Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- SU alum, say a prayer for Lee Keitt.

- Despite the cooler weather today, it is STILL summertime :-)

- I'm ready for some football!

- Glad Tom Brady is ok.
- This is DJ - Serena's gorgeous Godson! I just wanna love him up!

- I have to ramp up my exercise routine and start preparing my meals again. I wanna wear a freakum dress for my birthday!

- That being said, my knee is killing me today! :-(

- I'm going to Six Flags Great Adventure tomorrow with my family, so I may not post a blog on Friday. Anyone wanna guest blog for me? :-)

- Burning the Koran is the work of the devil - more on that possibly tomorrow if I don't get a guest blogger.

- Lime Chicken Burgers from Trader Joe's are the bomb! I brought those for lunch today!

- Machete was a bloody, but good movie - and very political. Go check it.

- On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself?

- Joy Behar from The View said that women should never turn their naked body to a man, meaning they should back out of the room so that a man won't see her behind. I've never heard that...ever! Trust me, if I'm backing out of a room naked, chances are we've already done the do and you've seen everything already - from the back and all. Insecurity is NOT sexy.

- Brian is making me post this:

Can you tell I lost a bet?

And now for the throwbacks! It's a double feature today - Brian was feeling extra generous I see :-)

I'm over here jammin'!




JUSTBNME said...


JUSTBNME said...

I am tired of tennis.

These tennis players are some of themeanest and rudest individuals that I have ever encountered.

I need more fiber - sorry tmi

I will begin looking for a new gig after the Open.

If one more white person says that Colin Powell is sooo well spoken, I'm going to lose it...seriously????!!

I rate myself a 10 - While I may have a few things that I need to work on...I'm the best me that you're going to get.

I miss my babies and hubby. I've been in a hotel for work for the past 2 weeks.

I need a home cooked meal....

Yolanda said...

Aww man, I coulda been first.

-I'm so tired lately... don't know why.

-Got a 7 wk project producing midterm election specials. Woot woot! Praying a full time gig is right around the corner.

-Wedding next weekend... gotta get my dress fixed. It's waaay to big in the boob area.

-This guy who wants to burn Qurans has admitted he's never actually read one. What an idiot.

-"Hoarders" was soooo good this week!

-I have been slacking off on my gymness. I suck. But, I'm going this afternoon. #lesigh

-I have been cooking a lot this week... I'm Betty Crocker all of a sudden, but I'm making healthy stuff (ok, the potato salad wasn't...but it was good).

-Had a wonderful get together with a woman who's like a mentor to me in my career... I left with so many ideas I couldn't sleep. Love when that happens.

-Thinking about starting a Tumblr page but I don't really need any more distractions.

-I just read a survey that fat guys are better in bed. Hmmm. (

-I would really like a vacation. Like a real, long one with a nice beach or something.

-Off to get my sweat on :-) More later... maybe.

Monica said...

It's only thursday!??!! UGH Coming back from vacation in the middle of the week is just NOT a good idea. The hours are oooozing by lol.

I must go grocery shopping this weekend! Brooke I have to make a promise to cook lunch and dinner for the rest of the month.

Can't believe my birthday is in 2 weeks....but what I really can't believe is that I don't really care.

fiber does the body good lol.

I need to find the motivation to work out...I'm soooo NOT feeling it right now.

Saturday needs to hurry up and get here! lol

Annamaria said...

1. You can't just be first NICELY??? WTF is that??? LOL We need some attitude from whoever is first FYI.

2. I'm exhausted. Haven't been sleeping well the past few days... Sophia likes whining in the middle of the night... :(

3. It's cold as all hell today. How do you go from 92 to 52??? lol

4. Gotta go back to my excersise routine. I fell off... TWSS

5. I haven't been to Six Flags in YEARS... I would love to go.

6. That heathen (because he is no man of god) in Florida deserves a taser to his COLON for even thinking buring the koran or ANY book of any religion is acceptable.
A part of me is even angrier because even though I am not Muslim I think a lot of people are brushing it off & not as upset as they would be had that been someone burning the bible... heck I think the constitution would have gotten more reponse.


8. Sophia is officially walking around. Now she's in her exploring phase. Which means now I need one of those taser guns for long range! :)

9. She says HI...

10. Takers... GREAT MOVIE...and can I just say YUUMMMMMMY... I mean wonderful actors...LOL

11. Right now I'd rate myself about a 6 to a 7... Sooo not where I want to be with myself on a few levels...BUT I'm getting there

12. Feels weird to be at work on a Thursday.

13. Gonna feel even weirder tomorrow...LOL

Brooke said...

Monica, go food shopping!

I have plenty of food in my freezer, I just need to cook it.

Colin Powell was EXCELLENT on The View. He addressed the Koran burning stunt and made plenty of sense in saying how wrong it was and the reasons why. Unfortunately, racists can't be reasoned matter how wrong they KNOW it is.

Barbara Walters tried to say she didn't think the "mosque" at (a few blocks away from) Ground Zero wasn't about race, but about people's fear of terrorism. She's an idiot. Christians, Jews and every other religion have executed an acts of terrorism in the name of "God" yet no one has any issues with building churches, synagogues or temples.

And like Annamaria said, if we were burning bibles after the Oklahoma City bombings, there'd be an uproar.

She also said she doesn't think the Arizona law profiling immigrants at the border is about race - even though it specifically targets Mexicans - but more about "jobs being taken away. Yet, the jobs that most immigrants get are ones that no American wants to do. Canadians, Europeans, etc. come over here all the time and their "visas run out" and no one cares. But if you're brown - they're looking for you.

Please don't get me started.

Thanks for watching Hoarders Yolanda! The ratings were great Monday night!

Annamaria, feel free to come with us to Great Adventure!

Annamaria said...

@ Brooke: I can't I actually have to work tomorrow! :(

I don't know WHY they don't leave the mexicans the HELL alone...
A mexican has never made the news for blowing up anything, burning down shit or being a mass murderer... The most they do is get drunk & sometimes beat their wives but then again that's most of us hispanics... And they do ALL the jobs CAUCAISIANS don't wanna do... IF they get rid of all the mexicans are these caucasians going to start mowing laws, cleaning their own damn houses & raising their own goddamned bad ass kids????

Bastards! lol

The Fury said...

That mosque is further from the WTC than the strip clubs. Trust me, I know. One of the clubs has a stock ticker behind the main stage.

JUSTBNME please be rude, crass and slightly vulgar when capturing the first crown, thank you.

Damn Spiderman's lawyers sent me a cease and desist on wearing his mask. That's aiight though, my new one arrived in the mail this morning.

Friend me on Facebook! I'm updating status messages again

Brooke's bad knees are not good for business. Shall I place pillows on the floor when we meet?

Burning any Holy book is horrible. I wonder if that so-called pastor knows that Jesus appears is in the Qu'ran ...I'm certain he doesn't.

@Yolanda - Interesting article on the fat guys. What's more shocking was that the thin guys lasted an average of 108 seconds...*grabs donut* I don't have that issue.

What about Domina*Tricks for tomorrow???

That naked chick at the beginning of Machete was fwione!


I need a new suit. Like jacket and pants, not the skin tight supervillain kind.

Heyyyy Monica! Welcome back.

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

Here's what I am today:

- Tired as hell. Stayed up waaay too late last night. Who the hell am I, Batman? Jeez. And guess why? Downloading music. OK, I admit - I have a problem. I'm on iTunes seeking help RIGHT NOW.

- Excited as hell. My Saints play tonight, and I hope the Bayou Boyz (A) Show up - and - (B) Show out on the Purple people. Minnesota's cool for 3 things: Prince, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Otherwise, the land of 10,000 lakes can kick rocks with bare feet.

- Irritated as hell. Burning the Koran? C'mon man...You f**kin with a holy hornet's nest. We don't want NONE of the foolishness that will ensue if those images are broadcast across the muslim world.

- Nervous as hell. My mini-me's soccer season starts Saturday, and I think she's ready to bring it. Meanwhile, her team's star player, Brooke, became a free agent and switched squads. Thank the dear lord her new team isn't in our league. She's the closest "8-year old girl-to-Kobe-Bryant's-killer instinct" I've ever seen.

- Entertained. With BET's "My mic sounds nice" doc on Women in Hip Hop. It was well-done and informative.
DYK? Angie Stone was a pioneer Female MC, and Sheryl Lee Ralph was on the mic in the B-boy classic, "Beat Street"?

With that, here's a DMoe RTT playlist (and the dance to do when you listen) strictly for the great chick MC's in my collection:

1. Sweet T/It's Like That Yall.
(Do the Wop, per T's instructions)

2. MC Lyte/Paper Thin.
("Cabbage Patch" mandatory "Reebok" - optional)

3. Da Brat/Funkdafied.
(Standard head nod is best)

4. TLC/What About your friends
(This song was made for the "Bart Simpson")

5. Lil Kim/No Time.
(Dancer's choice)

6. Foxxy Brown/Get me home.
(Pull him/her close, and crack a smile...Its the end of the night. Dance accordingly)

7. Digable Planets (Ladybug Mecca)/Rebirth of Slick
(Dancing not applicable)

8. Missy Elliott/Work it
(Dancer's choice)

9. EvE/Let me blow ya mind
(Standard Head nod)

10. Lauryn Hill/Fu-Gee-La
(Apply reggae "circular" step dance here)

Honorable mention to those who didn't make the list like Boss, Rage, Oaktown 357, Trina and Roxanne Shante.

Stay thirsty muchachos.


Stef said...

Loved the playlist DMoe! You've been MIA! Love your lists!

It's always "people of the church" who get it on their minds to do dumb shit like burning holy books. What an asshole - and the media actually gives this man attention? Any media outlet that broadcasts this mess is just as bad as he is.

First Amendment my ass, he's inciting violence.


Brian made you post that Kobe clip? Boooo!!! LOL!

It's cold today - not cool.

I may need to friend Fury on FB.

Now I want donuts.

Yolanda said...

-Um, can we get a link, Fury. I will totally friend you!

-"Hoarders" is my shizz! It's like watching a horror movie. I cover my eyes at roaches and rats though...that's where I draw the line.

Serena W. said...



The wedding was both breath taking and magical!!!! I had to stop myself from crying while doing my poem!

The piece I wrote for my friends is titled, "Golden" stay tuned on my blog for it.

Not on my blog...follow it!

Sign up for my newsletter while you are on there too (small plug).

I won $3.00 in Vegas at the penny slots! Woooopeeeee!

The Fountains at Bellagio...niiiice!

Carlos Santana ripped it! His concert was incredible! No opening act, just him and his kick a** band for 3 nonstop hours!

Fat Burger is the shiznit to eat at!

Peppermill Coffee Shop has the bomb omlettes and breakfast.

Oh yes I ate and ate!

Went from one end of the strip to the other! Still gotta go back and do things like Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Stratosphere, etc.

It's nice to have a room to yourself, no one rushing you or anything!

Brooke what's wrong with Lee?

JUSTBNME it's nice to be on the road but there is no place like home. Safe travels.

Yolanda congrats on the 7 week assignment.

Brooke and Monica you can do it on the bringing lunch everyday tip!

DMoe...fantastic list! About to do the Roger Rabbit in my office.

Sophia is really walking! Wow!

Fury I can't wait to see your new mask.

My godson is gorgeous (I gotta keep saying it).

Maybe Brooke will give him love one day and post his pic on the blog for people to see :)

My last day on my contract is in t-minus 21 days and counting.

Boss tried to throw me under the bus while I was on vacation. But I caught her! Hmmmph you can't mess with God's child!

Next stop...Virginia Beach this weekend.

Brooke said...


He had a pulmonary embolism (sp?) - it's all over FB.

Vegas is so much fun - I haven't been in years tho...have to go back. I did Hoover Dam and Stratosphere when I was there last - you must go back!

I only need to be there for 3 days tho...tops!

Send me the vibrating chair pic again Serena and I'll post it today!

I'm a guess blogger on E. Payne's site today - go check it! I wrote about what single ladies want... from my point of view that is :)

lunch time!

Serena W. said...

OMG! That is so sad Brooke. He's in my prayers!

Sending a pic now of DJ! Thanks again.

Annamaria said...

DJ is TRULY sooooo cute.. I think I want to smell him & squeeze him... Then give him right back to his own mama...LOL

Serena W. said...


He's sporting his new vibrating chair!

He's a good kid, but changing him is a no no (yikes)!

Thanks Annamaria and Brooke! I get pictures every other day of him.

Brooke said...

The pic is now posted on the blog for all to see! :)

People are working my nerves today at work.

Jay said...

sup peoples!

been mad busy today!

Serena, DJ is a beautiful child. You're a blessed Godmother.

A pastor burning the Koran - has the whole world gone mad?

I think a Colts fan was driving the car that hit Tom Brady - even though the wreckage looks like Tom Brady hit someone - not the other way around.

I'm afraid to follow Fury - I think he might just be for the ladies.

But if Brooke creates an erotic FB page, I'm all over it!

Did the passion party happen yet? Or is that a secret?

Brooke, hope your knee feels better. No pillows with Fury tho!

It's a bit nippy today if I do say so myself.

Yolanda, you'll get a steady gig - I'm sure of it. You too Serena.

Hoarders is hard to watch, but a good show. Congrats B!

Annamaria said...

The party is on the 18th. My business is OFFICALLY up & running.. (thanks Brooke)catalogs, & more advertisements coming your way soon...

I'm honestly really proud of most of the minorities I know.. As much as we hear all the bad stories I can say 95% of the people I know are doing some sort of independant thing...

Brooke: blog & get that BOOK started
Serena: all your stuff..LOL
Johnny B(Sophia's Goddaddy)
Aisha: blog for mom's and starting her own business.
my friend Jess has a cupcake business:

AND me & my passion party business.. And hope to have a few more things in the works... :)

And I know I'm forgetting a crapload of people..LOL

and look at the blog. Most of you are doing something independantly.... :)

Sorry I think I should be a motivational speaker sometimes.. LOL

Serena W. said...

Thanks Jay! I don't mind contract work, I just pray for a great boss next go round.

My staff though is the bomb!

Thanks for the compliment! I gotta send a pic of DJ's big bro Angel. He's 4 and my boo boo.

All seven are! Yes I'm a godmother 7 times over. Sheesh!

I want Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

Also gotta try out this smoothie my friend put me onto. Coco Lopez (frozen), frozen fruit, Rice Milk and Ice. I heard it's YUMMMMMMY!

Serena W. said...

Annamaria you are greatness!!!! Proud of you too!

Annamaria said...

Thanks Serena....7 godkids.. You really are loved! LOL

YUMMMMY KRISPY KREME.. I would sell Sophia for some Chipotle & a Krispy Kreme donut... OMG

Brooke said...

I'll buy her! There's a Chipotle right around the corner - now I just have to find a Krispy Kreme somewhere. I'm going to Philly tonight, and there are plenty there, so maybe I can pick up Sophia on my way back ;)

You all are amazing, intelligent, talented people. I must say, I have the bomb blog family :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

HELLO, EVERYBODY! I'm late...but I'm here...

- I'm on Team Brian for the foreseeable future. Of course, I remember that game as I NEVER miss a Lakers game on TV...what the clip doesn't show is Kobe patting coach Alvin Gentry on the butt after he hit that shot.

SICKNESS. I always say - you can hate him all you want. He'll give you plenty of reasons to hate him MORE every season when he KILLS your favorite team...

- DJ is ADORABLE, Serena!

- Burning religious books is wack. All of these things -immigration, the mosque, etc. - just thinly veiled racism. And people trying to defend it are either themselves closet racists, too STUPID to understand it for what it is, or have an agenda (or are part of one). No exceptions.

- I'm mad geeked for football tonight!

- SU vs. Washington this week. BIG GAME against Heisman candidate Jake Locker (who coincidentally had his coming out party as a freshman AGAINST us)...

- speaking of Heisman...if those chumps strip Reggie Bush of his, they're panty-wastes. That entire school was in on that fiasco, and the NCAA and the Heisman committee know DAMN-WELL there are a gazillion athletes each and every year who do WORSE and simply don't get publicly caught. The entire film Blue chips is based around the politics of collegiate sports...even the coaches who you can argue don't do it are guilty, cuz they willingly turn a blind eye to crap.

- I NEED to see Machete! ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!

- I wish people would stop coming to me like I'm boss almighty at my job. Really - if you ain't paying me to do it, make the decisions YOURSELF and take the heat - stop asking me to make decisions and get involved. I ain't a manager!!!

- Brooke-Ra picked a good fantasy football team!!!

- Prayers go out to Lee Keitt - most def...

- I've been struggling with the issue of mortality lately. I really have...

- I love my family. I truly do.

- Met my little cousin this past weekend. She's so adorable, and so well-behaved! Only 4 months old, too. But INSANELY jealous of her older brother (He's almost 2) if he gets any food or juice. Little girl will tun and REACH for his stuff, and try to force tears if she sees him drinking and no one gives her anything! Other than that, she's a perfect angel.

- A full week of vacation with my girl was great. We got along fine! We never really do have any problems, though.

- Never had Trader Joes. Just had Sonic for the first time last week...I went 2 straight days, it was so good...

- DMoe's playlist is on-point as usual. And though I'm cheering for the Saints tonight, two words about your boy Drew Brees, D -

Madden. Curse.

- My Super Bowl pick for this year...though I'm not as confident since a number of sites and publications have no made the same pick - Green Bay vs. Sand Diego. But I'm not as sure about Sand Diego making it as I am Green Bay - so I reserve the right to announce Baltimore and Indianapolis as just as viable candidates. I'm picking Green Bay to win it regardless - just like last year, it's on the blog for evidence of what I put out there.

Got more work to do - More After The Break...

Serena W. said...

7 is a good number lol! But I have 3 from one and 2 from another. The other two are only children.

Out of the seven I have one goddaughter.

Brookey we love you too.

Annamaria there is a drive thru Krispy Kreme about 10 minutes from my apartment (going there first thing in the morning)!

The Fury said...

Today went by so quickly. Amazing how time flies when you gotta tell Spiderman to go fuck himself royally to his face.


My facebook is

Sorry for the self promotion, Brookey.

I'll tweet your guess blog on E Payne's today to make up for it.

@Jay - It's FB so it's not just for the ladies. My status messages can be, but I have a lot of sexy friends on there so you may wanna roll through to check the party. LOL

...oh yeah and um...why no pillows for Brooke? Man, you're rough on your ladies huh.

@Serena - I love Vegas too! Isn't it just a fun place to be! Man, if I'm ever there when you're there you gotta hit a table, a party and a strip club with me. LOL

Serena W. said...

The strip club is on the streets! lol!

I'll do a table but I love slots!!! Oh yeah we partied at the wedding reception like it was 1999!

The Cable Guy said...

The clip showed Kobe patting him on the the end. Watch again.

That was sick tho.

Jay said...

I'd give Brooke pillows Fury, but not for YOU to use :) LOL!

Kobe's a beast.

Brooke - who's on your team?

Brooke said...

Rameer thinks someone was helping me with my Fantasty team :)

Thanks for the tweet Fury!

Brooke said...


I'll email my team to you.

Serena W. said...

Can someone tell me what's so great about Twitter??? Just give me the run down.

Brooke said...

I can't call it Serena when it comes to Twitter. It's one long page of people spitting out random stuff. Think FB statuses line after line. I don't understand it. At least you can follow dialogue easily on FB - but Twitter makes no sense to me.

Personally I feel only celebs should be on Twitter - you know, people with real "fans" who are interested in their latest work, etc. Or sites like Witches Brew - or people who have blogs or something to promote. But just regular old folk saying random stuff? I don't get it. I think that FB has a more "family" appeal to it than Twitter - which is why FB statuses don't bother me. But Twitter just screams "look at me!" for no reason.

Maybe it's just me.

Yolanda said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jay.

Serena, the baby is too cute.

Twitter is alright. I use it as a search engine. It has it's benefits.

Oh, and I read Fury's dirty tweets.

The Fury said...

Twitter is like a long stream of FB statuses, but technicaly it's considered microblogging.

So folks just chat out into the interweb whatever is on their mind, what they see, what they're doing and u can chat back.

@Brooke- It's definitely great for artists because they can send out new music straight to the fans which happens A LOT.

@Yolanda thanks for reading my dirty tweets;-)

The best way to read twitter is on tweetdeck then it doesn't seem so random. it organizes it for you.

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