Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random Thoughts Thursday

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I missed my blog...and my blog family!

- It took me three tries to log in to my Cafe Blog account. It's been THAT long since I've logged in and posted something. That's sad.

- For all of those in my blog family who may NOT know, I'm preggers!!! However, I'm pretty sure you all know that by now -it was the worst kept secret :-)

- I'm having a boy! Jaxon Dean McMillon will make his debut January 2014!

- I'm excited, happy, scared, nervous, anxious and an all around wreck - but I can't wait to see where this next chapter of my life takes me :-)

- Have I blogged since I got married? I'm married too :-)

- I have three cats. I've officially claimed my sister's cat as my own :-)

- Scandal tonight!

- I'm also watching Love & Hip Hop NY. Yeah, I said it.

- The best story ideas for me come from ratchet TV.

- Can't get with the Preachers of L.A. though. I tried...doesn't do it for me.

- I suck in Fantasy Football this year. I will NOT be repeating as champion :-(

- I'm grateful to have been at my job for 10 years now. I truly love what I do!

- I have a constant sour taste in my mouth since becoming pregnant. I'll be so glad when that goes away.

- People who pretend to "instantly" fall asleep as soon as they see me walk on the train are WACK!
Keep your seat!

- I'm always tired now. ALWAYS. But I know it's for a good reason, so I don't mind :-)

- I love all my family and friends. Thank you so much for all the well wishes and prayers!




Stef said...

BROOKE!!!! I've Missed You!


A to the BZZZZZZZZZZZz said...

1. I hate you Stef..
2. I'm soo happy for Brooke and all of the changes in her life.
3. I will be on deck when Trouble comes out so that I can slap his bottom. He is going to get his first spanking from Titi. LOL
4. And a Giants jersey..
5. But then I'll squeeze him & hug him & eventually let Brooke hold him. ROTFL

Anthony Otero said...

Wow..this like when you go back to your old school as a kid and things look different yet the same...

...and Stef STILL manages to login before me. smh.

I totally given up on fantasy football.

I cant wait for winter in NYC

My book is long as hell and I have to edit the 2nd part

Yolanda said...

Congratulations, Brooke. I wish I could celebrate your new life in person. I am sending my wishes through these innawebs though.

I feel like something great is happening for me. Not a baby or anything --let me be clear-- but something work/career and overall happiness related. I'm just being patient and doing my work (*Iyanla voice*).

Witches' Brew won three Black Weblog Awards this year. So now we have four. Woot woot! If you voted or sent us a good wish, thank you!

It's been so long since I did a RTT, I can't really think of anything to report. I'm rusty.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Anthony Otero said...

That is right! Brooke, congrats! Sending you all the well wishes!

Yolanda basically walks in, show her awards, then bounces. I see how it is. lol

ABZZZZ said...

6. I think it's HILARIOUS that I "internet" met Ant years ago thru this blog & now he's in NYC working with one of my closest buddies/brothers/hubbies. LOL

7. When is our Blog get together??

Abuzzz said...

8. I'm doing a stairclimb in March 2014 with the American Lung Association in honor of my mother in law who passed away this summer. WHO WANTS TO JOIN??

Serena W. said...

I'm blown I really responding to RTT!

Hi everyone!

Brooke I'm beyond excited for you and I will have some fly kicks for lil man if you like hand me downs.

Congrats on the blogawards Yo Yo!'re writing that book!

Hi Stef!

Hi Annamaria!

I'm doing well. Healing well and know that I will make a full recovery soon from Lyme Disease.

My next career move is in the wellness field.

Claiming 2014 as my freaking year! I deserve it!

I let go of so much stress with this illness. It's as if it made me clean house and I'm at utter peace internally and spiritually.

Jordan is fantastic! He's such a big boy now...waiting for him to show up on Brooke's FB page!

And hey...I give you good story ideas lol.

Started writing more about health releated issues on my blog

Book is coming along well. My graphic designer is doing the layout now as we speak! Expect a book tour next year!

Wow what else...

I miss you all...Brooke I hope to see you in December.

Tell John hello and congrats on happiness.

And Yolanda your happiness is coming Soror!

Serena W. said...

"Yolanda basically walks in, show her awards, then bounces. I see how it is."

Funny Ant!!!!

Anthony Otero said...

AnaMaria - it is crazy! I feel like we really met by the

Your Fave Lurker ;) said...

Yippee! The blog is here! Many Blessing to the 3 of you!

Abuzzzzz said...

Ant it's funny cause as I was typing that I was like WAIT did I meet him or have we just met virtually?? LOL

My dear friend is having his annual gallery show tomorrow & anyone that's in NYC tomorrow should come by!!!! 603 Bergen St in BROOKLYN

I was just reading old RTT posts.. I was pregnant in a bunch of them & now Soso is FOUR where does the time go.


Serena W. said...

Hi Annamaria!!!

We need to have that joint party one day on August 5th (even though Soso looks like she won't wanna hang out with a toddler lol)!

Brooke...I would like another RTT next week please! (Or at least once a month...can you fit us into your calendar lol)!

Brooke said...

Hi y'all! Funny how this blog posted at 9am and I forgot about it my damn self! Been CRAZY BUSY!!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!

Yolanda is all fly with her awards and whatnot :)

I feel like Anna and Ant have met before too...I really need to get on that blog get together - but don't think that'll be happening any time soon since I can barely keep my eyes open these days.

Everyone is writing books except me, yet I feel like I'm always writing. How crazy is that.

I need more story ideas Serena!

and fly kick hand-me-downs!

Hi Stef, I miss you too!

Family coming in town tomorrow, so going to miss the Gallery shindig :(

I can totally wait for winter in NYC. I love the way it's decorated around the holidays, but not looking forward to the cold AT ALL!

abuzzzz said...

Brooke we can do a blog brunch. ..

Silhouette said...

I know Im late. But congrats on your marriage and pregnacy. ;)

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