Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- John Legend and The Roots tonight at Terminal 5! Yeah!

- I missed all the season premieres last night messing around with Deebo. Dang it!

- Why do people feel the need to update their relationship status as "It's Complicated" on Facebook? Either you are or you aren't....and if you're not sure, why should WE care?

- I copped a Vick jersey last year when they were only $20. Feelin' kinda saavy right about now :)

- Speaking of Vick, this was not cool.

But then again, I'd expect nothing less from a tabloid. I wonder what the headlines would read if he took us to the playoffs.

- Love Indian Summer weather :-)

- I have to replace my phone already. I have no idea why I can't keep a phone from getting wet.

- We only have Deebo once a week now - have to figure out what to do on the days we don't have him so I don't get :-)

- I still haven't renewed my car registration. Will definitely do it today.

- I have to see The Town. I've heard nothing but good things about it so far.

- I love really dark nail polish, but hate when it chips.

- NeYo was here yesterday but I didn't get a chance to meet him :-( LOVE NeYo!

- Braylon Edwards is an idiot. And not just because of the ridiculous beard. Loved the Jets win last weekend though!

- I won my fantasy football game! I thought I won the first game, but I was half a point!

- I'm kinda feelin' Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair." She sounds grown, and a bit RiRi'ish, but I dig it!

- Is it too soon to ask who's having a Halloween party?

- I put my FOOT in that cheesecake last weekend. The Passion Party was so much fun! I'd post pics, but the women may not appreciate that. Well...that...and I can't find the USB cord that connects my camera to the computer :-)

- B's throwback!




Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches!

The Fury said...

first bitches!

Anthony Otero said...

I feel bad for you fury...i really do.a

Brooke said...

You all are up late....or early?

Fury...lunch next week?

Anthony Otero said...

- I do miss ya'll. Been busy at work

- I am up late writing. I do have a 30 day challenge on my blog.

- Not surprised about the Eagles ad this move...watever!

- I loved Big Daddy Kane. He was the man back in the day. I was just singing this song the other day too...

Transformin on stage like a Decepticon. But I'm not animated like a cartoon. I'm for real, shootin lyrics like a harpoon..

The Fury said...

Sonuvabitch! Damn blog errors and Latinegro beats me by seconds.

Second mthrfckrs!

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Sounds good. I was waiting by The Fury line, but you no holler. LOL

it's late at night and I'm acting stupid on twitter

the Joaquin Phoenix/David Letterman interview was good..and slightly uncomfortable. Dave got at him for playing the prank on his show then putting it in the movie

I'm happy Joaquin was just joking about becoming a rapper

30 days? man I wish I would. That's some marathon ish.

I need to learn how to post shorter stories sometimes, maybe tonight

Don Draper nightcap FTW!

@Annamaria - next time you tweet about passion parties give some more info so I can retweet ya

what's a good snack food that goes with hard liquor at 12:49 AM?

Brooke said...

hard liquor? what's THAT about?

I just finished making chicken for my lunch and I want to eat it now - dang it! :(

I will hit the Fury line over the weekend to confirm our lunch :)

I need to be sleeping...watching Living Single on TV One. Well, it just went going to bed now...see you in the "real" morning :-)

You both need to go to bed - especially YOU Fury...actin' up on Twitter. You too Ant!

Anthony Otero said...

Fury...u on twitter? let me find out!

The Fury said...

@Brooke - hard liquor is about losing yourself in the devil's substance...or just getting tipsy for dolo. What kind of chicken did you make? Well, answer that in the morning I guess..LOL

@Latinegro - You're on twitter? I'm gonna look you up and heckle you every time you tweet some nice guy stuff like you blog. LOL

Yolanda said...

Fury's Twitter is dangerous. Don't get sucked into the vortex!

Annamaria said...

OK WHY was ya'll all up in the middle of the night? Am I the only one who likes to sleep???

Anywho the passion party was AWESOME. Thank you ladies I had a BLAST. Brooke your cheesecake & them wings were the BOMB.

My DVR was acting up & didn't record about 3 days of shows. I may kill someone.. CABLE GUY

I am CRAZY busy... My part time job wants me to become a FULL TIME employee...

I am FULL ON a passion party consultant. I need some more parties for Oct & Nov... SO anyone who is interested let me know the date please...

And I just signed on to run my friends clothing company. Good things coming from the fall/winter 2010 line of Doralina!!! Fashion show & 2 smaller trunk shows this month. Anyone wanting to host a home show OR become a sales rep... Let me know also..LOL

Oh and did I mention I am chasing around my fiesty ass toddler! lol

And trying to plan my wedding to my wonderful fianceee....

But I guess life could be worse right.. So let me say a thank u lord jesus!!!

Off to lunch with my preggers buddy Daphne!

Yolanda said...

FYI, I hate Blogger.

Had a nice list typed up, and it ate it.

Oh well...back to work. Happy Thursday people.

More later...perhaps.

The Cable Guy said...

It ain't my fault Annamaria that your DVR is messing up! Sorry Ma!

Damn, Anna sounds BUSY! I thought I was the only one stressed!

Vick jersey for $20??? Word? If they're still $20 next time you go to Philly, cop me one. I'll hit you back with the loot.

Brooke STAYS going to a concert or a game or something. I need to hang with her!

Not a huge John Legend fan, but The Roots are what's you Philly people would say.

Braylon Edwards is a clown. So is Lyfe Jennings.

I'm hungry. All the time.

Yeah, why WAS ya'll up past midnight. Brooke pulled the okie doke on us!

I'm sure Fury is a beast on Twitter.

Don't want Fury to take my Brookeybaby to lunch. He might snatch her away with his super hero powers.

Big Daddy Kane was the MAN!

Stephanie said...

Getting of work early today.... yeah!!!

Why is it when men are having problems with their best male friend they act like little girls? I don't get it.

This weekend I am KID FREE.... party time..

Looking for another job. Thinking about going back to Bar tending. My alcoholic friends are really going to love that lololo.

Monica said...

What's up Peoples!

I am so sore today but I'm sure it will be worse tomorrow. Damn you Deeebo!

I'm alway hungry too cable guy. I think I need to sew my mouth shut.

My birthday is on Saturday! I still can't believe it lol. I might be getting semi-excited.

Is it 6pm yet?

After a year and a day D-moe finally donated to my fundraising page! Just playing....Shouts out to him for taking the time to donate at all. Every little bit counts :-)

Oh and FYI Dmoe this doesn't change anything... I still hate you!

If anyone else would like to contribute check my link

I'm at 63% of my goal and still racing to help people who are struggling with cancer.

who can tell me what movie this throw back line is from? "I'll stick you, I'll stick him, and I'll definitely stick this little janky a$$ bad luck muthaf*cka standing here!" LMAO it's been stuck in my head ALL week!

Brooke I didn't bring my lunch today :-(

Brooke said...


I just baked some chicken. I was tempted to drown it in BBQ sauce, but after the whoopin Deebo gave us last night, I decided against it :)

I didn't mean to post the blog that early...I tried to schedule it for this morning, but Blogger had its own ideas :)

I'm freezing in the office today. It's not THAT warm outside to have the AC on blast.

MoMo's bday on Saturday - woo hoo!

I have no idea what movie that line is from.

Whenever Monica forgets her lunch, I want sushi...not good.

My tan is fading away :(

Stef said...

Hey peeps!

Annamaria is one busy bee!

I wanted to come to Brooke's passion party but couldn't make it. Dammit!

Next time! I need a toy in my life.

Speaking of sex, can I get TMI for a sec? If you're not my man, don't ask for anal or oral sex. And bring our own condoms. A man who can't buy his own condoms and never has any is WACK!

whew! had to vent.

Oh, and cook for yourself if you're not my boo.

love the warm weather - not quite ready to bust out the leather jacket yet.

I LOVE John Legend and the Roots!

I love Big Daddy Kane too!

I need to hang with Brooke too!

My football question was easy this week - what is a two point conversion. I guessed that one and got it right!

Brooke and Monica have been going strong with Deebo! That's dedication!

I need a trainer. And a gym.

That said, what's for lunch??!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Monica's Throwback line is from The Mack with Max Julien and Richard Pryor...

- Came in to work with a light schedule. Now - in-the-field-shoots all over the place! This will be my only time posting today most likely...

- Every technological advancement at my station in the past few months is either directly because of me or something I suggested. Um...isn't that what the IT/computer people are supposed to be paid for???

- I'm really tired - stayed up until 3am playin' fools in Madden online last night...

- Sales dude treated me to lunch, tacos...

- I hope Eddie Long goes down. Not saying he did it - but even if he didn't, he's nothing more than a pimp who is ballin' off of people's faith. I hate those types.

- Big Daddy Kane = dopeness.

- The Eagles are full of it. Get rid of your greatest QB of all-time, anoint an unproven bum, then have to resort to using the QB McNabb had to CONVINCE you to take in the first place?

Wack. And I love how the Eagles management is getting credit for "taking a chance" on Vick - um, no. They didn't WANT to take a chance - Andy Reid convinced them after Donovan convinced HIM...

- John Legend & The Roots? Damn - wish I got to see it. OH well - album's in the car...

- Want some good Hip Hop? Black Milk's Album Of The Year - cop that.

- Witches Brew has been off THE CHAIN today...

- My girl got honeydew for me! She's the best.

- Girl Scout cookies are wayyyyy overpriced. Luckily, they gave me 5 boxes for shooting a promo for them...

- Time to go do work. Have a good y'all...

Brooke said...

thanks for sending the link to the John Legend/Roots album Rameer :)

The Witches have been in rare form lately, for real! Love them!

That pic of the dude trying to catch the bouquet was hilarious!

The shirt I have on today is too tight, so I had to buy another one - or two - at the Gap. Not cool.

Lunch was delish!

I agree - the Eagles are wack for all their recent shananigans. I have to remail loyal to my team, but I hope the Skins murder us next weekend! Go Vick!

I love how some "folks" say we can't forget what Vick did, even though he paid his dues, but for some reason we can overlook Big Ben being a rapist? Really?

Don't get me started on that.

Yolanda said...

-Who broke Facebook?

-Who broke Eddie Long's website?

-Still trying to figure out just what I'm supposed to be doing at work.

-What's my motivation?

-Le sigh.

-Oh, that's right, a paycheck!

-Trying to workout this natural's growing fast but still in that in-between stage. No ponytail yet. Ok, maybe like a dooky ponytail but that's so 5th grade.

-Wedding was AWESOME! Click here to see the wacky photo booth pics (I'm in pic 17, among others):

-Those shoe porn heels killed my feet though. But they looked great.

-Why is beauty such pain?

-Pandora is jammin' today!

-More later...maybe?!?

Brooke said...

I don't have the head shape to go natural. I'd be beating my brains out wrestling with my hair too. It takes too much patience.

So hat it is :)

I thought it was my computer, glad ot hear it's not just me having trouble with Facebook.

The Cable Guy said...

Damn Stef, having sex trouble? :) LOL! Don't tell me football dude can't buy his own condoms!

cute pic Yolanda!

Yolanda said...

Thanks Cable Dude.

I'd trust my own condoms over anyone else's though...justsayin. Fools think they live a Magnum lifestyle but they really don't...can get you all hemmed up.

The Cable Guy said...

I hear you boo, but I don't trust no condoms in the hands of any woman - unless she's MY woman. I don't wanna use anything that's been in her crib...might have some "accidental" pin holes in it or something. And the ones she may have might not fit either, cuz the dude for me might not be handlin' what I'm handlin' ;)

Stef said...

Yeah, that's another pet peeve - dudes wearing Magnum XL's when the regular Trojans are even too big for them. They need to get their egos in check and get a clue!

The Cable Guy said...

oh and could rock ANY hairstyle and still be stunning! That smile...good grief!

Yolanda said...

LOL. So if I don't trust your "too big for your peen" condoms and you don't trust my "might have a hole in it" condoms... we'll just stare at eachother all night.

GreenHornet said...

Dam Stef, having a rough day!!

Stef said...

Not having a rough day, just mad at lil dick men :) LOL!

They know who they are!

But men not really know when they're small? Or do women just lie to them to make them feel better?

Scotch said...

@Stef – Seems like you are having some Penis Problems, Dick Dilemmas, Cock Confrontations!!

The Cable Guy said...

I guess we will Yolanda, unless I THOROUGHLY inspect your condoms for holes. How about if I bring the condoms and you put it on to make sure it's the right size? Either that, or you provide them with the box unopened. Truce?

Brooke said...

Stef is cracking me up today!

Damn, it's THAT bad??

Stef said...


No, I'm serious! :) Do ALL men think they're bigger than they really are?

Anthony Otero said...

Stef! That sucks! sounds like you need a Platano! :)

Stef said...

Where have you been Ant!? I missed you!

Yes, I could use a nice BIG platano :) LMAO!

SpanishFly said...

Stef, let me know when your ready!!!

Anthony Otero said...

Men who don't measure them selves add 3

Been working a lot Stef..

Brooke said...

I think small dudes know when they're small. They may not want to accept it, but they KNOW it. I've heard that small dudes are great at "other" stuff to make up for where they lack...usually oral. But that's just what I hear ;)

Stef said...

Is Spanish Fly a dude? ewwwww...


Well, the dudes I know who are small seem to think they're king kong in bed. Little dudes get no happs from me. Get that lil shit outta here!

Brooke said...

I'm in tears over here, Stef is going through it! LOL!

Three inches Ant? THREE???

that's a BIG that we will notice immediately if you're lying.

Serena W. said...


What a freaking day! Sigh, but I made it.

OMG I remember staying up late to watch Big Daddy perform on the Apollo! Memories!

I want some Cheesecake now!

I'm going to Juniors when I get to NYC!

Brooke I'm glad your party was a hit!

Annamaria I got your email about the clothing line, I'll check it out!

Monica you have a donation coming your way! Can you remind me tomorrow!

5 days left at my job. It's scary and a relief.

Taking time to finish up the book!!!!

Ant what's up with Ced! Sigh.

Made it through this week with the grace of God.

Trying to find a half marathon to do by end of the year! Any suggestions?

I may have a tv party next month. I'm getting Mom's old tv, haven't owned one in 2.5 years! YIKES!

The shredder at my job broke.

A/C is broke.

Computer crashed!

Signs that the end is near at this job lol.

Going to hang out with my friend and her adorable 3 year old tonight!!!

Brooke said...

I wish someone would break the dang AC in this place - it's an ice box everyday!

Serena, you are such an inspiration. You have God's favor and grace all over you! I remain in awe of you.

Remind me when you'll be in NYC again and I'll make you a cheesecake, no need to go to Junior's :)

Anthony Otero said... they would know!

@stef u should require

@serena...Ced is just ugh!

Brooke said...

Ant - if a dude tells me he's 8 inches, and he's really 5 - I'd notice. Trust me.

Stef said...

Oh, and the worst is when the lil dick mthrfckr makes it seem like YOU'RE the "wow, you're so wet I'm just sliding thru" or "you've got a big p*ssy."

It's like "no, you have a LITTLE PEE PEE!" LOL!!

Anthony Otero said...

hahaha! Stef you just killed me today!

DMoe said...

I'm in here!

- Gotta make it quick.

- Work was not fun today.

- I listen to way more Jazz in the fall. Don't know why.

- Tonight? Based on THIS day?
Its Grand Marnier...All the way.

- I'm DJ'ing a Halloween party that has to be one of the best ones in America. The peeps go all out with the costumes. We gets it IN.

- @Mo, I was happy to donate to your cause. If the cause is for you to buy rocks and KICK em sucka!

- Mo's line was from Harlem Nights...The craps game at the beginning...Quick was the lil kid.

With that, here's a Quick playlist:

1.Vivian Green/Emotional Rollercoaster

2. Eric Roberson/How could she do it?

3. Davina/Mercy

4. Chante Moore & Kenny Lattimore/Things that Lovers do

5. Vikter Duplaix/Fade it

6. Stevie Wonder/Superwoman (where were you when I needed you?)

7. Jay-Z/Ain't no Ni**A

8. Black Sheep/Flavor of the Month

9. Horace Brown f.Jay-Z/Things we Do for Love

10. Joss Stone/I've Fallen in Love with you

Stay thirsty

Annamaria said...

@Stef...I should have all the bugs out of my website tomorrow PLEASE BUY A TOY...lmao

That way the lil dick dude won't bug you anymore.

Brooke said...

I am CRACKIN UP at Stef today! She's having lil d*ck problems :) LMAO!

I wanna go to a good Halloween party, even though I have no idea what I'd dress up as.

debating if I should eat this chicken that I made for lunch... for dinner...had soup and sandwich at lunch instead. I'm hungry again.

Yolanda said...

Stef, you've "kilt" me dead today.

Yes, Capt. Cable - TRUCE!

Now, are you inviting me to do it?

The Fury said...

@Yolanda - Interesting usage of language... sucking? vortex? care to talk about it...? hehehe

@The Cable Guy - I'm not that much of a beast. I drop gems here and there. that's all *innocent look*

I want some wings

..and some cheesecake

Grey's Anatomy tonight. After last season's finale with people getting popped, I'm all in.

LOL @ Stef's little dick cracks...hilarity

Dudes buying the Magnum XLs and can't fit them is the reason I have to go searching all around for them damn things. Leave them for the big dawgs, homies.

Brooke said...

I have Greys dvr'd...I'll have to watch tomorrow - that finale was CA-RAZY!

There is NOTHING innocent about Fury :)

Serena W. said...

Horace Brown f.Jay-Z/Things we Do for Love is a classic!

Ant what do we need to do to have an open mic jam session at CBT next year and a real authors pavilion!

I called Ced last month and nothing Ant! Don't you hear the crickets chirping!

Fury! DC now gives out Magnums for free because people said the Durex's ripped and stuff. Wow!

Yolanda we need to do a happy hour soon soror!

Brooke you need to eat the chicken!

Yolanda said...

Happy hour anytime Serena. I'm smack in the middle of downtown for at least the next month.

Um, sucking...vortex...yes, words in my vast vocabulary. :-)

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Sure there is plenty about me that's innocent...innocent until proven filthy

@Serena - Do they give out the XLs??I may need to make a visit to DC. LOL

@Yolanda- vast vocabulary just sounded like I'm good with tongues. That's what the hell that sounded like to me and...yeah...

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