Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Can I just say...I *HEART* President Barack Obama! He gave a good, centric, sometimes (a lot of times) sarcastic speech - but he was gettin' in dat ass a lil bit right? Is it me, or was he channeling Diddy last night - "We won't quit, I won't quit...and we won't stop, cuz we can't stop...take dat, take dat!" LOL!!

- "Let's try common sense." - Barack Obama.

- That should be our motto EVERY day.

- It was snowing big ole FAT FLAKES this morning in Queens. By the time I got off the train in Manhattan...nada. This weather is bananas.

- I have killer cramps! They only go away when I work I guess I'd better stay my ass on the bike or the elliptical machine.

- Speaking of which, our spinning instructor not only sings now, but DANCES during class - instead of cycling with us. Monica and I just looked at each other smiling like "really??"

- There's a guy who works up in the tape library who is just so cute to me! Oddly enough, I can't figure out what ethnicity he is. Is he Black? White? Bi-racial? I can't tell! But it matters not - he's a young, lil hottie! I just wanna lick his lil 20-something year old face!

- Don't forget to pick up Michael Jackson's This Is It this week. I can't wait to get my hands on it, my mommy picked it up for me :-)

- I don't know what I did to my hand...well, I know what I did...but I don't know what damage I've done. It's been hurting for over two weeks now, and I can barely lift or hold anything with my left hand. There's still some swelling around my middle knuckle...and it hurts like hell! I need to have it looked at. I'm falling apart!

- Are you looking for skin care and wellness products that offer superior results without any unwanted chemical or animal by-products? that not only have an environmental conscience, but also a human one? Then check out my sister's site at Arbonne International is a Swiss skin care and wellness line that offers amazing products without any animal products and/or by-products. Arbonne's products are inspired by nature and enhanced by science - and it's also my sister's business. Nicole offers free facial spa parties and makeovers, so let me know if you're interested. I'm going to be having a facial spa party soon!

- I need a vacation - somewhere warm and tropical. I wish I was in San Juan with Annamaria.

- Would you all come to a karaoke party if I had one for my birthday? I know Princess would ;-)

- I miss my family in Philly - especially my sister and nephews!

- There are a lot of movies I still need to see, but I finally saw Avatar! Loved it!

- I need chocolate.

- Some of y'all are pop-locking aren't you? I know you are :-)




Jay said...


Stef said...


Stef said...

Dammit Jay!!!!

Anonymous said...

President Obama is the non negro dialect OG!!!!!!!!
He went hard on State of the Union!!!

Jay said...

"Take dat, take dat!" LMAO!!

Anyway, Brooke, you got me jammin over here. Jam On It was the sh*t!

I think the President gave a great speech last night, per usual. Now he just has to get it done. But like he said last night, he can't do it alone. Let the man do his job and leave politics aside.

His best line last night was something to the effect of "Let's uplift our fellow Americans, not our ambitions." I'm paraphrasing, but he was givin it 'em.

Isn't it nice to see "strategically placed minorities" in the screen shot during the GOP response? Clowns.

I'm sad football is almost over.

Congrats to the Saints and the Colts on making it to the Super Bowl. Should be a good one.

And congrats to Brooke's Orangemen for SPANKING Georgetown the other night! :-)

Craig n 'em said...

6th BITCHES!!!!!! Being first on a blog is overrated...

Brooke said...

Yeah, SU is doing it! I have some bets I need to collect on!

Jay, when you coming to NY?? (not BLOG JAY, my OTHER friend Jay who had the nerve to bet me on the Syracuse v. G'town game)

And as for non negro dialect - Chris Matthews actually SAID "I forgot Barack Obama was black for an hour." WHO SAYS THAT???

Ignorant ass people do, that's who.

Stef said...

Craig is back!

Congrats to the Saints and Colts. I don't care who wins, but it's hard to bet against Peyton Manning!

I love Barack Obamam! I thought his speech was great and he was hittim 'em hard. Tell 'em why you mad son!

I'm so over snow. I know it's winter time, but seriously... enough!

Annamaria is in PR and we're here.

Did anyone see the guy from City High on Intervention on Monday? That was a great episode! Claudette drove the boy to drink!

I wanna get back in my bed.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Haaaa! Jigga got first.

- I have had Tevin Campbell songs in my head all f'n morning. For no reason - I didn't hear any of his songs, didn't see a story on him - just popped into my brain. And I mean his whole damned catalog...

- As big as a Lakers fan as I am, we're definitely not playing our best b-ball right now. I think this has to do with Ron Artest playing hurt...

- Syracuse is the best basketball team in the nation. And I'm not just saying that cuz it's my school...I've watched all the teams. None look as powerful as my Orange...

- Sofia Vergara. Ain't nothin' wrong with THAT.

- I love Oatmeal cookies. Oatmeal Raisin is my favorite, but I like Oatmeal too.

- One of our lead anchors to his female co-anchor during a commercial break on why Tiger Woods and John Edwards cheated: " can't eat steak every day. Sometimes, you just want a hamburger." LMBAO!!!

- I just cost my station thousands of dollars by DESTROYING a camera (don't ask for exact details). I felt like crap about it (kinda still do), but amazingly, NOBODY tripped. I mean, they treated it like it was nothing. I feel weird that no shoe has dropped on this...

- My baby sis was diagnosed with H1N1. She apparently had it for weeks and her immune system was strong enough to fight it off on it's own...she's at the point where it's not even contagious. Still she has to take anti-biotics. I pampered her the other day with whatever she wanted...

- I miss Chubb Rock on the music scene.

- I'm the last man on Earth who hasn't seen Avatar. SMH...

- I'm gonna bring back Audi 5000. I'm soooo serious.

- I want some ice cream. Haven't had some at home in a while.

- This intern at my job came up to me and said "my cousin ----- said she knew you and to say hi." I looked at him shocked...his cousin was MY FIRST. EVER. She was older, and took a kid up to the attic...anyways, it took a lot for me to keep a straight face knowing his cousin FREAKED THE ISH out of me when I was mad young (don't ask).

- Why do people dig up their nose while driving in cars, like we can't SEE them?? Yuck!

- Lately, women have been popping up out of the woodwork wanting to "get together" with me. Where was y'all at when I ain't have a girl? And that's the thing - they ALL KNOW I have a girl, but still wanna hook-up. Trifling as hell.

- Whatever happened to Tracy Spencer?

- Am I a "buppie"? I drink wine, will only drink "fancy juice" instead of kool-aid and the cheap stuff you get at the corner store, and am addicted to tea. Someone called me that the other day cuz of what I drink and where I will go socially...

More after the break. Audi 5000...

Jaz said...

Alicia Keys and Swizzy are engaged, so it was reported. Is he even divorced yet?

I know people say they've been together for a long time and that his marriage was over long before Alicia, but don't they have a kid who isn't that old? I'm jus sayin.

Who cares...good luck to them. They'll need it. Karma.

Barack Obama is the man! He let them know last night that while he's working on the deficit and jobs, etc., he INHERITED that mess. He said "this was all before I walked in the door." I'm glad he reminded them that this mess wasn't HIS fault.

Sade's album coming soon!

Jigga has a concert coming soon too!

Where is Brooke's cousin Tony?

I want chocolate too Brooke!

Monica said...

Can this week be over already!!

Obama is THE MAN!!

I have a headache :-(

I can't want for true dogs class tonight Brooke!! we gon' work it out lol.

I love food too much. When am I not hungry?

These carrots aren't cutting it.

Am I the only one not hype about valentine's day?


Monica said...

Somebody is heating something up and it smells buttery and delicious! Why man? why?!!!

Tanisha Malcom said...

The guy on 7 is a cutie!!!! We share a birthday, so I would support a Karaoke party. Love the "Jam On It." Reminds me of Mr. Magic!!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Claudette might drive MANY MEN to drink...

- Old white people like Chris Matthews don't even raise my eyebrow any more...

- I've been bragging (and won't stop doing so) about how I picked the Saints to go to the Super Bowl before the preseason began! I also tabbed the Colts to go from the AFC in Week 4. I'm usually pretty money when I make definite predictions, and tend to be right on these things more than others. I know that doesn't sound too humble, but truth is truth...lmao!

- I've been posting Tevin Campbell songs on my Facebook, and inevitably, people wanna mention that he's gay. I don't CARE that an entertainer is gay - I don't know that man/woman personally! As long as they entertain men, who the eff cares what they do in their personal sexual lives? Other than making jokes (hetero OR homo), why do people still say that ("he/she's GAY") like it makes their product lesser somehow?? Ignorance.

- Brooke-Ra - do you guys re-air that "Intervention" show during the week? Everyone's talking about it!

Monica said...

ok wait! There is a cutie on 7 and I haven't seen him??! I need to make a run to the tape library ASAP! lol

Yolanda said...

-Clearly God heard my 'hate this job' cries...tomorrow is my last day at work (actually today is... a Negro is not coming in tomorrow...). Anyway, there are no projects coming up so my contract wasn't renewed...despite tomorrow being my last day, I'm not really mad. I kinda wanted to skip down the street when I got the news. We'll see how I feel in 2 weeks.

-So, who's hiring?

-I wonder if I could be a Census taker. LOL. They make 20 bucks an hour.

-Ok, on to frivolity...

-I was looking for Tracie Spencer last week. She's around... producing, I think.

-Did ya'll see Greg Oden's peen. I looked once.........or twice.

-I'ma need Obama to get his pork rinds and sunflower seeds and get straight Negroid on these fools.

-I went to the Lakers/Wizards game Wednesday. Dionne Warwick was in the crowd. All I could do was make weed jokes. Awful.

-It's been 140 days. I couldn't believe it til I counted. Can't say I miss the peenage. What I do miss is quality time with a man of substance though. That sucks.

-I cut my hair a teeny bit...then saw a weave I wanted. I'm so random. I'm still getting it though.

-Lyor Cohen is my Jew-crush.

-Michelle Obama's new hair is so fly. I'm pretty sure it's a wig in the back though. Wiggies in the White House. I love it.

-Oh, speaking of basketball games...I'm annoyed by women who wear club gear to the game. Watch the court beyotch! Nobody's checkin' your boot game when Kobe's gettin' in dat azz (ooh, no pun intended)

-Who cares if Brad and Angelina break up? Now, if the Obamas don't make it last, I might become a cutter.

-How amazing is it that people are still being found alive under the rubble in Haiti?

-I want an Apple iPad. Not really sure why. But I am a brand loyalist. I do love my MacBook Pro.

-I still get the goosebumps when Obama is introduced as "The POTUS."

-Shameless plug...we're live-blogging the Grammys on Sunday at the Brew.

-I have my copy of This Is It. My Mommy bought it for me too, Brooke!

Brooke said...

Monica, he's a little thang, so I can see why you'd miss him. I usually catch his cute ass in the elevator. I had to grab some tapes up there yesterday and damn if I didn't just find some stuff to chit chat about just so I could look at him and try to figure out what he is. Nice eyes and sexy lips - but he's a baby.

And his hair is dirty blond, but it's wooly, curly'ish. He has an interesting look. If I was 10 years younger, woo-wee!!!

Monica, stop talking about food!

Tanisha, you and I have the same birthday?? Cool!

Wow...Mr. Magic :-)

Rameer, you have to watch that episode online. We repeat episodes, but not that one this week. Or I can send you a copy, up to you.

Who cares if Tevin Campbell is gay or not - his songs were the shiznit! "Can we taaalkkk..for a minute...girl I waaaannnt to knoooow your naaaame" :-)

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

Dmoe's been off the radar for a while, but...Here's where I am:

-After my trip to N.O this past weekend, and seeing my Saints do the damn thing in person, nothing can piss me off. Nothing. Not one thing. Well, ok - one.

-We partied like "we won" all weekend BEFORE the game.
After? You know it went down.

-On his last show, Conan said "if you work hard and you are kind to people, amazing things will happen to you..." Damn right. I dig that and lived it for a few hours recently. I'm gonna stay at it.

-10 days (248 hours) until Sade's "Soldier of Love"...I've heard 3 tracks, and all are "Eargasmic".

-Dru Hill has reunited and released a single. Snooze.

-Lil Wayne picked the Vikings over the Saints, and people in the N.O went ballistic (until his song came on in the club)...

-I have found that you can hear and see things clearly when you stop talking, sit down and stare into darkness with a glass of Grand Marnier. lol.

-The next trip is on! We are headed for DR!!!! YEEEEEAAAAAH! and i need it.

That's all for now...
Stay thirsty.
DMoe aka Smallie Biggs

Anonymous said...




Brooke said...

Yolanda!! It never gets old does it - "Introducing...The President of the United States!" Love it!

Sorry to hear your contract ended, but it's good to be free from a job you hate. Better things are right around the corner.

My cousin invited me to an Omega Ball tomorrow night and I have no "fancy clothes." She said alot of fine Omega men will be there, but that's not enough to make me buy a dress. So sad. I'm not girlie at all.

Greg Odun's peen is out there and no one told me? How'd I miss that?

What is this iPad thing? I've seen it on everyone's FB status but didn't click to see. Lemme go look.

I've brought my lunch everyday this week. I wonder how much money I saved so far...

Tru Dog's class is gonna be so much fun tonight...and his abs class is gonna be PAIN.

I always say a small "amen" when they find someone under the rubble after 2 weeks in Haiti. That's God right there.

Brooke said...

Stephanie and I are now FB friends! I love it when I FINALLY see what you all look like after reading your comments :-)

Now I just have to see Yolanda's face now that I've met Serena!

Stef said...

Dmoe, how you gonna comment and don't leave a playlist? My ipod has been slackin since you fell off the face of the earth! Your RTT list was a regular feature and then you bounced! Not cool! :)

Michelle Obama's hair was fierce last night! AND did ya'll hear BO give her a shoutout? He LOVES that woman and has NO problem biggin her up! That's some hot shit right there!

Brooke, you're not girlie? I'd imagine you would be - but then again, you're my friend in my head and I see you as a glamorous princess :) LOL!

Brooke said...



I literally laughed out loud on that one - "glamorous princess."

My sister would laugh too, cuz that's HER...not me. The last word on earth I'd use to describe myself is "glamorous" - but that was nice of you to say :)

I wish I had a glamorous side, but I really don't. I might have a cute side every once in a while, but definitely nothing "pink" and "girlie" about me. I'm not a bulldike, but I'm not Mariah Carey'ish either. I guess you can call me feminine fly, but low maintenance :)

Do men prefer glamorous or no? Somebody tell me :)

Did you go up to the tape library yet Monica? :)

Monica said...

Brooke I can't stop thinking about food! It's in my DNA! lol

My Tevin C. song is "I'm know I'm ready to love you love you forever ...fooooooreeever hey love nooooowwww...come love me forever more"

Anonymous said...


The Cable Guy said...


Now you talking about young guys at your job??? You are just TRYING to break my heart aren't you? ;-)

Go Colts! I like the Saints, but Peyton ain't to be fucked wit. Sorry Dmoe.

I personally prefer low maintenance, not glamorous. Glamorous women can't get their hair a pool, or during sex. That's wack to me.

Barack Obama went IN last night. I'm with Yolanda, I'm waiting on him to be like "C'mon Son!" We need another brush it off your shoulder moment.

I saw that Intervention that everyone is talking about, and it WAS good. I also saw Brooke's name in the credits. I find that I pay attention more to A&E's programming simply because I know B works there :)

Sade's album is gonna be FIYA, I can feel it.

Rameer, I haven't seen Avatar either. So that's me and you....

Now I can't get "Jam On It' out my head, thanks Brooke :)

annamariafelix said...

I just wanted to say I landed! Sophia was a princess & didn't cry once on the plane! The crew of Delta was AMAZING!!!!! And great!!!
By the way its hot as all hell out here!!!

Brooke said...


You're right!! I can't believe I forgot that, my bad!!!

My birthday is Feb. 25th. Karaoke was suggested to me, so that's an option. Eitehr way, no matter what I do, you ALL are invited! I just want it to be fun :)

Brooke said...

I'm glad you and Sophia arrived safely in PR - now I can hate on y'all PROPERLY! How you gonna say it's hot as all hell out there when you KNOW we freezing here in the States!!!??? SO WRONG!!

That's alright, I'll fix you when you get back. Have fun!

Jay said...

I can't speak for all men Brooke, but I prefer feminine fly over glamorous. But Brooke, I think you're selling yourself short. While you're not as over the top as Mariah Carey, you ARE a queen! I think you are very feminine, but not "girlie" - more "womanly." And everything SEXY...from your skin, to your eyes, to your voice - even to how well you write. A woman doesn't have to be "glamorous" to be thought of as strikingly beautiful in every way. Trust.

I just want the Superbowl to be a good game. And putting the Pro Bowl on in between was a smart move, cuz after the Super Bowl, who cares is over at that point.

Wish I could say I get excited about baseball...but I don't.

So basketball it is!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Stephanie - thank you for the well wishes for my baby sis. Guess she has the strong system that most of the men in the family have...and my mother, too...

- the lady who sits near me is SO F'N LOUD! Drowning her out with some Telepopmusik.

- Captain Cable...guess it's just you and I. Seriously - I know bed-ridden people who have seen Avatar! Lmao!

- Glad I'm not the only one who appreciates Tevin. Fools is frontin' on my Facebook page on him...

- Glad you landed safely, Annamaria! Have a great time, both you and Sophia!

- the pic of Monica, Brooke-Ra and Serena made me wish I was there the night they went to the wine bar. =[

- Women WANT to see Greg Oden's joint?? Dude looks older than Robert Parrish...and I mean Robert Parrish RIGHT NOW, not back then...

- I think the Ipad is wack. Sorry.

- Time to eat lunch. Be back...Audi 5000, G!

Serena W. said...

I missed the President's speech but will go online.

I've been under the covers for two days sick (again). This is getting annoying!


Brooke and Mo it was a great time had by all! Let's do it again sooner rather than later!

Tevin Campbell...Tracey!

I heard Black Moon the other weekend and almost went ballistic!

People are still taking me out for the 35th bday and it was on the 16th! I have a dinner on Monday and another on Tuesday! (Ahhhh it feels good to be loved)!

What's up with "The Who" performing at half time for the Superbowl!

Did someone say Dru Hill is back together (oh boy)!

SADE!!!! I can't wait!

Brookey I want to go to the Omega ball!

Its all good!

Hey if any of you forgot...I'm running a little marathon of 26.2 miles and need more money to create a cancer free world.

Donate on my page at

Only $585 away from my goal!

Monica I may do a're so encouraging!

Yolanda! We need to go out soooooon!

Rameer when you hit the city we'll all go out!

Notice how Brooke has the infamous tilt in the picture.

Where is Zay Buge...I want to hear about the Miami bday party!

Serena W. said...

Lastly...Mom is getting stronger! I spent the whole weekend with her. She still can't walk but she told me how thankful she is to wake up everyday! (God is good)!

DMoe said...

@Cable Guy -
Its all good. Peyton's a NOLA boy and a great player, so we got love for him. My Saints will be ready, and we'll see what happens.

@Stef -
My apologies...It has been a while, here's my RTT playlist:

Corinne Bailey Rae/The Sea.
After the tragic death of her husband, Corinne went dark for a couple of years. After the huge success of her debut CD, the fans have been waiting and "The Sea" was SOOO worth the wait. Its a thoughtful, phenomenal recording from start to finish that will soothe and amaze you. The verdict? Utterly, totally, completely coppable.

Teddy Pendergrass/Your my latest,greatest inspiration.
Welcome to Teddy 101, and class is in session. If you wanna get your "Teddy weight" up, start with this jam. Its a profound, simple expression in this song - and maybe if your looking for the words to say to someone, let Teddy say it with this one.

In the spirit of B's "Jam on it" post, try these other Newcleus jams you might remember:
Jam on Revenge(Wikki-Wikki song)
and "Push the Button"...You can find those on Street Jams, Electric Funk, Vol.1&2 - along with Planet rock, Electric Kingdom, and Debbie Deb's "When I hear Music"...Try not to attempt windmills or backspins please.

Teena Marie/Greatest Hits.
The "blackest" white chick I know delivered me through some rough days recently, and thanks to songs like "Aladdin's Lamp" and "Deja Vu", Teena does it for me. Don't even get me started on "Portuguese Love" or "Dear Lover"...Jus sayin.

Lupe Fiasco/I'm Beamin.
The fact that this dude doesn't get more pub really eats me. His clever/sophisticated lyrics and nice beats are kick-azz. This is just a single, but well worth the download. the album (coming soon) should be no exception either.

Robin Thicke/Sex Therapy.
At one moment, its playful and inventive. At the next, its seductive and steamy. Choose your weapon based on the situation. I'm sure you've heard it, but dive into the deep end of this CD. The water's warm.

@B -
Did someone say Karaoke? Well, I will need LTD's "Concentrate on You" or Larry Graham's "One in a million"...If I sing either of those, its gonna be "pants on the ground".

Your friend and mine,
DMoe aka The Notorious S.L.I.M

Yolanda said...

"And everything SEXY...from your skin, to your eyes, to your voice - even to how well you write."

Yo??? Did Jay just have blog-sex with Brooke? And we all just watched it happen. It was pretty good too... I'd give it an 8. Might buy the DVD.

Serena...anytime. I got nothing but time now. :-)

Karaoke? Hmmm. I do a meaaaannnn "Dick In A Box."

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I'm glad to hear your mother is doing better, Serena!!

I hate to dampen the mood, but...I just watched Part 1 of "Intervention" with Robby from City High. I say Part 1 cuz I couldn't watch any more.

When I first started watching it, I was looking at how it was edited, the flow or the testimonials, etc. I was like "I remember I liked this show - why did I stop watching?" Then, it got really into his alcoholism. Yelling at his girl. Drunk around his daughter. And then, him talking about how Claudette dumping him and messing with his man in the group - SOOOOOO GRIMY.

But mainly...I could see the pain in his face and hear it in his voice. And I couldn't take it. THAT'S why I don't watch this show...I've alluded to growing up in an extremely harsh environment. That includes seeing countless people in my hoods addicted to drugs and alcohol, and what it did to them. I don't find it entertaining to see people destroying themselves...I've seen it happen way more than the average person. True, "Intervention" typically shows people being saved before it's too late...but the combo of seeing him like that and knowing what drove him to that - I just couldn't.

That ish is deep. I remember seeing Leaving Las Vegas and being stunned at the level of realness Nicholas Cage put into that character. It's one of my favorite films, and I own it...but I can rarely watch it. Sooooo f'd up.

This isn't to knock anyone, but I find I can't watch shows like this typically. I can watch wrecks like "Jersey Shore" or whatever (although I watch few of those as well), but when it comes to the reality of drugs, alcohol, human suffering, etc. - I've personally seen too much. I don't even go into what I've seen and experienced - the last time I can think of talking about it with someone other than my boys was my high school counselor, who thought that a person who has seen what I have should be in some type of therapy. After THAT prognosis, I just keep the totality of my experiences too myself - I ain't no guinea pig, and therapy ain't for me. Just cuz I've seen it doesn't mean I have any problems coping with the reality of what I've seen, ya know?

Anyways...that was pretty f'd up and powerful just from that 19 minutes I watched. I think people like to watch these shows cuz it's interesting to them to watch f'd up situations and peer into entertains them, though they wouldn't CALL it that for PC reasons. But it does. Someone like me, who has been close to many of these situations...I can't find the same entertainment value that others do. It just makes me get mad, sad, upset - whatever. Cuz I KNOW it. I've seen it.

Hey, I'm guilty too. I like watching rehab stuff as of late, cuz I find it fascinating to see how they help people to recover from addiction, and if it can truly work. But for some reason, "Intervention" gets under my skin...and I had forgotten until I watched that clip.

Monica said...

Go Serena go! I am going to try to hit up your fundraising page again.

@ Serena and Brooke-The wine bar was a fun night!

@ Rameer - too bad ya couldn't be there :-)

@ yolanda - Girl I think we DID just witness Jay blogging Brooke! lmao

Brooke said...

Everyone watches for their own reasons, and I hear you Rameer. Everyone's experiences are different.

It was a crazy episode though.

It sounds like the karaoke is a hit! Done! :-)

I can watch though, cuz NONE of you wanna hear me me.

Sorry you're sick Serena :( Get well soon!

And glad to hear you mom is getting stronger! That's God right there :)

And I had to look at our pic again, and you're right - my head IS slightly tilted to the side. I wonder why I do that!!! LOL!!

DMoe said...

@Yolanda -

You do "D**k in a box?"

(Getting emotional)

I think I can see a Peaches & Herb/Ashford & Simpson/Captain & Tennille thing comin' on...

"See why I'm wise enough to know when a gift needs givin', and I got just the one..."

Let's get in the studio. ASAP. We need love to lift us up where we belong...

Dmoe aka Joe Cocker

Jay said...

@Yolanda and Monica,

Y'all stupid :)

Trust me, when/if I blog Brooke, nobody will know but us ;)

And from the looks of that pic of Brooke, Serena and Monica - I'd venture to guess that all the women on this blog are beautiful.

Just callin it like I see it ;)

Yolanda said...

Yesssss DMoe!

I particularly shut it down on this part..."Midday at the grocery store a dick in a box...backstage at the CMA's a dick in a bo-o-o-o--oooxxxx (yeah-wow-well-well-well)"

Brooke said...

All of the blog women ARE beautiful :)

Yolanda said...

@Jay... maybe sexy Fridays should be "sexy blog ladies post your pic so Jay can blog-sex you" Friday. :-)

Oooh, blog Love Connection. Blog speed dating?

I got ideas, man.

annamaria said...

Yea it started snowing in NYC this morning as I was leaving... And then I landed & its sooooo nice here... Sophia took off her socks & is in a lil sundress & barefoot...
Oh and I just finished eating rice & beans & chicken!!! OMG I need a nap now!!!!

DMoe said...

Teena Marie & Rick James?
Johnny Gill & Stacy Lattisaw?

Sing it with me Yo...HAHAHAHA!

"Not gonna get you a diamond ring, That sort of gift don't mean anything,
Not gonna get you a fancy car,
Girl ya gotta know you're my shining star,
Not gonna get you a house in the hills,
A girl like you needs somethin' real,
Wanna get you somethin' from the heart,
Somethin' special girl...Its my D**k in a box! (Hands raised)


The Fury said...

I don't understand why the Democrats allow the Republicans to get their message out louder and stronger. It's almost like we all know the Republican argument is wacko and illogical so we let them keep talking then all of a sudden the loonies run the crazy (white) house (again).

Am I the only man that watched the beginning waiting for the Michelle Obama ass shot? Big purple bow above it, wide hips...lawdhavemercychile

no disrespect

why do people think they can say "no disrespect" after anything and it erases what they said?

while i was reading the blog I totally forgot I want to give Brookey something she can feel

no disrespect

I like when Apple drops a new device and people diss it. It's like Jay-Z or Beyonce's first single that people crack on..but soon...they'll be banging that shit (or a copy of it) very soon.

Apple sprinkles their shit with eye crack

I need another job. This hero by day, rabid sex blogger by night thing isn't paying the bills. Operating these superhero dwellings are expensive

First one to post at 2:44 PM BITCHES!!

Stef said...

Glad the list is back!

Brooke, I got "Jam On It" in my head now too, dammit!!

Jay, what you wrote to/about Brooke was sexy as hell! Blog him Brooke, BLOG HIM!!!

I'll be at karaoke, just say when! I'm in NYC, but will you all REALLY come from all over if she has a party for real??? I wanna meet ya'll!

Sorry to hear your sick Serena, but glad your mother is getting better!

Thanks to Brooke, I'm addicted to Witches Brew now too...and just read that they're cancelling Ugly Betty! Oh the horror! I love Vanessa Williams! No!!!

Monica said...

LMAO @ Dmoe & Yolanda!

I would do Karaoke just to see "d*ck in a box" performed!

@ Jay - aawww thats so sweet. Brooke he said we're beautiful!! I'll be smiling for a week

Serena W. said...

I want to wear a sundress and be barefoot on a beach right now Annamaria! So glad you got in safe!

I took a field trip just now! First time out since Tuesday night! I went to the mailbox and then the dumpster! Woo hoo!

Monica thanks for your donation in advance. Hoping more people on the blog would be soooooo kind and donate too (pretty please)!

Yes Yolanda let's hang! What kind of job are you looking for?

Jay you got a sista blushing :) thanks for the compliment!

Its nice to get a genuine compliment. Dude I had a crush on (key word is had) is acting totally whack right now!

Acting like...a herb! Yes I'm bringing back herb! What's wrong with clowns these days? Sigh.

As Jigga said it best, "On to the next one!"

Brooke what happened to rollerskating for the bday?

Brooke said...


No disrespect taken :)

Looking up karaoke spots right now :)


I thought about that too - doing a blog "Hook-up" Day! My sister is a big believer in hooking your friends up with good people that you know, playing cupid, etc. Not a bad idea!

Brooke said...


The word "HERB" never left as far as I'm concerned. I use it regularly... :-)

Also, some folks said they wouldn't roller skate cuz they're afraid they'd bust their ass. How wack is that!!??

That said, I need to stay off wheels my damn self with this bad knee I have. It's bad enough I have a jacked up hand too. All I need is to fall and be in traction.

But I won't count it out. I wanna celebrate the ENTIRE weekend, so we can do a BUNCH of stuff if you're all down :)

The Cable Guy said...

First ya'll were telling Brooke to blog me, now you're telling her to blog Jay. Traitors!!!

SO not happy Jay and Fury wanna give it to MY woman! ;-(

Whatever party you have B, I'm there!

Now I have to think of a good karaoke song to woo the ladies with. Ya boy can blow!

Stef said...

@cable guy,

I never told Brooke to blog you - SHE DON'T WANT YOU MAN!!! LOL!

Yes, I'm hating again.

I wish I was barefoot on a beach in a sundress too. Have fun in PR Annamaria and Sophia!

Where's Powerz?

Serena W. said...

DMoe thanks for the list! Will definitely check out Corrine!

Stef thanks for the well wishes.

Brooke what day is the party since your bday is during the week?

The Fury said...

Y'all grown women, Barefoot and bare ass on the beach. First person to skinny dip on that beach gets $100. (proof must be provided)

no disrespect

damn Brooke I didn't know you were someone's woman...

i just got the funniest friend request on facebook...

Monica said...

uh oh cable guy fights back! lmao

Thats right! Don't let your woman go without a fight lmao.

Ms. Penn said...


I think Jay is sweet on you :)

Hello everyone!

I love your blog too Yolanda, it gives me my fill of dirt for the day.

We have karaoke duets going on now? Who wants to be my partner?!

I hate that you can't be stern or strong at work without being considered the "angry black woman." Sigh.

Barack Obama is a rock star!

I've been doing a bootcamp to get in shape for summer, and I can't wait for the summer reveal!

Stef said...


She's not anyone's woman - Cable dude is just hating!

if she's anyone's woman right now - she would be Jay's! LOL!

Brooke said...


I'm not anyone's woman...yet ;)

No one wants to claim me :(

gotta admire the love between Stef and Cable Guy tho :) LOL!

Stef said...

ewwww, I just threw up in my mouth a lil bit! LOL!

Brooke, Valentine's Day is coming up - a great time to get to know someone better...hint hint Jay!

Brooke said...


I already have 2 Valentines - Kyce and Ibrahim :)

Never hurts to have more though, the more the merrier!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- People at work are getting on my nerves now...

- Democrats, as a party (not us common folk, the politicians) are p***ies. Republicans are gangsta. This has nothing to do with what they say or believe...I'm only talking about their actions. THAT'S why the Repubs always speak loudest and go off like they do - when they were in charge, they could care less what Dems and the people said. "Don't like it? Eff you - it's getting passed, sucka!"

Dems sway with any opinion poll and let any opinion railroad them and make them try to W"in the public over". Repubs can care less - we gon' do it, and you gon' LIKE IT, bitches...

- To Fury's point - I may be the exception to your rule on Apple products. I have never owned anything by Apple. Great products, but I don't eff with the Ipod, Itouch, Iphone, Itunes, etc. I have always found cheaper (and often times better) alternatives. And I certainly don't get anything cuz people run out and get the "popular" thing. I admit they have good product - but I'm anti-"I".

- I never watched more than two episodes of "Ugly Betty". Ever. But America Ferrara is BEAUTIFUL...

- When I tell my girl stories about work, she's aghast. She can't believe we talk to each other and interact with each other the way we do and there's no trouble. She can't believe that I walk into the newsroom at times and randomly yell "f*** ALL Y'ALL!!" at times, and no one reacts or complains. They mostly just laugh...everyone talks off-color at my job, as long as you're doing it with people you're cool with.

- Why are people coming up TO ME telling me "hey, SU looks pretty good" - like I don't KNOW this?? Like YOU have to inform ME that my alma mater is doing well in b-ball...and I wear SU gear so much my girl wants to hide my t-shirts and hats??

- Some people say you should never hate anyone or anything. But what if that hate fuels you to greatness? There are many cases of great people who did great things that were spurred by hate of something. Case in point - Shaquille O'Neal wanted to make the NBA after being snubbed as a kid by Patrick Ewing and David Robinson when he asked for autographs. He made it, and tormented each player every time he played them his entire career. Well, he let up on The Admiral, who apologized once he found out he had done that to young Shaquille. Ewing? Balls on the neck, EVERY TIME...lolz!

- "D**k In A Box" STILL makes me laugh...

- I want cake.

- I think I'm getting old. I'm actually starting to get sleepy after midnight in recent times.

- I need to do laundry. BADLY.

- I want some Popeye's Chicken. Too bad we don't have one in my city.

- Brooke-Ra is full of crap. I have said on the record I'd claim you in a heartbeat if I lived in proximity to you...that was before I had a girl, of course...

- Still waiting on a pic of Brooke-Ra in the SU jersey...

- The cute, young white sales chick is soooooo cool. I was playing a mixtape Talib Kweli cut, and not only did she know it was him, she knew the song and that Styles P was on the track without hearing Styles' part...

Audi 5000, G!

Brooke said...

See... the men who WOULD claim me never live near me, always have a girl or are unavailable...or are too young. My life in a nutshell :)

I'll take that pic soon Rameer :)

Jay said...


I know the public displays of affection are usually Cable Guy's deal - but on the real, if you wanna be claimed, you already know! I'm waitin on YOU! :)

Popeye's dirty rice, or red beans and rice, whatever it is, is DELICIOUS. Chicken is good too, but I always want the rice if I go in that joint.


If Brooke will be my date, then Valentine's Day sounds great to me!

SU DOES look good. I haven't been following college ball that much lately, but I DID watch the SU game (because a pretty brown woman told me they were gonna win) and G'town got their asses handed to them. The Hoyas looked good for like 2 minutes, then it was a wrap. Glad I caught that one.

Ms. Penn said...

@Brooke and Monica,

Who is True Dog? I've actually heard that name around the city before as far as fitness/working out. Is he a trainer? Is he cute? :-)

I don't think Jay is sweet on Brooke, I KNOW he is! And I think it's adorable. Men like that don't come around often, who tell you that they "like" you anymore. What happened to the days where a guy actually said "hey, I like you"? Do men even ask women to be their girlfriend anymore? Remember those days ladies?

Yolanda said...

-I'm really getting old. I bought 2 shirts and a pair of aviators earlier this month. I remember the glasses, but have no clue what the shirts even look like...and I know I've worn at least one of them. I'm looking at the receipt... clueless.

-@DMoe... LATTISAW! Dude, you took it waaaaaay back. She's from around my way too. Wonder what she's up to. Will put the same APB out for her as Tracie Spencer.

-@Cable man... I still stan hard for you. I'm pulling for you man. But Jay is dropping some serious wordage on this blog.

-Gary Coleman's mug shot is my breath of life.

Monica said...

@ Ms. Penn...true dog teaches the class at NY sports club on Thursdays. Sorry to break it to you... he's gay. lol He kind of looks like the guy from the series True blood. Whats his name?? Lafayette..I think! lol

Uh Oh Brooke! Jay is laying his cards on the table! lol

Brooke said...

Yes, Tru Dog is a straight homo thug. He's gay, but he looks like he'd kick your ass! Straight hood!

His class is hilarious too, you don't know he's gay until he starts singing along to the very sexual songs he plays, or until he lifts his shirt up and bumps bellies with you, or stands over you mimicking Prince while you're doing crunches :)

You drip sweat when you're done tho, class is no joke!

Jaz said...


I can only imagine the friend requests you get on FB. I had to wait til I got home to read your blog cuz I'd get fired reading that stuff at the job! Whew!

The "Poetry" story was FIYA!!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Just read Fury's blog for the first time after reading Jaz's comment...

Holy spit.

Dude...YOU are *talented*. Wow...I'll have to read that joint on the weekends, can't read it at work daily. And I'm HELLA IMPRESSED you got VANESSA BLUE to send a picture in! She's *highly skilled* and an all-time favorite!


The Cable Guy said...


"serious wordage"? What I gotta do to win!? LOL!

Gary Coleman was arrested again? For what???

Jaz said...

I know right Rameer!? And Fury said he wants to give Brooke something she can GIRL, let him give it to you! If his writing is any indication of his sexual prowess, then you might have to put that toy down and give HIM a try! Hot damn!

Yolanda said...

Cable might need to flex some poetry skills. Or at least hook my girl up with free on-demand movies. Man, I'm trying to get you in there!

Gary got popped for domestic violence over the weekend... if you haven't seen the mugshot, feast your eyes:

The Cable Guy said...



I will now subscribe to Witches Brew if for nothing else than the pics! LOL!!

I didn't even know he was married!

That pic is PRICELESS!! How he gonna be hitting on somebody with his little ass!

I can't stop laughing now! Thanks for that Yolanda! Oh, and nice blog! I'll keep checking it out.

Now I gotta just spit some poetry at Brooke so she can come back to me :)

Brooke said...

Gary Coleman needs to stop the madness. When Yolanda posted the link on her FB page, I liked to die! It's etched in my brain and is pure hilarity :-)

Fury's blog is HOT. You better be careful if you dare read it at work. That disclaimer isn't there for just sh*ts and giggles!

Yolanda said...

I've been reading Fury for the last 20 minutes. Havemercy!

Stef said...

Okay, so I just looked to see what y'all were talking about cuz I'm nosey like that, and Fury's blog is HOT TO DEATH!

As Brooke would say, "I'm all tingly now" :) LOL!

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