Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- This week is going so slow...the first week back usually feels this way for me after a vacation.

- Uh...Mariah?

Da hell was she talking about? She seemed a bit off last night on the People's Choice Awards too...whoa...

- Is anyone offended by the term "Negro" being added to the checkbox on the US Census form?

- Speaking of possibly could KFC think this was good marketing?


- They're on the hunt for Tiger Woods...trying to track his whereabouts. Why? When you find him, then what? Leave him be...

- Gilbert Arenas is an idiot.

- Jayson Williams....(sigh).....

- I am no longer "toyless" :-) LOL!

- My knee is feeling slightly better, but still hurts when I bend it. Is every orthopedic doctor in Manhattan on vacation this week? Geesh!

Lastly, I've gotten a few emails/notes from folks who say they don't feel comfortable commenting on the blog, even if they have something they'd like to add to a topic of interest, because they feel the blog takes a "mean turn." While I would never censor anyone, and I encourage everyone to be themselves and express their views freely on the blog, we should all be able to disagree or have dissenting opinions without being contentious or combative. I understand people may be passionate about a certain subject, and I have no problem with highly opinionated people (since I can be highly opinionated myself), but we should be able to deliver our message without throwing jabs at the same time. We all make valid points from time to time, but it's possible for points to get lost in the "meanness" of it all. I welcome all opinions, because if I didn't, I would never open myself up to receive them by writing a blog in the first place. I want the blog to fun, sometimes informative, sexy and positive. But most of all I want it to be respectful.

Let's Go!



Stef said...


And Brooke, I agree. If I've ever done anything to make your blog environment appear to be "mean spirited" I apologize. I think your blog is exceptional, and I think most of your blog commenters are insightful fun people - and I want that to continue. Well said.

That KFC ad was CRAZY!!!

Anonymous said...

First Bitches!!!!

Stef said...

I beat you anonymous!! LOL!!

Speaking of anonymous, Brooke, does it bother you when people post as "anonymous"?

annamaria said...

Sooo no more making fun of each other???????? Damn then I can't comment

Brooke said...


No, it doesn't bother me in the least. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe when I started the blog, E-Blogger gave me the option to make it so people HAD to leave a name or create a profile. I declined that option because I want people to feel free and comfortable to leave a comment as they choose. Some people have told me that they want to leave their comment, but shouldn't be blogging while at work - so they leave a comment anonymously so that it can't get traced back to them somehow. Others say it's easier to just click the anonymous button rather than signing in. I really don't care.

Besides, typing in a name doesn't make me know your identity if I still don't know you personally. Most people who leave comments aren't using their real names anyway, whether they use a profile or not. It doesn't make me feel better to be able to say "Bob" when addressing someone rather than "anonymous." To me it's no different than the comments that don't have photos attached...or if they do (like DMoe who is obviously not Samuel Jackson) then it really makes no difference to me.

annamaria said...

By the way Stef I'm tasing ur ass! And I don't care how uncomfy I make people I will NOT stop the
I hate when people comment as anonymous...
I've made my Jersey Shore name A-Buzzz & Sophia's is the combination.

Brooke said...


See, that's what I was afraid of :) I don't want people to not joke around. You've never been mean spirited in any of your comments. I think there's a difference. That's why when people go at it or make comments or go back and forth, I allow it to go on because we are all grown and can handle each other. I just don't want it to get to the point where it's affecting discussion or keeping folks from feeling like they can comment.

I think some of the back and forth is funny - like between Cable Guy and Stef - but I think we all know it's all in good fun. Once the fun is gone, then I get discouraged.

Midnight said...

I just want to know for the census should I check the box labeled Spearchucker as well?

Stef said...

Oh, so I can still talk about Cable Guy?? Good! LOL!!

The Cable Guy said...

Yeah Brooke, let me and Stef continue to go at it! With her HATER self! LOL!!

Stef said...

and clearly his name isn't really "the cable guy" - so does it really matter? :)

Ms. Penn said...


I know right! "NEGRO"?? Really?

The Cable Guy said... Brooke, you're no longer "toyless"? You finally went out and handled that huh? :)

Jay said...

Wow, Brooke took care of that toy situation asap huh? LOL!

Now you have to give it a name :)

And Brooke, I completely agree with your post about keeping your blog positive. I find myself looking forward to not just what YOU have to say, but commenters as well. When it takes a turn, points get lost and I can see how people would lose interest. I would never want that to happen, especially since your blog is a positive forum. You express your opinions beautifully, even your diseenting ones, and you never make anyone feel foolish for anything they say - and I think there's a certain skill and grace that goes with that that most people don't possess. Your last point was very well said.

Athletes and guns...just stupid.

That KFC ad was bananas, I didn't hear about that.

And the word "Negro" is just so antiquated, I don't see what made them add that in the first place. Were they TRYING to piss people off?

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

- WTF is up with that KFC ad?!? Wow...

- Today is Millard Fillmore's birthday. They did a big ceremony here, cuz he had a lot to do with the development of this region...and he's buried here.

- My girl showed me this fight they had on "The Bad Girls Club". Damn - those chicks went AT IT!

- I have so much chocolate that was given to me from a chocolate store here, I could probably start my own shop. Really - the owner gave me THAT MUCH.

- My Lakers lost to the Clippers. I know there are unexpected losses every year to every team...but THE CLIPPERS?!? We never lose to them. (Sigh)...

- Princess is running a marathon in Orlando! She's so money with the running. I could *never* do that...and have no desire to...

- I love Brooke-Ra. I really do...

- Youth In Revolt is pretty funny. Pretty abstract and quirky, but anyone whose ever had any nerdy or geeky tendencies can appreciate it. Very cleverly written - but enough raunch and over-the-top gags to keep the simple viewer engaged...

- "Nip/Tuck" is back! Sooooo good...

- My girl is trying to understand how I can be "so loving, generous and giving in one instance with some people, and cold and emotionless 2 seconds later with certain others". I told her it's just the way I am through a few factors, there's no deep story behind it so to speak. She remains fascinated and seems to be on the case like Inspector Cousteau...

- Avatar has made $1 billion worldwide thus far. What once looked like the worst investment in film history now looks like sheer GENIUS.

- How can you eat while taking a dump? Or drink coffee? There are workers who leave food wrappers and empty coffee cups in stalls sometimes at my job. Ewwww.

- Three hate crimes in two weeks time against gays here. People - read: suburbanite white people - are *shocked*. No one in the city is...a lot of ignorance here.

One girl had her eye stabbed out.

- My mother has finally agreed to show me her secret recipe for Candied Yams. She does something different that I've never been able to put my finger on...

- I'm better than you. No, not you. Not you. You neither.


- I made cornish hens this week. They taste *excellent*.

- We have this branch of super wine stores here called Premier Liqours. They're stores as big as your typical Target - filled with every type of alcohol you can think of that's NOT beer. I used to laugh when I saw people with shopping carts in there...

That was me last week. I bought THAT MUCH WINE for my crib. Got sick of the runs to the store every two weeks.

- Everything tastes good off the Foreman Grill.

- Leave Tiger alone. And Gilbert Arenas gets the Sports Idiot of The Millennium award.

More after the break...

Jaz said...

I echo your sentiments Brooke, and you already know that. Thanks for sharing that with the group :)

Anonymous's don't bother me, but I would love to see what some of you look like just to see if the picture I paint in my head is anywhere near what you all actually look like :-)

And in my mind, Dmoe actually DOES look like Sam Jackson :) Jheri curl and all!

I never want to eat KFC again after seeing that. Horrible!

"Negro"? Who am I - Kizzy??

Brooke, sorry your knee still hurts. Get it looked at asap!

I've been eating crackers all week, no appetite.

My Xmas tree is still up. And I have no desire to take it down.

Annamaria said...

@Brooke....Ok I was just checking...I was afraid I wouldn't be able to tase OR that Stef & the Cable Guy wouldn't be able to go at it..OR that we wouldn't be able to make fun of a certain "anonymous"....LOL

I feel better now thank you...

But I have a cold...

But my mommy brought me food & medicine & took Sophia home with her... I love my mommy...

I want to chop my nose off...

I'm glad you got a toy Brookey... You should never be without

Annamaria said...

Jaz my x-mas tree is still up also.. But in my defense yesterday was 3 kings day soo it was up for a reason...LOL

Brooke said...

I have to see Avatar, but everytime I go to buy tickets, it's sold out. Su and I wanted to go today, but Imax had no tickets available.

@Jay, I have a name for my toy ;)

Cable Guy and Stef...carry on :)

I hate when people have full blown long ass conversations on speaker phone. Drives me nuts!

What's for lunch today?

I need some chocolate covered pretzels in my life.

Momo is running a marathon in March I believe - Go Mo!

I can't believe my birthday is coming up next month...AGAIN! I feel like I just HAD a birthday. Oh well, guess it's better than the alternative :-)

That reminds me of what my paternal grandfather used to say:

"Live as long as you can and then just die if you can't help it!" :)

I miss him.

And thanking God for all my years of life :)

phillygrl said...

i don't have a problem with the kfc ad, it's speaking to when you are in an awkward situation, would we have said the same if it showed 1 black person in a corp. office with all whites, or would we have just "related"?..doesn't bother me, but I see you guys point.

--I got my cat a cat bed for christmas, my grandmother same over & complained it wasn't big enough, went & got her a dog bed!!lol:-) ..the cat is still just gonna get on my bed or on floor near radiator!

---my son SWEARS he is Tony Hawk!..he's 3, but can actually do tricks on the skateboard!..he's also REALLY into wearing a WATCH right now..go figure--he knows when the clock says 8:00, it's time to get in the tub!!

---Before this scandal, I never looked at TIGER that, when they showed a shot from behind of him swinging I was like hmmm..heis body is BANGING(this was before the Vanity Fair cover came out)

---i've got to find time to go see AVATAR!

---With the exception of Empire State...I haven't heard a REAL Banging' record/track in a while --not feelign anyone in particular at the moment.

----Glad end of week is near.

---I left my license at the kinko's/fed ex..when I went to pick it up(clearly it's me on the picture) , they actually made me SIGN for it.

---I'm going to a New Hairdresser tomorrow--his name is JAMES BROWN, he's been around Philly for years( now has his own place) ..oh yeah, he's a white guy(who does Black hair) :-) Wish me luck.

---I leave my X-mas stuff up till I feel like it I like looking at it--love this time of year, I will have it down by Valentines Day for sure!lol!

--I'm a stationery person, love personal notes & such, but with the advent of email, I have to make a concious effort to still use it.
--enjoy the Weather. I love it..nice & sunny & as my grandmom says "brisk" outside.

--no gyms in my ara have a Hip Hop dance or Aerobics class..AM I gonna have to join a DANCE company , just to get in shape to music I like...

Brooke said...


I always thought Tiger Woods looked sexy in his signature red shirt. Just watching him walk the golf course was sexy to me - no need for a bare chest, a skully or a weights. They could have taken off the hat and got rid of the weights and put a golf club in his hand...and it would have been HOT!

Kyce likes wearing his watch too, but can only tell time digitally. Still trying to teach him.

Maybe the dude in the KFC ad was in an awkward situation because he was sitting on the side of the wrong team :) But placating black people with chicken should have raised an eyebrow to SOMEBODY.

Good luck with your hair! If he's good, pass his info along!

Annamaria said...

Maybe it's just me but to me there is nothing remotely sexy about Tiger Woods..Before the scandal & especially now... Before he was corny & now he's just nasty.

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

@ Philly - that's cool as hell your son is rockin' the skateboard already! Nice!

- My word verification word is "exhooker". WTF?!?

- Come closer, said the spider to the fly...

- Looking forward to Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland sequel. Looks dope...

- I think the Direct TV commercial with Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake playing ping pong is HILARIOUS! When Justin says "Oo, oo - it's on fiiii-yah!" I lose it every time!

- I think Alabama is gonna kill Texas tonight. I also think Boise State would've beat Texas.

- My SU Orange are going to the Final Four...count on it...

- Brooke-Ra - think the Eagles can rebound this weekend?? I was shocked this past Sunday...

- I'm finding out all my fellow photogs at the other stations know who I am whether I've ever met them or not. That's cuz there's only three Black field photogs out of the four news stations...and I'm the youngest one...

- Where's Serena? And Craig? And Ant?

- My grandmother always gets me the dopest Black-themed calendars. I proudly hang 'em at work every year.

- your birthday is approaching, Brooke-Ra? Any special plans?

- I am currently drowning out the loud producer who never stops talking. She was on vacay last week - it was so quiet and serene I almost didn't know how to react.

- I don't see the purpose for interns at my job any more. They do little to nothing.

- It's surreal to hear or read people shutting down all activities in other cities for just a snowfall, when we get buried and they don't shut down ISH here 'cept school.

- Do people still actually eat at Ihop??

- We just got a PF Changs near me. Never ate there...anyone have any positives or negatives about it? I don't tend to eat at big chains here.

- I need to start hitting the gym again regularly...but no the gyms are crowded with the New Year's crowd. I'm thinking I should go back when it's back to the regulars.

- Outside of shoots, I've done very little work this week. I don't think this is a GOOD thing.

- I want some Cream Of Wheat! I have the most random food cravings. I also want Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits for some reason.

More after the break...

Little Girl Blue said...

-Yay! My job unblocked

-I'm tired as all get-out. Did boot camp at 6:45am and went back for an hour-long spinning class at 9:30am.

-I have no motivation at work today.

-I wish my birthday was around the corner. I hate telling people my age. (Wish I was older.)

-I'm an alumni interviewer for my college and I think they're assigning me every Korean living in the vicinity of Northern Virginia.

-I miss my bed.

-I talk to my mom at least twice a day. (And online during work.)

-I think they should put "mulatto" back on there too for good measure.

-Our Christmas tree is still up and if the hubby has his way, it'll be up through April.

-My knees and hips crack often. Apparently this is heredity after speaking with my female cousins during Christmas dinner.

-I've seen Avatar twice. It was worth it.

-Every day my little boy (CAT - I have two; a male and a female) goes over to the metal legs of our entertainment system in order to get a static electricity shock. I think he's touched.

-I want to find a good natural hairstylist that 1) I trust to touch my hair and 2) won't charge me an arm and a leg for something I've been doing myself for 4 years. Sometimes a sista just wants to be pampered.

-I want to cut my hair again. Not a lot. But I'm feeling that itch.

-Is it time to go home yet?

Brooke said...

Confidence is sexy to me. It's one thing to be talented, but Tiger had this walk on the course like "I'm about to light these fools up...and yes, you're following ME." He wasn't a jerk about it either, but you knew he KNEW he was the shiznit. That's what was appealing to me about him.

Brooke said...

Kristin!!! hi! I've missed you!

Hubby? you're just calling him that right - I didn't miss a wedding did I?

My knees creek often...NOT cool.

And you can have MY birthday :)

No plans yet, any suggestions? I wanna do something fun. If I had the money, I'd go to an island and soak up some sun!

I have the money, just can't justify the expense really - but sometimes you just have to do it!

Zayday is in Miami this year - I wish I had known sooner - I'd SO be there!

Where IS Serena and Ant...and Yolanda? I always look forward to their random thoughts. They don't love me no mo :-(

Bootcamp AND spinning without a couple hours time? NICE! Great motivation!

I had the best cheddar biscuits during vacation at Red Lobster. For some reason they tasted the best they'd ever tasted that day.

I had Cream of Wheat this morning :) maple brown sugar :)

Having Chipotle for lunch.

The Eagles HAVE to redeem themselves this weekend - last week's game was just ridiculous.

Little Girl Blue said...

@Rameer - PF Chang's is trash. And the "new year resoluters" will be out of the gym by the end of February/early March. They're always annoying. I can't wait for Alice, either. Burton is dope.

-Oh, I don't drink alcohol (used to) and I found a line of alcohol-removed wines by Sutter Home called "Fre." I ordered one of every kind meaning a case will be arriving at my doorstep on Friday. Yippee! Hope they're as good as the reviews say. They've won awards at the international wine festival.

-That's really me in my picture. But now I have a LOT more hair. And I prefer wearing my glasses over contacts. I'm a nerd and proud of it.

-I'm starting to make my own hair products. I'm excited and will be smelling like juices and berries.

-I actually smell like Dolce & Gabana's The One right now. I like it.

-I need to do my expense report. I think my job owes me over $2k now. Ruh roh.

-I want to go on a cruise. Stat.

Jay said...

Brooke, so you're not going to tell us your toy's name?

Brooke said...

I ate at PF Chang's once and don't remember a thing about it - what I ate, how it tasted, nothing. So I guess that's about all I can offer. If food is great tho, I'd definitely remember.

You should talk to Liz about natural hair care Kristin, maybe she's lurking around today and will chime in.

I wanna go on a cruise, but I think I might get sea sick. I took a boat once from my resort to Dunns River Falls in Jamaica once and my stomach was all queezy. I'm sure a SHIP would be different, but still...not sure.

The one week I have all the motivation I need to go work out, I bust my knee...go figure.

Little Girl Blue said...

@Brooke - hey cousin! I've missed you too.

Yeah...I've been hitting the gym up 3-6 days a week since mid-November. I flaked last week with only 2 days. Bootcamp make me want to cry today. lol.

Nope, you didn't miss a wedding. lol. But there will be one. O_o That's all I'm saying about that here.

I'll be patient for my birthday. *sigh* I'm mad I still have three years to 30. Am I the only late-20-something that wants to be in her 30s?

LOL. My word verification is "sacke." Balls balls balls.

Brooke said...

**I wrote "once" once too many in my last post** LOL!!

And no Jay, I'm not telling you my toy's name. Haven't I shared enough on this blog? :-) The fact that you know I now have one is enough!

Little Girl Blue said...

Brooke - hope you find a doc and get that knee checked out. Those are some important joints! And that's how it always is when you want to work out. But then again. You can do upper body stuff - dips, curls, shrugs, triceps extensions, etc. Where there's a will...

Brooke said...

Yes, I think you're the only 20-something that wants to be in her 30's :-) Twenty-seven was a great year for me! Enjoy it!

Just don't forget me when the wedding comes around!

I need to get down there to see all my MD/DC/VA peoples - Kristin, Serena, Yolanda and Zay. I have plenty of places to stay!

Brooke said...

You're right, no excuse! I'll do upper body and warm up some kinda way. Gots to get right for Soul Siesta!

And with that...I'm off to Chipotle! LOL!!

annamarià said...

I ate at IHOP last week!
I actually like PF Changs.
I had Cream of wheat yesterday...
Brooke let's us know the big plan for the Bday!!!
And as someone who was finally able to just start drinking alcohol again after a year long hiatus WINE WITH NO ALCOHOL??????? WHY???? WHY???? Lol
I started excersicing yesterday after finally being cleared by my dr... Damn I'm outta shape.

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

@ Little Girl Blue - thanks! People here are rushing to it, and I don't know the big deal. I figure SOMEONE on the blog had eaten there before.

- I think I'm upset that Brooke-Ra has Cream of Wheat this morning, and I have none...

- tiger DOES have that "no one is better than me" attitude when playing. So does Kobe, D.Wade, A-Rod and Randy Moss. Mike Tyson and Deion Sanders wore it REALLY well!

I don't view it as YOU do, Brooke-Ra - but I like when an athlete is confident in his ability and backs it up consistently. I think that's what makes them as great as they are (amongst the legends).

- The Mayweather-Pacquaio fight is off. Hate to admit it - but I think Floyd didn't really want to fight dude.

- I have shot glass and a coaster at my desk at all times. Someone just walked over to me and asked "do you drink?"

- I've never been on a cruise. It's on my list of things to do...

- The Secret Of Nimh was - and still is - my ISH.

- Has anyone heard Lady Gaga's new album? I'm wondering if it's upbeat enough for workout music.

Again...more after the break...

ArrElle said...

-Wondering why the word "Negro" is being brought up again in this day an time??? WTH
-The Dude in the KFC commericial looked pretty uncomfortable, now he knows how we well when being the only black person in da building!!! What's up with calming black folks down with freakin chicken?? WTFH??? Uuugghhh these dayum idiots
-Toyless??? why is it that the only person ur digging and want to get with is always too dayum busy? I have this trend of attracting busy azz men. See now I can use a drink...Barcardi Limon and Cranberry anyone??
-2-3 months from now my financial situation will be better!!
-Brooke, did I mentioned that I luv the blog??

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

Two nays for PF Changs and one yay. Hmmm...decisions...

@ Annamaria - you had Cream Of Wheat TOO?!? Dammit! My stomach is actually rumbling reading all this!

- Lmao @ Sophia being called "The Combination"...

- I don't get wine with no alcohol either. Brooke-Ra...put her on to that Moscato you had...

ArrElle said...

-I like IHOP

-I need a hug (smile)

More to come later....

Brooke said...

ArrElle! Hi!! Thanks for joining!

She's our new friend who I met on FB yesterday! I love that you love the blog! Thank you!

I attract busy men too. I don't ask for much, but time is always nice. No idea why it took me so long to get this toy...especially since the dreams have tapered off too. Maybe cuz I was sick.

I think Craig is in jail.

I have to order my credit report - make sure everything is everything.

And I love IHOP :-)

Okay, now I'm REALLY going to Chipotle!

Brooke said...

I give GREAT hugs!

Annamaria said...


Chipotle is the ISH

Sophia is officially "the combination" cause she looks like both myself & Powerz... ALthough I must admit she looks more like her daddy.. :(

Annamaria said...

I need a good hug... A good drink... And a hot date.... HOPE SOMEONE IS TAKING HINT HINT....LOL.

Brooke you look like a good hugger..LOL

Little Girl Blue said...

Well, I used to enjoy wine, but now don't drink alcohol at all. I just...well...didn't like the way I felt when I drank.

Not to get all heavy, but my dad is a recovering alcoholic (and I'm very proud of him after all this's allowed us to finally start a relationship). Being in a relationship with someone who went through the same thing as me inspired us both to abstain. Alcoholism is hereditary and too many folks play it off or ignore it. (How many people have an aunt or uncle that's always tipping a glass and everyone laughs it off?) It's a choice I'm proud I made for ME. :)

I serve alcohol in our home if folks want it and I'm not all weird towards folks that do drink. Just ain't my thang, but being around alcohol doesn't bother me. My honey enjoys the occassional non-alcholic beer and now I may be able to enjoy alcohol-removed wine (that actually tastes like wine and not grape juice)depending on how I feel about the case tomorrow. lol.

And I WISH I had been a part of yesterday's blog. Woo...

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

Wow. Okay...I completely understand. Alcoholism is NO JOKE. So I applaud you for your stance.

Plenty of things in this world pleasing to the taste...cutting a few of them out won't hurt your quality of life in the least. =)

Little Girl Blue said...

PREcisely. :)

Annamaria said...

Exactly! At least you are being proactive in your life and avoiding it altogether.. Good for you!! *clap clap clap*

Brooke said...

Given that my father is also a recovering alcoholic, that makes perfect sense to me. I'm proud of my father too for being sober for years and years now, but can't ignore the toll it took on him, his health and our family. His parents drank and I can see it thru my family lines. I've never seen my mother drink, and my sister and I were never around alcohol, which is probably why I'm not a big drinker. I never saw the point and just had no interest.

But I have no problem with people who drink or being around it myself. And there are a few alcoholic beverages that I do enjoy the taste of...amaretto being one...and of course the new moscato I tried. But I probably won't go out and buy it and if water, oj, cranberry juice, lemonade or gingerale is available, I'd drink that before any alcoholic beverage.

And I create my own buzz, no need to get one from a drink ;) owwww!

Chipotle today was DELICIOUS!

Jem said...

-Gaga is the shizz. Buy it!

-Don't be scurred to blog comment. don't give people the power to hurt your feelings *virtually*... I mean, who are they? Right?

-I'm liking San Diego (I should be working right now...)

-Did I mention, I've lost all interest in this job?

-I feel like chicken tonight.

-I had a bomb lobster enchilada last night. Word to your mother!

-Congrats on the toy! I was very tempted to order this ( but I'm not that pressed that I need to order from overseas. #justsayin

-Now, as soon as I find a U.S. distributor... it's ONNNN Son!

-I want to see Avatar. But it'll have to wait 'til AFTER Denzel. A girl has to have priorities!

-Good luck with the knee, Brooke. Ever thought about acupuncture?

-Isn't this the last season of Nip/Tuck? That makes me sad.

-I need to take my vacation weave out. There's a forest of beady-beads under there. I'm gonna miss the joys of just shake 'n go hair.

Jay said...

Fair enough Brooke, your toy's name can remain a secret :-)

Ans another cousin is on the blog - nice to "e-meet" Brooke's family :)

And Little Girl Blue, I commend your stance as well. I'm not a drinker myself, but not for any heavy reason. Kudos to you!

Brooke, I love how candid you are. Most people wouldn't reveal so much but I find that you (and Tony and Little Girl Blue) are refreshingly honest about your family lives. Dysfunction runs in EVERY family, but you all seem to be well rounded, compassionate, amazing people.

A coworker told me she got hit on at work today, by a woman who is her superior. I told her she should report it, but I have to admit, I was slightly intrigued. I wanted details, but didn't want to seem like a pig for asking :)

Brooke said...

Jem, is that a stripper pole in your pic? I like it!

That gizmo looks interesting :)

Acupuncture? no I haven't! Maybe I will! I feel like I chipped a bone or something tho.

Denzel looks BAADDDD in his new movie. Can't wait!

Warner Bros. has been slackin on my movie screenings. I think they stopped showing them...that makes me sad.

Are Greys and Private Practic new tonight?

Tony said...

TWO COUSINS are here today!

I HATE hypocrites!!

PF Changs sucks. Don't waste your money.

Valentines day is coming. Brook-Ra (Rameer I stole your name for her) thanks for your suggestions last night. Does anyone else have any suggestions for me to surprise my wife with on Valentines Day?

I'm becoming de-sensitized to almost everything racial. My attitude is becoming, "Don't blatantly discriminate against me and don't put your hands on me and I won't kick your ass." Is that a bad thing?

What ever happened to older black men leading by example? When did we stop explaining to our young black men that guns aren't cool and to respect ALL women, to respect each other as black men and demand respect from everyone else? Why did we stop teaching our own? I kiss my daughters and my SONS everyday and they know without a DOUBT that they are loved. I enforce rules, GPAs and the fact that hitting girls is NEVER acceptable. I guess I want to know when we stopped being responsible for ourselves?

I work in the credit counseling industry and it has become apparent to me that black folks need to learn how to handle money. Bankruptcy is not a revolving door! Stop living beyond our means save our money and invest in our own futures....It's a sad thing to see.

My dog is a midget!

Tony said...

Had Cream of Wheat two days running and I LOVE IHOP

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

- This is indeed the final season of "Nip/Tuck".

- Thanks for the recommendation, Jem. I'll download Gaga right now...

- That Denzel flick DOES look dope. Going to see that preview as well.

- My movie screenings have been slacking too, Brooke-Ra. I just KNEW I'd get one for Avatar...SMH.

- No offense - but the name "Jem" brings up bad memories. That damned cartoon would come on in the morning right after one of the good cartoons and right before "Robotech". Which means we had to sit through that crap to get to "Robotech"! Arrrgghhh! And there weren't a gazillion channels like there are now, and the other channels weren't playing cartoons *anyway*. So I watched Jem and the muddafuggin Holograms battle it out with The Misfits in misery hoping the half hour would pass quickly!!

- It's sad - but I still remember The Misfits theme song. "Mischief, we're making missss-chief..."

- I miss the old G.I. Joe and Transformer cartoons. We had the best cartoons as kids (my generation, I mean).

- My sister would watch anything I liked. So even though she's much younger, she relates to my generations memories...I would show her the good stuff on VHS if it didn't play on TV any more.

- My brother's new wife thinks I'm the cutest, nicest guy. She doesn't get why my brother and his boys don't really mess with me the way they mess with each other. She doesn't believe that I used to terrorize them when they got out of pocket when we were younger...

- She also doesn't get why their kids listen to me moreso than her. They'll take a whooping from her before they will even allow me to get to the point where I raise my voice. I told her this happens throughout our family - I think it's the bass in the voice and the tone.

- My nephew clings to me and my brother at times. He does this with no one else. Weird.

- Why is "Sesame Street" so LAME now?? It was the ish when I was a kid, and even when my sis was a kid.

- anyone remember "Pinwheel" or "Today's Special"?

- I love westerns and army flicks. I'm definitely my grandfather's child.

- What is it with women and men's rings sometimes? I know mad women who will ask me to take my ring off to look at it, but I don't take my ring off until I'm going to sleep for the night. Some press the issue...but dudes never ask for me to take it off. Nor do I see them ask other dudes to take 'em off - we just look at it. Curious.

- I have never gotten why Black and Latinos love pit bulls so much. I detest them...and Rottweilers as well.

- Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Mmm.

- An old classmate recounted how fast I was clocked coming out of high school in the 40. It's funny - cuz when I tell people who didn't know me when I was younger how fast I ran, they never believe it. Suffice to say it was NFL-caliber speed. But I never got an offer to play for the school I went to...

- Whatever happened to Yinka Dare??

More After The Break...

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

@ Tony - thanks for the PF Changs opinion. But NO THANKS for joining Annamaria and rubbing my nose in your Cream Of Wheat eating experience! What is this - torture The Circumstance on food he really wants but doesn't have day??

Little Girl Blue said...

You know, I just wrote my thoughts out and got an error message. I'm hot.

So yeah...this is what yall get now.

::crosses arms::

I think I'll leave work by 4:30 today. I've been absolutely useless since 11:07am.

Hi Tony! Cheers to you for being a *positive* role model for your clan. That's serious.

I thought I was the only one who noticed that crap about certain ethnicities and vicious dogs. lol...

I have two ferocious house cats that will tear your leg up if you try to mess with me. Guess I'm not cool.

Yolanda said...

Clearly, I need to streamline. Waaay too many logins.

I prefer to think of that as a mic stand...not a stripper pole! :-)

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...


HAAA! Welcome back!! The Circumstance approves. =)

DMoe said...

Afternoon yall...

-Its snowin' in ATL and all the water, bread and duct tape is gone from the shelves.

-If the ABC station here interrupts the game tonight with all the "weather crap", I'm gonna be pissed.

-As I mentioned, its snowing here, and I just saw a chick with some open-toed shoes on...Da Hell?

-I have the utmost respect for what was said on drinking earlier in comments.
As for me, I don't drink either (unless I'm alone or with somebody)

-I hope the Eagles don't get beat by the same team twice in seven days. That would suck.

-If the Saints go to Miami, I'm going to Miami.

-I just heard yet another song that makes me ashamed of "southern rap"...Wacka Flocka Flame. You heard me right.

-Census: Negro? F**k outta here. Just mark me down for "colored" while your at it.

-KFC ad. C'mon son. I blame all the black people that APPEARED in the ad just as much as I blame KFC.

For all ya'll wondering what Dmoe really looks like, check this out:

DMoe aka Smallie Biggs

Brooke said...

I thought that was you, but wasn't sure. Hi Yolanda! I've missed you!

My cat has his front claws removed, but has his hind ones, so he won't be tearing anyone up - but he'll bite the SH*T out of you!

What is yinka dare?

I drank too much lemonade at lunch today, I feel bloated now.

I've lost 6 of my 456 friends on FB, and doubt I'll ever know who they are/were. Do I care? Not really.

Tony, I can't stand hypocrites either!

And I agree with you - we have to be responsible for ourselves and each other. You are a good role model and I would love to know/see more men like you. Women too. If you choose to bring a life into this world, then love it and raise it.

That said, as much as I feel like I'd like to be a mother one day, I know I'd be scared sh*tless if I got pregnant. Not because I'm single or whatever, but because having to be responsible for shaping and developing a good person is the biggest responsibility ever. What I do at work pales in comparison to a parent's job and I'd gladly come to work everyday. Tells you I'm not really ready...but is anyone ever really "ready?"

Still no candy in my candy jar, but I know where to get some.

Don't know where Serena is, but I finally got my Snuggie! It's a CNN one. Thanks DMoe!

Stef said...

It's snowing in ATL? Does it normally snow there? I must be crazy because I thought ATL was one of those cities that gets MAYBE a dusting and that's it.

Yolanda is funny with all her names, love it!

and I just got DMoe's joke about drinking..."alone or with somebody" LOL!!

Yeah, I'm slow sometimes :)

Jay said...

Wacka Flacka Flame? SMH.

Good luck to your Eagles Brooke. Dallas can eat it! Not a Dallas fan AT ALL.

The G-Men just disappointed me this year, but they still my squad.

SU b-ball is doing good things this year tho. I know there are some SU heads on here - congrats ya'll!

Brooke, SU jersey??? Where is it? :)

Brooke said...

I'll have to take a pic and post it so I can show my SU pride :) Rameer asked me again too :)

And I love you too Rameer, I didn't miss that.

No one is giving me birthday suggestions ;(

I should just have an ole skool party with Pretty Ricky. He's been MIA, but his birthday party last year was so much fun!

I wanna wiggle my toes in some warm sand. I need a REAL vacation.

This guy I work with wears the funkiest shirts...his style is great!

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

Google him...Yinka Dare was a big man/center for the New Jersey Nets. One of the all-time great NBA busts.

- I LOVE Jay-Z's video for "On To The Next One". "Call me a devil worshipper, huh? Lemme just blatantly EFF with y'all..."

- I find that people I know who think BP:3 is wack tend to be of lower education than those who like it. I'm just saying - it's an observation of people I personally know...

-I'm addicted to French onion dip. I told you - I have weird, random food cravings...

- Women have been putting just a color as their Facebook status all day. I finally found out what it means...

- A producer just asked me to download so Elvis clips for her show. I flat-out refused. I don't eff with Elvis in any capacity. And I won't use my illegal software to promote him.

- I just corrected a mistake that would've cost $50,000. Probably woulda cost this fool his job...I'mma let him know 'bout it, too.

- I miss Fraggle Rock.

- Alec Baldwin is STILL the man in my eyes.

I think I want Gummi Bears. Why do I have munchies like I've been smoking some Ooo-wee?!?

- I still don't understand - or trust - people who don't like ANY chocolate at all.

- I wanna break out my old Sega Genesis and start playing that joint again...

- My supervisor is mad cool. He could care less what I do during the day, as long as I get my work done. Plus, he knows I'll cover and help out whenever.

- I have had four guys go through my Facebook friends list lately and start asking about specific women who I'm cool with. Come to find out, the buzzards tried to add them to kick it at them! Stalkers!!

More after the break...

THATgirl said...

-I woke up this morning at 5:30 to work out, got downstairs, and could not remember the code to the exercise room door. I got my Wii Fit on instead. I've since retrieved the code-and tomorrow morning, its on.

-I was on one of my favorite forums and saw that CVS had 75% off some cosmetics. I got 3 eye shadows, 1 eye paint, 3 lip glosses, and a mascara for less than $20.

-Blogs are my new obsession-particularly fashion blogs. In the past 7 days, I've spent over $200 on things I've seen on blogs. It's ok though--$100 of it was from Christmas money Santa gave me.

-Speaking of, I now realize I've spent $460 cash on stuff since Christmas-and I've still been using my debit card for other stuff. What the hell am I buying?

-I need to learn to budget.

-I'm planning my 30th birthday celebration. We're going to Vegas.

-I have a date with a new guy on Friday. Should be fun.

-Where can I find a lobster enchilada?

Annamaria said...

Brooke: what do you wanna do for your birthday????

You won't be ready until they put that baby in your arms...I don't care what anyone says

Rameer:Woman have been doing that on Blackberry messenger status too...

I want to have a 2nd 30th birthday this year...I was pregnant last year when I turned 30 soo I couldn't drink or anything.. We went on an AMAZING vacation to DR & had a blast but this year I wanna get my party on..OH AND MY BIRTHDAY IS ON A SATURDAY!!!!!!! :)

Brooke said...

Wow, that's alot of cosmetics!

I received cosmetics from a MALE coworker for Xmas. His wife picked out all the gifts for all the women he works with - he had no idea what I was talking about when I thanked him for my new stuff to play with. He was like "huh...oh,'re welcome?"

Too funny :)

Too bad I have no idea who to apply anything but mascara, eye liner and lip gloss. I'd look like a raccoon trying to do a smokey eye or a clown if I do blush. I hope I don't really need makeup, cuz I suck at it.

- "Can you download this show off of tivo for me and have it to me in 15 minutes?"

Me: "How long is the show?"

"It's an hour show"

Me: "Then I probably can't have it to you in 15 minutes then:

"oh..right...I see what you're saying"

Really? This is the type of people I deal with all day long. And they make WAY more money than I do.

Brooke said...

I meant to write "how"...not "who" :)

Annamaria - I have no idea what I wanna do, I need help!

The bra thing is for breast cancer right? Today, mine is magenta :)

DMoe said...


Suggestion? 80's party.

Prediction? Dopafied Freshness.

...And I'll even check the 1's and 2's as baggage.

We'll Prep/Wop/Reebok/Wildwild West and Cabbage Patch it out to all the hits we knew and some we forgot we knew.

There's your suggestion.


Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

You know what I've been putting when they post their color?

"Prove it. Send me a pic..."

Lmao! Couldn't help it.

- I've never had or even heard of a lobster enchilada. Lobster is my favorite food.

I swear you people are f'n with me today...

- These "Jersey Shore" kids are cleaning up. They're being given paid appearance gigs paying them big bucks, they're hitting every talk show, people are giving them stuff for free...they're making out better than any "reality" stars I've ever seen outside of the cast of "The Hills".

- I want to see new episodes of "The Game" - but I have a feeling now that BET is in charge, it's gonna be all cooned-up...

- Now I want cookies. Seriously - did I digitally catch a contact high, Brooke-Ra??

- Thanks for the SU love, Jay!!!

- I love the word "insatiable". Always have.

- My girl manipulates me by "coincidentally" putting food in her fridge that I like. She acts like it's for her, but I wind up eating it...and my slow ass just now noticed she doesn't get mad or even try to eat half of it when she knows I'm gonna gobble it up. Hey - I can't blame her. I think it secretly DOES work, knowing that outside of seeing her, she has all types of foods I enjoy.

Y'all are slick.

- Pac-man was announced as the world's most recognizable video game character. Also - worldwide, Pooh is more popular than Mickey in terms of Disney icons.

- I've been drinking through a straw, Yolanda and Brooke-Ra...

- I'll never join the Mile High club. Trust.

- I miss Michael Jackson.

More after the break...

Brooke said...

Dopefied freshness?? LOL!!

I love that idea...that was the ole skool angle I was talking about with Pretty Ricky's party. He had on gazelles, a fat gold chaing and Adidas.

I need to do that and rock a furry Kangol. Now I just need to find a place and you can set up your equipment anywhere you want :)

Good job drinking thru a straw Rameer! Get your teeth whitened and continue to do that and you'll feel like a new person :)

Once women know what foods our man likes, we stock it BIG TIME. Just for you. We won't even touch it. Way to a man's stomach indeed :)

I was once told my apt. was a "man trap" because I have a stocked fridge, a comfy couch, scented candles and a decent sized color tv with ESPN. And of ;)

Brooke said...

I can't type today.

just got suckered into going to my dept's off-site tomorrow, so you all won't hear from me til the afternoon...dagnabbit!!!

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

HEYYYY!!! Wait a minute...

She *does* always have whatever good game of the moment is on, too! And she constantly has candles going. WTF??

Can I be THIS slow? She created a man trap! There was one day I even had mad errands to run...and I stayed there all day! Everything I could want was in that house!

I've been bamboozled!!!

Georgia Peach said...

Just had to stop by to comment on racism in general...hello Brooke & the gang. Happy new year...

ok back to my comment - I've noticed since living here in Europe that there's a LOT of racism that generally goes unchecked in other countries. I'm not sure if it's because they aren't being challenged (I'll admit a lot slips by me b/c I don't understand the language here), but I was in the airport recently and a friend pointed out a crazy book with Michael Jackson on the cover that said something along the lines of President Obama doesn't belong because he's black. It's crazy and it was a children's book...It just makes me shake my head b/c no matter how I'd like to think things are better it seems like they are getting so much worse. That's just my observation on racism in general...

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

Really, Georgia?

I'd be FASCINATED to read your experience in modern-day Europe. I know quite a few people who live over there, and they have different accounts of racism.

Think you might be interested in guest blogging for Brooke-Ra and discussing the subject??

Yolanda said...

LOL @ The Circumstance pimping out Brooke's blog for guest bloggers.
But I co-sign on the topic.

I work with Londoners and I can tell the cultural differences just in basic conversations sometimes.

-Candles really snag you dudes. I think ya'll are amazed by fire!

Brooke said...

Georgia Peach has her own blog called a Broad in Belgium, you can read it there - it should be in my blog roll :)

but she can guest for me ANY day.

Yolanda, it's TRUE! I light a candle and they're hypnotized!

Rameer, you've been hooked! and you didn't even know it :-)

Brooke said...

Oh, and Happy New Year Glee!

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

I'm dead serious! I feel like Chazz Palminteri at the end of The Usual Suspects...just seeing how all the pieces fit when it was too late!!!

Oh...she's *good*...

Wait 'til I talk to her tonight!!!

I'm mad y'all got something subliminal going with the candles on us dudes, too! Do y'all have meetings to discuss strategy or somethin'?!? Geez!

Brooke said...

Well, I think we just pay attention to you all. And you are pretty easy actually. You tell us and we do it. All men like food, MOST like sports, and having a cozy place doesn't hurt...and the candles relax you...makes feel warm :)

Jay said...

Damn, you ladies have it down to a science!

Jaz said...

...and some nice sheets! Men LOVE a nice cozy bed!

Jay said...

I see how y'all do. Don't let me ever get into Brooke's apt. I might never leave! LOL!

Ms. Penn said...


Have a his and her spa day with your wife for V-Day. It'll get you both relaxed so that later you'll have enough energy to do the DO!

a midget dog??

Yolanda said...

A big screen tv.
AND Minute Maid Cherry Limeade! Don't sleep. It works!

Anonymous said...

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