Friday, September 18, 2009


Now...for Brookey's TGIF Sexy Survey :-)

1. How much of your week would you spend having sex if you had a willing partner and enough time?

2. If you found out your partner was leaving you, would it upset you more to find out your rival was a man or a woman and why?

3. If you could watch a video of yourself having sex, would you want to?

4. Have you ever spied on a lover you didn't trust?

5. What is the longest sex session you've ever had?


Have a great weekend!



Anthony Otero said...

first bitches!

Anthony Otero said...

wow..i havent been first in a while...

Anthony Otero said...

1. I want to say everyday. Because right now I am in a

2. I would just be upset. I man not sure gender would be an issue.

3. Yes...i will just leave it at

4. Yes, I have and it is so dumb to do really. If you get to the point where u have to spy then your relationship is in a bad place.

5. Longest session...well i didnt time it but if I had to guess. 2-3 hours.

Brooke said...

wow, Ant is first! :)

The Cable Guy said...

1. Twice a day

2. I'd be more upset if it was another man.

3. Yes, and I have.

4. Nope, never.

5. 5 hours.

Rameer said...

Ant - you know I know you're gay? Cuz you jumped in being first during the "Sexy Survey" blog...lolz!

1. I would have sex daily, obviously. If we didn't have the constraints of work and errands to run? Hmmm...I'll go off past history when me and an ex-girlfriend had a week of total freedom from having to do anything. We had sex on average probably 4-5 hours a day cumulatively...yeah, we were REALLY in to each other.

2. I'm with Ant on this one - why would the gender make you more or less mad? I'd be mad just at the fact she was leaving me for ANYONE.

3. Yup. Nuff said...

4. Not on a lover. But I did do a "scouting report" on a QB I was looking to add to the team...lolz!

5. Okay...this may cause some controversy, cuz I've come to learn that a lot of people either haven't done or can't do this...even my brother secretly asked my ex-girl to verify it years ago. But...about 3 hours before my first nut, and 6 hours total. I know the time cuz SHE measured it based on the time we moved from the living room to the time her alarm to wake up went off (we never went to sleep).

The Fury said...

1. Maybe three or four times a day especially if I'm VERY into them. Gotta leave her some time to heal up and relax the muscles.

2. I'd be more upset if it were a man. I can't help if she'd want a woman. Nothing she has I don't. I would be more upset if she lied and I asked about it.

3. Yes I would. I've never done one, but I'm sure it'd be a great cinematic experience (better than GI Joe) LOL

4. Didn't spy but I did look through some of her stuff. More like a "hmm" let's see what's in her panty draw. since i know women keep the toys there. she had some toys. nothing she hadn't shown me already;-)

5. About 5 hours with minimal water breaks. a very fun time. we both were coming off droughts and went ALL in.

The Fury said...

1. i meant three or four times a WEEK...with long sessions of more than 3 hours.

Rameer said...

Wow...glad to see it's not just me. Cats in my old hood used to jokingly call me "Soopaman Luva" after the old Redman skits. I used to write them off as selfish lovers...dudes was actually PROUD to not be able to go that long...

Brooke said...

y'all are funny :-)

Tony said...

1. 2-3 times a day

2. I'm with The Fury on being more upset about a man. I can't compete with what another woman can do for her and if that's her preference...

3. Did it already. It's funny to watch....

4. Yes I did and I was right!

5. 4 hours after a long deployment....

Ms. Patra-son said...

1. Morning and night

2. IF it's for a man I wouldn't be upset I would just think this dude is gay; IF, for a girl eh, he'll be back, cause she don't do it like me LOL!

3. Yep

4. Nope, aint got time for that

5. A whole work day

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