Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I've been MIA - but I'm baaaack!!!

- PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! That never gets old.

- Between Hurricane Sandy and this Nor'easter - I'm done. Mother Nature....please relax for a lil bit.
- I've been watching Living Single and Martin marathons lately. I miss the 90's.

- I LOVE that the heat is on blast in my office. People keep coming in complaining about how hot it is. THEN LEAVE. I have work to do anyway.

- I think I'm dehydrated.

- One more week left til the end of the Biggest Loser competition at work. Watch my smoke!

- Then watch me Thanksgiving that is :-) Can't believe how fast the year is going by.

- Any ideas for me for my articles on Madame Noire?

- My sister got me hooked on this Swiped Gems game. Been playing it like crazy on my iPad. Even almost missed my stop on the train!

- Where can one find gas in Queens? This ish is ridiculous.

- Forgot to take my vitamins. I'm tired.

- I'm slipping in Fantasy Football...leaving all my damn points on the bench. Dammit!

- So...the Game says that women would fair better if we lived in a polygamist society because all men cheat - so if they went into a relationship assuming/knowing this, all would be right with the world. He also said, however, that he would not stay with a woman who cheated on him. What say you about this fuckery?




Batman said...

First BITCHES!!!!

Stef said...

Brooke is back! yay!

I hate snow.

I hate hurricanes.

Got my power back, but all my food got spoiled :(

PRESIDENT OBAMA!! I rocked my vote!

Don't you hate when people borrow money from you, and then you never hear from them again?

I can't wait til Thanksgiving! I DO love to eat.

I wish the heat was on blast in MY office. Sitting here typing with fingerless gloves on.

I love your articles on Madame Noire Brooke!

As for The Game - he's an idiot, typical male asshole. Men kill me with that sh*t - I can cheat, but YOU can't. F*ck outta here with that bullsh*t!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, don't be leaving us like that. We miss your sunshine - especially on days like today.

My President is Black....again.

I love hearing my daughter say Barack Obama in her 2 year old voice. Proud Daddy.

I need to get in the gym and bulk up for the winter.

It's a double standard I admit, but I'm not forgiving any woman who cheats on me. I have, on the other hand, asked to be forgiven for cheating. It is what it is.

Never lost power or heat during the hurricane, but my hearts go out to those who lost everything. This snow storm doesn't help.

Michelle Obama could get it.

What's for lunch y'all?

Anonymous said...

So glad Obama was re-elected!! Wish I wouldn't have fell asleep before I could hear the speech!!

So ready for the girlfriend is doing an event at the convention center in Edison, NJ (Toy Closet NYC) check it out!!

The Game is a joke!! I can't take him serious!!

A-buzzzzz said...

I'm sorry what blog is this again??? LMFAO

The world is fucking ending with this weather bullshit...


The first daughters are stunning.

It took me 2 hours to get home in that blizzard. DA HELL

Sophia went with me to vote. She was soooo excited.

She says the pledge of allegance & sings America the beautiful.. all the time. LOL

Started my new job on Monday then had Tuesday off. I'd say that's a pretty successful start.

Crazy crazy busy but loving it soo far. I didn't tase anyone the first day.. Can't say the same about yesterday.. LOL


This gas situation is bananas. People bringing guns & knives & now selling ass in exchange for gas.. WTH..

Shout out to Powerz for going to CT to get me a full tank.

Shout out to Sophia for sitting on line with me for an hour todaywhen I caught a relatively short line at this gas station by some freak accident this morning


A-buzz said...

Oh and as far as the Game is concerned. He needs to date a chick that agrees with his point of view. Then let her go bone the hell out of 50 cent & send him a copy of the sex tape. See how good he feels after that. lol :-)

Stef said...

The Game has a fiance - who in the hell agreed to marry his ass?

Oh, a bird, that's who.

She's just as dumb as he is. What ever happened to self respect? Maybe I could get on board with the idea if there wasn't AIDS and other STD's out there, but nukkas don't want to wear condoms and pass some sh*t on to me? I don't think so. I'll stay single.

Ms. Penn said...

Hey B!

Just letting you know that I love your articles on Madame Noire!

Yolanda said...

Cable Guy has a daughter? Where have I been?

The Cable Guy said...

Hey Yolanda,

yes, I have 3 kids, a son and two daughters.

Anonymous said...

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