Friday, January 15, 2010


1. Have you ever fulfilled someone's fantasy? Has someone fulfilled yours? Do you come up with new ones once one has been fulfilled?

2. Do you know where the G-Spot is? (this is a question for both men AND women)

3. Handcuffs? Blindfolds? Both?

4. Do you have any special talents in the bedroom? (backflips, double jointed, pole dancing, tongue Olympics?)

5. Do you get tested BEFORE or AFTER having sex with a new partner - whether you used condoms or not? Or do you just wait for your regularly scheduled annual physical to find out anything you need to find out?

Bonus: How would you respond to a random but extreme sexual request or outburst that you weren’t comfortable with or expecting? And if bold enough to tell, what’s the strangest request or attempt that’s been made and how did you handle it? It’s okay to say it happened to “your friend”. We won’t tell ;-)



“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Yolanda said...


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Stef said...

I figured I'd let someone else be first today - he he :-)

1. I've fulfilled someone else's fantasy, but I can't say that I really have any for anyone to fulfill for me.

2. Yes, I know where it is, but I can't find it myself. It's always been found for me :)

3. Both!

4. I've actually taken a pole dancing class and gotten very good at it! Still need to earn my clear, plastic heels though!

5. I get tested before AND after, so that I know EXACTLY what's going on!

As for the bonus question - I think the most surprised I've ever been while having sex, ASIDE from getting my head stuck in the headboard and dude not stopping, is when a guy SPIT on me down there. Yes, you read right. He SPIT on my hoo-ha! I guess I wasn't wet enough? I think I almost slapped him! Fucker!

Brooke said...


Don't get me thinking about that headboard story again - I was in tears last time!

And as for the bonus question - I've been there and had the same reaction - like "did dude just SPIT on me?" Yuk!!!

Jay said...

Damn Stef, you got it rough! LOL!

1. I've fulfilled fantasies and had mine fulfilled. I'm quite satisfied :) I'm looking forward to fulfilling more in the future :)

2. Yes, I know where the G-Spot is, and take great delight in finding it. Just stick your finger in and motion "come hither" with a bit of light pressure and you can work WONDERS.

3. If I had to choose - a blindfold. Then I'd tease, kiss and caress her entire body. Heightens the senses.

4. Tongue Olympics could be one, but I'm quite good with my fingers as well (see #2). My dexterity is off the chain!

5. As for getting tested, I usually only do this when a woman and I decide to be exclusive. I use condoms RELIGIOUSLY, so I don't really get tested right before or after a new sex partner. I don't know if that's being naive, but I'm being honest.

Bonus: I can't really think of any freaky requests that caught me off guard other than a woman once asking me to call her a "dirty bitch" during sex. I thought it was weird since I would think most women wouldn't want to be called that under ANY circumstance, but she was into it. I think I said it, but not with any conviction :) Just made me feel funny since I don't usually call women bitches for any reason. I kinda looked at her differently after that, cuz she seemed to be such a sweet girl - who knew!!??

Jaz said...

1. I've fulfilled a fantasy, but I didn't really enjoy it. I once let a woman give me a lapdance for one of my exes birthdays. He was so turned on by that, but I just wanted to take a long hot shower as SOON as I got home to wash the woman off of me. But we had great sex that night because he was so appreciative :)

The only fantasy I have is the join the mile high club - and no one has fulfilled that for me yet.

2. I know where the G-spot is, and so does my Rabbit :)

3. Both handcuffs AND a blindfold. That's a fantasy I HAVE had fulfilled.

4. I'm double jointed and VERY flexible :)

5. I get tested after I have sex with a new partner ONLY if the condom breaks. Otherwise, I use condoms on the regular and just wait til my annual exam unless someone gives me a reason to go sooner.

Bonus - Once a dude asked me to stick my finger in his ass. I just played it off like I didn't hear him, but then he asked me again another time. I played AROUND the area, and he took my finger and put it in himself. Totally freaked me out! I think I scrubbed my finger for like 10 minutes after that! We never had sex again.

Anonymous said...

1. Yes I have filled someone's fantasy. We had the same fantasy so it was perfect. I've completed all of my fantasies. Thank heavens for our late 20's.
2. Yes i know where the G spot is. it was found by an ex boyfriend who opened up my multi orgasm door.. Thanks Rob at least he was good for something.... hehehe
3. Both, I like Blindfolds better.
4. I ride good Cock. That's what I've been told.
5. An AIDS test was a requirement to date me. I'm in a monogomus relationship now. But we both STILL get tested every year.No Test, No NOOKIE. I stop dating a guy because he refused to take one. He was highly offended that I had the audacity to ask him to take a test. So i was like BYE BYE Buddy.
6.The strangest thing that ever happened to me was an ex-lover wanted to surprise me and asked me to close my eyes. He wiped his had across my Va jay jay. 30 seconds later I feel fire coming out of my coochie.I jumped up knocked him down and went to the bathroom. After screaming bloody murder he tells me he put VICKS VAPOR RUB DOWN THERE TO SPICE THINGS UP. I got dressed, cut him off and never saw him again. That was a major violation to the Va jay jay.

Brooke said...

LMAO!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!

Stephanie, no he didn't!!! LOL!!!

How did he ever think THAT would be sexy??? Yeah, it was HOT alright! LMAO!!!!

Y'all are killin me today!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Jaz Don't sleep on the Anal stimulation. There's a lot of never endings down there. I think striaght guys get a bad wrap if they ask for some anal play. IT does not make Dude gay if he like a rim job or a finger in the butt. The best time to stick a finger in there is during oral. It's a mind blower. Uh Oh I think I've said too much.

Jay said...


Dude was a rookie. He's lucky to still be alive after doing that. MAJOR FAIL!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Brooke I know right. I don't know what he was thinking or who he did it with before, but my first reaction was to crack him in the face. I was in so much pain I just had to get the hell out of there and soak my Va Jay Jay.

Brooke said...

I agree Stephanie, men love that, but seldom ask for it for fear of being assumed gay. But during oral...especially in the shower? Man better watch out or you'll get your eye put out! LOL!

Brooke said...

I think I WOULD have cracked him in the face!! That's not a tingle, that's an INFERNO!!!

Jaz said...

@Stephanie and Brooke,

I was just surprised by it, but I probably would have done it had he not MADE me do it! How are you gonna TAKE my finger and do it yourself??? That traumatized me!

Without a Clue said...

1. someone has fulfilled mine of different accounts. I have come up with one and so has my wife once one was fulfilled.

2. I have no clue where the g spot is and neither does my wife.

3. Never done handcuffs or blindfolds.

4. tongue olympics most definitely

5. I get tested annually

The Cable Guy said...

I'm STILL laughing at Stef with her head stuck in the headboard! LOL!! I've licked and used lube, but never SPIT on a girl. Damn!!

1. I've fulfilled all fantasies asked of me except one - she wanted to have a threesome with another dude. Couldn't do it. The only fantasy I have yet to have fulfilled is a night of hot butt nekked sex with Brookey Baby ;)

2. I know where the G-spot is, but find that it's slightly different in each woman from what I can tell. I've also been told that the g-spot isn't really that arousing to find if oral isn't in play. Ladies, is that true?

3. I've done blindfolds but never handcuffs...even though I've tied someone up before. We used her scarves, not handcuffs, but it was fun! I've never been tied up OR blindfolded though.

4. Tongue Olympics and I'm very strong. I'll pick a girl up and pin her against the wall in a minute! I once gave a girl head while picking her up and holding her up to my face. You gotta be strong to hold a girl up doing that, otherwise she'll buck and fall, and that wouldn't be cool :)

5. I get tested for everything annually unless the condom breaks.

Bonus: Once a woman who I thought was a bit prudish in bed told me to bust on her face. I was shocked! She never gave me head, never did anything necessarily "dirty", but one day asked me to cum on her face. I did it, but it wasn't like this great big squirt, which is what I think she thought it would be. I have to admit, I thought she was weird after that.

Anonymous said...

@ cable Guy.Kudos for # 4. Hot, Very Hot.As for the G-Spot. You are right is is slightly different for each women. I find It's only enjoyable through deep penetration. Most women can only climax through oral stimualtion. A vaginal G-spot climax if given the proper amount of time to reach is off the chart.

Yolanda said...

Whoa...are we really talking about rim jobs today? I'm dying over here.

I hear the finger in the rear is awesome when you make the "come here" motion with your index finger. Justsayin!

Brooke said...

I feel that double stimulation, oral and g-spot, would be the same as the sensation of oral/anal for men. Both at the same time will have you in orbit, so "Without a Clue" NEED to find it - and so does your wife. Make you wanna slap yo mama down! LOL!

Stef said...

The first time a guy asked me to put my finger in his ass, I did it, but I found some latex gloves first. He looked at me like I was the worst human being on earth! LOL! I thought it was gross cuz and I didn't want a finger with feces on it! Now I only do it in the shower like Brooke said :) LOL!

THATgirl said...

1. Yes, I have...and yes, they have. And no, I don't come up with new stuff--that would require way too much imagination and effort lol. Once I did what I wanted to do, I was done lol.

2. I do. This is actually part of the reason I became celibate. I realized that it had the potential to make me fall in love with this guy...and anything already this good has to be a super duper hellified I quit. So, the sex was so good, I stopped. Terrible, I know.

3. Handcuffs over blindfolds.

4. Yes.

5. I'm guilty...I wait for my regularly scheduled testing.

Bonus: I laughed, and said, you want me to do what? I WILL NOT!!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, your turn!

Brooke said...

Okay, I guess most of you have chimed in by now, although I don't think I can top ANY of your answers :)

1. I don't know if I've fulfilled any fantasies that I know of, but I may have created and fulfilled some they didn't know they had ;)

I've had mine fulfilled as well. I may come up with new ones, not sure yet :)

2. Yes, I know where it is - but unless I have a toy, I can't really stimulate it myself.

3. I've never been handcuffed, although I've been bound with other things :) I've been blindfolded as well - I think I prefer the blindfold.

4. Special talents? Superhead :) I told y'all, I can suck the nails from a board :)

5. I get tested every 6 months, whether I've had sex, had sex with someone new or not. My doctor is super careful and doesn't trust anyone's answers to "have you had any new sex partners?" I usually don't have more than one (new) sex partner every six months anyway, so if I do have sex with someone new, my exam is usually not that far after. I HAVE gone to get tested before deciding to become exclusive, but if condoms are involved, I just wait til my 6 month exam.

Bonus: I've had the spit thing happen to me too Jaz, and that was surprising. But I've had a guy ask me to say some things I would never normally say...or lick things I wouldn't normally lick. My response varies...sometimes I do what they ask, or I pretend I didn't hear it and don't do it - depends on what it is. But for the most part, nothing too shocking. I think guys have a sense of what I will or won't do by the time we get to the sex stage.

Brooke said...

oh wait, that was Stef with the spit, my bad :) Too many answers to remember :)

Stef said...

I was gonna say, that was ME!!! LOL! Another time a dude told me to spank him. WTF is THAT about??

Jay said...

**imagining Brooke sucking ANYTHING in the shower with fingers involved**

lawd have mercy.

ThatGirl, you became celibate because the sex was TOO good??

You know it's good when it feels like a sin!

How long have you been celibate now?

Geeque4u said...

@Stef - You didnt have to say anything on this Blog. Your head board story was the best!!! LOL

Him spitting on you down there means that he has been watching a lot of PORN movies!!! :-)

Stef said...

Is that what that means?? I was like "ugggh! you spit on me!" LOL!

I know, my headboard story was pretty outrageous. He had the nerve to request me as a friend on Facebook!


The Fury said...

1) I've fulfilled more fantasies than I care to Lmao just call me Mr. Roarke...wait did someone say that already? I've had plenty of fantasies fulfilled as well including lots of roll play. Stripper role play, catholic school dress play...all kinds of freaky ish...phew!

2) yes I do...and it's a beautiful place to massage ona a woman

3) handcuffed and blindfolded. I preferred the blindfold. I like to use my hands...

4) Special talents...I'm quite good with my mouth and tongue. In oncert with my fingers (yes...even you if you don't like fingers) and I'll make you shake!

5) I usually save the testing for an annual checkup unless I've had a busy year...

Bonus- probably most surprising was a woman asking me to cum on her hair...sistas usually tell you to stay away from the hair! I didn' ended up elsewhere...lmao

Brooke said...

Fury is nasty :-)

The Fury said...

just a little bit...

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