Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- What's up with the wild weather? The wind almost blew me away this morning!

- This week is creeping by...can it be the weekend already?

- Those Rutgers students need to go to jail for murder. I know they're being charged for cyber voyeurism and invading privacy...but that's not enough. How can people be so cruel?

- RIP Tyler Clementi.

- I haven't seen Law & Order: SVU yet this season...and I LOVE that show. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've seen ANY season/series premieres, with the exception of Boardwalk Empire, yet this fall. Messing around in the damn gym!

- But I DID check out Undercovers last night while on the elliptical machine. I could just lick Boris Kodjoe's face! Just a yummy vision of deliciousness!

- I can't stand b*tchass men. It's just not natural. Stop crying already!

- Did any of you see the lesbians on Oprah yesterday who fathered their own children? I dvr'd it and watching it now...crazy.

- Vick and McNabb this Sunday! Woo-hoo!

- I wonder if women in Atlanta and D.C. have better, or worse, gaydar than the rest of us.

- Eddie Long's accusers are all over the place now...not looking good for all.

- They're saying now that he had sex with these young men on church grounds, and that he used cars, clothes and monetary gifts to seduce them. Dr. Boyce says:

Most damaging to Bishop Eddie Long, though, could be the consequences of using church funds to pursue his sexual interests with the boys in his care. Ironically, the federal government is likely to issue a stiffer punishment for misusing its money than it is for harming another human being. There are surely some federal investigators watching this case very closely.

That's just sad.

- My sister and nephew's birthdays are coming up - and I swear Ibrahim's been talking about his birthday for 6 months now. He has big plans for his 4th birthday, even though we have no idea what those plans are :-)

- I still haven't seen The Town yet...but I may check that out, along with The Social Network, this weekend.

- Rameer offered me a trade in Fantasy Football and I have no idea what to do. I'm doing some research...and it feels like some serious homework! As if I don't have enough to worry about going against Kellie this weekend...who has Peyton Manning as her quarterback. Great. :-)

- I hope they don't boo Donovan TOO BAD this Sunday. But it IS Philly we're talking about.

- What's for lunch?

- For Cable Guy :-)

- Brian's throwback!




BatMan said...


Rameer The Circumstance said...


Brooke said...

damn Rameer, two days in a row? ;)

Yolanda said...

LOL @ Batman and Meercat...AGAIN!

-I have a papercut. OUCH

-I want to go home and sleep. NOW

-The guy I'm working with has horrible coffee breath. And he talks too much. BAD COMBINATION

-I have to pee right now but I'm too lazy to go through the process of getting the key. DEPENDS

-I took my Mom to Fogo de Chao last night for her birthday and successfully had a meatless dinner (ok, I had a piece of salmon). Going strong since April. BUT I REALLY WANT SOME CHICKEN

-I need a haircut and some hair dye. This gray hair is not the move at 32. GOLDEN GIRL

-I really want to be a producer on "Hoarders"...can you make that happen Brooke? SHAMELESS

-That Tyler Clementi story is so sad. People are AWFUL!

-More later...maybe.

Annamaria said...



2. Being a good parent is HARD work & I'm starting to realize this job NEVER ends. No matter how old your kids get.

3. October is shaping up to be a busy month.....

4. Photoshoot with the clothing line on Sunday...

5. Prayer works

6. Everyone in NYC please come to the fashion show in at the end of the month. Details coming soon.

7. Fan us on facebook...DORALINA


9. I love my family & my true frieds...

10. I'm FREAKING EXHAUSTED... I wanna sleep for like a week....

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I am going to SERIOUSLY stab this "BatMan"...

- The Social Network is the 2nd best film of the year. Better than Inception (I say nothing is better than Toy Story 3 thus far). It's one of the most cleverly written films you'll see, with uncanny dialog and fantastic performance. It paints Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg as a modern-day Citizen Kane; this flick is A CLASSIC.

- Gotta see The Town, Brooke-Ra! Sooo good. Actually, I've seen A LOT of good flicks this year, come to think of it!

- the new woman in the office has already been taken under the wing of the petty, crabby bitches. (Sigh) And she seemed nice...

- "Jersey Shore" has been even more entertaining this year than last...

- Why do I keep getting the sports reporter assignments? WTF??

- I wonder why some people get in their feelings if you say you know or have met someone with a "name" (i.e. rich and/or famous)? Who gives a eff? In the industry I work in, you're bound to know or encounter a lot of these people...

- That video of Wayne Brady & Mike Tyson remaking Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step I Take" is brilliantly HILARIOUS!!!

- I'm not remotely stretching this...I found out last night that not 1, but TWO girls I used to mess with are making big money online with their own websites taking nude pics and videos! And I don't mean under the radar, either - after I went to their sites and saw a GAZILLION websites pop up featuring their pics and videos...I did an image search (the most popular and prevalent things pop up first on Google; if it pops up first in the image search, that's HUGE. Cuz Jennifer Lopez from New Mexico probably won't pop until until page 49 of an image search due to the more famous one).

Their pics popped up ALL OVER THE PLACE. Apparently, if you're into that whole softcore nudie-porn type of thing, these chicks are HUGE. Wow. And just to confirm, I mentioned one's name to a resident perv at work (didn't mention I used to mess with her) to see if he knew her. HE DID.

Un-freakin'-believable. I messed with both at different times, and they became tight friends at some point. I'm positive one got the other into it...they've even got scenes together.

Surreal. I swear I'm going to option the rights for my biography when I'm 40...SMH.

- I'm definitely cheering for Donovan to CRUSH the Eagles...and for my SU football team to go to 4-1 (we're actually FIRST in The Big East currently).

- I felt bad at the screening for The Social Network last night - one of the biggest DJs in my area was there, and we're good peoples. I saw him and began talking to him while we waited for the flick to start, he asked me how things were going in TV, and I asked him how things were in radio. Suddenly, EVERYONE around me asked him if he was "THAT guy"...and once they realized it WAS him, he got mobbed and overcome with people wanting to talk to this local celeb. If I never opened my mouth, he would've enjoyed the flick in anonymity. Because I did, he had everyone battering him with questions, and following him and bothering him when he tried to leave. My bad...geez.

- I like to buy my movie candy at the dollar store...why do people actually SHOP at the dollar store?? Like...have a cart and pay close to or over $100?? REALLY? The Dollar Store? $100 worth of stuff??

- It's my 1 year anniversary with my girl this weekend!

- My sis has become way more affectionate with family lately, mimicking how I talk to family in recent months. Grown woman, and she doesn't even realize how she still follows what her big brother does subconsciously...

More After The Break!!! Go go shoot in the field...

Brooke said...

I started to put that Wayne Brady/MIke Tyson video on the blog today, but figured everyone saw it already by now :) HILARIOUS!

I brought lunch, but I want Naya.

@Yolanda, I don't think people who drink coffee truly realize how bad their breath actually smells. It makes my stomach flip.

...oh, and I'll see what I can do about Hoarders :)

Get us the details for the fashion show Annamaria!'s October already....

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
Don't really have too many random ramblings for today, just wanted to comment to disspell the rumor that I don't read your blog. I poke through more often than you think.
Happy early bday to Nicole and Ibrahim (Libras rule!!) My nephew's gonna be 2 this coming Sunday. I'll be up @ A&E for a visit on Monday. Hope to see you then homie!!

Stef said...

who the hell is BATMAN???

Everyone has seen that Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson video, but I don't get tired of it! You should have posted it! LOL!

Rameer, I'm actually guilty of buying alot of stuff at the dollar store, but it has to be a GOOD dollar store. I buy household stuff there, kitchen stuff, seasonal stuff, you name it. But $100 is a bit much, but I've spent $50 in there easily!

What is Fogo de Chao?

I've had grey hair since my early 20's...that sucks.

Yolanda said...

Fogo is a Brazilian churrascaria steakhouse

BatMan said...

Greetings too all!!!! LOL

BatMan said...

I agree Brooke,those Rutgers students should go to jail !!

Brooke said...


I'm mad the Brew profile picture is a "Rick Ross'd" Gabby Sidibe. Y'all ain't right :) LOL!

The Fury said...

I'm not in a good mood.

I'm trying to fake my good mood

Shit is about to get real dark in the world for some people if I don't get in a good mood soon.

hide ya kids, hide ya wife, run tell dat


Looking forward to seeing The Town and The Social Network. Wow 2nd best film of the year, Rameer? I'm all in

RIP Tony Curtis. Funny and smooth as hell on screen

"baby i got a plan, runaway fast as youuuuu cann."

Fried chicken

@Brooke we didn't do lunch this week.

This rain is really gonna be fuckery, huh. Sure just pile on the mood adjusters.

Although, I get horny as hell in the rain. Checking my twitter timeline, I'm not the only one

@Brooke - we didn't hit the sex club for observation yet. Though I heard something from an attendee this week that may knock the pause into you. They said "straight up orgies."

hide ya kids, hide ya wife, hide ya animals run tell dat

@Rameer - congrats on the anniversary, my dude.

DMoe said...

Whassup all...

Here's where I am today:

On cloud fuggin 9 - Sade just announced North American tour dates. I havent decided which TWO cities I'll see her in. I'm not a fan people. I'm THE fan.

In a state of WTF? - Let me get this straight. The Bishop was romancin' these dudes on the church's credit cards? Wow. He's got balls to roll like that! Wait, (No Homo) that didnt come out right.

On "Euphoric Street" - Did I mention Sade's going on tour?

Hopeful - Mike Vick shows up and shows out this week against the Skins. My fantasy team is whippin azz and takin names thanks to Ron Mexico (google it)

Pissed - That my Saints lost to the &*%^ Falcons! C'mon man, you kicked us INTO the Superbowl. For the love of Peter, Paul & Mary, make a kick to beat the Falcons!

@Yo - Coffee breath (and the talking) is my worst nightmare. I wake up in a cold sweat just thinking about somebody EVER typing that somewhere.

@Mo - How are your feet today? Are they good? Well, use em...TO KICK ROCKS SUCKA!

Moving along, let's do this a lil different this week...

Here's Dmoe's RTT "Go-Go & House Music for Dummies" Playlist:

Go-go classics:
1. Rare Essence/Do you know what time it is?

2. DJ Kool/I got dat Feelin

3. Doug E. Fresh/I'm gettin Ready

4. DJ Flexx/The Water Dance

5. DJ Kool/The Music Ain't Loud Enuff

House Classics:

6. Aly Us/Follow me

7. Cajmere/The Perculator

8. Soho/Hot Music (Jazz Mix)

9. Frank Ski/Whores in this House

10. Jungle Brothers/I'll House you

Blow the dust off these classic slow joints:

Ready for the World/Gently

Brian Mcknight/Never felt this way

Basic Black/Special kind of Fool

Bell Biv Devoe/When will I see you smile again

Tanya Blount/Through the Rain

Az Yet/Last night

Stay thirsty.

Brooke said...

Lunch next week Fury, I promise!

Also, Dominatrix hinted at taking a shot at TMI Tuesday...but I'm skerred! Have something on deck just in case :)

Why in a bad mood babes?

Az Yet fell off...I used to LOVE them!

The Cable Guy said...

@Brooke, you should post that Wayne Brady/Mike Tyson video - as well as the Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake one. They rocked that!

Boardwalk Empire is my new shit.

Brooke has gorgeous skin. Just wanted to put that out there.

I gush over Brooke so much because there just aren't any more good women out there (other than on this blog). Seriously, chicks these days is grimey, stupid, have no class or are just bum chicks. The Brookeybabies, Yolandas, Annamaria's and Serenas just can't be found these days.

Yes Stef, I left your hatin' ass out! LOL!

Congrats on the year Rameer.

I get horny in the rain too Fury. Shit, I get horny in the sun too. Don't matter.

Who are these mysterious people popping up on Brookey's blog?

I say let Dominatrix blog for you B! THAT should be interesting!

I want Vick to DESTROY the Skins. My Giants ain't doin' SHIT this year. No diss to Donovan, but I'm rooting for the Eagles.

how you like that Brooke? ;)

My son said "I lov eyou to pieces Daddy" this morning. Love that kid!

Brookey, let's make a baby :)

Geeque said...

@CableGuy - Boardwalk Empire is the new shit!!
Check it out folks....

DMoe said...

@ Cable Guy -

Love Boardwalk Empire?

Me too bruh...Check out my weekly blog on

Oh and @ Stef - Fogo De Chao?

Is the bizness. But, don't eat 24 hours before your reservation.

Brooke said...

@Cable Guy,

Done...went back and posted the Jimmy Fallon/Timberlake joint just for you :) Don't feel like posting Wayne Brady and Tyson...that's overkill :)

@Princess, can't wait to see you Monday! And Ibrahim is on a cusp, not a Libra, but a Scorpio :)

oh...and let's not Cable Guy :)

The Cable Guy said...

thanks for the link DMoe, will go check it out. That show is a can't miss for me now.

@Brooke, you don't want to make a baby with me? I make cute babies!

I bet Yolanda would make a baby with me.

Brooke said...

@Cable Guy,

I bet'cha she WON'T. How many times has Yolanda written on this blog that she is NOT birthing any babies? Pay attention dude :-)

And it takes alot more than making a cute baby to make me wanna lay down with someone, let alone CONCEIVE with them :-)

Not that you don't have a cute kid or anything...or a nice set of teeth :-)

Stef said...

@Cable Dude,


And Yolanda doesn't want you either homie!

LOL@ "nice set of teeth."

Janet said...

In that case Stef, why dont you let him get at you!!!

Stef said...


NOBODY wants him! Not me either! LOL!

The Cable Guy said...


Stef is a hater, I don't date haters :-) LOL!

Mr. Ford said...

Stef is a HATER, pass it down!! :-)

Annamaria said...

Brooke for the 1000th time... let the cable dude hit it...LMAO

I think Stef secretly wants the cable dude...

My jury is still out on Boardwalk Empire... I'm not totally in love with it but then again that's how I was with 6 feet under...

Thug Fo Life said...

Stef be HATING!! Pass it down!

Geeque said...

@Brooke - Give Cable Guy a chance!!!

Stef said...

I think Janet, Mr. Ford and Thug Fo Life are all the same person - who secretly WANT ME! LOL!

@Cable Guy - whatever.

@Annamaria, I don't want him. We have a healthy, fun hatred for each other :)

The Cable Guy said...

Yeah Brooke, give me a chance! I can hit it later ;)

Jaz said...

Does Brooke even know what the cable guy looks like? Do any of us? LOL!

Thug Fo Life said...

@Stef - You already know I'm trying to get at you...

Annamaria said...

Brooke knows what the cable guy looks like..... :)



Yolanda said...

@Cable... will this baby get me free cable FO LIFE?

Can I give YOU the baby once I'm done pushing it out?

Will you pay for my post-baby tummy tuck?

The Cable Guy said...


Yes, yes, and YES :-)

But that's only if Brooke really means NO LOL!

Stef wants me.

Janet said...

@CableGuy - Yes Stef does...

Stef said...

If I want Cable Guy, then so does Janet and Annamaria! Everyone can see that Brooke doesn't want him, but all of a sudden, because I simply say what we ALL know, I want him now? I don't even know what he looks like!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Thanks for the anniversary wishes those who gave 'em. It's been a GREAT year with her.

- I did an interview with the Buffalo Bills (ugh) and then went to a high school to interview the high school athlete of the week. This little girl was so humble and grounded and appreciative...I wish EVERYONE could be as well-raised as she was.

- Jamming to Linkin Park today...

- I detest coffee. I won't let my girl have more than 1 cup if I'm over - and most times, she won't even try to do THAT cuz of how I react to it. Yuck.

- @ Stef - really? I can't see what I'd buy that would equal up to that much in a dollar store - a good one or bad one (I don't tend to go in the hood ones, honestly).

- Carl Paladino - candidate for governor of New York state - is plum loco. Seriously.

- Regina King. Ain't nothin' wrong with THAT.

- I find it funny when people at my job are surprised I can do certain things better than them...

- I was jamming to Me'Shell Ndegeocello last night. She's GREAT.

- Good list, DMoe!

- my football team that I play on sucks this year, cuz they won't switch QBs. We ALWAYS lose due to the QB. I'm switching to another team in the fall...they're way too cool with losing. I'm not. And people have been recruiting me for eons...

- Moscato tonight.

- Fat Joe is f'd up the way he craps on everyone around him - he's a user. But his 1st album and the J.O.E. album? CLASSICS.

Possibly More After The Break...

Jaz said...

So what does he look like Brooke? LOL!

Annamaria said...

@Cable Dude..No Offense but I don't want you.. I only want my fiancee....and maybe LL Cool J...LMAO

@Stef..It's like in Kindergarten you like the cable guy so you cyber hit dissing

Yolanda I LOVE your conditions

Annamaria said...

Oh and Congrats Rameer

The Cable Guy said...

@Annamaria, no offense taken. I never said you wanted me, that was Stef's hatin' ass. And I don't want you either :) LOL!

Stef, you want me.

Yolanda said...

I'll also need a "push gift," preferably with some mix of diamonds and natural emeralds (none of that lab-created stuff).

Congrats on the anniversary, Meercat *puts on Tony! Toni! Toné!*

Great list DMoe! I especially love when you do go-go lists!

I need to put Boardwalk Empire in my DVR list, since I'm paying for this HBO stuff.

I got TWO zits on my chin! What am I...a 14 yr old? I don't "DO" acne. EVER! Must be the moisturizer.

I love when the Meer name drops and people get their pannies in a twist. Not that he's name dropping on purpose or to be pretentious (ooh, SAT word!) but the isht is hilarious...especially on Facebook among people who don't know him!

I.Need.Shoes! Zappos here I come.

The Cable Guy said...

Damn, you need a "PUSH" gift too!? Geez! Okay, never mind.

jokes :)

well, not really.

Yeah Brooke, what do I look like?

Stef said...

okay, so I'm slow, but I'm just now seeing the Jimmy Fallon thing. Funny!

No, we're not at recess Annamaria, and I'm not after Cable Guy. I don't go after dudes sight unseen :) LOL!

Yolanda said...

Well, if I'm going to be your 2nd choice baby mamma, Cable, then yes... I want it all!

The Cable Guy said...

But you don't even want babies Yolanda! And free cable for life isn't a good enough "push" gift?!

Nobody plays with Stef at recess.

Yolanda said...

I'll take some stepchildren though.

I've said I didn't want kids since I was about 15. But, I'm 32 now and I've always been single (give or take a few, ahem, friends with benefits here and there) who knows what I'll want down the road.

But I know one thing... I WILL want that tummy tuck.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Yolanda - yeah, I don't get it. I don't care that much...don't understand why some *do*.

Oh well - activates and feeds my ego...

- Soooo...I work on this graphics package for our newscasts all morning...begging people to give me specifics...they say it's okay...then come back to me and ask me in a round-about way to change the whole effin' thing. UMMMM...that's why I told you to type out exactly what you want! Dumb arses...ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

- Thanks for the congrats, everyone. I appreciate it!

- I detest the F**KERS up here who always whistle. Serious - it's annoying. It makes me want to punch them.

- Chicken Parm tonight for dinner. Mmm.

- I want to watch Where The Wild Things Are again. LOVE that film.

- Mmm. Honeydew.

- I need to get The Muppet Movie on DVD.

- My sister loved the cartoon "Gummi Bears" as a kid - and now she doesn't remember them! Wtf??

- But she remembers "Double Dare"??

- I wish I could go back in time. I really is too short and passes too quickly. Appreciate what you have now, y'all - it'll be gone before you know it.

- RIP Tony Curtis.

- I need to start hinting at Sweet Potato Pies from my mother...

- Just got paid. But it's NOT Friday night...

Brooke said...

For all that want to know, Cable Guy is VERY handsome...and I wasn't trying to be funny about his nice set of teeth - he really DOES have a nice set of teeth. Amazing smile.

Yolanda said...

Good teeth? Ya don't say.
That's my weakness.

*shows a little leg to Cable Guy*

-funky coffee breath man is TALKING RIGHT NOW (I believe I smell is breath from behind my head, my back is to him)

-3 people are trying to talk me into jobs I don't want. Beggars can't be choosers, I reckon. But damn... can a sista get what she wants. Le sigh.

-Soooo, what are the anniversary plans Rameer? Will you be donning a Speedo? LOL

Brooke said...

LMAO!!! picturing Rameer in a Speedo :-)

Jaz said...

So if he has an amazing smile, then why won't you give him a chance?

Brooke said...

Takes more than a Hollywood smile to get me Jaz :)

The Cable Guy said...

I'm working on it...slowly wearing her down Jaz. She'll realize she loves me soon enough :)

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Lunch next week. Suuuuuure, right. My bad mood is caused by stupid people. Ain't nothing worse than a stupid person to mess up your day.

I'll have something on deck for TMI Tuesday, but if Domina*tricks is set for something raucous, let her run with it

hide yo kids, hide yo ass, run from that

Grey's Anatomy needs a REALLY fine female doctor on the show. They got a bunch of cute. They need some "oh damn!!" Honestly, i think Callie is probably the hottest on the show followed closely by her lesbian lover and little Grey. Am I wrong? did I miss someone?

Pissed Kanye cancelled Good Fridays this week because someone leaked one of his album cuts. Shit those songs are amusing and mostly good on Friday

DELONE said...


annamaria said...

LAST LOSERS!!!! Hahahahaha

DELONE said...

Damn! I can't even get that prize.

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