, you're HELPING them.

- I need to get my download game up. Been downloading movies this week instead of albums - got about five or six out there I need to get...

- I need a haircut. Question, people - my hair is pretty substantial. Should I cut it and get my typical "wave cut", or simply get an edge-up with a taper and keep a Boris Khodjoe going (you know, when he has hair)?

- I must've never had it register - but Princess and I have been raising money for the LLS too! Our goal is $5,000 by October 18th...we're having a fundraiser Saturday in downtown Buffalo and a popular nightlife spot.

- I may be the only one who still does, but I LOVE "The Real World". this season was GREAT! The only thing that tops it..."The Road Rules/Real World Challenge" premiering this month...

- I used to say "Swayze" all the time!

- My football season began last week, and my team DOMINATED! We merged with another team, and got an influx of fresh, fast dudes - our defense was "Raven-esque"! I had the game-clenching INT...well, I say that cuz we were up by two TDs when I did it, and they were driving...we boke their spirit when I got it and ran it most of the way back. After that, they began in-fighting and never scored again...

- glad your mom is better, Serena. She was on my heart and mind all this time.

- I realize after this week...the public will fall for anything no matter the evidence to the contrary. I understand when the politicians fool people to some extent...but the other stuff...c'mon...

- Kanye West IS a genius.

- I notice only women getting emotionally wrapped up in Whitney Houston's return. Like I said - fall for *anything*...

- I love it when people try to give u a neg (short for "negative") on what you do or say, with the expectation that the neg will upset you and/or get you to alter your behavior. It almost never works on me, cuz I don't give a eff if I don't love and/or respect you. Example: "you still read comic books? I used to before I matured." I don't read comics like that (only my friends if they have them in front of me), just using that as an example.

Rameer said...

- You ever think something was gonna be putrid, only to be pleasantly surprised that you liked it? That's how I feel about the movie Superman Returns...saw it early this year and still can't get over how much I loved it. The story actually was very clever...but a lot of people didn't like it cuz he wasn't battling any super villains...

- I'm so at peace now that the guy who ate like a Viking got laid off. sorry, but it's true.

- I have no idea why I'm ALWAYS a topic of discussion at my job - even when it's people I don't deal with or talk to.

- They're retiring Carmelo's jersey at SU! congrats, 'Melo!!!

- The Lakers will win the 2010 NBA title - and there's nothing anyone can do about it...

- My Super Bowl picks - New Orleans vs. Tennessee...

- Give me a CHANCE, Brooke-Ra! I was gonna hit you with a message to help you in Fantasy FB! Geez!

- Brooke-Ra did all that complaining...and had the highest score in our Fantasy league in week 1! Of course, I was second...cuz I'm THAT NICE...

- anyone besides me notice that most of that auto-tune bullcrap actually died out after Jigga dropped "D.O.A."?? This man shut down throwbacks AND auto-tune with just a few lines in his songs...his influence is CRAZY. Oprah needs to tell him how to use his powers for the betterment of us...

- also...why do some ignorant heads try to say he should stop rapping cuz he's old? Hip Hop is the only genre where you hear fans say this dumb crap. Every other genre, the oldies are revered and still going strong...Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Patti LaBelle, Michael McDonald, etc....

- I PREFER the older rappers over most of these new school idiots. Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane will rap circles around most of these fact, I get EXCITED when I hear Slick Rick on a new track.

- MC Lyte needs to make music again.

- I'm STILL not sick of Kings Of Leon.

- I'm on green grapes this week...

- I haven't had a drink of win in two days. That changes TONIGHT...

- Sheree on "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" has a HELL OF A BODY...

- every white girl I know (and that's A LOT in my business_ who watches RHOA HATES Kim the white girl. I think they feel like she's repping them badly. Irony - that's how we as Blacks and Latinos have felt about people on TV out whole lives...

- I'm eating PB & J for lunch today - cuz I want to!

- gotta go...more later...

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Here's where I am today:

-I need a "sarcasm" font option in windows or Mac. It just feels right.

-Your boy Dmoe is officially borderline OCD when it comes to tracking a package. If I order something from the web, I wanna know when that sucka got put in the box, when it left the building, when Fedex/UPS picked it up, put it on the plane, and on and on until it reaches my door.

-When I drive, I hate pedestrians. When I'm walking, I hate drivers. However, I hate people on bicycles all the time.

And now...Here's what DMoe's rockin this week:

George Benson/Sailing. Mesmerizing cover of the Christopher Cross classic. I was feelin' the Avant remake of this song as well, but this instrumental remake is outstanding.

Q-Tip/Feelin'. For the real QTip fans, this new release is a departure from his past solo recordings. Consider this one more organic, more soulful and more small club with a mic and some backup. This joint is a funky-azz fave. The album is decent, this cut is great.

JayZ-The Blueprint 3. Let's just say this: For all of the reasons you love Jay-Z, you now have another one. Its great material that reaches the casual fan and the die-hard Jigga loyalist. DMoe officially says "Cop this."

Throwback jam of the week:
The Deele/Two Occasions. Babyface was the brains, the pen, and the ink for this short-lived group, but if you want to remember a classic slow jam, start right here.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Brooke said...

I OD'd on green grapes the other day too Rameer...they make you so full!

I need help this week in FF. This thing is like a damn job!

Get a wave cut Rameer.

I don't know about Whitney's return musically, but that was a great interview. She said Bobby SPIT ON HER!!! Yo, he'd have a fryin pan wrapped around his head. For REAL!

I never understood the whole thing about Jigga being old and needing to retire either. And how is he old? Is there an age requirement for hip hop? If he's the best out right now, they gotta respect it. That's buffoonery to me.

PBJ is good for breakfast too :)

Brooke said...

Two Occasions is the SHIZNIT!!

Yolanda said...

-I love the overall approach to the BP3...he's basically saying "I'm grown" on every song. I can dig that.

-Grapes make you fat. That's what the gluten free doctor says. That got the side eye from me for real! He says they store sugar in the body.

-Can we eat ANYTHING anymore?

-I hear your points Rameer and I understand them. A) I don't write everything. These days, I'm not writing much at all. B) Variety of topics is important. Sometimes, you just have to laugh... then shake your head. C) Can't please everybody. I do appreciate all your comments though.

-Blogs are great. Everyone needs one...just to vent if you have to.

-I'm not on the Whitney Houston bandwagon. Never really cared much for her. And I'm not totally sure she's drug-free anyway. That cocaine is a helluva drug...a wise man once said.

Yolanda said...

I'mma let you finish... 2 Occasions was hot... but the best Deele song EVER is "Shoot 'em Up Movies!"

Rameer said...

- I HATE re-reading my posts and noticing all the damned typos...

- Props on the Q-Tip recommendation, DMoe. I've had that album for about a year ow (maybe longer). I was ecstatic after finding it on the 'Net, cuz I had known about it for a long time and was pissed when the label wouldn't release it (I'm a HUGE Q-Tip and tribe fan). That album is pure and utter DOPENESS.

"Do U Dig U" was always my ish...and women would get in my car and always vibe 2 that track...

- People keep URGING ME to start my own blog. But I want to be able to do it daily and keep up with it...and some days I'm more Internet present than others...

- so sick of the producer who sits near me talking incessantly. I know I complain about this a lot, but she literally goes for like twenty minutes straight with no breath in-between if you let her. About ANYTHING! I have to rudely cut her off when I ask her the simplest questions.

- I'm with Yolanda...I don't buy Whitney being off drugs. I'm giving it between now and next summer for her to check herself into rehab or get caught publicly in some tomfoolery. Remember- she still randomly hooks up with Ray J.

Ponder that for a second. RAY J.

- "Danger...she smashed the homies!" Lmao! Still as good as "I'mma let you finish, but..." and "Who Gon' Check Me, Boo??"

- The Blueprint 3 is one of those albums I use as a musical barometer. If you say it's wack, I immediately disavow your musical taste from that point on. Other albums in this mold are Jazmine Sullivan's debut, Lauryn Hill's first album and Prince's Purple Rain name a few...

- one of the weather guys at my job asked a few co-workers (AGAIN) why the women at my our job tend to *love* me. "What's he got that I ain't got?" this over 50 married man asked. My co-worker told me he turned to a female anchor and said "YOU wanna answer that?", to which she replied "I'm sure a bigger d*ck and no erectile dysfunction".

Isn't it hilarious what people say about you when you're not around?!? (Sigh)

- Grapes make you FAT? Well Weight Watchers - here I come...

- So looking forward to picking up my CRATE of wine tonight...Riesling!

- I'm burning District 9 to DVD right now.

- Have two other movies to burn after that...

- I'm trying to eat really healthy...but I want something really greasy and bad for me, like pizza, hoagies or wings.

Yolanda said...

Quit fakin' Rameer.

You're ALWAYS on the internet.

You're Bill Gates/Steve Jobs/Al Gore/Steve Wozniak/and that Black Planet dude!

Serena W. said...

Rameer my Nana says when you are talked about then its a good thing but when they stop then you need to worry lol! Almost like when peeps stop clocking you then you need to step up your game. (Words of an 85 year old woman).

How dope was it that Nana had on the football game on Sunday! She loves football!

Again thanks everyone for the prayers. Mom had stage 3/4 cancer. Its been decreased to just stage 3.

She's a storm trooper like the Army in Iraq!

Got the edits back for my poetry book! Time 2 start working on the last draft! Drop date in 2010!

Doing a flea market Saturday morning! Selling framed poetry, books that I have left and clothes!

All proceeds go to getting me and mommy out of debt fund!

How tight is it when your Mom says she's ready to start over, turn a new leaf and move the heck out of NYC!

Super tight!

My godson Angel now says, "Hi Godmommy!" I nearly cried.

Yo-Yo when we hanging!

Brookey I feel a wine tasting coming soon!

Momo I may need to come out and cheer you on next Sunday! Who else is down!

And yes Blueprint 3 is beyond crazy!!!! Love it!

Rameer said...


Yolanda said...

OCTOBER Serena!!! We must.
After 10/9, I'll be back to normal (schedule-wise, I mean) :-)

Annamaria said...

1. It's a damn shame that I did't even have the urge to want to be first

2. I need a time out. 30 minutes when I think of nothing & no one but ME...

3. I also need a girls night out badly...

4. I love Sophia but if her lil ass keeps me up til 3am again tonight she's gonna get BEAT...

5. I love Jay-Z. He is very handsome & can do no wrong...

6. I finally had that moment after you give birth that you just sit down & cry... I fought it for about 2 weeks but it finally snuck up on me.

7. My baby is already 6 weeks old & getting bigger & more beautiful everyday... I hate it..I want her to be my lil peanut forever.

8. Momo congrats.

9. Serena soo happy to hear mom is doing better.

10. I would like to go to a football game. Never been to one but I've been told they are mad fun..

11. WHY did I just see Biz Markie rapping on the Noggin Channel with the Kidz???

12. Why do I not like Steve from Blue's Clue's???? lol

13. Brooke I want to throw a halloween party... I want to serve True

14. I love that they came out with that drink for real.

15. Gotta figure out what my munchkin is going to be for Halloween..

Annamaria said...

Oh I love how Whitney told bobby she was going to the store for some milk & sugar and instead got on a plane to Cali... that was GANGSTA...

Her voice is still not the same but she looks phenominal..

Annamaria said...

I just read this on People online & I am sooo proud of him:

It's official: Jay-Z is bigger than Elvis Presley.

The Brooklyn rapper has scored his 11th No. 1 on Billboard's album charts by selling 476,000 copies of The Blueprint 3.
That means that Jay-Z, 39, has surpassed The King to become history's solo artist with the most No. 1 albums.

Anthony Otero said...

- It is Latino Heritage Month! So go make sure you some platanos! :)

- I need to get The Blueprint 3

- I keep fighting the notion I am not a poet

- Serena...I got that shirt from the guy who is supposed to be contactin you about a gig at SU. He is mad slow...

- Lady Gaga is insane...yet I think I like

- Ima Let you finish...but Jim Carry was THE BEST CABLE GUY EVER

- My father told me that I look really handsome..and I go, didnt i look that way before..his reponse: You looked married before

- You how I know Rameer is gay...?

Annamaria said...

Happy Latino Heritige Month to all my fellow latinos (although I could have sworn that was in Oct)gonna have to make some arroz con guandules & pernil to celebrate...LOL

Yolanda said...

In honor of Latin Heritage Month, please call me Joe-landa!

Rameer said...

- LMMFAO @ Ant's "best cable guy ever" comment! BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You silly, dude!

- Ant...I need you to check your Facebook inbox and get back to me with an answer if you have one...

- Happy Latino Heritage Month! We just has our Puerto Rican celebration here in Buffalo...we have like two a year...

- You know how I know Ant is gay? Cuz he doesn't have BP3 yet...lolz!

Georgia Peach said...

I just wanted to stop by to say hello. *waving from Belgium*


-congrats to Momo

-must find a good hair dresser here..i'm procrastinating b/c the only shop for black folks is owned by a white woman and the name is Voodoo. Scary thought to me.

- This last few weeks has been hella busy and they are also supposed to be the easiest.

- I'm glad I have a half day tmrw... I need it to get some of my personal stuff done - everything closes up hella early here.

That's all I've got. I think I'm going to veg out tonight, not study accounting like I should and catch up on some American TV (online).


Georgia Peach said...

Oh and congrats to Annamaria on the new baby!

Annamaria said...

Thank you!!!! :)

Brooke said...

okay y'all, been in meetings.


I got a bikini wax for the first time EVER.

Let's just say THAT SHIT won't ever be happening again. Ever.

I wanted to slap that chick. And she was crackin up! I wanted to beat her with a stick!

Monica made me do it. She was like "stop being a punk and go!"

I will PROMPTLY beat Monica's ass after her race!

If grapes make you fat, then tough noogies, I'm eatin them shits anyway.

Gleana, I miss you!!

Annamaria, you took a few weeks to cry? YOU? Tough girl ;)

I'm down for a girls' night out, football game, AND a wine tasting. Line 'em up so I can knock 'em down!

Oh, and Serena, I'll be at Mo's race, so see you there???

Even if Whitney Houston isn't completely clean, I'd never wish to see her back in rehab or stumble. I'm praying for her. God's grace is on her and I don't want a musical comeback from her, I want her to be well.

Happy Latino Heritage Month!

The Cable Guy said... cable guy based on...???

Brooke, who's YOUR favorite Cable Guy since everyone seems to have one? :)

BP3 is dopeness.

It's freezing outside. Even though the sun came out, it's COLD.

I wish Whitney well. No need to be on a bandwagon to wish anyone well. I'd hope someone prayed for me if I had a problem.

I've been eating alot of chocolate lately, don't know why.

I need a new phone.

B, you still need help with your football league? Not sure how much help I'll be, but let me know.

This week needs to be over.

Annamaria said...

Maybe we can make that the girls night out... Find a place that does wine tasting while they show the football game... kill at least 2 birds with one stone... then go to a football game on another

Brooke said...

Sounds like a plan to me! :)

Anthony Otero said...

I also wanted to agree with Brooke about Jay Leno...he has had me dying every night this

Annamaria said...

WORD!! I like the new Jay Leno show.... I loved when he asked Kanye...What do you think your mama would have said about what you did to Taylor Swift..

Serena W. said...

Yo Ant I'm still waiting for the dude to hit me up!

Brooke...pick me up next Sunday and we can cheer Momo on! I need a ride ;-)

Then I'll roll back to Queens and see Mom b4 hitting the road.

Yolanda we got a date soror after the 9th!

All Latinos please call me Serena with the accent over the last "e" I love it!!!

DMoe I love the soundtrack for the week!

Gleeeee! I feel like I know, have fun out there!

Its official, I'm getting the hair cornrowed next weekend! Amen!

I love the term tomfoolery.

Just re-read comments...can't believe Patrick was still smoking after being diagnosed :(

RIP Patrick!

And here my mother who doesn't smoke nor drink is battling this damn disease! Sigh.

A wine tasting/football game watching sounds hella fun!

Spoke to Zay Buge today on the phone!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

So thankful for Friday that's around the corner!

Gotta get to BK to get shea butter from Liz asap!

My goddaughter is officially filling out college apps. (Trying to get her to go to Cuse)!

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