Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- So...I finally have a mentee! Can't wait to meet her and her mom. I'm nervous and excited! I hope I can be a good influence, teacher, mentor...and friend.

- I'm tired.

- The weather the past couple of days has been gorgeous...but today, back to cool and drab. Booo.

- No Scandal tonight....guess I'll try to write something. Booo.

- I want the summer to be here already. If I can't take a real vacation, I at least want to wear flip flips in the warm sun for a while.

- My kittens are so cute...and so destructive! They jump on everything and scatter papers all over the place! They play when I want to sleep and sleep when I want to play. But I love them to death :-)

- My nephews make me smile from ear to ear :-)

- My sister is pretty awesome too! I don't know what I'd do without her :-)

- Any suggestions for article ideas for my writing? I ask every week and I get nothing! C'mon y'all!

- Syracuse gave it a good run and had a great basketball season - so proud of my alma mater! Go 'Cuse! Glad the Big East took it though :-)

- The movie 42 was pretty decent. Oblivion on Monday!

- I miss my boo :-( even though he gets on my last nerve :-)

- I wanna put on a sun dress/maxi dress. Soon come.




BatMan said...

First BITCH!!!

ABUZZZ said...

First Bitches

abuzzzzz said...


Geeque said...

Wow, Its been a while.. Hope everyone is doing well!

Batman said...

@ ABUZZZ- :-)


1. Brooke you will be an awesome mentor. And I know you two will get a long PERFECTLY.

2. Went to a funeral for a 4 year old last night. Was one of the most difficult things I've had to do since becoming a mother BUT I am glad I went and supported my friend. Cried the entire way home.

3. Hugged my little munchkin extra tight this week.

4. My parental units come back from vacation today.

5. Need to go out for drinks. :-)

6. JayZ's new track.

7. I love that I can be a total dork with my hubby. And then we laugh. It's soo not easy being this cool all the time. LOL

8. Need to study tonight!!!

9. Week 2 of eating healthy & working out. I want a big fat steak. LOL

10. I'm soo grateful for my life. I have some amazing people in it. :-)

Yolanda said...

Brooke, you will be a great mentor. You already are.

Did you write anything about when it's okay to date the ex of a friend? Like, is there an expiration date?

I want a striped sundress but the stripes must be the perfect width and going at the right angle. Is that too much to ask.

I want a striped blazer too (not to be worn with the dress).

I'm on a stripe kick lately.

I've been listening to Eric Benét's "Love Of My Own" on repeat right now. And I'm not even going through a "thing." I just love this damn song!

Red lips today. OWWW!

I don't think I was clear enough last time. I NEED A VACATION.

Shoot, can a sista go to Cuba?

I was probably just red-flagged by some agency for that comment.

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Back to work I go. Have a great weekend fam!

Abuzzzzzzzzzz said...

Yolanda I have on red lipstick today too!! :-) the things us women bond over. LOL

I want a striped summer dress, red heels & a hot pink blazer. Not for wearing together though. lol

Brooke said...

I wore red lips yesterday...and I feel like I made a mess of it after I I never re-applied. Only worked for the morning.

Striped sundresses are the bomb of the stripes are vertical :-) or angled in towards the midsection :)

Just had was ehhh...had very spicy skirt steak tacos and cleared my damn sinuses. I won't be going back there.

I want to go home and lay on the couch.

@Yolanda, I never wrote about that, but that's a good one. And yes, there IS an expiration date - called NEVER.

Stef said...

I let Batman be first :)

Brooke, you'd make a great mentor. You have a world of wisdom to share and you're generous, as well a nice and sweet. That girl is lucky to have you, you'll do great!

I need a vacation too Yolanda, but my money is funny.

Funeral for a 4 year old? So sad :(

I could use a drank ma damn self!

Brooke, write about the games men play...I'm over it.

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT!

Hi everyone!

I'm getting there and will be back in action soon!

What you can write about...hmmm...have you wrote about when is it okay to ask your boo for an AIDS scores...criminal background?

I'm just saying...people need to know these things before getting serious and jumping in the sack!

Jordan looked pretty handsome on Easter in his suit.

I'm about to go outside and get some air. It's gorgeous out.

I have 5 friends who are all preggers and due between June 30-July 23rd (they will all receive hand me downs) :)

Brooke if you lived here you could wear flip flops.

Counting down until 5pm...I wanna just leave, get my baby and take a walk with him :-)

Annamaria I'm so sorry for your friends loss. So sad.

Hi Yolanda, I miss you!

For those who haven't please like my Facebook page to get updates on my book, "Reconstruction, Pieces of Life Volume 1" it will be released this summer!!!!

Brooke said...

good one Serena, I'll get started on that one for this weekend :)

Yes, Jordan looked SUPER HANDSOME!

I love kids in their Easter outfits :)

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