Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Okay, I just need to say - I *heart* Barack Obama! Last night's speech was amazing, truly amazing - despite being heckled by South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson . President Obama continued his speech and captured the room. Whether you think he's doing a good job, a bad job, a "just okay" job - you have to admit...this man can deliver an intelligent, eloquent and inspiring speech.

- As for Rep. Joe Wilson......are you kiddin' me? Are you FREAKIN KIDDIN' ME?? I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with the President. Any President. But to heckle and call out "You lie!" during a Presidential speech is completely, utterly disrespectful. Unfreakinbelievable.

- Pres. Obama wasn't taking any sh*t last night right??!! Love him! Oh wait...I said that already ;-)

- Michelle Obama is stunning!

- Wendy Williams has the best wigs!

- I wanna see Tyler Perry's new movie, but not enough to pay for it.

- Janet Jackson will appear on the VMA's this weekend - CAN'T WAIT!

- Her Harper's Bazaar interview was great - I still can't believe MJ is gone.

- Going swimming with Momo today!

- Is it me, or did it get chilly outside REAL FAST? brrrrr!!!!

- Trey Songz is such a cutie! I'd throw my panties at him :-)

- I'm not happy with my Fantasy Football team. Some bullsh*t.

- But happy the official start of the NFL season begins tonight! Titans vs. Steelers on NBC at 8:30p!




JUSTBNME said...


JUSTBNME said...

Hey Lady,

1. I knew you'd touch on the President's speech for this blog!

2. I love dirty details! (keep that btw us ;))

3. I never thought that I'd get so attached to the game of Tennis! Love it!

4. I LOVE OBAMA & MICHELLE; both are elegant with a hint of "don't play me".

5. I love that Prez still gives the black man dap and hand shake. As he walked to the podium last night, each time he went to shake a hand, he brought his hand up and back just a that.

6. I love that the Repblicans are so fearful of the Obama agenda that they are willing to embarass and disgrace themselves in order to see him fail.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

I'm offering to slick down your baby hair. LOL

Anonymous said...

I too loved the speech and the President's cool, calm and collected demeanor.

1) Listening to the President outline his plan, I hope that in creating affordable healthcare by stimulating competition between health care insurance companies and big pharma, it does not compromise and create reluctance for scientific research. Billions are poured into research, however if the President requires our private insurance and pharmaceutical companies to foot the bill to meet his initiative, companies may be less inclined to shell out money for future research. Are we robbing Peter to pay Paul?? Just my EXAGGERATED random thought!


momo925 said...

I am happy it's Thursday! I don't know about anyone else, but this week is going by SUPER slow for me. I need it to be Friday already!

I did a 7 mile run yesterday night and I'm still alive!

BTW anyone who hasn't donated to the cause don't fret... you still have time to save a life!

I can officially say we were robbed of summer. This weather is rediculous.

Swimming tonight should be fun... right Brooke? lol

Powerz said...

1. Obama is the best....

2. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity! Blue Phi!

3. why did I see a woman playing a grand piano being pulled up broadway on the sidewalk????

4. Sophia's looks will make you melt....

5. 40 people got pink slips yesterday, I dodged the bullet "whew"

6. Chance favors the prepared mind.....

7. the self employed pays taxes, salaried employees get jacked before they get thier check!

8. Message: work for yourself and control your income

Brooke said...

a grand piano being pulled up the sidewalk...??? uh...interesing :)

I need advice on how to buy property in this ridiculously overpriced city. It's buffoonery.

slick down baby hairs Pretty Ricky?

I can't believe it's only 65 degrees outside. If it stays this cold, then NO...swimming WON'T be fun tonight Mo :-)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice during the republican response they still choose to believe what they want despite what Obama says. Our president said repeatedly that he wants to give Americans the option of a public plan and stimulate a fair competion amongst Insurance companies. He also said he wants to hold the insurance companies accountable.Why did these SOB's still turn around and insist that he wants to force us all into a Government option.It's like they put their fingers in their ears and said lal,alalala,lalalalal, until he finished speaking and said whatever the F$5k they wanted.
Are they still so mad that WE THE PEOPLE CHOSE OBAMA AS OUR PRESIDENT? Get over it.

Annamaria said...

1. I am annoyed cause I wrote like 10 random thoughts but our router & phone line keep going down so now I have to see if I remember all of them...

2. Obama is the eptiome of a MAN. Intelligent, Integrity, eloquence, morals, love for his fam..etc..etc

3. Sophia's looks doo make you melt. Even when she's sleeping I just want to stare at her.

4. Nicole Richie had a son last night. She named him Sparrow?? WTF??? It must be nice not to worry about what your kid is going to be when he grows up??

5. Thank god Mr.Powerz dodged those pink slips yesterday.. we can't both not work..LOL

6. But I must admit he busts his ass doing Real Estate in his spare time soo I know he'd take care of us... :)

7. Why was Austin wearing a jacket this morning when he left the house.. Cause Fall just appeared out of NO WHERE.. WTF..

8. Can't remember all my random thoughts so now I'm making some

9. There are a few movies I wanna see that are coming out soon..

10. My parent's just landed in San Juan PR... I think I may have to go join them. It's still summer over there...

Brooke said...

I like the cool air, but hate that it's too cold to wear flip flops. I usually go straight from flip flops to boots...and I have on knee high boots today.

I'd love to be in PR right now. Or any tropical island for that matter.

Stephanie, I hear you about the Rep. response. It's like "uh, were we listening to the same speech?" It's one thing to not understand what he said, but it's another to flat out lie. And they just lie.

I read that Nicole Richie named her son Sparrow...and all I could think was "wouldn't that be a girl's name?" A BOY named Sparrow? I could see "Hawk"...but "Sparrow?"

Only celebrities can do that crap. Or I should say, SHOULD do that crap.

Russell Brand is funny to me :)

I have 3 meetings back to back this afternoon and I wanna ditch all of them.

Anonymous said...


Clearly it has just materialized with some of the conservatives and blue Democrats that there is Black man in office. It almost appears that some folk are having "buyer’s remorse". It is a sad state of affairs! Anytime change is contemplated there will always be resistance. Our President must remain steadfast and not give in to the old status quo. With that said, I do appreciate that there are still details that must be ironed out with respect to health care reform and I am anxious to hear some of these details. I expressed my concern in an earlier post for this blog! This is a critical period in our history, our country MUST unite behind this man rather than continue the "demagogy" promoted by ignorant people, special interest groups and greedy politicians. I am hopeful that WE THE PEOPLE can come together and develop new ideas. We need a new direction as the current modus operandi has proven to be ineffective!


Rameer said...

- I don't care about the guy yelling "you lie" or the Repubs being salty. If I met Obama, I'd tell him to be just like George W. - do what you want and be like "now what?"

I think all this crap is to divert attention from what's real anyway. I support the prez - all this crap will get worse before better.

- Glad the fruity group with the tranny on ABDC got eliminated this week. Women tend to cheer for any feminine men and trannies - as a masculine man, I don't get down with that. No problem with I don't support or encourage feminine characteristics in men, or emasculation.

- I got assigned to shoot an interview in a new Black hair salon in downtown Buffalo this morning. When I walked in - they must've assumed my station would send all white people - it was like the record skipped. That entire shop of women looked at me like they were starving inmates, and I was a 10-ounce sirloin! It was actually a bit uncomfortable being looked at as such a piece of meat...

- Pro Football start tonight!!!

- Brooke-Ra's fantasy football team IS NOT crap. But I see you didn't take my advice to improve it...

- I think Brooke-Ra still doesn't really get how to work Fantasy Football works..she doesn't know how to freak her team yet...

- DMoe's team is kinda DOPE, I must admit.

- I saw a pic of Ant dressed for Joe Biden's appearance at SU...why he looked like The Manchurian Candidate?? Lmao - messin' with you, Ant!

- Ain't you s'posed to say "Blue Phi - YOU KNOW!"?

- two of the guys in my department have done so many drugs over there lives, I'm CONVINCED they've permanently baked their brains. They ask me some of the most common sense crap sometimes.

- My GM called me into his office and asked me about a female co-worker's contract negotiations. Why me, you ask? He thought I could provide insight cuz everyone in the office assumes I was sleeping with her.


- Me and my barber are sooooo cool. We always keep up with each other...he even just called me to figure out how to do something on Facebook. He's been cutting my hair since I started college.

- I started wondering to myself if I was shallow as someone said...but realized I'm not...

- I beat my sister up in the kitchen this past weekend. My mother and grandmother went in the living room to play scrabble and to ignore her screams...

- My sister is A BRAT.

- I've gone a week without milk as I'm trying to give it up. It's kind of hard...I LOVE milk...

- I drink wine EVERY NIGHT now, and feel weird if I don't have a glass. What does that say??

- I'm scared to watch what Penn State is going to do to my beloved Orange...

- my competitive as all-hell touch football league starts this week! People are trying to get me to jump ship from my current team, where I'm completely under-utilized. But I'm loyal...

- I haven't eaten today. Need to change that ASAP.

- George Clooney's new girlfriend is one of the most beautiful white women I've EVER seen. She's Italian...holy SPIT. And I mean I've seen NON-glam shots - no make-up, just chilling. Bravo, Mr. Clooney.

- I think there are women who try to kiss me on the lips simply cuz they know I won't...being the germaphobe that I can be.

annamaria said...

Its 92 degrees in PR right now! Bastards!!!

-V- said...

Busy busy ... just wanna say Hi.


Brooke said...

First of all Rameer, I DID take your advice. The only reason one of the players is still there is because one of the players you told me to acquire wasn't available, but I DID drop 2 that you suggested and pick up 2 that you give me a break already! :)

My teams still sucks :)

Brooke said...

Hi Vince!!!

Powerz said...

1. Jay Z and Dave Z - good match up on Letterman

2. The rhapsody promo for Jay Z is off da hook ..check youtube

3. Brooke, give me a buzz on some Real Estate lessons

4. A car crashed through the 2nd floor of a house, Don't drink and drive

5. Anyone seen Final Destination 3???

6. I need to catch up on my DVR episodes of ABDC and Superbikes

7. play jeopardy with your significant other and surprise yourselves on how good you can guess!

Ms. Patra-son said...

1. Wad up ya'll

2. Who name their kid "SPARROW", what was she thinking?? I guess my eyes is on the Sparrow!

3. Can't wait for tonight ;)

4. I'm hungry, might have another fruit salad today

5. I think I should lay off my diet for a min... Ha! sike! I think I'm addicted with losing weight! Maybe I have a problem?!?!

6. I love my daughter Mya-Syrae

7. LOL @ Annamaria

Powerz said...

oh yeah, Blue Phi is the call and You Know is the response. You normally don't respond to yourself but good catch! lol

Brooke said...

I started to put a clip up from Jay and Letterman from last night - Dave Z was funny :)

and yes, the Jigga commercial is hot!

Austin, I'm gonna take you up on your offer. I've been in NY 6 years now, I wasn't sure if I was gonna be here...but I guess I am now. Gotta do something.

Hey Tameka - skinny girl!

Brooke said...

Oh, and don't play Jeopardy with DMoe...he's a bit of a genius when it comes to Jeopardy.

Rameer said...

- Like I said - I could WIN with your team, Brooke-Ra. No skills...

- The Rhapsody promo IS off the promo for an album I've ever seen! Saw it about two or three weeks ago online.

- I'm feeling Austin on the Jeopardy suggestion - I used to play it with people all the time, and tended to win. It's pretty fun watching and playing along...we would even subtract points for answers you gave wrong, just like he show. If you attempted to answer, you either got or lost points...

- I started the biggest fight on my Facebook page tow days ago. Oddly, I said nothing - merely posted a link. But two SUPER-opinionated cats I know battled incessantly...I was like WOW. Made sure I didn't write a single thing to chime in.

- Anyone ever see the flick She Hate Me? Why was I actually approached to do the same thing as that dude? I'm DEAD SERIOUS...just not as many women...

- I have the weirdest stories and experiences...

- After two weeks of music listening,I'm *still* on playing BP3 and Raekwon in my car...

- I gotta go do a shoot for news. I've been doing MAD news shoots lately...

Annamaria said...

So am I....Austin gets mad at my history he is an idiot savant sometimes & comes up with the weirdest correct answers...Riki tiki tavi...

gotta go I think Sophia is hungry she just yelled at me & started putting my arm in her

Brooke said...

It's my first year playing FF, so give me a chance to figure it out already! Geesh!

Annamaria, go feed your baby :)

DMoe said...

Happy RTT people..

Here's where I am:

1. I don't know what it is these days, but a cavalcade of clowns have been trying my dignity and patience. From the workplace to the street, to the car dealership where my car just got fixed (don't even get me started) - people have been begging me to go "7th ward" on they azz. That's the N.O neighborhood I grew up in, but that DMoe seldom "shows up to show out" anymore. I actually think its me, because people don't seem to believe I can get that way. Yeah, I'm easy-going, but damn.

Message to the clowns: in the words of the immortal Phil Collins..."I can feel it comin' in the air tonight....OH LAWD..."

2. I love Miami. I chilled there this past weekend, and I dig that place. I think its diggin' me too.

3. Football season is underway. I love the pros, but college is equally as important for me. For those of you who don't do the fantasy football thing, it actually adds another dimension to watching the games, and following the sport. You might actually end up watching that Bengals vs. Rams game you could care less about.

4. 'Preciate the kudos Rameer.

In my best locker-room speak:

"We just wanna come out and execute. In the off-season, our front-office has done its best to bring in the pieces that will make this franchise a winning one. Hopefully, that will translate to our success this season."

5. This health care debate and all the "utter fuckery" (copyright Brooke Dean, inc.) that is springing up across the nation speaks to something that America is now forced to confront.

Call it whatever you want, but from disrespecting this dude on national TV, to banning the president from speaking to american school children - a segment of the american population is officially "asking for it".

I mean - people are showing their true azz and the climate is going to get hot to the point of boiling. Once that happens, all bets of "civility" are off. Keep watching kids, its going to get worse.

On a lighter note, here's the DMoe RTT playlist for today -

Amy Winehouse/In my bed. Think you know Amy? Yeah, you've seen her downward spiral, and heard her hit song "Rehab." However, her 1st release "FRANK" is the real gem that makes the Winehouse faithful stay strong. Cop that.

J-Live/Practice. DJ Jazzy Jeff released a compilation CD a couple of years ago, and this song features a brilliant sample of the now infamous Allen Iverson quote "We talkin about practice"...The song is a hot joint, and Iverson's voice paired with solid lyrical skill by this kid is the concrete that makes it a solid song.

Imogen Heap/Half-Life. Her new CD "Ellipse" is considered "electronic" on itunes, but black people listen up...She's a savvy, clever songwriter with unique sounds that are essentially "niche-less". If you've ever seen Zac Braff's (Scrubs) film "Garden State," Imogen burst onto the scene with the lead song from the brilliant, diverse soundtrack for that film. The song was called "Let go" from her group Frou Frou. You've heard her voice in places, now its time for you to get to know her.

Ruben Studdard/Together. The big boy from 205 actually recorded a hot-azz R&B groove. I didn't care for the album, but this song right here? This right here?
"Fiya like Cayenne."

Throwback of the week -
Sweet T/Its like that ya'll. Consider this an APB for this female rapper circa 1987. She was on Hurby Lovebug's roster, but never really broke through. This song's sample led to the mega-classic "Real Love" (remix) by Mary J. Yeah yeah, now you remember...

If you've seen Sweet T lately in your neighborhood, or waiting tables at one of your spots, let me know...

Stay thirsty my friends.


Serena W. said...

Calgon Take Me Away!

What a Day!

Can't complain, I have a job although it's crazy.

Yes everyone I love Prez Obama. Now that my Mama is going through serious health conditions with whack insurance she could take advantage of the public health care option.

Please pray for her, she's bouncing back in increments. Still a long journey that I will write about one day.

Going running tonight to release.

Went to an awesome bible study last night.

Brother who sat next to me was really nice and fine.

Did I mention fine?

Despite the madness and Mom's condition I have to keep my sense of humor.

Got edits from my poetry book and will start finalizing it. Very exciting.

Obama and Michelle do rock as a couple (agreed JUSTBNME).

Back to work...

Yolanda said...

-I had to settle for radio snippets of Obama's speech last night because I was STILL doing work crap.

-I'm a slave.

-My camera dude rolled out today with ONE tape in the camera. Am I supposed to do EVERYTHING?

-Last week's date was awesome! Sigh.

-Time for ME to get "asked out" though. Can a sista catch a break.

-I bought 2 sexy (oh, excuse me "sessy") dresses on Monday. I'm kinda hot. Smellin' myself. LOL. Somebody have an event so I can wear my "sessy" get up!

-I've been on a seafood kick lately: crab legs, tuna, salmon, crabcakes. I can't get enough!

-I need to have some meaningful hibbidy dibbidy.

-Yes, I liked the tranny dance squad on that dance show. I just find it interesting when men can be MORE womanly than women. I'm amazed. I still want a MAN though. I need him to be bigger than me and slightly intimidating but fully aware that I'll stab his ass if necessary.

-Oh well, back to this press conference. Hope this dude doesn't run out of tape!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Said...

Hey all after 7 days in the Nevada desert I am alive.

I surprised myself with my own strength.

I was surprised by the generosity of others.

Coming home its nice to see Obama is taking some names!!!

Rameer said...

- No offense by this statement...but regarding my girl Yolanda finding it "interesting" when men can act more womanly than men...

And THAT is a small part of the problem some of y'all good women can't find a good man. The *encouraging*, celebration and validation of men exhibiting and acting out feminine tendencies. Oh, it's not just as simple as I'm presenting it...but my boy Q said years ago: "you and me are endangered species, bruh! The days of a man being accepted and loved for his pros and cons of being A MAN are dying...the women are the NEW MEN." True story!

- I just shot a press conference and did an interview with one of the speakers afterwards...EPIC FAIL!!! First, I didn't have the camera in record when I interviewed him. Then, when I interviewed him *again*, I had turned the mic off!!! By the third time, he was giving me the CRAZY SIDE-EYE...and I must admit, I completely deserved it! Ughhhhh!!!

- I haven't eaten all day. =(

- DMoe - I don't know what city you are in - I assume NYC - but if I'm ever there, I'm buying you any drink of your choice. Mentioning Amy Winehouse's Frank AND Imogen Heap?!? And then referencing Garden State and Frou Frou - a film I love, and the group that made me check out the film in the first place (their album is MAGNIFICENT)??

Dude, I've been reading your musical selections for weeks now. We are on some cosmic musical connection seriously listen to EVERYTHING I DO...

And J-Live & Jazzy Jeff?? Dude...get out of my head...

- As far as clowns testing you, I always say at my job - "every now and then, I gotta let you fools now I'm from Bailey (that's my hood, only means anything to people who were raised in Buffalo)". Meaning, I gotta act just like that NEGRO (again, I don't use the "N" word unless I'm singing a specific Tribe song) y'all think every Black person is you see on the news.

I threaten to whoop someone's a$$ at work on average at least once or twice a month. The thing is, the recipient has to KNOW you're for my o-workers do.

I once tried to whoop an on-air talent's a$$ during a commercial break while we were took two and a half minutes out of a three minute break to get me out of the studio as he ran around the set trying to get away...

- I'm so excited for football tonight, I'm GIDDY...

- Fabolous ranted about T-Pain the other day on Twitter cuz he thought T-Pain dissed him. While he's apologized, what Fab wrote was HILARIOUS:

"Jus heard Tpain says F*ck JayZ & F*ck Fabolous too over Twitter… Ok, now me & my twiggas/Street Twitter Ditta Dam must go in on him! After D.O.A., #tpainbetter not be mad, UPS is hiring!! #tpainbetter not meet me in Brooklyn. #tpainbetter give Mr. Monopoly back his top hats!! #tpainbetter stay his a** outta the sun for the rest of his life!! #tpainbetter stop playin for JayZ buys every autotune machine in the world & end his career…#uknowhowiknowuregay cuz u do a song wit Lil Wayne & change ur name to T-Wayne…eeeel #tpainbetter audition to be a California Raisin.. He’s done! #tpainbetter stop singin in the fan… that aint talent we can all do that..#tpainbetter apologize & blame it on the al-a-a-al-a-al-cohol #tpainbetter thank me.. he’s #1 TT.. the only place his name gonna b #1 for a lonnnggggggg time!#tpainbetter chill cuz i will air this n*gga via twitter…F.Y.I. This is not a beef.. jus Twitter fun."

I don't Twitter. EVER. But I read this as a news blurb on my customized Yahoo page and laughed my a$$ off!!

"You know how I know you're gay?" Baaaaaahahahahaha!!!

- I finally ate! Just now...junk, but at least I'm not hungry any more...

- Off to do more work. Serena - your mother stays in our prayers.

The Cable Guy said...

B, you have on knee high boots?? That sounds sexy as hell!

DMoe should write music reviews for a magazine. I actually think about checking out these songs once he recommends them if I haven't already.

Obama is the man. Michelle is hot too!

One day he's just gonna bust out and be like "Fuck all you bitches!"

Brooke still won't be my wife. I've asked her a million times already. But I think I'm wearing her down :)

I need a new phone.

I know I'm gonna catch it for saying this, but Fantasy Football is foreign to me. Who has that kinda time? I don't get it either B, but I'll still come watch the games with you.

Still picturing you in that jersey, sweats and scarf on your head ;)

Dirty Details blog is FIYA! Fury is a freak!

Wonder if they'll do a better MJ tribute on the VMA's this weekend than BET did?

I got hit on by a girl named "Tanaka" - TA-knock-uh - where do these names come from?

Rameer said...

- Tanaka is old school. No offense, Cable - where you grow up??

It's Japanese, I believe. Many Asian and Hawaiian people have had that name, and many American Indians, too.

- Okay - coincidentally, I just read one of my favorite musicians, john Mayer, cleared up a rumor that he was sleeping with Kristin Cavalari (for those who have no clue who she is, she was from MTV'S "Laguna Beach". My sister used to LOVE that show.). He did it on's the things he wrote to dispel the rumor:

"I have never Bensoned her Hedges, nor have I attempted to Bartle her James".

"My Milli has never slamdanced with her Vanilli."

"I'm sure she's a wonderful gal but we've never tasted the Skittles Rainbow together."

"How do I put this like a gentleman...I have never high-fived Kristin Cavalari with my penis."

LMBAO!!! Who would've thought some of your favorite celebs are so funny on Twitter!!!

I still ain't signing up for that ish.

- Cable...if MTV does a MJ tribute, I'd bet 1,000 to 1 that it's 200 times better than that garbage BET did. The only parts of it that were was when it involved Ne-Yo...

- In other celeb news that ACTUALLY matters to me - I'm pretty pissed about Lamar Odom dating Khloe Kardashian. Oh, not cuz I care about who he dates - he wants to date the ugly mannish Kardashian, that's his biz. My problem is they've been out all over Hollywood together every night...dude, get your a$$ in the gym and work on your game! WTF do you think Kobe Bryant's doing right now? Pau Gasol's playing in the European championships!


- I've got laundry to do tonight before the game starts.

- I'll be back!!!

Yolanda said...

I'm talking about GAY men with feminine tendencies, not straight men. If you're straight and overly feminine, then that warrants a side eye. I was referring to the tranny guys on the show. I'm ot championing the emasculation of straight men. I'm sure though that there are some kids at home who are struggling with their sexuality who actually found some form of validation when they say those guys getting so much love on a mainstream show.
But, I do get what you're saying Rameer. And I don't know that there's a shortage of good men. I think there's a shortage of women who set the bar high. Many of us just accept crap.

The Cable Guy said...

I grew up in Queens...never met a black girl named Tanaka before.

Shaq is funny on Twitter too.

Brooke said...

DMoe lives in the ATL, not NYC, so you'll have to go far to buy him that drink. Awww, the man love :)

What I don't understand about gay men is why they date the most feminine man they can find. Like you said, some men are more feminine than most women are, and gay men want THEM...not just another dude, but a FEMININE dude. Why is that? I would think that if you're a man who likes other men, then you'd want a man just like we do...not one that looks and acts like a woman. By that logic, I'd think you really want a woman, not a man. Am I right or wrong?

Yolanda said...

My typing on this phone SUCKS, by the way.

Co-sign on the "Frank" CD. I was listening to Mr. Magic this morning on the train. I need Amy to make a comeback more than I really cared about Whitney's.
(Was that mean?)

I HATE cigarettes. It's the filthiest habit on the planet. The new guy smokes like they're going to reposses his Camels. He smells of smoke, coffee and bad breath. I couldn't even eat lunch with him today. My lungs need the break.

Do ya'll ever get so tired you just don't want to hear people talk? I'm in this restaurant now and these 2 girls are speaking some language. I just want them to shut it! I'm mean :-(

Vacation in December...or bust!

Brooke said...

I hate cigarettes too...and coffee on breath stinks to high hell. That must be a deadly combination.

It's actually BLUSTERY outside. The wind is kicking up and it's cold. And I'm going swimming with Monica. I must really love that girl, cuz swimming and cold do NOT go together.

Rameer said...

- Brooke-Ra...this may upset some people, but you know I don't a give a eff...

The reason that gay men want a feminine man is the same reason lesbian women tend to have one of the partners be a bit more masculine/mannish than the other - cuz no matter what, in a relationship, 95% of the time someone plays the man role, and someone plays the female role. It's rare where I've ever seen a gay couple where both people were equally masculine or feminine.

I'm not gonna break that down - it's another blog topic, and very deep. But I'll say I've seen that my whole life, and even been to seminars/university discussions about it. And there is a lot of science and literature out there about it. Not casting any overt judgment on it - just explaining.

- A lot (not ALL) of gay men over-accentuate having to be feminine cuz that's the stereotype that society puts out there, and that they buy into. I often say people like Perez Hilton disgust me, cuz I seriously doubt they grew up being super fems, but at some point once they accepted who they are and let the world know, they decided to overdo to prove their gayness and how proud they are of it. I work - and have worked - with a number of gay people, and unless you know them, you'd never just see their mannerisms or him them talk and immediately go "he/she's gay". But they are, and proud of it. I LOVE these people for being themselves and not being a caricature of themselves.

Let TV tell it, and all gay men are twinkle-toesing around being more prissy than a 7 year-old girly-girl...and most lesbians have short hair, dress like men and are touch as all hell. SMH.

- Cigarettes are a deal-breaker. I'm with you, Yolanda.

- Time to wrap it up today at work! Yay!

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