Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF Sexy Survey!


Happy Birthday to Princess (MY Princess, not Rameer's :-)...and Happy Early Birthday to our very own Monica Gonzalez...aka, DMoe's nemesis "MoMo." We're partying this weekend!

Sexy Survey time!

1. Men - would/could/have you ever had sex with a pregnant woman where the child she was carrying wasn't yours? Women - ever been in that situation? If not...what is your take on women who have sex while pregnant, but not with the baby's father?

I know that's a weird question, but I'm taking a poll.

2. What body part do you admire most on the opposite sex?

3. Men - which would you admire most: a man with a successful marriage, or a man with a successful career? Ladies, same it pertains to women.

4. Have you ever entered into a monogamous, committed relationship with someone you haven't yet been intimate with?

5. Is sex better in a relationship, or is casual sex better?

6. Would/could you ever date a celibate man/woman?

7. **Inspired by Annamaria's new business** - Women: would you/have you used a sex toy during sex with your partner? How did he react - did he encourage it, or was he turned off by it? Men: Would you have a problem with a woman introducing sex toys into your belly smackin' sessions? LOL!

8. They say, "A man comes for sex, but stays for love." Men: What qualities in a woman keep you coming back for more? Women: same question - what keeps a man from becoming (Black) history?

9. Do you have a positive or negative opinion/outlook on marriage?

10. Men: Do you care about stretch marks? Women: Do you care about beer bellies?






Stef said...

I'm so busy trying to think of answers to the questions, I forgot to post FIRST! Dammit!

Annamaria said...

Thank you sooooooo much for the shout out Brooke. Great advertising. Everyone check it out!!!!! Anyone booking a party being held in the month of October gets a free toy of their choice (up to a $25 value)

Stef said...

Well, guess I can answer now.

1. That's f*ckin nasty.

2. His package :) Maybe his chest too.

3. A successful marriage. I think that's harder than any career.

4. Never.

5. hmmm....not sure. The best sex I've had was with someone I wasn't in a relationship with, but long term it might not be better. Don't know.

6. No

7. I've tried it and he was open to it. I felt weird though because I guess it was too soon. I felt like a freak :)

8. A great personality

9. Not sure. I think marriage is great for people who do it, but with the state of black marriages today, I have to admit I'm a bit pessimistic. I'm pessimistically hopeful :) LOL!

10. I care if he has one when I meet him, but probably wouldn't if he got one while we're together.

Stephanie said...

1.Although it's scientifically proven that as a woman gets on with pregnancy the more sex she has the easier her delivery will be.It just sounds unsafe to have sex with a stranger while pregnant.
2.I like guys with nice asses.
4.hell to the no. I need to sample the goods first.
5. both
7.Sex toys.. Yes please, He was not intimidated. he saw it as a plus to keep me going longer.
8.What keeps me coming back is when my Man keeps the promises he has made to me. I don't like men who talk a good game but can't back up what they say. I'm a simple girl. I am old school.A man who does not keep his word is shit in my eyes.
9.Everyone I know is Divorced.So I have to say negative.

Brooke said...

Stephanie didn't want to answer #10 huh? :-) LOL!

Jay said...

1. I wouldn't do it...especially not if she's VISIBLY pregnant. What's this poll about B?

2. Ass and legs...can't separate them.

3. A successful marriage.

4. No

5. relationship

6. I could, but I probably wouldn't. But then again, if she's saving it for me, I think I'd feel like I hit the lottery once we got it in.

7. I have no problem with sex toys. Whatever gets her off, I'm wit it.

8. A great sense of humor and a pretty smile.

9. Positive. A man who finds a wife finds a good thing. A GOOD wife that is.

10. I don't care about stretch marks, sagging breasts, scarves on their head, none of that. Beauty comes from within.

Annamaria said...

@Stephanie...Powerz & I had sex all the time while I was pregnant. I couldn't get enough him. I was in labor for 5 days & ended up having an emergency C-section...I don't know who started that myth but THEY LIED!
Probably the same fucker that named it MORNING sickness when that shit lasts all damn day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cable Guy said...

1. I've had sex with a girl who was pregnant, but she wasn't sure if it was mine or not. We had always used condoms (even though they're not full proof) but I knew it wasn't mine - so I figured if she knew she was pregnant already, it wasn't mine! It wasn't mine, but in hindsight, I would never do that again. Just seemed wrong even though we weren't exclusive and she wasn't exclusive with the other dude either - obviously.

2. body - ass and chest. Face - eyes and lips

3. Hard one - probably the career. You can luck into a successful marriage if you marry the right woman, but having tremendous success in a career I think requires skill and jus ta lil bit of luck...where as marriage requires ALOT of luck!

4. Nope, could never do that. I know it may seem backwards, but I gotta know what I'm working with first if this is forever.

5. Relationship

6. Don't think I can do it.

7. Sex toys? no problem! If she likes it, I love it.

8. A great personality and a warm heart.

9. Even though mine didn't work out, positive.

10. What stretch marks? Like Katt Williams said, "Either you was small and got big, or you was big and got small...either way, we f*ckin!"

Stef said...

#1 is a crazy question Brooke! How does a man have sex with a woman who he KNOWS is pregnant and it ain't his girl? I'm sorry, that's triflin.

And what woman does that?

....a nasty ass one, that's who!

The Cable Guy said...

Hey, it happens everyday Stef, not saying it's right, but it happens. I'm sure most men have sex with a pregnant chick who ain't their girl because they don't KNOW she's preggo. There are some that will knowingly do it, but for the most part, it's the women who don't care, so why should the dude?

Jaz said...

1. I agree with Stef, that's trifling.

2. Arms

3. A successful marriage.

4. once...and it was short lived.

5. relationship

6. I have, it was torture because he was so damn fine! LOL

7. I've only done it once and I felt so awkward that I never did it again. He didn't seem to mind but he could sense how uncomfortable I was and I think that made HIM not like it.

8. If a man is funny and smart, I'm coming back for more.

9. I'm divided on this one. With the divorce rate the way it is, it's hard to keep hope alive. And I just don't think black men want to get married anymore.

10. I don't like beer guts, so I'd have a problem with it.

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