Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, but I was so busy and tired that I could barely come up for air. I'd rather not post anything than just write some 'ole nonsense - but I appreciate that some of you missed the blog family yesterday :-)

- The Jay-Z & Eminem concert on Tuesday was FIYA! Every minute of it was amazing, the crowd was bananas, the performances were sick! I just can't stop raving about it! Best concert ever!

- Next up, Eagles vs. Redskins on Oct. 3rd. I will definitely be in the building!

- Kevin Kolb didn't pass the "concussion test." Vick is running offense in practice and they're still saying "we'll see" when it comes to him starting or not this weekend. Just give the man a chance already!

- I won my first game in Fantasy Football by half a point. Whew! It's only week 1 though, and my quarterback SUCKED last Monday night. Let's hope he shapes up for the next game.

- Why do some men treat me like I'm not a real football fan?

- Passion Party this weekend, can't wait! We're gonna have so much fun Annamaria!

- No, men are still NOT allowed to come.

- Deebo got us good last night. I'm a bit sore...but I needed it.

- Finally got a new phone....I hate learning new phones. I just need to make calls and text - I don't need all that other fancy stuff.

- Do any of you care about LeAnn Rimes talking about her cheating ways?

- Zay, I got your message - I owe you a call this afternoon! It was great hearing your voice!

- I think my breastesses are getting bigger...very strange, and not good.

- It's a nice day, but I'm not liking this new, chillier air. The news says it's 67 degrees right now. I don't like that.

- Doctor shot at Johns Hopkins - what is going on people?!

- Did I mention the Jay/Em concert was HOT!? Okay, I'll stop now :-)

- I had the best time at Six Flags last Friday with my family - I miss them :-) They mean the world to me...I'm so blessed!

- Throwback time! Brian's choice this week - "somebody said you had it goin' on!"




Annamaria said...

first bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serena W. said...


Annamaria said...

Sorry Serena!!!! :)

The Fury said...

The first person with a schlong to post. uhhhhh up in ya!

Damn wish I could cum..uh...come..uh..go to the passion party.

Take pics? Write a post about it Monday :-)

Manning Vs Manning this weekend. Yeah buddy!

This weather is no bueno. The highs are supposed to be higher than the 63 ish!

I wanna see Brooke. Hey Brookey let's do lunch one day.

I need to see a good movie

What phone did you get? Does it take good pictures? You need that on a phone. hehehe

That For Colored Girls trailer is a bit melodramatic to say the least.

When is Tyler Perry gonna come out the closet?

I watched Oprah this week thinking she was gonna do some ill stuff for her last season, every show seems like a throwback. blah

Serena W. said...

RTT Thursday!!!!! YEAH!

BLACK SHEEP WAS HOTNESS! I love the throwbacks!

2 weeks until my contract was over. YEAH!

Had a potential lead, it sounded too great until they said their base pay was 39K or they could offer me 49K but I'd have to fundraise the rest of my salary...

C'MON SON! I'm not raising the rest of my salary!

Looking forward to the weekend!

Went back to African dance class after they took a break that was toooooo long!

Running 8 miles this Saturday morning! Training for the Army 10 Miler!

Looking for a half marathon to run in December. People keep me posted.

I'll be in the NYC in 2 weeks and a day.

Why is Michael Baisden charging $96.30 for the Congressional Black Caucus boat ride tomorrow that honors teachers and those in service?

We can't afford that! Sigh.

Performing poetry at Bloom Bars on Saturday night in WDC. Doors open at 8pm! Should be fun. Come out DC peeps!

Still having fun getting to know certain peeps ;)

Entered a poem for a Literary Exposition. I hope I get in!

Hey I'm published again and you can pre-order a copy of the book Gumbo for the Soul, "Women of Honor--Special Pink Edition" at this link

I have a piece about Mom in there titled, "Abundant Love."

A lot of great things happening.

I just wish Mommy was here to see it. 7 months on Sunday. I miss talking to her.

Next week will be a tough week for me, everyone send your prayers. Next Wednesday also makes 3 years my sister Ayana transitioned.

But I'm celebrating their lives! My two special ladies are to be lifted and celebrated.

BRB good peeps.

Serena W. said...

Sorry, one last shameless plug. My story titled, "I Thought I Was Invicible" is on the Tia's Way website and you can go on it at

Let me know your thoughts. I'm trying to get it published in a health magazine.

This month is also Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Check out my FB page for ways you can get involved and I will post things on my blog soon.

Now I'll BRB...gotta find food!

Annamaria said...

1. Brooke I'm soooooo excited about Saturday. I can't wait. We're all going to have SOOOO much fun! And I'm looking forward to meeting all the ladies.

2. Anyone want to be on my Passion Party mailing list please send an email to

3. Website/fanpages coming this weekend.

4. Any ladies/couples wanting to throw a party send an email also. Anyone hosting a party in the next 6 weeks gets a free bottle of WINE...

5. Follow me on Twitter latina0618..that's a zero not an o... :)

6. Have a business meeting in the next day or so to finalize another new venture..

7. SOOO many good things happening right now I'm afraid to wake up from this dream.

8. I LOVE BEING IN LOVE....Sometimes scary as all hell but very fulfilling

9. I love my mom....Wouldn't know what to do without her.

10. Truly love the phenomenal women I know!!! :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I was reading your FB updates about the concert, Brooke-Ra - seemed like it was DOPE! Glad you had a good time...wish I coulda gone!

- Everyone needs to go see the new Affleck flick The Town. VERY good! I have a feeling it's gonna be like Juice is for us for white men 40 and under...

- Hopefully I can remember to go check out Serena's story - Re, can you post the link on my FB page so I don't forget??

- Black Sheep is THE ISH. Once hung out with them all night...they were some cool ass cats.

- Kevin Kolb got booed 29 minutes into his career as starting QB. He was talking like ish was all sweet during the preseason...if they booed Donovan and Santa Claus, what do you think YOU'RE in store for, moron??

Vick looked GOOD, too. Philly is gonna see what's up with McNabb, though. They get EXACTLY what they wanted.

- That hit Ray Lewis put on the Jets TE on Monday Night Football was OBSCENE. Worst hit in at least 5 years...and completely legal, too...

- The Detroit Lions got ROBBED last week...

- My Fantasy Football team SEVERELY under-performed. Hoping for a rebound week...

- The football team I play on ALSO severely underperformed. The other team commended me on shutting down every WR I checked...but that doesn't help when my team's offense was crap...

- The only thing I care about LeAnn Rimes is when she looks good in a picture or video. got a funny face, but the body can be slammin' at times.

- I'm getting my Android phone soon...

- My girl doesn't feel heat and cold the way I do. It's chillier now, and her crib gets a tad bit chillier than I'd like. Since it's not cold enough to turn on the heat, and she doesn't feel it's cold...I've taken to wearing a Snuggy around her crib. She HATES IT!!! My sis bought me a Penn State Snuggy (her alma mater) last year as a gag, and thought I'd never wear it - but I wear it over there!

My girl DETESTS it. But you know what?

I'm WARM in that joint...

- Jedi mind tricks - I use 'em.

- Congratulations to Team USA on winning the gold and becoming WORLD CHAMPIONS!! This is more important than the Olympics to the rest of the world. And Kevin Durant is OFFICIALLY THE MAN.

- Y'all need to get Kem's new album. For real.

- I'm not an Oprah fan - but why do people always wanna trip when she does something for her fans?? Let it GO...

- The reporter in the Jets controversy? Bah. That chick ain't no ordinary reporter - it would be like sending Carmen Electra in the Knicks locker room. No one would take her seriously...same thing. Most people crying foul think she's on the same level of the rest of the female reporters we see and hear every day - she's NOT. Look up her "work" and pics - her whole thing is to sell sex. Those players KNEW who she was, and were probably excited she was actually coming to their locker room.

None of the OTHER women reporters there got anything like that treatment - and yes, other ones there were attractive.

- The anniversary of Tupac's death just passed. May his soul live on forever in peace and happiness...

More After The Break.

Annamaria said...

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my grandmother's death. My mom lit a candle & prayed for her with Sophia. I really wish my grandmothers would have been able to spend time with her. But I know their spirit is with her. Hopefully Powerz & I can take her to see his grandma down south soon!!!

Brooke said...

Getting a pedicure right now while Monica is getting a manicure. I love being pampered :-)

Lunch next week Fury!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Bless the spirits and souls of your grandmothers Anna Maria, as well as the spirit and soul of Serena's mother.

Serena W. said...

Thanks Rameer. What makes me smile is to know that my mom and sister Ayana are together again.

I can't believe Tupac has been gone since our days at SU...time flies.

Brooke and Monica have fun!!!

This just manager is tripping over an invoice for .26 cents. If she sent it off on time they wouldn't be charging us .26 cents.

Send them a quarter and a penny and call it a day.

I wish Mom was around because she would so say in a heart, "The woman needs to lay off and get a life." lol.

Annamaria said...

Thanks Rameer.

Serena that woman needs to get tased....... And my mom in that situation would probably say that woman needs to get laid & get a life! LOL

Serena W. said...

Now I didn't want to go there, but yes Mom would have said she needs to get some! Lol.

My God!!! People have more important things in the world to worry about and she's fretting over .26 cents.

I made one call and in 5 minutes got the thing waived!!!!!


Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Serena - people are stupid. And trifling. Don't let that crab bother you.

- I just cut a promo for the new animated flick Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole...and mow I want to see it. Dammit...

- @ Fury - I like the old avatar better, bruh...

- My boy swears he has the jailbreak for the PS3. If this is true, I may never leave my girl's house in my spare would mean I'd have any game I want for FREE.99...

- I had a dream about royally shagging a woman I know a few days ago. Now, though this woman is attractive, I have no desire to do this in reality, and wouldn't do it even if the opportunity somehow presented itself (it wouldn't - we're just cool). Still...people in relationships - do you think there's something wrong if you're happily with someone, but have a dream about having sex with another person?

- Am I the only adult who knows about the kids' show "Pocoyo"? I LOVE that joint!!!

- My girlfriend loves to watch shows with super-effeminate gay men giving advice/judging/running things. For some reason, she wonders why I won't sit and watch "the shows she likes" with her. I'll watch any number of TV shows with her - I've seen way more "Real Housewives" and "Criminal Minds" than I EVER thought I'd see - but as a heterosexual man, I simply don't find men acting like or trying to emulate women entertaining for the most part.

So I wind up playing PS3 while she watches whatever the hell is on Bravo...

- I really need SU to have a good football season to make me feel better about us rising to national contender status again in the next few years.

- If you've never actually been around me for any amount of time, I take your opinion of me to invalid and uninformed most times...

- Starbursts. Taste the rainbow.

- Nona Gaye. Ain't nothin' wrong with THAT.

- Whatever happened to Troy Beyer? I had a HUGE crush on her.

- I want tilapia.

- I also think some wine is in order for tonight...

- My girl Stacy posted an old school pic of me rockin' the bald head on Facebook. Ironic, as I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back to it in the next 2 years...

- I still have never seen a second of the "runtelldat" video. And never will.

More After The Break!

Brooke said...

Okay, I'm back!

Blessings for Serena mother and Annamaria's grandmother - angels in heaven :)

I always am afraid to type after I get my nails done.

Rameer, is that reporter even really complaining? I heard she didn't think it was a big deal, but other women's groups were offended - is that true?

Either way, ole girl knows what she's doing - selling that ass and chest of hers...and people need to get over it. Women reporters have been doing that forever, and the GOOD, respected women journalists could give a damn about women like this Mexian chick.

I wish I had her ass tho! :) LOL!

working on it...Deebo needs to get on it.

Black Sheep WAS the hotness.

I hope DOnovan destroys the Eagles when they play.

Can't wait to eat the short ribs I made for lunch today - about to go heat them joints up right now!

Stef said...

Brooke, you can't be leaving us like that...I suffer withdrawal!

LOVE Black Sheep - I think I'm developing a crush on Brian :)

Sorry Brooke! LOL!

He never comments though, how can he give you the music, but not comment??

Sending love Serena and Annamaria's way.

I miss my grandmother too :(

That reporter dressed very unprofessionally and should know better walking into a Jets locker room! But who cares, no one takes her seriously anyway.

LeAnn Rimes is wack for the way she handled her marriage and getting with that other dude. Cheating is wrong, period - how come no one is blowing her up like they did Tiger Woods?

Fury and Brooke are going to meet? I wish I could be a fly on that wall! Only thing better would be if Dominatricks showed up!

is she guest blogging for you Brooke?

I wanna come to this passion party!

26 cents?! she DOES need to get a life!

I'm so jealous Brooke was at the JayZ concert - I would have killed to see that! HOV is my boo!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra - you're correct. She's NOT complaining. She never remotely lodged a complaint to the Jets or the NFL.

The only thing she did was tweet a reaction. But now she's been making the rounds on talk shows discussing it - I have no idea what her take is now *after-the-fact*...

But I know her agent is LOVING the higher profile she just attained!

Oh - and her body is BANANAS. Truth be told, that's why she's known...if she's smart, she'll turn this into some major money-making opps. Maybe the next "Dancing With The Stars"??

Brooke said...

Brooke, I need to see you too! After lunch with Fury, come see me!

that Black Sheep song was the joint!

That reporter was hot tho - jussayin. Her ass is BANGIN'!

My year old son is just like me - not good.

Brooke - your breasts are getting bigger? oh my...

Brooke, I believe you are a true football fan - I met you when you had a jersey on. Wack Eagles.

@Rameer, yeah, if she's smart she'll spin it. If I had that body, hellz yeah!

Anonymous said...

1) i love music..
2) You ever feel like there is more for you to ever ask yourself am i wasting the time i am given?
3)wanna go for a someone i havent been? wanna come?
4)Congressional Black Caucus is my event for networking...cant wait to get it in!
4) I need a haircut...
5) i miss my NY corners were always perfect(it's a guy thing')
6)i hate sitting at a desk all day..
7) However, i love geting a check..thank you JESUS...
8) i met a indian dude today named IqBal (pronounced ickball) needless to say i have been really trying not to let him have it...LOL.
9)Brooke you betta call was great hearing your voice too..;)
10) i love gear...i bought these new dark chocolate shoes (they look black)with the narrow square front..crazy..they look sick with the blowy boot slacks leaning on them.. oooweeee...
11)i hope i can go on the emerging leaders cruise tonight..
12)i'm so torn...i wanna dance tonight...but i have to maintain my jiggy...sign decisions
13)why does everybody at my job tell me about there personal life...Old white lady: Isaiah, i am so tired of my marriage Zay: oh yeah...hang in there Old white lady:I wont give him any because he is shaped like buddha! Zay: have a nice day!

Brooke said...

I AM DYING @ "he's shaped like a buddha!" LMAO!!

I also laughed when I read "blowy" boot pants - LMAO!!!

Zay, this is why I haven't called you yet, cuz I'm waiting on people to clear out so I can laugh. You aways have me in tears when we speak :)

Brooke said...

by the way, these short ribs are CRACK!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

No one answered my question about the dream I had...

Jay said...

I'll answer it.

What up people!?

Brooke, you can't take breaks from blogging, we need you!


I don't think there's anything wrong with dreaming about sex with someone other than your partner. We're sexual beings, it happens. I doesn't discount the love you have for your girl at all.

Have fun at the passion party!

DMoe said...

What up yall.

Here's where DMoe's at:

- My Saints took care of the purple people. Next up? The 49ers.

- I'm starting an Ines Sainz fan club. Just cuz.

- The Jay-Z/Eminem concert sounded like fantastic fun. DYK? Hov had limited edition Yankees/Roc-A-Wear gear sold ONLY at the stadium during the event? Brilliant.

- I love the Bud Light commercials where someone always ends up saying "Here We go!" Always makes me laugh.

- I'm excited for the premiere of HBO's Boardwalk Empire this Sunday night. I'll be bloggin it! (shameless plug)

- Comin back to the Apple real soon. Time for a bite.

- Fall is the most kick-ass season. Period.

- Vick's gettin some hate. I believe in him enough to start him as my fantasy QB. DONT let me down Ron Mexico...

- Its time for a professional change.

- Fall football trip 10' is coming. Destination: Cali.

- Question: Why do politicians run "smear" campaigns in party primaries? You are basically disgracing a candidate you'll have to stand behind in a few months? Da hell?

- Confession: I'm a sucker for what the chick in Macy's thinks I should buy. This week, its "Hannae Mori" cologne for men. SHE said it smelled good.

- Witches Brew blog is ALWAYS entertaining.

- I watched the VMA's and dug it.

With that...Here's the DMoe "I'm all over the place today" RTT playlist. I've included my fave lines just for fun:

1. N.E.R.D/Hot n'Fun.
2. Tank/Sex Music
3. Eminem/W.T.P
4. Kanye West/Power
5. Louis Prima/The Music goes Round
6. FatMan Scoop/Be faithful
7. The Stix f. Corinne Bailey Rae/Young & Foolish
8. Kem f. Jill Scott/Golden Days
9. Glen Lewis/Don't You Forget it
10. Teedra Moses/Last Day

Blow the dust off these 5 joints:

- Expose'/Point of no Return
- Hi-Five/She's playin Hard to get
- Mantronix/Fresh is the Word
- Mac Band/Roses Are Red
- Shannon/Let the Music Play

Stay thirsty!

Brooke said...

I think it's kind of absurd and unrealistic for us to believe that you can't or will never be attracted to someone other than your partner/spouse, etc. As long as you respect the boundaries you set for your own relationship, dreaming about having sex with someone else is harmless.

That being said, did you tell your girl about your dream? If she told you she dreamt of having sex with another guy that she knew, would you be threatened or think she didn't love you?

phillygrl said...

no no stop...I could not beleive what I was reading..RAMEER in a Snuggie!!?? NO I know you said you were GETTING them for gifts, but receiveing & WEARING one too..I'm w/ your girl on this one( lookling sideways)..but then again, if everyone can do the MAcarena on the commercials, I guess Rameer can eat his snacks & watch his games in one!!Lol:-)The HAVE to post a picture of this ..Just for your girl:-) She'd really wild out on you then:-
) .....just jokes, just jokes....

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra - I wouldn't be bothered at all. I take it as she's with ME. Now, if her behavior changed and she started seeing or trying to see the person she had the dream about - that's different.

No, I didn't tell her about it. I don't have an issue telling her, but I don't want her to get "funny". Some women can get that way, and she isn't usually like that - but she DID get that way before when she found out a girl I'm cool with had kissed me before my girl and I even met. I figured why give her a reason to worry if there is nothing to worry about??

Thanks for the input as well, Jay/Hov. I figure it's harmless as well - but I wanted some of y'all to give me some feedback...

- DMoe's playlist is slammin' as usual! Especially including Glenn Lewis - I may be his biggest fan here in the States. LOVE his music.

- I picked up Vick in one of my leagues - not starting him, though. Hoping he has a good game, so I can wave him around as trade bait...

- I kinda wanna see "Boardwalk Empire" myself...

- I want to eat really bad food lately. (Sigh)...

- I got a big jug of cider from a shoot I did yesterday. This ain't any cider - these people have been making it and apple products since 1852. It's literally probably the best cider you can get - it tastes like nothing else you've ever had...

- The Kardashian Empire is the little girls are models? WTF??

- Having football back feels so right...

- I think I get the kids in my family really ready for any fights they may have. I roughhouse and fight with all of them; but when I playfully hit an adult, they always remark how hard I hit or punch. And I always respond - cuz it's true - "I hit my nephew/niece/little cousin harder than THAT!"

Or maybe I just know some soft-ass adults...lolz!

- I'm still struggling with the issue of human mortality idea why it's been on my mind...

- I like Nick Cannon. I don't care what nobody says. Lolz...

- I kind of want to see that spy series on NBC with Boris Kodjoe. Not cuz of him - though I think he's a cool actor - but the woman playing his wife?? YUM-MY!!! And, it's a JJ Abrams show - I love JJ Abrams' projects.

More After The Break!!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ phillygrl - I would post a pic in my Penn State Snuggy, but I guarantee my girl will REFUSE to take it. And it's over her house...

You have the PERFECT PICTURE OF IT, too! I DO sit there eating snacks and watching TV - especially sports - in that joint! My sis got really upset I was buying them for people, and thought she'd teach me a lesson by getting me one with HER school on it. It back-fired once she realized I wasn't upset and that I actually WOULD wear it! Lmfao!!!

If I can get a pic, I promise to have Brooke-Ra post it. I ain't ashamed! Lmfao!!!

Brooke said...

Fall is the second best season :)

And yes, I knew they were selling limited edition HOV stuff at the concert (that hat was $50 - but people were buying it cuz Jigga did the entire concert wearing it - and Drake rocked it too) - they sent an email out before the concert urging people to order it. I was tempted, the hat was hot!

T-shirts were cute too :) I may still order one :) you can do it online. They closed all the Yankee stores selling merchandise in order to sell Jigga's stuff. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing!

he's a genius.

That was history right there - packed stadium of people rockin!

The best part was when he did Empire State of Mind and everyone thought the concert was over. It was about maybe 12:30am at that point. SO he leaves the stage and people start to leave. Then HOV comes back out and says, "If you want to get home early, then that was the last song. You can leave now. But if you've been with me since Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, (basically all his early ish) then stay awhile, this is for you..."

Then proceeded to rip it from back in the day for another 20 minutes. FIYA!!! Most of the crowd stayed anyway and stayed rockin til 1am. The best!

I wanna see Rameer in a snuggie myself :) I have one too - a red CNN one - courtesy of DMoe :)

Going food shopping for the passion party tonight - what should I serve? :)

Serena W. said...

Rameer I can't believe they are posting summer institute pics on FB! OMG I'm scared!!!!

Now I want Starburst

My friend is taking me out for Thai food tonight (yum).

I love Thai Iced Tea!

It's raining! I'm going to sleep good tonight.

Thanks everyone for the thoughts.

Dmoe your list is sick!

If you are in NYC the same time I am we gotta all connect!

Serena W. said...

Serve fruit Brooke like strawberries (chocolate covered), cherries, pineapples, mango...those yummy fruits ;)

Ahem...getting happy off of the sensual fruits. Back to work I go lol.

Brooke said...

Good idea Serena - I was gonna do a fruit tray, but I should do a "sexy" fruit tray instead! :)

I wish you could come!

if the weekend you're coming is Oct. 1-3, then I'll miss you - I'll be in Philly for my sister's bday weekend and the Eagles game :(

I still can't get over how good those short ribs were. They were Korean style short ribs from Trader Joe's. CRACK! I love that place, Brian put me on to those and now I can't wait to go buy some more! Yum!

now I want chocolate covered strawberries :)

The Cable Guy said...

I'm mad Brooke went to that concert without me. I'll be even MORE mad if I find out she went with some dude!

My boy went and said the same thing, that it was fire. Jigga is that dude.

I don't think there's anything wrong with dreaming about sex with someone, so long as you don't act on it or lust after that person in real life if you're in a relationship. You can't control your subconscious.

But if my girl told me she dreamt of sleeping with some other dude - especially if she was laying right next to me when she did it, I might feel some kinda way. It would make me wonder if subconsciously she's really attracted to him and is forcing herself not to act on it.

Just being honest.

Brooke, have lunch with me first before you meet up with Fury :)

It's cold outside. Perfect for football season :)

B - you got tickets to the Eagles game too? Where do you get all these tickets from??

Serena, I think you are the bomb. Such a positive spirit. We need more women around like you :)

I wanna crash the passion party my damn self!

Brooke, serve finger food - I love watching women eat with their sexy! Especially when they lick 'em! Don't judge me.

Annamaria said...

OMG Brooke I've had those ribs. THEY ARE CRACK...I just hate how much they shrink.

You better have some wings at this party.. You know I need meat! LMAO TWSS...

Annamaria said...

@The Cable Guy...YOU ARE HYSTERICAL!!! I'm not judging...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Thanks for the input, Captain Cable. I wasn't sleeping next to her when I had the dream...THAT would REALLY be messed up!

I'm out y'all - have a blessed night, and a better tomorrow!

The Cable Guy said...

Annamaria, you are the bomb too! You got an adorable toddler at home running you silly and still got time to sell sex toys? HOT!

Brooke, you have the bomb ass friends, which is no surprise considering how fly you are :)


Speaking of boos - where is mine? Yolanda!?

The Cable Guy said...

p.s. I wouldn't mind owning a Snuggie - I'd wear it too!

Stef said...

I'm wondering if Rameer "finished" in his dream...LOL!

I have to agree with Cable Dude, Brooke does seem to know some awesome women :)

Brooke said...

Finger food huh? :)

Okay, so wings and sexy fruit and cheesecake - what else? :)

@Cable Guy - I get tickets where most people get Ticketmaster! Unless I have a hookup, which I happened to have for the Eagles game. But I paid for the Jigga concert...and it was money well spent!

Yes, the women in my life are exceptional - no question :)

Night Rameer!

Serena W. said...

Thanks Cable guy!!!

Brooke you aren't reading all of the dates I'll be in NYC...Oct 1-5 honey so if you wanna do a happy hour on the 4th or 5th holla!

Must serve wine and champagne at your party! Make Peartini's and Flirtini's! Delicious!

Serena W. said...

Ingredients for


Stir and pour


Vanilla Vodka
Pear Nectar juice
Pear Liquor
Splash of champagne
Stir and pour

Yeah your party will be nice!!!!

Brooke said...

I have two bottles of champagne here at work that someone sent me that I completely forgot about! Thank you Serena for the recipes!

Serena W. said...

You're welcome!!! Food Network baby!

Brooke said...

oh, @ Fury, I got a Motorola Blur. It's like a blackberry and a Droid all in one. Too fancy for my taste, but it has a keyboard as well as a touch screen - which I need. My last phone was a touch screen and I hated texting on it!

I think someone posted something about Oprah and her fans - Rameer? Anyway, I hate when people hate on her too for doing good things with her money. So she treated 300 of her biggest fans to a trip to Australia - big deal! I think that's awesome actualy. What better way to say thank you to people who have made you who you are for the past 25 years. Granted, not all of her MILLIONS of fans can go, but over the years, Oprah has done some amazing things with her time, energy and money...from builing whole neighborhoods in New Orleans to building a school in Africa. And that's just what we DO know that she did. More people with that kinda power and money should be so generous. That's the reason she's as blessed as she is now - because she gives her blessings back.

Say what you wanna say about her, but she's a force in this world and has been a blessing to so many people. Why some people can't respect that is beyond me.

Yolanda said...

-thanks for the blog shout DMoe!

-Aww, I'm a 'boo' now? My heart is so warm :-)

-shaped like Buddha has 'kilt' me dead

-very jealous of the Jay/Em show :(

-a friend of mine from high school FLEW to Detroit to see the show for a night then back to Maryland. Balllinnn'!

-I still think the NYC shows were better (I read D-Nice's tweets from the 1st show...very entertaining)

-Please pray for my brother...he's having issues.

-I probably should have placed that higher

-sharing office space with a conservative PR firm where they play Fox News Channel all day in the lobby AND in their camera crew vehicle! Argh! Sweet people though. But just once, I'd like to bust in with my Barack The Vote shirt. I'd also like to pay the light bill...

-wedding weekend!!! I hear it's cold in NYC. Not good for these strapless dresses we maids are wearing. Can't wait to rock my shoe porn.

-yes, I too own a Snuggie! And it came with a free book light. FB friends, check my Snuggie photo gallery! I rock that joint with a belt, son! I also use it as a blanket between my sheet and comforter. Hey, it's big enough.
-I love it when the boy checks on me and asks how my day was. Le sigh.

-catch y'all next week! Have a good toy party ladies. Remember...vibrating clitoral action!!!

Brooke said...

LMAO!! "vibrating clitoral action" is the best!

It's gonna be a nice weekend in NYC, 75 on Saturday and 80 on Sunday, and sunny!

But why were there tornadoes in Brooklyn today? Crazy.

44 million Americans living in poverty right now. Please pray for our country.

I'm so blessed! Thank you God!

The Fury said...

I'm super late, but those of you that get updatea will see this...

@Rameer - yeah I prefer the Spidey mask, but hey he's his own hero and I've lived long enough to see myself become the villain. LOL Also if you look REALLY closely at this mask...I think you'll like it.

Brooke -with bigger boobs? Oh my...can't wait for lunch.

The Cable Guy - you do know that if she meets with you first that means she meets me for dessert right? Hehehe

The BK tornado is nuts. That damage is all over. Guess we know what happens after a tree grows in Brooklyn, it dies in the street like some of it's residents.

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