Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday - good morning everyone.

The images coming in from the destruction in Haiti are heartbreaking. This is a country that was already impoverished, so the earthquake has simply devastated it - a nation collapsed. Just like with Katrina, I hope this catastrophe has moved you to act. Please give what you can.

- This article was eye-opening.

- Pat Robertson. A "pact with the devil"?

Pure Fuckery.

But gotta love Keith Olbermann!

Nothing more to add to that.

- Check out Ant's post today - Rameer is the guest blogger!

- Some of us take our blessings for granted, and can't see past our own lives. This isn't a Haitian catastrophe, it's a HUMAN one. Any of our lives can be changed in the blink of an eye, and starving children anywhere affect us ALL. It's our responsibility to help all of those suffering around the world. Think global community. There is no end to what a living world will demand of you.

- "All that you touch, You change. All that you Change, changes YOU."

- You'd be surprised what can happen when we call on the depths of our spiritual resources. Prayer works. But it doesn't simply work without action. Respond to the call to love that a crisis represents, and let God move you.

- Kiss and hug those you love today. And tell them that you love them.




Yolanda said...

FIRST Beeeeeeeaaaattttcchhhes!

I'm more upset with the Black woman sitting there nodding with Robertson.


JUSTBNME said...

Dang It!! I was hoping to be first today!!! lol

Anthony Otero said...

He is a piece of shit. Watever.

- I have issues with Religion when it is used as a tool.

- 14 days into the new year, i feel like it has been 3 months.

- I would like to plug that Rameer is a guest blog on my site today. He breaks down issues with white people and Haiti

annamaria said...

In honor of those in Haiti I will put the taser down for today & not tase Yolanda.

I feel horrible for those in Haiti & those here in the US that have relatives that they haven't heard from. My heart & prayers go out to all! I'm sooo glad we've been able to get out there soo soon. Let's all help!

Yolanda said...

-Rameer's post was really good. I added it on my FB page as well.

-I don't know what Jesus Pat Robertson claims to know... but it's surely not mine.

-I seriously thought Pat Robertson was dead... til yesterday.

-I'm amazed at how Twitter and texting are being used for good. Maybe they aren't the "debbil."

-Who am I kidding... there'll be a Twitter beef or some "sexting" next week. But it's still great that people are using social media to help Haiti.

-I've given $ but I feel like I should be doing more. I think money is most needed at this point... until the people on the ground get a better assessment of what's needed.

-That damn "Pants On The Ground" made my night.

-Took my weave out last night. Can you say Bead-E-Beads? Yowsa. Apparently I wear my "Negro dialect" on my head. LOL

-But my hair grew a lot. Yay for that.

-I wonder how many of us were conceived to a Teddy P song?

Grownblknfocused said...

I made my donation. Not to say any disaster is worse or better than others but we all remember how severe Katrina was to New Orleans; this is much more the impact in a matter of seconds. God Bless Haiti and I made my donation.

As far as Robertson, this is a freedom of speech country. He has a right to say or feel however. I disagree but it is what it is. He needs prayer too!

Anonymous said...

I am so distraught by this tragedy and implore everyone to do what they can to help the people of Haiti. One of my colleagues is of Haitian descent and she lost 6 family members. If anyone is a Doctor, nurse, physician assistant nurse practioner etc, I heard on the radio this morning that American Airlines is allowing you to travel to Haiti for free to help with the relief effort. This country and the people have been through so much...let's do all we can to help!!! I think money will not be enough! Humanity is on notice and we need to answer the call!!!!


Anonymous said...


I sent my post before reading beef!


Yolanda said...

It's all good Floyd. None taken.
I feel the same way... not sure my $ is enough either.

It's awful that the situation in Haiti has come to this. That's the poorest country in this region. I hope this tragedy will push our government to do more for them, not just because of a natural disaster. Think of what our taxpayer dollars could be doing for Haiti, rather than Iraq.

Brooke said...

I reposted Ant's blog on FB too, good read.

Pat Robertson definitely needs prayer, cuz anyone simple enough to say they made a pact with the devil is just crazy.

Yolanda said...

CNN says the report of the free airline tickets for doctors to Haiti is a hoax. They are offering frequent flyer incentives though.

Jay said...

Thank you for the links in your blog Brooke, especially the list of places you can call to make donations, etc.

I agree Ant, religion shouldn't be used to further any hateful agendas. I'm a spiritual person, but I have issues with religion as well when used this way.

Did anyone hear the dude on Hot 97 this morning talking about how we don't help our own, but help other countries when a disaster hits? While I agree that Katrina was a tragic breakdown in response and help, that doesn't mean we allow other people of other countries to suffer. We should have been helping Haiti a LONG time ago.

I'm glad this administration was a little more swift in their relief efforts than the failure of the last one in response to Katrina.

Pray for Haiti.

Stef said...

Thanks for dedicating RRT to Haiti Brooke, you're a special person.

I've made my donation but like Yolanda and Floyd said, I don't feel like it's enough. I know something is better than nothing, but I feel so helpless!

This can happen to ANY of us, or our family. You can't turn a blind eye to other people of the world, cuz it could easily be you on the receiving end of a tragedy. Let's all lift up Haiti (and Africa, AND New Orleans) in prayer. There are still people suffering all over and they ALL still need our help.

ArrElle said...

-The ppl in Haiti has been ignored and it's unfortunate that a tragic diaster such as the earthquake has brought much needed attention to this country. It's just plain sickening that it seems that ppl are treated according to how light ur skin color is. Just sayin...

-I believe that the misintereptations of the scriptures is the root of all hatred. PERIOD

-I'm detoxing eating nothing but raw fruits, veggies and nut boy am I hungry for a meal (smile) but I can and will stick it out.

-Looking forward to purhasing my townhome

-As far as the comments made by Pat Robertson, I'm not going to give this man any more shine that he's already received!! Enuff said

More to come later on....

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the fact check....never rely on a radio station that plays the same music over and over and over again!

Pat Robertson's comment was equally as idiotic as Rush Limbaugh's insinuation that President Obama is using this tragedy to curry favor with the Black community. Limbaugh further states that "We already donated to Haiti. It's called the U.S. income tax." To quote Keith Olbermann "Mr. Robertson, Mr. Limbaugh, your lives are not worth those of the lowest, meanest, poorest of those victims still lying under the rubble in Haiti tonight ... You inspire only stupidity and hatred"

Also The chick interviewing Pat Robertson should have woman'd' up and checked his ass!


Brooke said...

I'm just now finding out the Teddy Pendergrass has passed away :(

Yolanda said...

Olbermann went innnnnn on Limbaugh and Robertson last night... he practically wished them death and a visit to Hell. It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

I respect Keith...even when he was doing sports center! His show is awesome! The first thing I thought of listening to Olbermann last night was Sam Jackson in "A Time to Kill" "yes they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell!

I was sitting there with my daughter like GET EM KEITH!!


Anthony Otero said...

hahaha...i was just called ignorant for posting my blog on twitter! This white chick also called me racist.

I really wish people know the the definition of racism.

Lets be real...she can talk to me about how much she loves black dick, but cant even hold a discussion about race relations

Did I mention she has a Master's Degree in (my bad I am being racist for pointing that out)

Brooke said...

I love Keith Olbermann!


yes, I heard that guy on Hot 97 this morning - he made a complete ass of himself.

Helping Haiti doesn't mean we forget what happened with Katrina. It means we learn from it.

Brooke said...


you're funny...he DID kinda remind you of Sam Jackson in a Time to Kill. That was funny :)

Oh, and everyone - congratulate Floyd on his beautiful baby girl Brooke Addison Berry!!!

(love the name) :-)

Ant, if you say ANYTHING to white people about racism, they get all upset. I feel like this, if you take it personally...then I was talking about YOU.

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how upset all my co-workers are over Jersey Shore and how "train wreck" tv needs to "go away" - yet no one said BOO about Flavor Flav, I love New York, Charm School, etc.

They can't look themselves in the face sometimes...and they need to get over it.

Jaz said...

I wonder if Spike Lee will go over and film some of the stuff going on in Haiti.

I also heard on the radio today that "yele" means "cry." So sad.

Ant, that girl can go to hell.

and what exactly is "black dick" anyway? She subscribes to THAT myth huh, but doesn't consider herself a bigot, I'm sure.

Just like there are some ignorant ass black people in the world, there are some ignorant ass white people in the world too...thus Jersey Shore. They just don't want us to see it.

RIP Teddy Pendergrass. I bet some of us were conceived to one of his songs :-)

"Turn off the lights....light a candle...." :)

Yolanda said...

I've been glued to the TV watching all of the coverage from Haiti but I think today's my day to the turn the channel. There comes a point where it's real overload and just spins me into a little depression. I think the breaking point was a few minutes ago when Anderson Cooper did a report right next to a collapsed building where people were digging for a teenage girl. They freed her, but something was really odd seeing Anderson crouched down next to "the scene" doing a package on it. I want to be informed but that just creeped me out.

Anonymous said...

I remember listening to the Honorable Louis Farrakhan answer a question about him being a racist!

He said my brother, I am a racist but in order for you to understand why I am a racist we have to break down the construction of the word racist. He said when you add "ist" to a word it means you have a love for something, a passion. When you say scientist you are talking about a person that has a love for science, they specialize in science. He continued to say that his ancestors were abolitionist and they had a passion to abolish slavery! If you call me a racist... I have to say that I have a passion and love for my race! The interviewer sat there dumbfounded!


annamaria said...

Floyd congrats on baby Brooke! Enjoy her cuz they grow sooo fast! And they are such a blessing! Nice to hear about something great like Brooke coming into this world happy & healthy in this time of tragedy! Congrats to mom also.

Jay said...

Congrats Floyd, that's some good stuff! Many blessings to you and your family.

Brooke said...


I hear you on wanting to turn away from the footage/coverage for a little while...especially when you hear/see reporters do dumb stuff.

Last night, I was watching ABC News and the reporter spoke French. So he says to the camera, "I'm going to go over to this woman and ask her if she has any place to go." He walks over and asks this woman who is clearly living on the street holding a little girl that stupid question - and the look she gave him was like "Fool! If I had somewhere to go, don't you think I would have gone there!?" She just shook her head no.

My friend Su was over my place last night watching and we just looked at each other like "did he really just as her that?"

If you don't know what to say, then don't say anything. The devastation there speaks for need to ask distraught people stupid questions.

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

- I stopped watching Haiti coverage last night when the SU b-ball game came on. It's just too much, too heartbreaking. I feel like Yolanda spins you into a bit of depression. It's worse working at a news station - a gazillion monitors and reports all day talking about. Then you go home and turn on CNN...I truly appreciated my Orange taking my mind off it last night. Then I watched "Nip/Tuck" and "The Real World" for more escapism...

And then wrote the blog for Anthony and inevitably spent an hour talking about Haiti with my girl. (Sigh)...

- When I posted my FB thread yesterday, I didn't expect it to do what it did. People called, texted and inboxed me all day over it. I struck a nerve, I guess.

- Wanna read some irony? I can't post a link to Ant's blog on my FB page. I WANT to, but I was strongly cautioned against doing so by a few friends in the media. They said the part I revealed about talking to white people in our local media and spurring them to give coverage and attention to it could raise questions and get REALLY dicey. I tried to argue, but THREE different people NOT post the guest blog in my feed. That sucks.

They don't even disagree with what I wrote. They just thing I'll open up a can of worms that can get me and others on the hot seat.

- I just watched "Pants On The Ground" to see what everyone was talking about. TOOOOOO funny! Lmao!!

- My girl "falks" me - Facebook stalks me. She knows EVERYTHING I post and say on my page! But she NEVER comments or even posts on her own FB page.

- I throw "Jersey Shore" in every white person's face that I can who has an issue with it. I agree COMPLETELY with your point, Brooke-Ra.

- Craig's return to the blog had my DYING yesterday!!

- Going to see The Book OF Eli with my brother tonight. Can't wait...

- I've become "that guy" in terms of TV viewing - the one who now has such a number of shows I like, I have to make decisions on what to watch. Tonight, I've got "Jersey Shore", "Celebrity Rehab" and the premiere of the F/X animated sitcom "Archer". Adding to this - I REFUSE to ever tape anything; my philosophy is if I miss it, oh well - it's only TV. Hopefully they'll replay, but if not, such is life.

I think I'm gonna go with "Archer" and catch reruns of the other shows at some point.

- I know we all feel like we should do more, but believe me - anything we do in regards to Haiti matters. While we may look at is as "only" $5 (or more like myself and others have given monetarily), when you have 1 million out of the 300+ million people in this country giving at least $5, that's FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. That's pretty damned significant. Strength in numbers...continue to get out the word.

- Guess what I'm doing? Yup - drowning out annoying convos around me. (Sigh) It's a regular occurrence.

- I'm an idiot magnet. Ant called me that...and I think he's right. I tend to keep being surrounded by them in my career...but like Ant said, I may have been put here simply to constantly put them on blast...

More After The Break.

Rameer "The Circumstance" said... the way...CONGRATULATIONS, FLOYD!!!

Yolanda said...

Congrats Floyd!!! The world needs more Brookes :-)

Okay, and EYE RAPE had me DYING laughing on the train home last night. I've gotta work on my eye raping technique.

Brooke said...

The world definitely needs more Brookes :-)

I should go show my face at a premiere party tonight for First 48, but I'd rather go home and watch the crossover event between Greys Anatomy and Private Practice. Love those shows! What to do!!!??

Sherri Sheppard's body seems lopsided to she's about to tip over.

I'm still trying to figure out if I know how to "eye rape" someone :)

Jay said...

That "eye raping" comment was hilarious, we need more of Craig on here.

People go MIA on the blog - Serena, Ant, Fury, DMoe - where they all hiding?

Sherri Sheppard has ZERO booty.

Sorry, not really a breast man.

Brooke, you can practice "eye raping" me - I won't even press charges :-)

Craig n 'em said...

Oh you know how to EYE RAPE, Brookey...As a matter of fact, women are the quickest eye rapist...Men take their time in EYE RAPING...Its funny because, GENERALLY SPEAKING, its the other way around when its real sex...


MAN: DAMN, she's bad a shit. I'd fuck the shit outta' her. Damn...Nice ass legs...I wanna play Guitar Hero with dem legs...Nice ass, hit it from the behind, lick her back from neck to crack...Damn, I hate when I gotta keep my drink so low to cover the bulge in my pants...

A guy can do this ALL NIGHT to a woman...Men are attentive EYE RAPERS...


WOMAN: Hmmm...I'd fuck him...


Brooke said...

most times alot of people get busy and can't comment. I'm glad to see Ant back on, and Fury only seems to come out when we're discussing sex :) Some others though have told me they read but don't comment because they don't like the "tone" the comments have taken from time to time.

While I understand that - and I would never ask anyone to comment when they don't want to - I also don't think there's a negative tone to the blog as a whole. We get passionate and sometimes go at it, but I appreciate that people comment to the blog and not each other for the most part...and that when we do interact with each other, it's been positive overall.

I hope a few bad spats don't spoil the "blog family spirit" - but at the same time, it happens - and healthy debate never hurt anyone. I think I have a pretty positive blog family for the most part - and I think you all who comment for that :)

Brooke said...

@ Craig,

Well, if that's how you define it, then I'm GUILTY!!! LOL!!

I thought eye raping was some sort of force or pull to get someone to have sex with you :)

But by your definition, I'm guilty as charged ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank You Thank You! She is so precious and she is indeed a blessing! With all the tragedy in the world it is so comforting looking into her eyes (when they are open) She was born 01/09/10 (a day before her due date) and she weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs and 5oz. Mommy is doing well and I am taking a week off starting tomorrow to help around the house! Again, thank you all and I will indeed enjoy her now Annamaria!! Heck I can't believe she is almost a week already.

BTW,funny but not so funny story! I don't think it wise to have a TV in the delivery room or better yet if I am fortunate enough to have another child, I will make sure the staff turns it off when its close to the baby popping out!! My wife is kind of upset and for you to get a full appreciation of why she is upset I need to replay the scence: It went something like this:

Dr: We are gonna need you to push!

Wife: I can't it hurts really bad.

Dr: The only way the pain is going to end is by pushing that baby out!

Wife: I can't...there has to be another option to get the baby out!

Husband: Breathe baby..Breathe!! You're doing great baby....He's offsides!

Wife: Are you serious?? Really.. Really??? You are an f'n moron...I am having your baby and your watching the football game!

Nurse: But it's the Jets wildcard playoff game!

There is silence for the next 30 seconds with the wife glaring at the husband in disbelief! The husband in turn is staring at the nurse because she has helped seal his fate! My wife has told me SINCE that I can never touch her again!!! The honeymoon period has officially ended LOL!!


Stef said...


You're a FOOL!!! (I mean that in a positive way Brookey!)

Well, I've "eye raped" guys before, and most men can't resist it. A lot can be said with the eyes!

As for the "blog family" Brooke, it IS a positive one. I know I've gone at it with some on here, but it's nothing personal. It's passion. I don't know ANY of you, so I can't take any of it personally. And I read everyday because of YOU, not anyone else, so I'll just comment to the blog and read comments and respond if I choose to.

But if people have stopped commenting, I'm sorry to hear that. But really, were they commenting because they like your blog, or because of the people?

I say don't be so sensitive or give in to negativity. It's easily "ignorable." Your blog is great Brooke, and if someone chooses to not read or comment, it's their loss, not yours.

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

LMMFBAO @ Floyd!!! Ahhhhhhhh hahahahaha!

Dude - you are HILARIOUS for that one! Only a man can understand your response and mindset to it's fullest degree: "But it's the Jets wildcard playoff game!"

I feel you, bruh! LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew you would appreciate that one Rameer!! If looks could kill I would be dead!


Craig n 'em said...

Brooke, Theres a definite force...But men are better at it...

its easy for a woman to EYE RAPE...Men want to get raped...We're easy..

A cross-eyed woman with the right cup size can eye rape me...As a matter of fact, I prefer getting EYE RAPED by a cross eyed woman...It feels like a THREE-SOME...;-)

Brooke said...

I just spit out the water I was drinking after reading Craig's comment - "feels like a threesome"

LOL!! ahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!

Floyd, you should know better!

Jay said...


That is funny, but almost got yourself KILLED!!

*Note to self: No tv's in the delivery room of my future wife/baby mama (especially during playoffs).

Good tip!


Your blog is exceptional. If someone doesn't want to comment because they got their panties/boxers in a bunch over "comments" then I'll just comment for the ones who don't :) Your blog is positive and I look forward to participating when I can.

**Channeling Allen Iverson**

"Comments, we're talking about comments?? Comments??"

I bet Teddy Pendergrass has "eye raped" PLENTY of women in his day! RIP, some good music made by that man.

Was that rumor about him and Julius Erving's wife true?

Ms. Penn said...


You clearly have a death wish :)


Your blog is positive. YOUR blog. What you write is smart, funny, inspirational and thoughtful. You can't control the comments, but people should be commenting to the BLOG, so who cares what anyone else says. The folks on the blog are just as funny, passionate, smart and insightful for the most part. And none of us let a few small spats or bad apples ruin what you've started. We comment because of YOU, not anyone else - so I hope you realize that. Keep doing what you're doing.

@ Rameer and Ant,

I checked out your post on Latinegro's site...good stuff! White people need to be real with themselves. Some black folks too.


I've tried a few times to be a follower on Witches Brew, but it won't work. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, but I love your blog. Brooke put me on and I'm hooked now! I get all my news from FB and Witches Brew!

Congrats on your new baby girl Floyd, such a blessing.

pray for Haiti!

Yolanda said...

@Ms. Penn... thanks for checking our blog out. Not sure what the problem is with not being able to follow it. We're on Blogger like Brooke is. Hmmm. Will have to investigate.

As for the tone of some of the comments here... life is short. Be passionate about SOMETHING!

My Mom says that my Dad was off somewhere watching a basketball game while I was making my entrance in the delivery room. SMH. MEN!

annamaria said...

See that's why I thank god that I had a C-section cause Powerz would still be in a coma from the tasing I would have given him had he been watching TV while I was having Sophia!!!!!

Brooke said...

yeah, that's a beatdown waiting to happen.

Stef said...

So I had a blind date today for lunch. Nice guy, but he's "petite." No sparks. I told my friend there was no sparks and she said I was being picky.

I'm sorry, but dude had the body of a 12 year old. I need mass. I'd feel like I was raping him if we had sex. I'm a healthy girl, and dude looked like Soldier Boy.

Am I wrong??

Brooke said...


You're not wrong - you like what you like. I personally find it hard to date a guy who is "petite" myself, but it is what it is.

I'm freezing at work today! Need to put on my Snuggie! But I'd feel silly sitting at my desk wrapped in blanket! Someone needs to turn up the heat!

I'm watching Oprah and this woman said she wouldn't date a guy who drinks out of straws.

THAT is picky Stef :-)

Yolanda said...

DEAD @ "petite"

I firmly agree. Now watch, I'll wind up marrying a 5'6" dude who rocks my world. Sigh!

Stef said...


He's about a buck 5 dripping wet. I mean, really? I think he might have been 5'4, MAYBE. My 15 year old nephew has more meat on him!

Thanks Brooke, I thought it was just me. I'm 5'8...but it wasn't that he was shorter than me, it was that he looked like a little I could snap him like a twig!

annamaria said...

He looked like soldier boy!! Lmao that's foul but funny as all hell! I hear what u mean though I like meat to grab onto!

Stef said...

THANK YOU! Me too!

I can deal with a slim dude, I can deal with a short dude. But not one that looks like he's trying to take me to the prom.

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