Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Female Football Fanatic

Happy Hump Day!

Preseason is underway and there is a football fan who feels the anticipation building as the official start of the NFL season draws near. This fan dreams of Sundays (and some Thursdays and Monday nights) in front of the tv for hours on end, screaming at bad calls and cheering a beloved team.

That football fan is me.

Yes, I’m a bit of a football fan. Okay…a BIG fan…which is why I’m a bit perplexed as to why I haven’t played Fantasy Football before this year or done the necessary research for Rameer’s upcoming draft on Facebook. You’d think I was one of those chicks who “pretends” to be a fan to fit in with the guys.

I was telling a friend last week that I needed to get up on my stats if I wanted to have a good team for Fantasy Football, and she said, “so…you really like football…like that?”

Uh…have we met?

I always talk about teams, players, games, scores, injuries, trades…you name it. So how could I be “faking it?” It’s not like I’m having parties, serving up wings and beer so I can have people in my apartment. I don’t fake an interest to bond with a boo or make male friends. There are some female fans out there who feel the same adrenaline rush that any man feels that comes from watching our favorite quarterback throw a game-winning pass. As a woman who grew up playing sports, I’m very competitive – and football is probably America’s most competitive game with the most passionate of fans. And I’m no exception.

I’m perfectly content watching a game all by myself. It’s probably actually better that way…since I tend to yell at the tv. I can be a little obsessive...crazy…maybe even a little un-ladylike. I don’t cuss much, but if the ref makes a bad call…I can spew some pretty colorful language. It’s probably good that my nephews watch with me when I’m visiting them, because they keep my mouth in check...for the most part ;)

I’m not sure the female fan is as “valued” as the male fan is. Marketing during the season is clearly geared more towards men than women – and I get that. It’s a male populated sport. But 66% more women watched the 2007 Super Bowl than the Academy Awards. That's gotta tell you something.

Even in conversations with male co-workers, I used to get dismissed when I offered my two cents about the previous night’s game…until I started waxing their asses in our weekly football pool. It shouldn’t take them losing hundreds of dollars to me to realize I might actually know what I’m talking about. And some of them just assume someone is “helping me win.” Whatever dude. You got beat by a girl.

If you’re a woman reading this and you don’t watch or are not a football fan, you should be :-) If you need some reasons why you should love football, then let me offer up a few:

1. The sheer athleticism of the sport. Football is fast paced, exciting and generally very unpredictable from one half to the next. On any given Sunday, anyone can win.

2. Have you seen the men? They're not just handsome in the face, but they have the cutest booties ever in those tight pants. I'm not saying you have to make football sexual in order to enjoy it, but hey...if it gets you to sit down and watch, you might actually learn the sport while checking out the muscled up tight ends :-)

3. Nothing beats the exhilaration of actually BEING at the game with a bunch of fanatical fans bonded by the love of their favorite team. Showing team spirit and having a common enemy to root against is a riveting thriller involving real life heroes and villains who grab the ball for dear life.

4. Football is a REAL sport that doesn't wuss out at the slightest hint of inclement weather. These warriors play through it all - rain, sleet, name it. The muscular masses battle it out like gladiators, and I find that human aspiration of winning to be electrifying...inspiring even.

5. And lastly - and maybe the most convincing for some of you - men LOVE women who love football. That's assuming the man loves football too.There's nothing sexier than cozying up to a man on a cool, fall Sunday afternoon while watching the game (in silence) and not asking him to change the channel :-)

So, with that said...are you ready for some football?



Rameer said...


momo925 said...

YES! Rameer beat DMOE! wooooo hooooo! OOOPS Did I say that out loud?

Rameer said...

Lolz! Been a while since I could type that...

Every time I see that pic, I just think of you wearing that jersey...and nothing else except maybe some white ankle socks...


Oh, and after yesterday's blog...we may have to start calling you Brooke-Ra...



True story, though...the only thing sexier than a woman who watches football and knows her ish is one that watches multiple sports and knows her ish as well. My best friend Nita talks football and basketball with me all the time - pro AND college.

DMoe said...


I certainly don't mind you having the distinction on this fine wednesday morning. Its all good.

As for "Catherine Hata Jones" aka Momo, simply put: you need to quit splashin' the eau de Hate' (pronounced Hot-tay) behind each ear every morning...

Brookey's sentiments are exactly correct. However, it can be a bit cumbersome if your "chicky du jour" loves to go to games, and your homey scores some tickets for the fellas - constantly.

While I love a lady that knows her sports, some games are best watched in solitude. SOMETIMES.

With that said, its all cool - as long as you don't start hating on my team cuz of some "emotional crap" brought to the table. We shall have none of that in our sports viewing and fandom.

Fellas, you know what i'm talking about...

Ladyfriend: "I'm rootin' for the Colts, cuz I like Dungy - the black coach"

Me: "Uh, the Bears have a black coach too...Lovie Smith is black also."

Ladyfriend: "Well, I like Dungy cuz he's blacker. Doesn't Lovie have a white wife?"

Me: (hands on forehead) "Great, its halftime..."



Brooke said...

Rameer is first!

Ram, you been talking about my Eagles jersey for a minute now :) And I can talk about various sports - I'm a sports fan in general.

Mo, I know seeing Rameer first made your day! LOL!!

DMoe, women? emotional? That's just silly :)

...(unless we're talking about Kobe) Ha!

I kid! I kid!

...kinda...maybe ;)

We'll all get along fine if you all root for the Eagles!

Anyone seen my Vick jersey? ;)

Unknown said...

What's good Brooke?! Read this on the fly, but great as always! Out of curiousity, which jersey were you sportin? Just makin sure you stay true to da roots!

Rameer said...


MAAAAAANNNNN...u ain't NEVER lied about that emotional ish! I know like two women who said THAT EXACT TONY DUNGY LINE! That's really scary that you posted that!

Yeah, I HATE that crap - "I can't cheer for Kobe cuz he's too cocky".

"My favorite player is Dwayne Wade cuz he got nice lips".

"I don't see why everybody's always talking about A-Rod - Derek Jeter is cuter".

"I'm cheering for the Orlando Magic in the Finals cuz Dwight Howard's got nice shoulders."


No dude wants to hear that crap, nor do they want to hear about rooting interests that have nothing to do with the actual game and/or sport. I FEEL you on that, D.

Brooke-Ra - you better NOT put a Vick jersey on as opposed to a Donovan one!!!

Annamaria said...

Rameer even I think I'm happy you beat DMoe today (putting the taser down)...

Brooke... This is the only time we don't agree..Your an eagle..I'm a BIG BLUE GIANT...(actually I'm a lil brown PR but you know what I mean...LMAO

BUT I guess cause I grew up in a big sports family... I love sports. Basketball, baseball & football... Love the rivalry & all of it. I must admit it wouldn't have helped me with my boo since Austin isn't really the type to watch a game BUT he does play & I do enjoy going to the park with him & watching him play!!!

momo925 said...

Brooke my day has been made! Thanks Rameer! LOL

It will be ok Thirstmaster Flex AKA DMOE...tomorrow is another day for you to try again. Today you are Sir LAST-a-lot! muhaaahahaahahaha! muhahahahhaaaa! muhaahahahhahahah!

Brooke said...

Ben, is that you??? Hey man!

That is my Eagle Green #5 Donovan McNabb jersey!

I have a black Westbrook one as well. I was going to get a white Dawkins one for this year, but he bounced on us...made my heart hurt :(

Anthony Otero said...

Rameer...Brook in just an Eagles Jersey is exactly what I was thinking

Brooke said...

Sorry, I was commenting when all these others came in.

Rameer - I just want one, nobody said anything about wearing it :)

My McNabb jersey is getting worn out I wear it so much.

Annamaria, I still love you...

(Eli is adopted) ha!

I don't pick winning teams based on who has the nicest "costumes" (as my sister says) or by who has the cutest players. I'm not THAT chick.


DWade DOES have some nice lips.

jus sayin... ;)

DMoe said...

Uh excuse me "Hate Winslet" aka Momo...

Did you just call me "Sir LAST-a-lot??"

Honestly, that was pretty funny.

As for Dwight Howard's shoulders and other fuckery (thanks Brookey) when women watch, I say "be gone". You are hereby banished from watching said athletic contest.

Meanwhile, here's yet another:

Ladyfriend: "I'm rooting for the Eagles..."

Me: "Oh yeah? Cuz they have the black QB?"

Ladyfriend: "No, because they are wearing white pants..."

Me: "The Jaguars have on white pants too..."

Ladyfriend: "Yeah, but the green on white just accentuates certain things better."

Me: (getting up and leaving room to watch anything else on a smaller, less impressive TV)

DMoe aka Chase Lounge

Unknown said...

Brooke: Yeah, its Ben....just making sure green didn't fade to blue.. Legit female fans can be great as long as no references to non-sport attributes (tight-ends, etc.,) are left out of in-game analysis/conversations! Can't be hearing that ish during heat-of-battle situations!

Rameer said...

Ant - we there, bruh - we THERE...lolz!

DMoe - Honestly, outside of my friend Nita, I can't watch most sports with a woman. Most women aren't like her and bring up the exact foolishness you allude to.

I even had to deal with hearing and reading my fellow female alums comments about our beloved Syracuse Orange during the March conference and NCAA tourneys...rather than break down our chances and the important aspects of the game, all they wanted to talk about was how the team should wear the "pretty" white unis and not the Orange ones. Um...who gives a F?!? Cheer the team on, dammit!! >:-O

Her's another one I've heard:

"I think I like T.O."

Me: "Well, he IS a pretty good receiver..."

Her: "Yeah, and that BODY..."

Me: "Arrrrrrggggghhhh!!!"

The worst is when one of them asks me why a team doesn't add colors or change the uniform around. How the hell should I know? That's what they chose. "but it would look so much better if..." AUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!

The ABSOLUTE worse...I've heard women tell me they're cheering for the underdogs, not cuz people tend to do that at times - but cuz "they never win, and they must feel bad when they lose." UMMM - EVERYBODY FEELS BAD WHEN THEY LOSE!!! HELLO??

Her: "Why they gotta take it so serious?"

Me: "Cuz they train all year, put everything they have into the game, and earn millions of dollars to go out there and perform. They goal is to win a championship..."

Her: "Can't they just play for fun? Why can't they just laugh it off?"

Me: "They just lost the Super Bowl..."

I'm done. I don't wanna turn this into a bash certain female sports viewers session..but man, you hit the nail on the head with that, D.

Brooke said...

oh come on guys! We women aren't THAT bad? You don't hear me saying such things.......that much ;)

DMoe, keep my Eagles out ya mouf!

Ben, the green would NEVER fade to blue....EVER!

Dwight Howard looks like a Spartan.

And Rameer, I wasn't complaining about SU's bright prison orange uniforms, that was Yolanda!

I actually like them :)

Brooke said...

I will say tho, my sister chooses teams on how much she likes their uniforms and if they're underdogs cuz she feels sorry for them.

My brother-in-law just looks at me like "do y'all have the same parents?" Cuz we are SO different when it comes to sports. He tunes her out when the game is on - especially when she says things like "Donovan walks funny, right?"


DMoe said...


Hate all that crap. Get it outta here!

Kinda like a chick watching Sex and the City" all seriously tuned in, and we dudes casually stroll into the room and go "Carrie won't ever have a real dude, cuz she ain't givin up no azz!...All she do is buy clothes and talk about her shoes...What dude wants to be around that?" -- and then, walk right by.

As some other big storyline develops, randomly talk about the hot chick that was an "extra" in a scene as the 4 main girls walk down the street. Then, as they dine on sushi gossiping and what not, talk about how the smell of raw fish "just makes you gassy at the thought of it."

I got a million of these for all the "chick-a-licious" shows. Let me know if anybody needs any help sabotaging a woman's viewing of her favorite "Grey's Anatomy" episode. After all, thats what football feels like when chicks pull the "chicky foolishness"


Rameer said...

D -

I'mma need you to guest blog about that ASAP. I could use those jewels - A LOT of omen need to have their lil' TV shows ruined with the same silliness they subject US to...

-V- said...

Just don't go around the room giving everyone double Hi-5's after every touchdown ... NOT attractive!

Brooke said...

Seriously...who ARE these women you speak of? Double Hi-5's, really?

DMoe, stop hatin on my blog...and SATC for that matter. Y'all men know you like watching our shows too. So stop frontin!

Most women I know who don't like football don't watch it with you. They're out shopping while you're laying on the couch, so I have no idea what you're talking about :)

Anthony Otero said...

OMG D, I may need to soliciate a guest blog too no that exact subject! Sex & The City is like a religion to some of these chicks! As if that shit is real! UGh!

The Cable Guy said...

Well, speaking as someone who has seen Brookey in a football jersey, even if it WAS an Eagles jersey, I'd watch with her anyday :)

I watched football with B once and she knows her shit. She was making calls before the ref did, so I have to admit, I was a bit impressed...and turned on by that. There was no talk of cute booties or tight ends, so she's legit.

Personally, if a woman can watch sports with me and be cool like one of the fellas, I'm all for it. It's just one more thing we can enjoy together. I have no problem with it. I actually LIKE it. Sexy as hell.


Brooke said...

Ant, nothing on TV is that's not a legitimate argument :)

I didn't watch SATC as a series, but I did like the movie :)

Greys Anatomy is a good show :)

Besides sports, and Sports Center, what do men watch? I've seen the male comments on FB about certain shows, and trust me, they're not ALL male stop it!

Anthony Otero said...

Brook..that is my point. It isnt real, yet many women swear by that show...

Brooke said...

They swear what?? That it's real?

I'm not following...

It's just entertainment...women don't really think these women exist as far as barel working, Prada bag carrying women. That show is about sex and love and relationships....all that extra stuff is just eye candy.

Rameer said...

I'm with Ant.

Some women watch certain shows and try to relate it to life and/or pattern their lives after that crap. I don't see any men watching Sportscenter or any TV show and having "Mm-hmm" or "You know that's right" moments...

Maybe YOU don't. But many DO...

Brooke said...

see what DMoe done started...

Serena W. said...

BRING IT ON!!!! I'm such a football fan! Brooke when you have parties at your house include me please since I'm in NYC so much :)

Yes I'm a die hard Giants fan!!!! Of course I root for the Eagles, but Giants all the way baby!

How about I've met men that aren't into football or sports...

What planet are you from? Maybe it's because I grew up with a Papa who would suck his teeth at a bad call and my Uncle who would almost collapse in front of the tv or roll off the edge of the bed as if he was on the field when there was a touch down!

Ladies who aren't football fans...get it together! Look at Brooke's reasons.

I've always wanted to go to an NFL game. (Anyone want to go)???

Brooke you let me know when it's on (and DMV peeps) I'll make my famous bar-b-que wings just for the occassion!

It's getting chilly...

The leaves will turn colors soon...

Traffic will be madness on the beltway...

Because football season is here! (Can all of you tell I'm excited)!

Wait until basketball season! Woooooooo, I'll really be on fire then!

Serena W. said...

Rameer...congrats on being first! Well deserved, especially for the topic lol.

Rameer said...

Thanks, Serena! I wasn't trying, either - it just happened...

I first met dudes who didn't like/watch sports when I started working at my TV station. I was like "WTF??" After a while, I chalked it up to some old weird white thing, as those were the only cats I met who fit this description. But in the past 4-5 years, I've met more and more dudes who don't like ANY sports! What in the blue hell?!?

I'm not trying to rile anyone up or offend, but I attribute it as part of the feminization of the American male and, in some cases, to bitchassness. Seriously - when I was growing up, it was IMPOSSIBLE to find a male human who didn't like SOME sport. I don't care if it was competitive karate - you liked SOMETHING. Nowadays...while still small in numbers, you've got guys actually saying that nonchalantly.

The worse thing - when I meet a guy who is tall and has a great build for sports, only to find out he's never played a sport and is an uncoordinated, worthless galoot. I always think "you know what I could've DONE with that height/those physical gifts??"

There isn't a single man in my family who doesn't like sports. Not ONE. I think we would check his DNA if we ever found one. Hell, they usually have a basketball, football, baseball mitt AND soccer ball by the time they're FIVE.

Serena W. said...

Yep it is the worse. I've met a few guys, great build and everything. They didn't play sports and don't follow it. One guy in Dallas (who wasn't from Dallas) was trying to meet up with me last year during play offs!

I said we can meet at the Fox Sports Bar and Grill where I will see the Cowboys fall and the Giants wax that.

When he said he'll pass because he just doesn't do sports I laughed. We're friends so I told him jokingly, "You wonder why you're single!" Hee hee. A woman like me watches Football, Basketball, Baseball (more towards the play offs), even track and the Olympics! Sigh...

Ah well, it would be nice to meet a guy to go out in the backyard with and throw the football around or even shoot hoops (I'll keep it simple for you and play Around the World lol)...I can only dream...

Rameer said...

Even when we were in school - I can't think of one guy who didn't like ANY sports...

Brooke said...

I don't think I know any men who don't like sports. I can't think of one. A man who doesn't like ANY sport? pure fuckery.

My nephews have loved sports since they were practically born. Their attention instantly turns to it when it's on, and now, if it were up to them, they'd wear a football jersey everyday if they could. They like football, soccer, basketball, you name it. Anything that involves running and/or jumping on someone. True BOY boys.

STILL waiting on that bitchassness blog Rameer :)

Serena, you say the word and it's on. We can go to a game, or I can have something at my place. You just let me know when your mother is well and you're up here. Let's do it!

DMoe said...

For those who try to clown me for "what DMoe started" I simply say "mama-say-mama-sa-mama-coo-sa!"


As for dudes who don't like sports...
Agreed. Dudes who don't like sports? Not one? Quite odd.

Its like:
"Cushionless sofas"
"Pasta-free spaghetti"
"Music-free iPod"
"Virgin Martini"

Come on, you gotta have one. Damn.

Chase Lounge aka DMoe

Serena W. said...

DMoe if I haven't said it yet, "I love your comments!!!!"

Cushionless couches lol!

Serena W. said...

Yes Brooke, when Mama gets stable it's on. She's waiting to get outta there, even she follows the games! who don't do sports is a travesty! (Did I spell that right)? Lol.

Brooke said...

DMoe, don't start none won't be none.

Don't gas him up Serena :)

He's not invited to our party :)

Serena W. said...

Ahhhh c'mon Brooke!

Brooke said...

he can "mama say mama sa ma ma coo sa" his way out of our party :)

Annamaria said...

Damn I missed a lot taking care of this kid! LOL

Serena my fellow Big Blue fan... DOUBLE HI FIVE...LOL

Sorry I had to go there!!!!!!!! And I've never picked a team or a player just because I like their uniforms.. Although I can spot a Mets fan in a Mets jersey from a mile away & it makes it easier for me to make fun of them!!! Losers..LOL.. Sorry DIE HARD YANKEE FAN ALSO.. I will tase & shank & then tase again a Mets fan..LMAO

Brooke said...

Jeez! tell us how you really feel Annamaria :)

How you live in Queens and hate the Mets? :)

Oh wait..maybe you're not FROM Queens :) LOL!!

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