Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Musical Matches

Happy Hump Day!

I have a guest blogger today! He enlightened us with his "French Fry Factor" blog, and now he's back to give us a taste of his "musical snobbery." Let's go!

Musical Sho E Nuff.

“Music makes me high”….

Now, I have been told...and I sadly agree, that I am a music snob. Doesn’t mean I have some degree in music or I’m classically trained or anything. It simply means that if you like what I don’t, I may look down on you. It’s not fair in any way, but dammit its honest. Now, in my defense, I am open to many types of music and have gathered a great deal of knowledge about music - so I’m not totally unreasonable.

The reason this came to my mind is because the other day I was having a conversation with a young lady. Now, she was very attractive, very intelligent - but then she says, “I think Drake is a musical visionary.”



“I think Drake is a musical visionary.”

….whoa Nellie!

Now, I think Drake is a talented dude...but visionary? He only has one album and she is labeling him with a word used to describe icons like Prince, Stevie...hell even Kanye in some sense.

Which brought me to a question - Can you be in a relationship with someone long term if your musical tastes don’t match?

Not saying that Drake is far from my taste, this is just a general question. Can a heavy metal lover and country music fanatic find love as a couple?

Now for myself , music is very important to me, and if you are my age and all you pump in your iPod is Waka Flaka, Justin Bieber and Nikki Minaj(anitis), then we will NOT work out. I don’t have a syllabus as to what you must like in order to be with me, but I’m sure there is a breaking point for everyone. One time I literally left in the middle of a first date because she said, “Ja Rule is a musical genius”

WHAT? Check please.

Now I have heard people say that sometimes the music is just what they like and not reflective of themselves - but it does reflect... even if it’s a teenie, tiny bit. You can learn a lot about me by what I listen to and I’m sure that is true for many people. The same is true about what people watch, read and wear (gold teeth included).

Now maybe I’m being a little too strict - that is possible - but when it comes to a relationship I can’t worry about being PC…….

- Sho E. Nuff


Brian said...

First Kiddies!!!! LOL

Rameer The Circumstance said...

ou know what?

I LOVE this blog! Always droppin' truth to what people don't necessarily voice...I'm with you, bruh. I'm a music snob as well. To the point that me and my entire crew from college agreed that we could NOT have any type of relationship whatsoever with a woman who couldn't at least appreciate the music of Prince or Sade. They don't have to be full-fledged fans, but if you say you can't stand those 2 artists and/or think every song by them is wack...


I have a wide variety of tastes as well. In my car right now are albums from Linkin Park, Kem, Drake, Eminem, Ellie Goulding, Jazzyfatnastees, Redman, Alicia Keys, The Dave Matthews Band, and Jay Dilla - to name a few. But there are some artists a woman could mention (Wacka Flocka is immediate cut-back material) that just will give me pause. True spit.

This goes for artists she doesn't like as well. I understand people will not be fans of everything, or have my same tastes. But looking at me in my face and calling Stevie Wonder wack is like committing a mortal sin to me.

I'm having trouble getting over the fact that my girl didn't somehow know who Hall & Oates were - though she grew up in the same era as me. But hey - at least she doesn't dislike 'em. Just somehow didn't know who they were...

I'm somewhat like that with films, too. Every dude closest to me knows I have a rule - if a woman says BELLY is her favorite movie of all-time, I have no use for her in life.


Kill yourself...lmfao!!!

Stef said...

Hold up. How was BRIAN first? At 1:48 in the morning?! Brooke pulled a fast one on us! She NEVER posts that early!

Is this the same Brian who took Brooke to the zoo? Cuz I'll STILL cut you! LOL!

As for the blog, I won't say that I'm a music snob, but I can't date someone who listens to a lot of southern rap. I know that sounds bad, but I can't stand certain southern rap artists...and Wacka Flacka and Soulja Boy immediately come to mind.

Other than that, I simply think music has to grow up as we do. If you're 35 listening to Justin Bieber - and you have no kids - then I'm out. I'll think you're a pedophile or something.

All in all, I'm open to listening to anything, but there are few things outside of R&B and hip hop that I REALLY like. Everyone is entitled to like who they like, and Wacka Flacka aside, I would have no problem with it.

Jay said...

I have my taste in music, and of course it helps if the lady I'm kickin in with likes the same kind of music I like - but it's not NECESSARY. If you told me Ja Rule was a musical genius, it may give me pause, but if the worst thing I can say about you as a person overall is that you like Drake, then I can live with that.

I've never heard ANYONE say that Prince or Stevie - true greats - were wack. But if I DID, and I realize I'm speculating here and could be totally wrong - they'd probably be white. I have yet to meet a black person who can't appreciate certain types of R&B, pop, hip hop, etc., even if they don't listen to it daily. I have my iPod and you have yours.

I know black folks who love country music, don't listen to jazz ever and have no idea who Kem, Floetry, or Vivian Green is. They happen to be some of my favorite artists, but I won't NOT date a woman because she doesn't know or listen to them. And my guess is if a woman has Justin Bieber and Myley Cyrus in rotation, she's problem immature on ALL levels, not just in musical which case I wouldn't want to date her anyway.

I guess that's what the author means about telling alot about a person by the music she listens to - but that has its limits.

Jay said...

she's **probably**

sorry for the typos, but ya'll know what I mean :)

Sho E. Nuff said...


Thanks for your comment. Me and my friends are the same way.....she must have musicology knowledge to be a "girlfriend" or anything serious.

Courtney said...

I dunno know about this one. The only time I've really had to share music with a man is on a long drive somewhere in the car. Other than that, my ipod is mine and his is his, just like Jay said.

I've had men give me the side eye because I listen to mainstream radio and the music they play. While I still have my own tastes, is it wrong if I sing along to a Weezy or T-Pain song simply because I like the beat or think it's catchy? I'm tired of so-called "music snobs" turning their noses up at me simply because I can listen to Ludacris and Drake just as easily as I can listen to Em, Jigga and Biggie. If I like the way it sounds, then I like the way it sounds. Why are you all of a sudden better than me simply because I don't have The Roots, Mos Def or Talib cd's in my car?

I'm not addressing that to anyone in particular on this blog, but simply relaying the experiences I've had. I feel that I am an intelligent, beautiful, funny, kind-hearted and overall good person...and if someone won't date me cuz I don't know the lyrics to the latest "conscious" MC's song, then it's your loss.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Courtney - those type of people are EXTREME. I mean, I don't get angry at a woman who likes Ja Rule, cuz - well, Ja's music was AIMED at women. Why get mad? Just like I can't stand Miley Cyrus, but I don't begrudge the 12 year-old little girl listening to her in her Ipod.

My girl and I just went on vacation together to South Carolina. She has XM radio in the car (greatest ish EVER), and since I drove the entire way there (and half the way back), I pretty much controlled exactly what we listened on the drive there and back. Naturally, I played mostly old school Hip Hop, underground and "conscious" rap. She's much more a R&B person; so when something I didn't like would come on, I'd check the R&B stations first for her. I'd put up with a Trey Songz tune for 4 minutes just so she wasn't beat over the head with EPMD and Pharcyde all day.

I'm not the type to cut someone off just cuz they don't like Mos Def and Common as much as me. But there are some examples as Sho E. Nuff pointed out that make me and many other dudes say "hell naw". Example - I mentioned Belly as a dealbreaker. Why? There are plenty of other awful movies, right?

Cuza I find the TYPE of woman who would name that as her favorite movie of all-time tends to have nothing in common with me. She's more than likely not as conscious about things, apathetic, has a lower-class mindset, cares more about Snoop's latest outfit than what's going on in politics, etc. Oh, I'm sure there is a woman somewhere that can be the opposite of all these things and others I didn't mention and still say Belly is the greatest movie that ever existed.

Just like I'm sure it's possible for me to be sucked into one of my video games, just like Tron back in the 80's. Lmao...

I GET that many people won't have the same musical tastes. But there are some things that simply can't be overcome in terms of taste, and it often reflects a lot about the person. I can't stand Rick Ross; but I won't cut off friends for listening to him. I wouldn't kick a woman out of my life for liking Nelly, even though I'm not a fan.

But telling me 2pac is dumb wack and Soulja Boy is that real? Man...what the hell do we have in common? Without doing further research - if you and I are THAT skewed musically, I can't even imagine when it comes to more substantiative things. I mean, let's be real - 2pac was one of the greatest Hip Hop artists, and the inspiration for too many to name. Dude was a complex man; so many sides of him and so much to examine, learn, criticize, etc.

Soulja Boy? He makes "Amos & Andy" go "DAYUM - that's some big time coonin' Boss!!"

Now, not trying to get too deep - but if you would choose the musical coon over a guy even Rolling Stone regards as a Hip Hop Beatles/Bob Marley/Grateful should probably go hang with a guy who likes that type of stuff and has the mindset to like that type of stuff.

Cuz I don't...

Hope that breaks it down a little bit.

Jaz said...

I agree with Courtney, I've had men look at me funny too if I don't share the same tastes as they do in music. But I see Rameer's point, we're just different.

But what I want to address is the music snob who only listens to "conscious" rap, rocks a baldy or locs, like he's SO DEEP, but then has 5 kids with 4 baby mamas. They LISTEN to this stuff, try to drop knowledge on YOU like they're teaching YOU something, but then live lives the complete opposite way. I find that most people who walk around with their noses up at everyone else are hypocrites when it comes to themselves personally.

Just my observation.

Stef said...

How is it that Brian was first, but didn't comment. He was up at 1:48 in the morning! And he's the throwback dude, so he HAS to have an opinion about THIS one! LOL!

Courtney, I totally hear you. Once this guy asked me if I liked the new Common cd and I told him that I didn't like Common that much and hadn't heard it. He looked at me like I was a Martian. Instead of respecting the fact that I didn't like him that much, he went on and on about how wack I was and that his lyrics went "above my head."

I understand what Common says perfectly fine, I just happen to not like his voice that much. I think he's great to LOOK at, but his music does nothing for me.

Brooke said...

@Stef & Courtney,

While I haven't had experiences nearly this extreme, I can say that I hate it when people try to say that something is "over your head" if you say you don't like something. It can't be that you simply don't like something for whatever reason - it HAS to be because the artist is TOO DEEP for you. That drives me nuts.

I've heard people describe Drake and the hot ish. I'm sorry, I just to hear it. Do I "hate" Drake? No. But his voice annoys the sh*t out of me. That isn't to say that there are some verses that I think he rocks - but overall? Not a big fan. I'm battling a headache now because I can't get "Telllllmmmeee what's really goin onnnnn...." out of my head from hearing it on the radio this morning. He sounds like he's whining to me, and I just don't think men should sound like that. But that's just my opinion.

Don't try to convince me to like him. Let me have my opinion. I can appreciate why people like him, and I don't hate on anyone who does - or who likes Nick Minaj for that matter. She's not my taste either, but I think she kills her verse in Kanye's song "Monster." Kanye is another one who had to grow on me. Let me formulate my own opinions and like who I like.

It's the same with movies and tv. You'd think I'd be a tv snob, but I'm not. But the tv snobs out there can't BELIEVE I don't watch The Office or 30 Rock. I can find the humor in those shows, I just don't look for them in my lineup. That doesn't mean that I "don't get" these shows. They're just not my taste. If I don't care for a particular movie, it's not because I "didn't understand" it. It could simply be that it didn't move me.

I understand compatibility when it comes to these things, but I don't think we should "look down" on people and assume that they're ignorant just because they don't share the same tastes.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I think you ladies meet the most extreme men in NYC...which is why I think it's so hard for y'all at times...

But I agree with the "conscious" dude who snubs people for not liking Immortal Technique, but borrows money from his mother to pay child support! Lmfao!! I don't begrudge any woman not liking what I do on certain things - most women will never love Mos Def and De La Soul as much as I do. Just like I will never feel the same "awwww shoot!" feelings a lot of women do when Beyonce drops a new album or when Trey songz releases a new track (dude is aight to me, but he doesn't replace Ne-Yo or Usher for that type of R&B in my book).

I don't think Sho E. Nuff is trying to embody or portray the kinds of dudes y'all have mentioned.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Just read Brooke-Ra's comment - while I agree with you (I HATE the white people who assume you know every episode of "Seinfeld" - I DETEST that show and never watched it), I will say this...

A woman tells me Belly is her favorite flick?

I'm looking down on you from the HIGHEST mountain of snobbery! LMMFAO!!!

Cot-damn flick doesn't even have a plot...I literally threw food at the screen when I went to see it after it was released...

And yes, I know people who like it. But favorite of all time?

***In Chad Ochocinco voice***

Child PLEASE!!!

Courtney said...


No, I don't think Sho E. Nuff is this dude either, but his blog is just the tip of the iceberg on this subject. And he DID say he might look down on someone who doesn't like what he likes - or vice versa. That's extreme to me.


I hate that too. Once I told a guy that I didn't care for The Matrix, and he said that "if I had understood it, I would have liked it." I understood the movie, I just didn't like it the way everyone else did. And I'm not a Keanu Reeves fan. Why did it have to be that I didn't "understand" it? People like that grate my nerves, because like it was said, they're usually hypocrites in their everyday lives.

The Cable Guy said...

LMAO @ Rameer and Belly! LOL!

I have yet to meet ANYONE who thinks Belly is the hotness. LOL!

But I get what you're saying. If you think Pootie Tang deserved an Oscar, then chances are we aren't going to get along.

But those are extreme cases, and I think very rare. I don't care what a woman listens to or watches on tv, because I automatically assume we'll be different in those areas anyway. I fully expect women to watch Oprah and Dancing with the Stars, while women expect us to watch Sports Center and Spike all day. I expect women to love Trey Songz and Beyonce, and they expect us to like Hov. I won't discount a woman based on her musical tastes unless she's blasting Trina out her ride every time she comes by - cuz chances are she's a hood chick and I don't date hood chicks.

I know men and women like to share their music, tv, food, etc. with their significant others, but it's not that deep to me. If we can share the same likes and dislikes, then great. But love is hard enough to find out there without finding reasons to NOT like someone. I think we find reasons to discount a person without looking at the whole picture. Like Jay said, if the WORST thing I can say about a woman is that she likes Drake, then I'll take a chance on her.

Good blog Sho.

Sho E. Nuff said...

I think people are making some good points here. Just want to remind everyone that I said my way isnt for everyone, just for me. I don't want this to become a mainstream vs "concious" discussion either. I believe evryone has a right to not like someone for whatever reason they want, music just so happens to be mine. Some people are snobbish about someone's occupation, amount of kids they have, or how they dress. The point is to acknowledge what we are judgemental about and may not be able to get past. I know my limits and music may seem surface for some people but not for me, just like somone's dress code may be too surface to me. I'm not saying just because they like a certain artist that I don't that they are cut off - but in in cases that Rameer brought up, we may have to part ways. Now if anyone does think Ja Rule is a musical genius, you must also think Milli Vanilli were great

Yolanda said...

I like live music too much to be with someone who doesn't share at least some of my musical taste. If you can't get down with Prince, we have no future together because I will camp out for Prince tickets.

Now, with that said... Belly is a classic in cinematography and TBoz was robbed of the Oscar! ;-)

Brooke said...

LOL! Belly was shot beautifully - like a music video :) Shout out to Hype Williams! LOL!!

I forgot TBoz was in that movie - I have no memory of what that movie was even about.

The only problem with not liking the same music is not being able to go to concerts together. But then again, I've seen many a man suffer through a Maxwell concert jus to reap the benefits of his lady's moistness later :)

A man can like Maxwell's music, but not want to see him in concert. Just my observation anyway :-)

phillygrl said...

Rameer..u may have to tase me with Annamaria's weapon, but Stevie Wonder..I can do without. I think some of his songs ARE beautiful, but I have never been a fan, liked him, etc... I wouldn't be the won shouting put on that Stevie Wonder Jam..not gonna happen..

I also dont' like "old School Jams" --Im just not into it, when that DJ on that Radio Station comes on & says that( even though now a days Old School mean's Biggie, & Kecia Cole's first album---go figure) .....but Im talkin' 'bout old school like Temptations, all that stuff they play on Mother's Day, etc...I just am not into it, not to say I don't have my favorites b/c I love me some Smokey Robinson's Cruisin...., but in general, Im over it, never have been a fan, really;

Now Yolanda---Belly, I agree..the visuals are sick,....& to redeem myself with Rameer...I do believe Rakim is the illest...& my favorite:-)

phillygrl said...

meant "one"

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Lmao @ Yolanda! The Belly thing is sooooooo real with me. My peoples famously bring up this true story from time to time...there was a popular radio DJ here in Buffalo years ago...she now is big enough that many of you may know of her or heard/seen her work (think La La, but not as known nationwide and in the mainstream). I won't drop her name; but she wasn't blown up yet (she blew up after moving to another radio station in a bigger market).

Anyways, I had met her at a party, and was pretty aggressive in approaching her. She liked the kid, and made sure I knew it by putting out that vibe to mutual people we knew. My production crew and I actually were going to film a segment for TV where she made some video picks; she made sure I was coming.

Two of the guys in the crew had always debated whether or not I was full of it on my "rules", and figured that with the body this girl had, there was no way I'd turn down an opportunity with her. So they decided to ask her questions based on what they knew I liked and disliked. I had no knowledge of this...

We get there, film the segment - everything's cool. She wants us to hang around a bit; really she wanted ME to hang around a bit, but didn't want to be blatantly obvious. We get to talking, and the 2 jokers start asking her questions and looking at me every time she responds. I had already gotten her number and address that night; we had been getting along superbly.

Then it happened.

Guy 1: "So, have you ever seen the movie BELLY?"

DJ: "Of course! That's my ISH!"

Guy 2 (snickering and looking at me): "Oh WORD? You love that movie, huh?

DJ: "Man, how could you NOT?"

Guys 1 & 2 (stifling chuckles): "Like that?" "Sooo...could we say that's one of your favorite movies??"

DJ: "One of? That's definitely probably my favorite movie of all-time!!!"

***Silence for about 40 seconds***

DJ: "What? Y'all don't like it?"

Guy 1: "I think it's aight..."

I walked over to her, took out the promo card she had written her info on, and tore it up in front of her. The remnants fell on the console in front of us, she looked stunned. The second guy, the more "ignant" of the two, starts HOWLING out laughter, hysterically. The other dude just puts his head down and starts to pick up our equipment...I told her thanks for the segment, and maybe I'll see her around sometime.

From what people told me later, she was flabbergasted. Said she had never been dissed by a guy like that...actually, wasn't use to ANY guy turning her down. She harbored a grudge against me for YEARS. The two guys said you couldn't even bring my name up to her without her whole disposition changing.

But she said BELLY was her favorite movie.


The film where Nas randomly says to T-Boz, after an already eternity of endless bullcrap we the audience have been subjected to:

"Yo, let's just pack up and go to Africa. Let's go to The Motherland..."

I swear on erythang, I stood up in the theater and SCREAMED "OH HELL NAW!!", incredulous at the proliferation of garbage I had spent my hard earned RSA money on! I began throwing everything in my vicinity at the screen...people in lower rows were pelted with Raisinets, Ju Ju Bees, boys had to MAKE me sit back in my seat, and even then, I wouldn't shut up for like the next 10 minutes, literally having the first and only movie tantrum I've ever had...

Yeah. Belly is the ULTIMATE entertainment dealbreaker for me. Salma Hayek, Sanaa Lathan and Angela Bassett could all offer themselves to me - and if they loved that piece of caca above all else, I'd run the other direction...

Whew. Had to get that off my chest. Lmfao!!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

And, BTW - the visuals ARE sick. But the script, acting, PLOT, and every other thing about that film are pure BASURA...

Phillygrl - you cool. See, I didn't say you had to LIKE Stevie. But the fact you can say some of his songs are beautiful - you good right there. That's appreciating at least something out of the man's catalog. I couldn't comprehend a human being seriously saying everything by him his complete wackness...and then they turn around and jam to T-Pain...

Funny you mentioned Smokey - I would play him so much as a kid, my brother probably has cold sweats about being forced to hear his music on the stereo we shared as little boys...

The Cable Guy said...

Damn threw out the number even tho she had a phat ass? all because of Belly? I'd have beat my boys asses if they played me like that later after the fact :)

I don't think I would have dissed ole girl in her FACE like that, I'm still a gentleman even if the chick is wack. I'd have just never called her. You should have known that was a prank, cuz I don't think I've EVER heard a woman even mention Belly, let alone say that was her joint! LOL!

Courtney said...

Yeah, that seemed a bit extreme to me too. Just don't call her, no need to rip up her card in her face. No one deserves that.

Just like Sho E. Nuff saying he left in the middle of a date because she said she like Ja Rule. I really hope that's not true, because a man that would do that and not finish a proper date doesn't really have much of a leg to stand on himself when it comes to character. My opinion.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Hey it happened. I was younger, and I felt like they were testing my honesty. And it wasn't a prank - she really DID love Belly as her favorite movie. Such is life...

In retrospect, a lot of people like that story cuz we later found out her ego was the size of Alaska - and that incident was unimaginable to her. She just thought EVERY man would fall down and worship her as the Black radio goddess...well, except THIS one. Lolz!

No, I had no clue of her ego, and can't even say I've ever experienced it. I'm sure she has one NOW for sure...but for the people who still know her and keep in contact with her, they tend to say they're glad she had that humbling experience.

Not saying I was right to do it. But then again - I'm no gentleman. I'm American - not English...lolz.

The Cable Guy said...


Oh, I must have read it wrong because I thought you said your boys put her up to it. LOL! Still funny, but not nice :)


Yeah, I hope Sho didn't ask for the check after that either. I guess I'm the only gentleman left in America :)

Brooke, I'd never do you like that can like Belly if you want to :) And Ja Rule too! LOL!

Brooke said...

Thanks Cable Guy :)

Mr. Ford said...

@Rameer- I guess this means you didnt see Belly 2!! LMAO!!!!!

Brooke said...

They made a "Belly 2"?

stop it...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Mr. Ford - my boy Max told me it was even WORSE than the original.

I think a prostate exam with a lobster as the physician is better than the original - so I can't even IMAGINE the sludge that was Belly 2...

No, never saw it - never will!

The only thing that makes Belly even bearable for me to watch presently is certain comedic scenes - which were never meant to be funny in the least...

- like Nas telling T-Boz to go to Africa...

- like Kane from Menace II Society wearing that ridiculous wig and glasses...

- Method Man asking Kane "Who's the illest (Negro) in Milwaukee?"

- DMX. No, seriously - by himself, he's THAT funny.

- the Scarface-inspired scene where the Jamaican dude gets killed.

- the acting.

- listening to people try to make up a plot for the non-existent one presented...

And so on, and so forth...

Brooke said...

I really can't believe they made another one. I still can't remember the first all.

That was like a few a months ago I was up late flipping channels and saw "Trois 3"...I didn't even know they made a "Trois 2"! I fell for the okie doke and watched it anyway - always happens to me...

I've been sitting here trying to figure out what my dealbreakers are, or what a man might have going on that would make me "look down" on him since Sho says that was the point of the blog. I couldn't think of anything for a while - then it hit me. If a man has tattoos on his face and/or gold fronts - I don't even see you. You may be the greatest guy in the world and I would never know it. Can't do thuggery. Cornrows and fronts, etc...can't do it.

Stef said...

LOL @ Brooke! LMAO!

no thugs huh? I can't do them either...anymore!

I used to think that was sexy - but then I grew up. Any woman over 25 who thinks that is sexy is hood.

Do people still even get gold fronts in their mouths anymore? I mean, besides Young Money?

Brooke said...


I just don't see the point. I may be completely wrong in my assessment, but all that nonsense screams immaturity to me - because why do it as a grown up person with a job and bills to pay? Are gold fronts supposed to be a sign of wealth? What is that? Are you wearing a do-rag outside because you wanna keep your waves right and your cornrows tight? A tattoo on your face makes me think you had no intention of getting a job where you need to be seen by other people. Unless you are Mike Tyson and a bit crazy, I see no point to it - which makes me automatically think you're an idiot.

Again, I know it's wrong - but I'm jus sayin.

And what male over the age of 12 is wearing cornrows? Unless you're Allen Iverson, why do it? If you think it's sexy or attractive to women, then all that says to me is I'm not the type of woman you want to attract. And you'd be correct.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Stef - yes. Yes they do.

I can take you to a gazillion hoods in a gazillion cities and show you fools with gold and platinum covered teeth. If they finally stopped doing that in the hoods and ghettos of NYC, bless 'em - but they ain't stop in Cleveland, Detroit, Chi-town, Maryland, and the ENTIRE South...

@ Brooke-Ra - SO FUNNY - you mention Trois. I remember when the original was coming out, there was this HUGE grassroots campaign for us to "support a good Black film" when it hit theaters. It even expanded to online, and I remember sending out e-mails urging cats to see it myself.

I never made it to the theater to see it. When it hit DVD, I bought it, sight unseen, to "support Black film". Promptly took it home, and prepared to watch it that night...couldn't wait...

When the credits rolled, I looked at my girl 'Nita (who watched it with me) and said "WTF was THAT???"

Trois is literally the movie that made me decide I will NEVER "support Black film" simply because we did it. No...if we don't have some background knowledge, a certain caliber of actors/actresses and a decent script/director...I ain't FUDGING WITH IT...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

"Again, I know it's wrong - but I'm jus sayin."

Don't say that. You preference isn't wrong - it's YOUR PREFERENCE. We need to get out of the habit of playing make-believe or fronting due to what society or other people think or say - I see nothing wrong with anything you typed, Brooke-Ra.

I personally am NOT a charity for all things or people, and I'm NOT equal-opportunity. I know what I like and what I don't - as do you. And gold-tooth Pookie ain't your thing - and I would be shocked if he was.

Brooke said...

Trois was in theaters??? I thought that was a straight to DVD flick. Shows how much I know :)


I'm not necessarily apologizing for my preferences - because I definitely have them. But I can acknowledge that my generalization could be wrong in some instances - even though it's never been proven to be so :) I know that judging a book by its cover is wrong in many instances, so I try not to do it. But when it comes to cornrows, face tats and gold fronts, although I've never been wrong yet - I may be making a mistake in judging what type of person I believe someone with this appearance is. I can admit that.

Courtney said...

Okay, well since we're being honest, for a long time I had a problem dating men who had multiple children (which only needs to mean 2) with different women...and were never married to either. Even if I'm wrong, it just makes me think you're reckless and irresponsible. I know "accidents" happen, but it makes me think you don't learn lessons very well.

I've tried to relax my standards on this, because anyone can be young and make the same mistake twice before they had a chance to "grow up" - but if a man past his 30's has children for the first time with different women - he will not get the time of day from me.

Jay said...

I think the things that Brooke and Courtney are mentioning are WAY more valid reasons for cutting someone off than tastes in music or tv. Liking Drake is FAR less of an offense than dating a serial baby daddy or a dude with face tats rockin a do-rag :) LOL!

And I'd have to say my dealbreakers are along the same lines. Can't deal with a woman who has multiple baby daddies. It makes me think she'll get run up in by anybody, and probably has an STD or something because she doesn't use condoms.

I know this is random, but I also judge women who wear high top basketball sneakers (who don't play basketball), who have the script tattoos on their arms of some dude or a tramp stamp, and women who have 15 piercings in each ear.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Oh, I have far more substantiative things that are dealbreakers for me - I was just sticking to the original topic (somewhat).

If you hate *everything* Prince or Sade-related, I'm out. Love Belly, I may stab you through the heart with a wooden stake while screaming "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!"

Now if that means I somehow missed out on "Mrs. Right" for eliminating this extremely narrow demographic, I'm at ease with that. Lolz!

Mr.Ford said...

@Brooke - Yes here was a Belly 2. It had nothting to do with the first one, but was equally bad. Your Boy the GAME starred in that that crap!! LMAO!!!

Brian said...

@Steph- It is I, Brian of Bronx Zoo and RTT Throwback fame. Don't cut me too deep. LOL

I am a bit of a music snob, I guess. I'm tough but I'm fair though. Let me explain.

I don't expect any woman I'm seeing to like EVERYTHING I like (which usually is not the case anyway because I'm a true hip-hop head and my CD and MP3 crates are deep). BUT I have to respect what you like. If you're reciting Wacka Flocka or Soulja Boy lyrics out in public with me or doing the Stanky Leg seriously in my car, you gots to go.

Also, if you're a certain age, their some artists you should know and/or respect.

Don't know that Prince starred in Purple Rain? Outta here!

Don't know at least a title to one Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye song? You're ghost!

Think that the Beatles and the Rolling stones are about insects and rocks? Kick rocks!

Think that Nicki Minaj is better now than Lil Kim ever was? Thanks for playing!

Brooke said...

Dead @Stanky Leg in the car! LOL!

Stef said...


It's STEF, not Steph :) There's another Stephanie on here, so let's not get us confused! LOL!

And I won't cut you TOO deep since you took Brooke to the zoo :)

I was cracking up at the stanky leg comment! I take it Brooke has never done that in the car? :)

How does Brooke's musical taste measure up to your standards since you're a music snob? Are her crates deep? LOL!

Mr. Ford said...

@Brian - Nicki Minaj has some wack lyrics.. She is just a gimmick in my opinion..

Brian said...

@Stef- Sorry for the misspelling. My bad. :-)

Yeah Brooke has good taste in music. She has this CD car case with impressive Hip-Hop and R&B that meets with my approval. :-)

@Mr.Ford- Nicki is gimmick to the tenth power, bro. We won't even remember her in two years. Maybe... three because annoying people have a tendency to stick around. LOL

Stef said...


I'm just messin' witcha! :)

CD car case? Brooke, you still buy CD's? :) LOL!

If Jay doesn't get his stuff together, I may have to vote him off in favor of Brian to date Brooke since he has great taste in music...and takes Brooke to the zoo! LOL!

Brooke said...

Yes, I still buy CD's, but it's rare. And I haven't been buying any lately cuz Rameer sends me links to music that I can download for free :)

But if it's a certain artist, I buy the CD :)

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, you're a music pirate? LOL!


Watch yourself.

Jay said...

Hey, how did MY name come up? And how is my stuff NOT together? Stef trying to start some stuff up in here.

Nicki Minaj is trash. While I think it's silly of Lil Kim to start a feud with this silly little girl, Minaj needs to give Kim her due.

Brooke said...

@Cable Guy,

I'm not a pirate, Rameer is - I just reap the benefits :) LOL!

I have all these gift cards for iTunes that I need to use now that I think of it.

Courtney said...

Playing Devil's Advocate:


Since you obviously know Brooke well, and spent an entire day with her at the zoo (I think that's so cute!), would you say "kick rocks" if she said to you TODAY that Nicki Minaj is better than Kim ever was? Other than that comment, knowing the beautiful, smart, funny woman she is - would you kick her to the curb based on that statement alone?

Jaz said...

I love how Stef has a say in who Brooke dates :-) LOL!

Jaz said...

Brian might not even be real for all we know!

Brian said...


I don't think Brooke would say that but if she did, we would have a long discussion about that and would listen to a lot of female hip-hop just to make sure if that was how she really felt. I just wouldn't believe it! LOL

Courtney said...


Good PC answer :)

I don't think Brooke would say that either, but other than the few songs I've seen on her blog and the throwbacks she posts from you, I don't know her musical taste. But I feel like I have a glimpse of her personality thru her blogs. I can definitely tell that she's smart. I see her picture so I know what she looks like and I think it's safe to assume as man would find her attractive. She seems to have a good job, and a good head on her shoulders and is kind. Overall, I think she's a good catch, so I can't imagine a man would discount her if she said she liked Nicki Minaj, I just don't see it.

You still didn't say if you'd kick her to the curb or not, but something tells me you wouldn't.

Brooke said...


If you don't think Brian is real, are you implying that I made him up just so I could go to the zoo? :) LOL!

Jay said...


I was just kidding :) I know he's real, just wanted to tease Stef, Cable Guy and Jay ;)

Jaz said...

I meant to type my name is Jaz :)

Brian said...


You're right. She's all those things and more so I wouldn't kick her to the curb over a fake Barbie doll :-)

Courtney said...

I figured as much Brian :)

Brooke, I like him :-)

Go Team Brian!

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