Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

And Anna and Serena didn't have to remind me :-)

- Looking forward to 80 degree weather today! The warmth is coming to stay!

- I bought a house! Woo-hoo!!! Who's up for the blog family housewarming party?! :-)

- Now I have a mortgage. I'm a big girl now...scary and exciting!

- Season finale for Scandal tonight. Shonda Rhimes has been putting her FOOT in this series!

- I feel like shopping for sandals. But not before I get a nice pedicure. My feet look crazy!

- My kittens are so wonderful - best birthday gift ever!

- Gotta get my writing done tonight - suggestions for topics?

- Made chicken breasts and broccoli for lunch today - even though I want Chinese food or pizza. I gotta get back on my health grind though. I've been out of pocket lately.

- How do I stop these ads from popping up on my phone? I have a Galaxy S3 - and I think they're eating up my battery. This is nuts.

- I like my own handwriting :-)

- Drinking raspberry tea to keep warm. They always have it freezing in my office when it's warm outside. Silly.

- I have an amazing mentee named Maya - love her!

- Her mother is awesome too!

- Can someone help me move? :-)

- Can't wait to rock my BRIGHT PINK skinny jeans from Old Navy. I got alotta hips, so you'll definitely see me coming! LOL!




A-buzzz said...


Stef said...

Dang it!

I need Brooke to send me the link first so I can be first. She just pops up with this blog out of nowhere!!!

Even though now I get my fix on Madame Noire :)

Hi y'all!

Yolanda said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Brooke! Welcome to home ownership! Where ya living? I have a friend up there who's house hunting also.

It's about to rain like it did on Harpo.

Universe, send me a vacation, please.

Zumba tonight. Then, Scandal. Guess I'll make chicken too. My life centers on what I'm bringing for lunch the next day.

My feet are probably ashy and the polish is definitely done. Hence, ballet flats for me today.

Do you Galaxy folks like that phone? I'm deciding between an iPhone and a Samsung. Finally time to retire this Blackberry now that my contract is up.

Attempting this online dating thing. It's interesting to say the least.

More later, maybe.

A-buzzzz said...



I am digging this weather. Summer dresses & heels.

Pedicure DONE.

I need a new phone. My hubby is Peer pressuring me to get the Galaxy 3...

Freezing in my office also. Heater is on full blast at my desk

I love your mentee & her mama too B..

Serena tell your friend to hunt no more... Austin the Realtor to the rescue. (shameless PLUG)

I had the BEST BEST BEST Mother's day ever.. #Spoiledrotten

In the mood to tase someone... Just cause it's Thursday

Only my mom would have surgery on Monday & instead of resting like they instructed her, she goes & cooks a 3 course meal on Tuesday... WHAT THE HELL SIT DOWN LADY. LOL

But I did eat that food & it was GOOD. LOL

A-buzzz said...

Sorry I said Serena when it was Yolanda. I have Serena on the brain I guess. YOLANDA AUSTIN THE REALTOR MAN! :-)

Brooke said...

@Yolanda, I live in Springfield Gardens in Queens...still in Queens, just a different part - 5 minutes from Anna's house!

Austin the Realtor will hook you up!

I need a vacation too. I'll settle for somewhere nice in the US since I can't get to the Caribbean :(

I wanna go to Morocco with my family this summer. Can't though :(

I made chicken and now I don't want it - I want a sandwich.

Get the Galaxy man!

Tell your mom to chill Anna - or send me some food :)

All my summer dresses will be hung and ready to go :)

Yolanda said...

Just sent Austin's info to my friend. I'm sure they already have one but I shared the knowledge anyway :)

I'm down for a trip to the land of Queens to celebrate these new digs.

A-buzz said...

My summer dresses are already in my closet. Heck one is on my body. LOL ...

FYI: I just want to warn everyone that just cause Brooke invited ya'll over AND I live in the neighborhood doesn't mean you are automatically invited to my house.. LOL I will tase a mofo..

Love you all. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yaaaay Brookes!!:) congrats..
i like this guy...he keeps you smiling..good job babe!
i love the new weather
i love science.
I love the Knicks
i hate the knicks
we can do it tonight..
i think people would not even trip if Obama was like.."aliens are among us"
i still work out to joe buddens pump it up.
i feel fortunate to be alive and i am thankful.
i love all my peoples
I ask my son the other can i be a better father..he said" dont get tired when we play basketball..: treadmill here i come..
i ask my son how do you feel when i tell you i love you..he said "safe"..priceless - love that boy
I love being a father!
love my job...working remote is everything..#qualityofelife
i wonder what people hate about me?
i wonder what people love about me?hmmm
hope there is more of the latter..
My girl is fine!
please let the Knicks win tonight and again and again..(hey i can dream...)
excited about latter shall be greater...
i cant get enough of ancient aliens, ancient discoveries and anything ancient and scifi ish(hint your people we need another ufo/bigfoot
I think stand up is so much fun..
i love the stage.
It's your boooooy!! Zayboogie!

Yanna said...

Oooohhh...I feel so special to be a part of the blog family now!! Especially since I am the mama of the mentee and I love her to pieces.
~When you and she get even closer, I'll be sending her to your house when she's on my last nerve lol. You know Springfield Gardens is "right there!"
~You & A-buzzzz are also members of the awesome club, thank you very much!
~The mentee and I like to eat so once you're settled in and we know you have food, it might be a wrap lol.
~I sort of, can't wait to get a house. But I can wait until I can afford one in a state where their idea of winter is 52 degrees, and the house I currently live would probably be considered the garage lol. #megamilliondreams
~I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the warm-to-hot weather so I can't wait until it's like this EVERYDAY.
~I worked late every day this week just so I wouldn't have to tonight because I plan to get home as fast as NYC Transit will carry me, and get my self set up for the SCANDAL finale. The thought of having to wait until the Fall for another season makes this bittersweet *sniff, sniff*
~Don't talk about pedicures...I have a graduation to go to on Saturday and I will be wearing closed toe shoes.
~I recently switched from the Galaxy s4 to the iPhone 5 (now I can listen to my music, get my work email, and continue to not do all the other things I didn't do on my other fancy phone on this one). Yesterday I had to text Mai and ask "where is Siri on this phone?"
~I would help you move, but you see the way my weekends are set up...
~Where can I get some uber colorful/patterned running/compression tights that won't cost an arm and a leg? I'm TRYING to get into a fitness regiment but I want to look cute while I'm in the gym dying because I'm so unfit
~I love my hair since I cut off my locs, but I find it out that I don't have much of it yet I'm having an extremely bad hair week
~I really want to eat this apple on my desk, but since I don't have anything to peel it with, or a knife to cut it with, I find I just can't #firstworldproblems
~I could go on all day but sadly, I need to get back to doin' di ppl wuk yuh...*long sigh*

A-buzzz said...

WHAT MAKES A GREAT CHILD A GREAT MAMA. And Brooke the minute I picked your mentee & met her I KNEW she had a great mama... Thank you Ayanna for looking past my taser & entrusting me to find a suitable mentor for your daughter. At least with me in the area you know she will always be well protected! :-)

Brooke I will be joining everyone at your house when you have food.

I need to stop eating... :-(

Brooke said...

Well, here's the thing. My man buys the food...which is usually healthy crap that I know I should eat but don't want those chicken breast that I don't want to eat today for lunch.

So...come by when he's on the road and I'll load up with some good AND bad moderation of course!

iPhones do nothing for me, but if I trade in my blackberry at work, that's what they'll give me. I have an iPad and an iPod. That's enough. I love my phone!

But I WILL say that the "siri" on the Galaxy is not all that.

My summer dresses are still all packed up from moving...but I'll be busting them out this weekend when I make the FINAL move!

Anna, I'm sending everyone to you and Austin's house when they're done at my house :)

I said "my house" it!

@Ayanna, Maya is welcome any time! And so are you!

Cute compression tights, running pants are at Old Navy!

I'm hoarding my nail and spa gift certificates that I got for my birthday. I received 3 of them and I'm still walking around with jacked up feet - birthday was in Feb. But I didn't want to waste them on toes that no one would see in the winter. Now that the weather is getting nice, I have my nail and spa appointments strategically planned - starting with the housewarming :) Until then, I'll be doing my own feet.

Online dating is interesting Yolanda :)

Sad Scandal won't be back til Fall. What to watch in the meantime?

Speaking of TV - should I switch to Direct TV or stay with Time Warner. A sista has a mortgage now and I need to spend wisely for my entertainment.

Fast and Furious and The Hangover 3 screenings next week!

Zay - you are a great father - what you wrote touched me so much!

What I love about Zay? His big smile and upbeat attitude.

What I hate about Zay? That I haven't seen him in YEARS!!! Like since college!

When is the SU DC BBQ this year? Maybe I'll see you then.

Yolanda, looking at 6/22 for housewarming, so grab Serena and make your way to the NYC!

DMoe said...

Hey B - and blog fam...
Hope all is well.

I'm kinda RTT rusty, but here goes:

- Congrats to B on the house!

- Yo B (and Eagles fans)...Chip Kelly got the Eagles practicing to a gangsta playlist. Its all over the place with musical styles, but you can find the story here:

- I've missed bloggin with the crew. For real.

- Wearing glasses now. Not cuz I have to. I kinda just wanted em for a different look.

- Its official: I'm a "watchianado" (copyright, Dmoe) My latest lust is the pebble watch. Its on pre-order and I can't WAIT to get it.

- Headed to DC on Sunday for a week. Chuck Brown is in rotation!

- I passed Corporate Finance! Thank lil baby Jesus.

- 362 days, 10 hrs, and 42 minutes until graduation!

- Instagram is my facebook.

- Cologne shopping...Ladies, help ya boy out. I buy whatever the chick in black (why do they all wear black?) at the Macy's counter tells me to buy.

- Not a trekkie, but yes...I wanna see that, which says alot about a movie being well-done.

- From the land of water snobbery aka the "Aqua-bougie chronicles":
I was drinking SmartWater, and somebody asked, "is it working?"
DMoe: "I dont know...let's see" and I splashed that fool with it, and laughed: "uhhhh.....nope, you still dumb!"

- Playlist? I think I can, I think i can.

- I feel like playing Kickball. I'm like Barry Bonds in kickball, steroids and everything.

- Sad about the Mother's Day foolishness in NOLA. That shooting was in my old neighborhood.

- I love Stacy Barthe.

- Gonna catch Dwele in DC next week. Should be fun.

- More a bit later.

Your friend and mine...

Brooke said...

D to the MOE!!! yay!!!

Nola shooting WAS sad :(

Congrats on passing Corporate Finance. Sounds hard like a mugg!

have no idea what pebble watch is.

the sun is coming out!

checking out the Chip Kelly playlist :)

I forget that I'm on Instagram. Guess I don't take enough flicks.

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