Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Countdown to Labor Day weekend - I could use a good three days off!

- ANOTHER oil rig explosion off the coast of Louisiana - twelve people reported overboard and one missing, the Coast Guard says. What is going on??!!

- I'm so grateful that the situation at the Discovery Building yesterday ended with all their employees safe and sound. I have friends there, thank God!

- T.I. is determined to stay in trouble isn't he? What is wrong with him and his boo?

- Paris Hilton says the cocaine that fell out of her purse wasn't hers. Right...and Katt Stacks is a virgin.

- Speaking of Katt Stacks...why do people pay her ANY attention? Melo and LaLa...stop it.

- This weekend seems like it'll be a movie weekend - what to see?

- I feel like I've been spending a lot of money lately on nothing in particular. I have to get a hold on that.

- I still haven't made my hair or car inspection appointments. They are important in THAT order :-)

- My nephews were watching Shaq vs. Justin Bieber, and they called me to ask me if I could teach them how to dance like him. They are 6 and 3 and a half years are they into Justin Bieber all of a sudden?

- Cheryl Burke is paired with Rick Fox on Dancing with the Stars. His girlfriend better watch out, cuz Cheryl copped some jewels from Ochocinco ;-)

- Monica is on her way to Aruba today, so I'll be by my lonesome at lunchtime and in the gym tonight :-( Anyone wanna have lunch with me?

- I've been trying to pay more attention to Twitter, but I just don't get the appeal. I realize it would be a good tool for my blog, but other than that...I really don't get it.

- I wish I was on the beach right now. Especially since Hurricane Earl will probably mess up the day tomorrow.

- A friend of mine asked this question of the day: What is the best money you've ever spent?

- I hope to go to the zoo this weekend :-) Let's see if Brian takes me...

- I think I'll have Chinese for lunch today. Haven't done that in a while.

- and then go shoe shopping :-)

- Brian's throwback joint this week:

The dopeness :-)




Anthony Otero said...

first bitches

Stef said...

Damn you Ant!

Anthony Otero said...

You know you missed me... :)

annamaria said...

1. I am sooo glad that I won't have to leave the house tomorrow with this hurricane....

2. Sophia is buggin the hell out. She doesn't want to sleep, she's throwing tantrums, hitting! Etc..I'm going to shank her.

3. TI is an idiot..

4. Paris is a MORON!

5. Free Weezy....

Stef said...

I did miss you Ant ;)

Ford said...

Weezy is ruining rap, keep his ass in Jail!!! LOL

Serena W. said...




Brooke please make your hair or car inspection appointments!

You would post RTT the minute I went to lunch (sigh).

My contract at work ends in 4 weeks exactly. Off to another one.

Keep your eyes peeled people.

For some reason I'm not worried. God has got my back and another gig will come through.

Regardless I'm taking time off because I need once my contract ends to work on much needed writing projects.

And to visit NYC for several days and catch up with people.

Loving the reconnects I've made over the summer. I've been chatting with one everyday for 2 weeks and it's refreshing. He's a nice guy (ahhhh).

Eating my turkey sandwich! Yum! Had to save some loot for Vegas so I went to the grocery store and bought a loaf of bread and turkey (I'm good)!

Throwback videos are bananas!

My boss has been leaving me alone and playing nice to me (hmmm).

Yes I packed the "get 'em girl" dresses for Vegas.

Thank you is so powerful when it's meant.

Ant what's up my friend!

Annamaria let's hang when I hit NYC at the end of this month.

Stef you're a trip.

TI and his boo are a trip. But it's expected.

Did I mention that I got tickets to see Carlos Santana in concert in Vegas this Sunday! It's going to be awesome!!!!!

YouTube break while the cleaning lady is vacuuming. Catching up on videos. I'm on Neyo, "Champagne Life"

Yolanda said...

-T.I. and Tiny are fools. Ride or die is not something I want to be known for if it means supporting my spouse's idiocy. You'd think he might just wanna go cold turkey post-prison. Just a suggestion, but I dunno... who am I? I don't do recreational drugs. My high is natural.

-Ahhh, Method Man. I still love he!

-The chickpeas I had did a number on my tummy. Ok, TMI.

-I use Twitter for news searches now. Job searches too!

-Speaking of Twitter. Paris tweeted a pic awhile back of THE SAME purse she got busted with last week. But, it's not my purse? Yeah right. Girl, buy a clue!

-What's everyone doing for Labor Day? I'm awful with holiday planning.

-Weezy already has a post-prison concert planned.

-I love that the Discovery dude cited "Kate Plus 8" as one of the shows that pissed him off because it promoted population expansion. Actually, those shows make me want to remove my ovaries.

-Found my shoes for my BFF's wedding...OMG SHOE PORN!

That is all... I think.

Serena W. said...

Nice shoes Yolanda! I checked them out!

Yolanda said...

Thanks Serena.
They look even better on but I can't send that pic cuz we've got some freaks on here.


Brooke said...

Love the shoes!

I have big feet, so I can't have a shoe porn addiction :(

Serena, great things are coming your way!

Let me know when you'll be in NYC so I can hang with you and Annamaria too!

I'm not doing anything for Labor Day that I can think of...except the zoo if I get taken there :)

that Chinese food was crack! But now I got the itis.

Was looking at stories on - don't ask me why. I feel like I'm cheating on Witches Brew, but I was on their site all morning. Clearly I'm not getting any work done.

what is up with Tiny's hair?

Mr. Nice Guy said...

M.E.T.H.O.D. MAN! That was the hotness! STILL MY JOINT!

Good one Brian.

And please, for the love of White Jesus, take this girl to the zoo.

You women are so funny with that! LOL!

Brooke said...

I wanna see your shoes on Yolanda!

Mr. Nice Guy - shut it! LOL!

Annamaria said...

Serena. I'm all for it just let us know when you are here. :)

I love shoes... Went to a wedding last Sunday & the photographer took a pic of my shoes..Apparently he has a shoe photo collection. Powerz thinks I have too many shoes..Like is that even possible?

Yolanda said...

My foot is bigger than yours, Brooke!
Shoe porn no matter what the size :-)

I check MediaTakeOut periodically but I never trust them as a source. Sometimes they just start isht for isht-starting sake.

Pink hair is a no-no. MATCHING your pink hair to your oufit and having your mug shot document your fashion don't is an even bigger no-no.

LOL. My word verification is "FUGMAT"

Yolanda said...

@Anna Mae!

Yeah, me thinks that photog has a shoe pic collection for various purposes. *cue Shake Weight gesture*

Brooke said...

mediatakeout just makes stuff up. The only reason I looked was because someone sent me a link. I don't really like their site. The Witches rule!

I have a size 11 1/2 right foot, so you might as well say I wear a 12. I love shoes, but have flat feet...just too painful!

Serena W. said...

Thanks Brookey! I feel good vibrations!!!!

I'll be in NYC from October 1-5th. So holla if you wanna hang out!

Brian you need to take Brookey to the zoo! Please!!!

The Cable Guy said...

All this feet/shoe talk is turning me on ;)

I must say, there are some sexy ass women on this blog. Jus sayin.

katt stacks is wack.

any dude who f*cked with her is wack. Melo is an idiot.

Brooke, I'll take you to the zoo. Who is this Brian cat anyway?

That Method Man joint was hot tho, can't be mad at him for that. He just needs to stay away from my woman, but his beatz is hot!

What is it with women and Dancing With The Stars?

Annamaria, don't shank the baby.

Serena, you'll get a gig, lickety split.

Where has Ant been?

Football will be official this week!

Serena W. said...

Thanks Cable Guy! Something is coming my way on the job/contract front, writing, menz (lol), etc...

I just gotta be patient.

Where is DMoe and Rameer!

Dang Monica is in Aruba! I wanna go!!!!

Annamaria said...




Yolanda said...

You've got me by a 1/2 inch on the feet. Finding shoes is so difficult. Not as bad as when I was a kid, but still... I should open a shoe store for big-footed gals! (You heard it here first. LOL)

Anthony Otero said...

- Nyger Morgan got his ass laid out last night!

- first week of classes at SU = me busy

- I just got out of a planning meeting for CBT X

- SERENA!!! What up girl. Cedric is pissing me off..

- Looks like I may be getting paid for blogging...

- My 2 Roommates are all moved in and I am straight

Anonymous said...

Yolanda. That would be a great idea! You can call the store Sassssquatch! Peep the spelling! You got Sass, but big feet like a Sasquatch! That is a double entendre there!

Serena W. said...

ANT!!! What's mi amigo? Que pasa?

I left Cedric a message over 2 weeks ago. I'm done!

CBT X! Tell them they need an authors pavillion and a spoken word lounge!

Yolanda if you open that store can I work at it!

Yolanda said...

I quit you.

Brooke said...

Anonymous needs to be beaten - I quit him too!

Big footed gals are sexy :)

there is NOTHING wrong with going to the zoo!

Yolanda said...

...Well, you know what they say about girls with big feet???

They wear big socks!

Anthony Otero said...

Please enlighten me

Anonymous said...

Brooke I agree! My focus was more on the SASSY aspect in the name! Yolanda seems sassy to me from her blog posts! I thought it would be ideal! I didn't mean to offend all you big footed women! Heck I was thinking that on one side of the store you have girls with big feet and the other side of the store you have girls with abnormal small feet! The store would have really distinct clientele!

I quit me too!

Anthony Otero said...

I think Anonymous should change his name to Sassy Crotch

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I'm here! Still on vacation in South Carolina with my girl...those on Facebook, don't post that info on my wall. Keeping that info low...

- @ Captain Cable - Carmelo didn't mess with Kat Stacks. She asked him if he tasted like carmel via Twitter, and he and his wife went off on her...

- T.I. IS a moron. But I'm sorry - his wife being one shouldn't surprise ANYONE. Every time I've heard he speak, she comes off as DUMB to me.

- Take as much time as you need, Serena. But I hope you get another good contract when you're ready!

- Anything Wu-Tang related has a special place in my heart - my crew and I LOVE them, and Meth always was and always will be my favorite in the group...

- That new Kanye West joint "Monster" is INSANE. Dope as all hell...and the first time I've EVER heard Nicki Minaj kill a track. Whoa!

- Can't wait until I grab John Legend and The Roots collabo album...

- I'm dying to see Machete. Seriously.

- I wish Lil' Whoopi got 20 years. With no chance of any new "music" ever released from him again. Harsh, but honest.

- I ain't takin' NO GIRLS OVER THE AGE OF 11 to the zoo...

- College football begins tonight! Yesss!

- I'm gonna murder folks in Fantasy Football this year...

- Sorry Jets and Cowboys fans - neither team is going to the Super Bowl...

- The Celtics signed Delonte West. If you think that's not a deliberate thing aimed at LeBron, I've got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn...

- Rich people kill me thinking they're NOT rich...

- Within the next 2-3 years, I will cut all my hair off and go bald for the rest of my life. I've made the decision.

- I'm rooting for Team USA, but I think they're SERIOUSLY vulnerable. They don't take their competition seriously enough, and you can really see the need for a Jason Kidd/Kobe Bryant-esque type leader on this squad - which they don't have...

- Getting my Droid phone at the end of the month...if I don't steal one from work first...

More After The Break.

Brooke said...

They do that at Nordstroms - have a big sale every year for women with really big feet, and women with really tiny feet :-)

What's wrong with the ZOO???

I like the new Kanye joint too - and Nicki Minaj's verse...I take her in small doses - but she kills that. I'm surprised I'm even writing that.

Machete looks good.

how is the vacay with the dad Rameer? :)

Rameer...bald?? hmmm....

hey, snag me a Droid too :)

Stef said...

oh, and to answer Brooke's question - the best money I've ever spent was on my apartment :)

Brooke said...

My baby nephew is on the phone, talking about "Auntie, I have a hypothesis...."

he's too grown.

The older one told me he wants to be Iron Man for Halloween. When I asked him what I should be, he told me that Halloween was for kids.


The best money I've ever spent was on my education...and still paying for it :)

Yolanda said...

Best money spent = lasik eye surgery!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra...the dad is really cool. Very as all hell though. His house needs to be on "Cribs"...

Oh, and I've been bald before. I actually looked pretty good bald - I was bald at the end of my S.I. session and parts of my freshman year. Serena might remember...a lot of us went through our "Onyx phase" in our class...

- My favorite women's tennis player is Caroline Wozniacki. I seriously am a HUGE FAN...she's NICE!!!

- what's wrong with the zoo? Animals *stink*, and I don't want to look at their caged up arses. That ish ain't nothin' no hetero dude I've ever heard of suggests...and to be honest, the Animal Kingdom at Disney World is much better than any zoo I can imagine...

- The Situation just bought a $100,000 Bentley. He's made $5 million up to now...dude is CAKIN'...

- Yolanda's new FB profile pic is jive kinda sexy...

- Remember Brandy's Timbaland-produced song "Who Is She To You?" That was my JAM...

- I need to go munch on some food. Possibly More Later...

Brooke said...

but animals are so cute though :)

Brian has been fighting taking me to the zoo tooth and nail, but I think I'm wearing him down. But he said the same thing, no man wants to go to the zoo. He said if he takes me, I have to wear a Kobe jersey. I might just have to go with Annamaria and Sophia :)

We'd have a great time!

I can't wait to see Sophia rock her Eagles outfit IN PERSON! I may have to take her and mommy to a game!

Stef said...

A Kobe jersey??? That's blackmail! He ain't right!

Tell him to stick to his throwbacks! LOL!!

Go with Annamaria and Sophia so you both all can enjoy the zoo!

No one ever helped me last week with my football quiz. Again I ask, can someone tell me the difference between a safey and a touch back? My man friend won't give me my reward til I figure it out as part of my "learn football" exam.

Serena W. said...

Who Is She To You is the ish!

I do remember the baldness!!!!! I had an Onyx poster up on my wall freshman year!

Best loot spent was my education as well and every dime I've invested into my book and writing career so far!

I want a smoothie!

My friend made one the other night with Coco Lopez, Ice, Rice Milk, Pineapples and a hint of Goya Guava juice!

Hmmm hmmm good!

My new godson DJ is gorgeous! I can't wait to see him again!

Supposed to hit up VA Beach next weekend to see my sister Shavonn and nephew Dontae! YEAH!!!!

Yes two trips back to back! But it's worth it!

Thinking of taking my nephew for a week or so next summer to spend time with me. Already got ideas for him!

Brooke these kids are grown!

One year a bunch of us adults should go trick or treating lol!

I haven't been to a good Halloween party in years!

I'll be at a Masquerade Wedding Reception this year on Halloween! Sure to be dope!!!!

Rameer snatch a Droid for me too!

Serena W. said...

Safety: defensive position and a scoring play where the offense is stopped within their own end zone.

Touchback: touchback is a ruling which is made and signaled by the referee when the ball crosses into or through the end zone not in control of the team which put it into play. A touchback is not a play, but a result of events that may occur during a play. The team awarded the touchback receives possession of the ball, the team who got the touchback on them kicks it in the punt formation from their own 20 yard line.

Are you good now Stef? Safety is a defensive position, touch back is a ruling (not a position). A running back is a position FYI.

Wikipedia my friend...and watching the game is very helpful ;)

Serena W. said...

Now get your reward and when I see you Stef you owe me a drink ;)

Brooke said...

a masquerage wedding reception for Halloween? LOVE THAT!

The last best Halloween party I went to, I was dressed as Allen Iverson - down to the cornrows, tattoos and arm band. I lost to a woman dressed as a bumble bee. I was ROBBED!!

your Godson DJ IS gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that pic with me, he's a DOLL!

...and to answer your text from last night, yes, it DOES make a sista wanna go out and have one :)

If I knew my baby would be that stunning, I'd get knocked up tomorrow!

....okay, well maybe not "tomorrow" :-)


A touchback is a play where the defense recovers and downs the ball behind its own goal line after the ball has been kicked or passed there by the team on offense. I guess the best example I can give is when the ball is fumbled by the offense in the defensive team's end zone. I believe the defensive teams get the ball on their 20 yard line... but someone can correct me on that.

A safety is when the ball carrier is tackled in his own end zone. The defensive team gets 2 points, and the the offense then has to punt from their own 20-yeard line, so the team who just received 2 points also gets the ball back after the free kick.

It's also a saftey when offensive holding is called on a player while he is in his end zone.

Touchback gets no points, only a safety does.

Brooke said...

I see Serena beat me to the explanation, so the free drink goes to her! :)

It can be confusing if you don't actually SEE have to watch football to get it I think.

Serena W. said...

Brooke thank you so much! That's my boo boo!

Yes a masquerade wedding reception, might I add its formal and at the Waldorf Astoria!

Already got the shoes and my girl said I should buy a new dress for it! I think I will ;)

Stef has more then enough answers and will get a great prize now!

Please post the AI pic Brooke, I'd love to see it!

Stef said...

That was all Greek to me, but I emailed him Serena's answers anyway. He called me and asked me to explain it in layman's terms just as Brooke's response came up. I gave him her answers and the fumble scenario and he said "good job!" so I'm being treated to dinner tonight! Woo-hoo!

I still have no idea what any of that means though, so I'm gonna have to watch a game to figure it out. Thanks ladies!

Yolanda said...


Does he spank you when you get the football questions wrong?


Stef said...

LMAO@ Yolanda!

No, because I haven't gotten any answers wrong yet thanks to you guys! But we're not at the "spanking" stage of our relationship anyway. I'm still getting to know him, nice guy so far :)

I wouldn't mind if he spanked me though ;)

Seriously, good guy...I think I like him :)

Brooke said...

Glad we could help Stef :)


I don't have any pics of me as AI. I wish I did though, I was a cute Iverson. My sister and I looked him up online - he has a site dedicated just to his tattoos - and she drew them on me perfectly. She gave me a goatee and everything. My girl Monique cornrowed my hair, I wore bball shorts and my brother-in-law's Iverson jersey and borrowed my boy Chris' bball sneakers. I carried my own baskeball and rocked the armband...which was NOT easy to find. All that and I STILL lost. Everyone just knew I won...they booed the bumble bee :-) LOL!

The Cable Guy said...


In order for him to spank you, that would require you to be in the doggy style position - and we all know you don't do THAT anymore since the whole headboard trauma LOL!! Are you changing your mind now and reconsidering for this new dude? :) LMAO!

Stef said...

@Cable Guy,

Mind your own beeswax!

Jay said...

hey everyone!

Good explanations for touchback and safety - women who know football turn me on ;)


Are you testing this dude on anything, like his knowledge of Dancing with the Stars? :)

If dude takes you to the zoo B, he must really like you...cuz men just don't do that :)

I'd take you tho :)

Was wondering how Rameer was doing with Pops down there. He must have gotten the seal of approval.

Someone school me on the Droid, why is it so great?

Anyone been to the new Giants stadium yet?

D. West to the Celtics - the NBA is gonna be interesting this year, I gotta say.

Trying to decide if I should join any Fantasy leagues this year.

Best money ever spent was on my education and a few vacations I've had.

I'm ready for the long weekend.

The Cable Guy said...


You're the one who brought up being spanked on the blog, not ME!

Brooke said...


I haven't been to the new stadium, but I'd love to go even though I'm not a Giants fan. I don't mind the Jets though. Someone offered me ONE ticket for tonight's game against the Pats. What am I gonna do with ONE ticket??? dang it!

The Cable Guy said...

You could have given that one ticket to me, DAMN DAMN DAMN!

Yolanda said...

I'd go to the zoo!
Actually, I've been thinking of going there solo or with my cousins (they're young teens though, so the zoo may not be what's hot in the streets).

There are some crazy hills at the DC zoo...great workout!

And Cable Dude... you sooooo want some of that Stef! I totally see it now. You pick at her like the boy who likes the girl in class. So cute!

The Cable Guy said...


First of all, I have no idea what Stef even looks like. Second of all, errbody and they mama know I want Brooke. Always have, always will. Stef is just mad I don't want HER stankin ass!

I just have to wear Brooke down an then I'm IN there!

Not "IN" in there, but you know what I mean ;)

Yolanda, I'd take you over Stef ANY day! :)

Yolanda said...

Aww, I love how you start with "first of all"... I can picture you and your tool belt all in a tizzy.

Love you, Cable boo!

The Cable Guy said...

Yolanda got mad jokes :)

annamaria said...

Before u all go out & get knocked up borrow Sophia. She is birth control at its best. Adorable as all hell & I love her but I swear she's going thru her terrible two's a year early!!!!

My mom wasn't feeling well but she just came from the DR & its only a bad case of acid reflux! Sooo happy!

Abandoned car in NY... Damn

4 year old just found dead tied to her crib. She weighed less than Sophia! God bless these kids!!

Brooke said...

that's so in the world do people treat babies like this?

That pic you sent me of Sophia was ADORABLE - are you suuuure she's a terror? :)

but trust me, I know what you mean. My nephews have the most innocent looking faces, and will terrorize you to no end if you let them :)

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