Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The French Fry Factor

Happy Hump Day!

I have a first time guest blogger today! He goes by the name of "Sho E. Nuff" and he's talking to the ladies out there. Should be fun...let's go!

The French Fry Sho E. Nuff

Now the theory that men and women see things differently is about as old as Diana Ross’ wig collection, but it still never ceases to amaze me. For today's blog, I will give you examples of the French Fry Factor:

I will use “facetious” names just for the scenario. Let’s use the names uh...what’s a good name for this? Yeah let’s use Brooke for a female and Dean for a male - yeah that will work.

Dean enters your ordinary fast food restaurant trying to get himself some lunch. While on line, he notices Brooke working on fries. Now Dean is so taken with Brooke he attempts to get her name, number and address (Cochise-style).

Now, let’s play the scenario out again but change it up...

Brooke enters your ordinary fast food restaurant trying to get herself some lunch. While on line, she notices Dean working on fries and she thinks he's gorgeous. Now Brooke also sees Dean checking her out. So when she approaches the counter, Dean then attempts to get her name, number and address (Cochise-style).

Which brings us to the French Fry Factor. Now the theory suggests that based on the scenario, the chance of Dean being successful weighs on what side of the counter he's on. You want to holla at the chick working fries? Cool. You want to holla at the chick while YOU are working fries? Hell no! The main reason is, whether most women want to admit it or not, what a man does for a living is MAJOR!

I have many of my female friends explain to me how they want a “good” man and reel off all of these qualities they want in a "good" man, but don’t mention his occupation. However, if his occupation is unacceptable, those other characteristics don’t mean squat. Even when women say I want a man with a “good” job, what does that mean? Does it mean making enough money for you? Or something that is rewarding and makes him happy? Because if Dean fulfills all of those wonderful qualities a woman wants but he just enjoys working fries, what is the big deal?

Truth is, because women worry so much about what other people think, it may work against them. I mean, when a woman meets someone and is telling her girlfriend about him, the question, "so what does he do?" is usually number two or three. Whereas for men, that question is much further down the list. We focus on much more shallow things like, “she got a fat ass?” lol. I mean ladies, is it what he does for a living or what he gets paid? Or is it both - because if by some chance Dean is pulling in big bank by working fries, would you hesitate to tell your mama?

If you could choose one or the other, which one would you take - A man who is:

A stripper or dries cars at the car wash?

A burger flipper or a kilo flipper (that’s a drug dealer for the slow folks)?

A bathroom attendant or a “party promoter”?

A security guard at Conway or porn director?

Stock broker or Peace Corp worker?

Just something to think about...

-Sho E. Nuff


DMoe said...

FIRST Bitches!!!!!


The return...

And STILL....

DMoe (aka Reed N. Now)

Annamaria said...

DMOE will get shanked...

I dated a guy cause he worked in McDonalds & I got to eat for free when I was a freshman in HS BUT that was back then..
Then again with the economy the way it's going the FRY guy is hot cause he still got a job!!! lol
I wouldn't date the stripper or the porn director or the party promoter for that matter.... I wouldn't trust him in his environment.

DMoe said...

Now that I've read it, EXCELLENT commentary, and I agree whole-heartedly. Women don't admit many things that make them appear to be a certain kind of person in the end.

But here's what happens:

Upon discovery of the mere concept of this thought she has, we have to fight the battle between her and her, while she inherently fights herself on the fact that this has been discovered.

By the time all of this has taken place, we are now debating an issue we both know is the case, yet this woman refuses to admit it to you and herself. You end up getting in the middle of her internal battle like MJ at the end of the Beat it video.

lol. Jeez, men are from Mars...Women are in perpetual negotiations to secure rights to "a" galaxy.

Which galaxy? Well, if men knew exactly which one, that would appear like a handle on the situation, and women ain't trying to allow yo azz that kind of control.

She misses the part where you might actually end up offering her a few planets if you knew which galaxy she was seeking.

I think I just ranted...Muy Bueno!


Rameer said...


I've used the EXACT SAME example for years with women. Usually to point out their hypocrisy. I don't know HOW many times I've hear them go on and on about not being able to find a "good man", but won't give a chance to a guy who works or does something they find "not up to par".

I had a homie I know (we ain't tight, but we cool) who was a manager at McDonald's back when I still ate their food. Me and him were ALWAYS cool; when I would stop into his McDonald's, he always gave me extra food; I would always kick it with him and not look down on him (which most of the people from my TV station WOULD do...snobby bastards).

Anyways, when we saw each other out at the club, we'd always chill, but a few drinks, kick it with each other's peoples. Homie was always suited and booted, clean, respectful, and smooth as all hell. Most women would be drawn to his charming personality.

When they asked him what he did, he would rely that he was a manager for a major corporation that is constantly expanding. Women would LOVE that. He'd mess with 'em for a bit, get the panties, and THEN tell them the name of this corporation. They would feel played, but he ALREADY KNEW what was he could care less if they didn't wanna mess with him again.

See, he still drove the same nice car, had the same good manners, had the same nice crib. The only thing that changed was revealing the name of the corporation.

A lot of women run that "it don't matter" garbage, but many know it DOES. And like my man wrote - I don't know one homie that wouldn't kick it with a Salma Hayek lookalike just cuz she worked behind the counter. We'd call it a fries AND the shake?? Shoooooot...

This topic is TRUE STORY like a muddafugga. I'm just interested to see how many women come on here and FRONT.

Anonymous said...

I am a female...and I so agree with - I hate to say it - Rameer...

Women are hypocritical. I personally have dated guys who have done everything because I believe you work to live and all paychecks spend. However, when trying to hook up some of my girlfriends with guys who I know dont work in prestigous jobs, I find that I try to be creative - like Rameer's example. I just hope that they get to know the guy before they find out that he does something not so prestigious sounding but is happy and makes a good living.

Brooke said...

I have no idea what DMoe was saying :)

Annamaria, free fries back in the day must have been the SHIZNIT! LOL!

As much as I wish all of what Sho Nuff was saying wrong, I have to admit...I agree. I've had friends dance around what their man does for a living like Diddy...all cuz they were afraid to tell me he works at the mall.

If he's a good man, I think it shouldn't matter what he does. But truth is, most women don't look at the job, but moreso what they perceive to be the ambition...or what he can provide for HER and a potential family.

For most women, the thought that all a man wants to do is work fries suggests he doesn't want much for himself, and therefore doesn't want much for a life together with HER. Even if a woman can provide for BOTH of them, most women want a man whose ambitions match hers. The hypocrisy comes when we ask if a woman is willing or should be able to do those things for herself FIRST - man or no man.

You could argue that they should build a life together - but does building a life together require that both people bring the exact same things to the table?

It depends on what you both want, and what you both agree on. Sure, a woman can make alot of money, but does she want to work forever? Does she really want to be a stay-at-home mother, even if she commands a 6 figure salary now? Should a man NOT holla at the woman working fries BECAUSE she works fries? Would he take her a serious as he does the woman with the corporate job? Or does he care about common interests over a fat ass? All questions you have to ask yourself.

I've dated men with all kinds of jobs and I HAVE gotten sideways looks from my girls who thought that the guy I was with wasn't "up to my standards"...whatever that means. I have friends who are lawyers, have MBA's, are professors, work in media, etc. - and all of them expect me to end up with a certain kind of guy.

But no matter what a man does, if he's not treating you right and putting a smile on your face, it doesn't matter what he does. Sadly though, I know that's not always the case.

Rameer said...

I hate re-reading and seeing my AWFUL typos from typing too quickly...

Brooke-Ra - I don't know what you mean by "would he take her as serious"...most men I know WOULD. No question.

The point is it's WOMEN that for the most part have this hang-up.

I can say from my own life experience I've dated women with all different types of jobs, and known men who have done the same. And we just don't care as long as she's a cool, good woman. Depending on how old we are, certain things DO matter more - whether she looks good, has a nice body, etc. - but I never heard a group of men go "Gasp! You going out with THE BARMAID?!? Dude - you can't do THAT. Think of how it looks! What if she's a barmaid *forever*??"

Nope. No one cared. I even know dudes who had stripper girlfriends. We were more interested in getting in the club for free than being overly judgmental of her profession.

As for anonymous "hating to say it" and agreeing with me...sorry you have that hang-up. I don't hate to agree with ANYONE if what they're saying is the truth.

The statement implies that you don't like me or my opinions. If either is the case, there are *plenty* of rocks for you to go outside and kick.


Brooke said...

Not so fast Rameer. I know you and your crew are the exception to most rules on my blogs...but let me tell you, there are PLENTY of guys who take a woman more or less serious based on her profession.

Most guys I know would DATE a stripper, but they wouldn't WIFE her. Same with the girl who works fries. Again, I don't know if it's a New York thing, but most men here are so focused on their career than a woman, that if they DO decide to give you the time of tday, you better be someone they can take to dinner with their boss - and you better make a good impression.

I've had dudes decide how much money they think I make simply cuz I work in television. The minute I tell them, they're so impressed I work at A&E, they fail to ask me exactly what it is I actually DO. I could be the cleaning lady here (not that there's anything wrong with that) but again...they think working in tv is "glamourous" when really, it's just what I love to do. And to some, the next question is always..."so are you going for your Masters?" - as if what I'm doing is good FOR NOW, but won't be when they're trying to factor me into their 5-10 year plan.

So don't get it twisted, some men view us just the's just that they're more willing to work with you if you have a fat ass - until it's time to wife you.

Rameer said...

I'm not gonna argue what a New York thing is or isn't - not my hometown. I can only speak for the men I know from NYC and the people I know in areas of the country.

In my opinion, most jobs don't matter if the woman is a good one. I will give you that MOST men won't wife the stripper...but outside of adult entertainment, I can't think of any dudes - inside my crew or not - who really give that much of a care about a woman who is gainfully employed.

I literally can't think of ONE.

DMoe said...

I've seen plenty of chicks at the bus stop (in ATL, not NYC - that's different)who have gotten 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and even 5th glances...

A dude at the bus stop here in ATL?

Dude gets nada. You could be on the MARTA train, but the bus? not a wink.

Ask me how I know, and I'll tell you soooooo...


Brooke said...

So, are asking about getting looks, a phone number, etc? Or are we talking about considering someone seriously for a relationship? Cuz if we're just talking about someone getting play, I know plenty of girls who'll give the fry guy some rhythm if he's fine....they just won't tell anyone about him or bring him around her friends. LOL!!

I kid....kinda ;)

Rameer said...

***cues up Pharrell's "Frontin'"***

"I know that I'm carrying on, nevermind if I'm showing off
I was just frontin' (you know I want ya babe)
I'm ready to bet it all, unless you don't care at all
But you know I want ya (you should stop frontin' babe)..."

I'd LOVE to meet this mythological woman who would date the fry guy but his well-educated and has a good job.

After that, I wanna ride a unicorn and meet the son of Jor-El...

Annamaria said...

Sometimes I tell people Austin works for McDonald's.....

He really works for AIG!!! nuff said... lmao

but he didn't rip anoyone off...he's an honest businessman & that's why I wuv him..

Rameer said...

I meant IS, not *his*

Brooke said...

Come on Rameer, be fair. Again, she might date him...but she may not make him her HUSBAND, just like a man might DATE the fry girl, but he may not WIFE her.

This can be said of both men and women. It just may be more of an issue depending who and what we're talking about.

The fry guy has a girlfriend. But we're not talking about THAT... we're wondering WHO his girl is. Is she a business woman, or does she work in the mall?

The fry girl has a man. Is he a stockbroker...or does he work in the mall?

I'd love to meet the stockbroker who dates the cute fry girl...cuz then I'll ride that unicorn with you. The stockbroker might SLEEP with her, but will he WIFE her?

We have to figure out what we're talking about, sex, or consider for a serious relationship. Because if we're talking about considering for a serious relationship, take home to mama type thing, then I think both men and women are closer in this regard than we're saying.

The Cable Guy said...

Ah, this is a good one.

Well, it's no secret what I do for a living. And some of you on here claiming that this is just a woman thing are being a bit hypocritical. Some dudes have clowned the girls I've dated saying "yo, you going out with the cable guy?" and some on this blog have clowned Brooke for coming at me back when she did the Cougar blog. So trust me, some men SAY that's a woman thing...but dudes are guilty of it too.

One thing I will say about Brooke, in case some are wondering if she's some mythological creature like a unicorn, is that she's a good woman. Not cuz she works in media, is smart, or has a degree, or makes a certain amount of money. But because when she opened the door, she didn't treat me like I was "the cable guy." She didn't look down at me like I was beneath her. She talked to me, asked me questions, got to know me and still offered me her business card. She's a classy lady, non-judgmental, unique and special woman. And there are alot of women out there like her who would give us more chances if both women AND men didn't give them such a hard time about what the guys they date do for a living.

And not for nothing, some of the dudes I work with wouldn't date the fry girl either. They might tap dat ass, but we want a girl who we can take home to mom and be proud of just like women do. It's not that you work fries, but it might be that that's the only job you can get cuz your cute HOOD ass can't put a sentence together other than "do you wanna super-size that?" We gotta be real - we might have sex with her, but we might not wanna bring the girl with the purple fingerwaves home to mom or around our boys.

We'll take some fries with that shake, but trust boys won't know nothing about you.

Brooke on the otherhand, I want her to meet my mama ;)

Rameer said...

I just chucked. I don't mean a little bit - I mean Exorcist, projectile, all the way across the room upheaval.

Cable dude - I now dub thee "CAPTAIN Cable dude".

Wow...the man used his whole opinion to get at Brooke-Ra. I'm speech...


***throws up even more of his lunch***

The Cable Guy said...

Well, it seems my point was lost simply cuz I big up Brooke when I see fit...but my point remains the same. It's not just dudes who do this, we just make it SEEM like it's a woman thing. Most men will holla at ANY woman if she looks good - and we find out what she does for a living AFTER we hit it and determines that she might actually be cool.

The difference is, women look at EVERY dude as a potential husband. Men look at women as potential ASS. It's not until after we figure out that she's actually cool, or smart, or whatever that we'll find out more about her - like what she does for a living. My boys only ask me what the girl does if I've talked about her for more than a day or said more than "she got a fat ass." It's not until they figure out that I'm really into HER that they'll be like "so, what does she do?"

Women need all the info upfront - is he cute, what does he do, is he married, he got kids, how many, does he live alone, does he have all his teeth, etc. Men only need to know that stuff AFTER we sexed her...and that's only if she managed to capture our attention beyond what she looks like.

And if I said "she's mad cool, she works at Mickey D's on fries" - they'd look at me like "uh...ok." They might not SAY it, but they'll look at me like "shorty works fries?"

Everybody on here can't tell me that ANY profession would be cool with them so long as the person is "nice." It's just all relative to each person - both men AND women.

Brooke said...

That makes perfect sense to me.

And Cable Guy...your mom would LOVE me :) I do good with mom's - that is unless you're a mama's boy, cuz then NO woman is good enough :)

but I digress...

what's funny is...I'm trying to look at Sho Nuff's list of professions, and it's not as easy to choose as you think...and like Cable Guy's all relative.

There are women who will date the stripper vs. the fry guy simply cuz "fry guy" sounds "worse." Or the drug dealer vs. the guy working in Footlocker, simply cuz it's more "dangerous." It depends on who we're talking about. Not all women view all professions the same, so it's a case by case basis. Annamaria said she wouldn't date the stripper or the party promoter or the porn director - even if they make the most money - simply cuz of the environment. The fry guy might seem like the better choice in that it may be more about the environment or the "threat" than the money.

Once you determine what's important to you, it's easier to answser those questions. And unfortunately, for some women, what our friends and family think is more important than our own happiness if it means passing up on that good guy who may work at McDonalds.

Rameer said...

Well, Captain (wipes mouth, holds stomach after incessant yakking) I said, I can't SPEAK for NYC. I've told women for years most dudes in that area ain't SQUADOOSH.

But I flat out REJECT your claim that most men will push away a woman the same way she will a man based on profession. That's just not my life experience or what I've seen from dudes all over this country - and yes, from a good deal of NYC heads, too. I've KNOWN dudes - hell, still do know 'em - who date a good woman regardless of profession. This even goes across age and racial lines. And I'm not referring to the exceptions to the rule - I'm talking MAJORITY of cats.

The only professions I know of that dudes will back away from all have the word "adult" linked to porn, stripping, etc.

As for asking the and my boys, who most would say are honorable dudes, never asked for a girls' profession. Granted, Brooke-Ra will say we're different, which is probably true - but we always assumed if one of us was seriously messing with a woman, we cared about if she was a good person and good for him...period. We asked the woman herself what she did when we met her...and I don't remember any of us ever giving a rat's a$$, regardless of what it was she did.

I can't even remember one of my boys asking me "so what does she do?" Maybe that says something about us, but we have other questions about who she is as a person that we're concerned with. Not if her profession is "up to par".

Would ANY profession be cool with me? As long as it ain't against my moral code, YUP.

Oh, and Brooke-Ra isn't "non-judgmental". NONE of us are...(sigh). People still don't get how it's IMPOSSIBLE to be "non-judgmental".

Now, if you excuse me...I need to go drink some ginger ale to deal with this upset stomach all that online salad-tossing by The Captain has induced...

***walks away slowly, holding tummy***

Rameer said...

And Brooke-Ra - you're wrong about Mama's Boys. I'm a PROUD ONE...and no woman would ever call it an issue in the least. Actually, all the ones I know say it's a very GOOD THING...

You're talking about Mama's Boys who are wrapped up in everything related to their they haven't been weaned or

The Cable Guy said...

Rameer is a wild boy :)

Anyway, yeah, I guess you and your crew are always the exception to the rule, or you dudes up in Buffalo are different. Good look fam. Sorry I brought up your lunch.

Anyway...Brooke knows, and most people on this blog know what I mean by her being non-judgmental. Meaning, she didn't judge ME based on what I do, but she got to know ME. That's what I meant...and I think I made that point clear.

Yes, we all make judgements. But we're SUPPOSED to do it AFTER we've gotten to know someone. Yes, I can make a judgment about the girl with the purple fingerwaves, but I could be wrong, just like Brooke could have made a judgement about me cuz I'm the cable guy, but she didn't. All I'm saying.

Brooke said...

Well Rameer, I could be RIGHT about Mama's Boys...I didn't spell out the type I was talking about, but yes, that's what I meant, the ones who haven't been weaned.

But of course, we're not talking about you :)

Cable Guy, I know what you meant, and thanks for all the kind words. We're all SUPPOSED to do or be a certain way...according to random standards...but doesn't always go that way.

Rameer said...

Lol...touche'. I know - I always refer to me and my crew, and the impression sometimes may be we're some type of super dudes when it comes to women. We're not...we tend to describe ourselves as normal. But apparently, there aren't a lot of normal dudes around nowadays...especially in NYC from what my NYC women tell me...

And dudes up in Buffalo ARE different...but not in a good way. If I had to tell it, they have tons of faults too - just not the same ones as NYC cats.

Put it this way - when I go out of town, I always know the cat from Western New York. He's the smooth one...the hustler. He can be just as bad or worse...he's ish is just SMOOTh. That's the categories we fall in...either smooth, or the cats that are going to tear everyone out the frame if you press us. Most of my NYC fam when I went to school would come to Buffalo and be like "what is WRONG with y'all?!?" in terms of how we react violently if pushed.

'Nother blog...

As far Brooke-Ra prejudging...well, she wouldn't be worth all the "Ooo baby baby please" that you engage in if she was that type of woman, now WOULD she?


somebody has to zing you since LatiNegro is MIA...

The Cable Guy said...

Yeah, your boy Latinegro must be busy :) All good though.

And as far as my "ooh baby baby" - maybe it's not "cool" to compliment a woman who's worthy, but I don't give a f*ck. Women like B are rare, and I feel like men who recognize that should speak on it. We all know I'd drink her bath water. I've told her that publicly and privately. If that somehow makes me a "HERB" (Brooke's favorite word for a "cornball") then so be it. But I'm not the dude who's afraid to give props where they're due. If that makes you yak, then sorry son!

I just call it like I see it.

Brooke said...

I wanna know where Sho E. Nuff is! This ain't even my blog today! LOL!

Rameer said...

***unable to control it any longer***


***chucks all over co-workers new shoes and pants***


Bruh, we all give Brooke-Ra her props. But whereas we give her compliments, you come straight KEITH SWEAT...

"There you go tellin' me no again (Ooh-wee, ooh-wee)
There you go, there you go (Keep tellin' me no, no, baby)
I wanna be more than just your friend
Don't you know, don't you know (Ooh-a, ooh-a)

Please be mine, oh, girl [I want you , oh, baby]
Because I really, really, really wanna be yours [All to myself]
Every time I ask you, oh, you give me your love
You tell me you're not ready, tell me, girl [You keep tellin' me no]
Why, oh, why do you wanna keep holdin' on..."


I didn't call you a herb (we use that word here, Brooke-Ra!), but Latinegro probably would! Actually, he'd probably say worse...

(In Spike Lee "Mars Blackmon" voice)

"Please baby, baby - PLEASE!!!"


The Cable Guy said...

Ain't nobody worried about you calling me Keith Sweat, or Ant calling me a herb...bring it! I'm cool with mine. And if Brooke likes it, I love it.

*in my best Keith Sweat voice*

"All I know is...I want her...I want that baby! yeah, (get it) yeah (get it)" LMAO!

Anonymous said...

I think the drinking bathwater bit should remain between you and Brooke. This information shouldn't be public. This has the potential to lose cool points with women! Just my opinion!


The Cable Guy said...

James, it's a saying.

And I'm not worried about losing cool points with "women" - only "Brooke-Ra" - as Rameer calls her :)

Rameer said...

I normally would never say this against another dude I don't know well, due to the Dikembe Mutumbo Statute...but...

Brooke-Ra? Don't you EVER give this fool the cookie dough! If he talking and acting like this now...imagine what would occur if you DID slide him the Unagi?!?

Homie be waiting in your hallway blunted...and he don't even smoke...


Run girl, RUN! The free channels ain't worth it! This is how Norman Bates started!!!


Rameer said...

Captain - it's all jokes...


Brooke said...

Unagi?? That's a new one :)

Anonymous said...

I get's just the post came off a little stalkerish and more than a tad bit desperate. Pull the reigns in homie! I understand she is a catch...but you are the Cable Guy..make sure she matching your effort playboy!


The Cable Guy said...

B knows what it is. She knows I'm sincere.

And all Brooke's girls approved of me already - so I'm in! Isnt' that what this blog was ORIGINALLY about? What a girl's friends will say about her if she dates the guy who is "beneath her"?

Annamaria and Serena told her to get with me if I recall correctly :) LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is all so funny! They want you Brooke!

In Cable Guy's defense, we DID tell her months ago to give him a chance. A few of us have seen him and he's FINE. But I'm sure if she hasn't yet, there's a good reason.

As one of her dear friends, I won't put all her business out there, but she IS a catch, and she has dated guys of all professions. Brooke isn't on some "he gotta make this amount of money or look like this or have this job" ish.

BUT I have to admit, I'm one of her friends that doesn't want to see her with a clown. And I have to agree with James, Cable Guy, you're coming off a little stalkerish :) I love that you love her, because you should, but dude - stop it!

Rameer said...

This is what a fellow alum wrote on my FB page on the subject:

"After a certain age these Cinderella scenerios get old. We got women thinking that if they marry a guy with a beat up car he will turn into the president, but they negate to add that Obama had two degrees from two ivy league schools and was on his own track for success when he met Michelle... i just think it is dangerous for these hyperboles to gounchecked. women need to stop listening to blogger, or so called experts and start listening to their intuition. a man who is good for her will come to her with no drama, and yes he may not be rich at the time but he will have a plan for his life and will not be mad if she shines also. the fact that she is not checking for the fry guy isn't a bad thing, because most people don't have aspirations to be great or moderately great, most just want to get through the day and maybe that isn't the person for her...

I know many women who started dating these men with hopes that they would change and they didn't, they are still in the same place they were when they met. but it is articles like this that don't tell those stories. these women are then told they were fools to think they could change a man... so u see these kinds of articles set up the weak and make women feel bad not to talk to the fry guy, but like i said if you are over a certain age and u are the fry guy, you need not to be dating but getting your plan together and then find your Michelle Obama... anyone that guy dates while a fry guy will most likely be used and i have seen that play out over and over again..."

Rameer said...

To I said, if it's like this NOW...

The Cable Guy said...

I know the reason why Brooke won't be my girl...yet. I know what her issue is, and now that that issue isn't an issue anymore, I'm wearing her down :) lol

Y'all might think it's my age, but it's not. And if you're her dear friend, you know what it is already cuz she would have told you. Don't worry, by this time next year, she'll be calling me her man on the blog ;)

Oh, and glad you thnk I'm "fine" Thanks! ;)

Brooke said...

Rameer, I agree with our fellow alum. Every situation is different. It depends on what you both want out of life and if you're on the same page - and that goes for ANY job, ANY station in life. This can't be summed up as a man or woman thing - it's a "do we compliment each other" thing. Yes, some women are made to feel a certain way about "dating down" - but to be honest with you - most women I know are willing to give the fry guy a chance - while a lot of the so called "catches" won't go near US with a 10 foot pole - even if we have so-called "good jobs."

You have to be able to recognize what's important to you and what your goals are, and then find someone who is going in that same direction with you, encouraging you, lifting you up. That's not easy to find no matter what job a person holds when you meet him/her. The goal is finding someone who believes in you and will help you to be the greatest "you" you can be.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're playing yourself. Just stop it!

You're right Rameer, imagine if she DID give him some! He'd be like Pookie in New Jack City waiting for a hit!

I know why B won't get with you, and if you do too, then move on. Get over it! It's cute and all, but damn, have some DIGNITY. Have some PRIDE! I'm sure alot of dudes would love to have her - BUT YOU AIN"T THAT DUDE!

Keep it movin son.

Rameer said...

I'm 'bout to seriously look into getting you to Toronto for a fun-filled, romantic weekend - just to make sure you don't fall into The Captain's crazy clutches...


Oh, and our alum...she tends to be right. I get into it with her all the time...and she always finds a way to shut me down, usually...lolz.

Rameer said...

Damn, didn't see Anonymous's comments - THANK YOU!

Son blew me away today with all that T-Painnin'...

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! I know right!

If I wasn't Brooke's girl, I'd comment as myself and GO IN. But if you all think hard enough, you know who I am.

You're not going to wear her down. She knows what she wants and what she doesn't want. She's just too nice for her own good and tries to keep peace on the blog. But I'm not that nice!

Cable Guy, you're not GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER! And not because you're the cable guy. She's just not that into you! Poof! Be gone!

momo925 said...

Go for it cable guy! GET "YO" GIRL!

The Cable Guy said...

Thank you Momo, I will! LOL!!

Brooke's friend "anonymous" is a hater :)

Anonymous said...

I may be a hater, but I'm not delusional! You don't even really know her! You have all these people on the blog fooled like you this good guy who will "win" her, but you barely know her! Reading her blog everyday doesn't count dude. Stop it.

Momo, don't fall for it! And good luck with your race this weekend!

momo925 said...

LMAO! thanks anonymous! I hope I do well.

And cable guy I was just f*ckin' around... you don't stand a chance with B lol...someone had to be on your side...I figured why not me lmao! Good luck with that though!

Muhahaaaahahaaaaa muhaaaaahhahahaa

Rameer said...

Oh...this is getting GOOD.

***grabs popcorn***

Anthony Otero said...

Damn...I smell the thickest cloud of bullshit right now...

Very well written blog...and is on point. The basic point is that most women are unrealistic with expectations and men dont have many expectations past asking for the number..

I agree that women get hung up on many different things in which profession is included. I wont say guys dont, but if he is feeling a woman it MAY not matter what see does.

But you know, love is a very strange thing that we all will never comprehend.

So...Yes, I have been busy because I do work.

...and yes someone is jacking off to Brooke behind the keyboard

...and no I do not think all men just want ass and that is it. I consider that to be false statement.

I want to point out to the crowd that if Brooke was remotely interested in the upgrading her Time/Warner package she would have done so already.

Let me borrow something from Rameer:

You wanna how I know you are gay? Because u need to use Brooke's friends as references in order to get something that is out of your league...

Rameer said...

***puts hot sauce on popcorn, cracks open some Faygo grape soda***

The Cable Guy said...

I feel like I'm in a room with all of Brooke's boy cousins...and one girl cousin who are very protective of her. If that's not the case, then why do all of you care? Do you all secretly want her or something?

If Brooke is single, which I believe she is, then what's the big deal? Why do you all care who she dates or who's in her league? Sounds to me like ya'll want her too and YA'LL are out of her league TOO. Well, except Rameer, cuz he doesn't want her and if he did, he'd be WAY cooler than me about it :)

The blog is fun people, so all the insults are unnecesary, it's really not that deep. If B's cool with what I say, then ya'll need to be too. What I say should mean nothing to you.

Rameer said...

***pays pizza guy for wings and pizza, gives him tip...sits down and puts pizza on plate, pours Cherry Coke into Syracuse tumbler***

Anonymous said...

**strumming violins**

Cry me a river...waaaahhhh!

Dude, blog comments are fair game, and you're playing yourself. If you put it out there, then expect people to comment on it. It's a blog, that's what we do here.

Latinegro, I think we hurt boo's feelings. LOL!!

Brooke said...

hot sauce on popcorn? :)

Wow, I haven't gotten over 50 comments in a while, and we're talking about nonsense :) Always the case :)

The original blog topic was good though :)

Rameer said...

You never had the Franks' Red Hot on popcorn? better ASK somebody!!!

Maaannn...if I wasn't leaving work...

***finishes pizza, wraps up rest of pizza and wings for later***


New Commenter...

Ok, I admit, like 50-something comments, I didn't read them all.

In general I am an equal opportunity dater. I rarely ask guys "what they do" in the first date or conversation (first anyways, they usually ask me first)

That aside. Fine you are the "Fry Guy" but if I ask you what your 5 year plan, goal is, and it's still to be the "fry guy" and not "Calvin the owner/manager"... then your goals are not in line with what I want in a mate. Period end of discussion.

So fry guy may be fun to date short-term, but I would most likely never take him seriously

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