Friday, January 22, 2010

TGIF Sexy Survey!


Friday Sexy Survey!!

1. What is considered "good" sex to you?

2. What is the maximum number of sexual partners you feel comfortable with your mate having had before you?

3. How much weight could your partner gain before it bothered you to have sex with him/her?

4. If you don't have an orgasm during sex, whose fault is it? If your partner doesn't have an orgasm during sex, whose fault is it?

5. What would it take for you to give up sex for a year?

6. Sex or sleep?

7. Do you plan for sex, or is it spontaneous most times?

8. Would you kiss someone with visibly chapped lips? And if not, would you let them use your lip balm?

9. Have you ever snuck someone in, snuck someone out, or hidden them in the closet? :-)

10. Big or Small? (you fill in the blank)




JUSTBNME said...

First Bitches!!!

Stef said...

Dammit! I wanted to be first!

Stef said...

1. Good sex is sweaty, butt nekkis sex!

2. Anything over 100 would raise an eyebrow.

3. Probably 50 lbs.

4. If I don't have one - it's your fault, cuz I cum easily :) If you don't have an orgasm, I'd think I was doing something wrong.

5. Someone would have to offer me money to not have sex for a year - ALOT of money!

6. Sleep.

7. I usually plan for sex - I know when it's gonna happen.

8. Hell no I wouldn't kiss anyone with chapped lips, and no you can't use my chapstick.

9. I've snuck someone in and hidden them under the bed - but I was a teenager then...and no we weren't having sex. I just wasn't allowed to have boys in the house.

10. Big plans, ambition!

JUSTBNME said...

I am happy to post again!! Although I read the blog everyday, I miss getting involved with the conversations......

1. Hot, sweaty, toe-curling and passionate is good sex to me.

2. 15

3. 30lbs. should do it! lol

4. If I don't have an orgasm, it's his fault and he'd beter fix it quick! If he doesn't have one, it's my fault and I will definitely take care of that!

5. idk, I've have to think about this one.

6. Sex, everytime!

7. I plan...hey we've got kids!! lol

8. No kiss for Mr. Dry Lips, and no you cannot use my Carmex (i'm addicted)

9. Yes to all three!

10. Big dreams!!!

Jay said...

1. Great sex can be hot and sweaty, or slow and sensual - but always the best when it's with someone you genuinely love.

2. Not sure I have a maximum number, but if you rival Wilt, then I might give you the side eye. But let's face it, women never tell, and if they do, the lie :-) So it won't matter how many came before me, so long as there are none after me.

3. I'd probably get concerned if my mate gained over 100 lbs for no reason, so sex wouldn't be the issue - her health would be.

4. If I don't have an orgasm during sex, it's my fault - cuz sometimes I just don't. If she doesn't have an orgasm, it's definitely my fault and I'd fix it.

5. It would have to be health reason why I gave up sex for a year. Or simply because I have no one to have sex with. I don't do casual sex too often.

6. Sex over sleep.

7. I rarely plan for sex, which makes it that much more enjoyable.

8. I wouldn't kiss someone with chapped lips ON the lips, but I'd kiss their cheek or forehead and offer them my Blistex.

9. I once snuck a woman into the mens restroom with me. So...she had to sneak back out :)

10. Big smile!

The Fury said...

1. good sex is passionate, exciting and no holds barred

2. Multiple hundreds will make my eyebrow raise, but I don't ask that question because I'd rather not know at all

3. Any amount of weight that doesn't look good on them or requires a trip from Richard Simmons

4. If I don't then it's because of me. I often get distracted and want to stay in the moment of feeling, touching and tasting. If she doesn't, then i'll feel it's my fault.

5. A ton of cash or some kind of guaranteed world peace...

6. Sex over sleep any day. I've falling asleep in meetings because I was up all night doing it.

7. Often planned but prefer it spontaneous.
8. if'd probably offer my lip balm first. pretty lips are often what drives me to kiss

9. I've snuck them in, snuck them out and hidden them in a nother room

10. Big ol butt. Tig ol bitties. Big inspiration over small minds

Brooke said...

Love these answers!!

Jaz said...

1. Good sex happens when I'm in love most times. I can't truly get it in with someone I don't really know or really like.

2. I'd say anything over 100.

3. Same with the weight, anything over 100 lbs would alarm me.

4. If I don't have one, it could be you, it could be me - who knows. If he doesn't, same answer.

5. I'd have to decide to be celibate in order to not have sex for a year.

6. Sex.

7. I plan for sex since it rarely happens :)

8. I'd offer him some vaseline (not mine) and THEN kiss him.

9. I've hidden someone in the closet when I was a teenager. Poor thing had to stay in there all night cuz my parents came home early and were in the living room, so he couldn't leave and I was on the second floor with a tiny window. I was bad!

10. Big brain, small ego.

Brooke said...

1. Good sex can be many things, but most great sex is sex that I couldn't have predicted was going to happen 20 minutes beforehand. It's spontaneous, passionate, generous, sensual and satisfies all the senses.

2. If there will be no more after me, then it doesn’t matter so long as he was safe each time.

3. If my partner gained over 50-100 lbs, I’d be more concerned about why they were gaining weight and becoming unhealthy vs. thinking about sex.

4. It’s no one’s fault if no one has an orgasm – sometimes you just don’t. You could be sick, or tired, or have a lot on your mind. It’s not necessarily anyone's fault - but if I couldn't make my man climax, I'd wonder what was up with me :-)

5. It would have to be a spiritual or health reason.

6. Sex PUTS me to sleep :-)

7. Spontaneous most times…which is the best! But if I want sex, I plan on having it…even if I have to seduce someone in order to get it!

8. No chapped lips and no you can’t use my lip balm (which is silly since we’d be swapping spit anyway) – but I’m funny like that. I’ll get you some Vaseline though and then we can get busy!!

9. No, no and no :-)

10. Big ideas over small minds. Big smiles, personalities, hopes and dreams are great too!

Annamaria said...

I'm only answering #5....It would take (GOD FORBID) DEATH...LOL`

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