Friday, January 8, 2010


1. Have you ever woken up the next morning next to someone you don't know...or couldn't remember their name? (basically a one night stand)

2. Ladies, do you only use your toys alone - or do you share with your man? Men - would you "collaborate" with your lady's toy...or are you intimidated/turned off by them?

3. What is your favorite type of undergarment for the opposite sex?

4. Do you ever have sex when you're sick - and if so, does it make you feel better? :)

5. Wild and rough, or soft and sensual?

6. Do you have any tattoos or piercings in a sexy place?

7. Innie or outie belly button?

8. Do you wake up and wash your face and brush your teeth before having sex in the morning, or is it hot, funky morning breath sex?

9. Does PDA bother you?

10. When was the last time you had a hickey (passion mark)?




Tony said...

First bitches!

Tony said...

1. I have woken up next to a few people I didn't know and I'm definitely not proud of that fact.

2. We can play with her toys all day long just don't try to invade my private space with it!

3.I am a thong man without a doubt!

4. Yes I have had sex while sick and it has never made me feel any better.

5.Wild and rough somedays and soft and sensual on other depends on the atmosphere.


7. Innie

8.Funky breath having animalistic in the morning sex.

9.I think I'm one of the few brothas that don't mind PDA at all. Sometimes I initiate it.

10. I haven't had a hickey in about 20 years!

NightFall914 said...

1. Had One Night Stand on Vacation in Miami...but I remembered her name.......I don't remember it now though.

2. If she's enjoying it then I'd "assist" her.

3. boy shorts

4. No, well not full intercourse. But I've gotten head to relief illness. ;)

5. Rough & Sensual

6. nope

7. Inside

8. "funky morning breath sex"....yup

9. Too much of it yeah

10. Never and I'm glad.

THATgirl said...

1. I've had a one night stand, but I didn't even sleep there. I handled my business and left. He wanted me to spend the night, but wtf--spend the night in a hotel room with someone I don't even know?!?!? LOL...

2. Usually alone. That's a "me time" activity. It comes out for the "public" only by request.

3. Boxers

4. Nope--when I'm sick, I'm, leave me the hell alone sick.

5.Wild and rough, please!

6. My ex was gonna pay for me to get a below the belt piercing, but we broke up before finding a reputable spot. I have tats on my chest, thigh, and lower back. My lower back tat is praying hands and says "Child of God" underneath. Sexy spot, not so sexy tattoo. I've heard its quite disturbing....LMAO!

7. Innie

8. I prefer to clean up first, but it's usually best when it's that funky morning breath sex.

9. Ehhh...doesn't bother me too much. As long as it's not the "get a room" type stuff, I'm ok with it.

10. Wow...I can't even remember. Late teens, early 20's? It's been that long.

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

1. I've done that. Me and my boy had like 9 visiting girls sleep in his room when I was freshman...He had a double, and two beds put together. He slept on the bed with as many could huddle on to the bed - I slept on the floor with the rest with on top of a bunch of sheets and covers laid all over the room.

That was part of the "64 Ounce Night" - the greatest night in collegiate history for me...a film could be made from the night's beginning to it's end!

2. I'd collaborate if she so desired.

3. The undergarment depends on the body type of the woman. I tend to like a sexy thong, boy shorts or even bikini briefs...

4. Never...but then again, I never get sick.

5. Any way she prefers it. I'm user-friendly.

6. I have on tattoo on my upper body. Whether it's placement is sexy or not depends on the woman, I'd guess...

7. Innie.

8. Funky morning breath sex!

9. For me, normally I'd say yes. But I've been very different in my current relationship...PDA is fine for me in recent times.

10. I can't remember! Probably in my teens...though I gave one a few weeks ago by pure accident! Hadn't done that in eons...lmao!

Little Girl Blue said...

1. Unfortunately. Like Tony, not proud of it, but I chalk it up to being young and stupid. And vengeful (long story).

2. Share! We buy and use them together. I've never had such an experimental relationship. It's WONDERFUL.

3. None.

4. Yep and yep.

5. Depends on my mood.

6. Negativo. Tats are permanent and I don't need extra holes down there. I have enough.

7. Innie.

8. I prefer to wash, but sometimes hot breath nookie is inevitable.

9. It used to, but this relationship has changed that. I love that we're so affectionate. We don't weird people out in elevators or anything like that and laugh that people probably think we're ridiculous.

10. No clue!

Brooke said...

Hello all! I've been stuck at an offsite all day but I'm sneaking a comment :-)

My answers are:

1. Always remember my sex partners' names - no strangers...really :-)

2. I've collaborated with toys, but its mostly just me, myself and I.

3. Love a man in boxer briefs.

4. I've had sex sick and I feel better during, but I eventually feel sick again about an hour later (unless the sex puts me to sleep)

5. Soft and sensual

6. I have a tattoo on my toe, not sexy.

7. Innie

8. I try to at least brush my teeth, but hot butt nekkid funky happens.

9. PDA doesn't bother me unless people are obnoxious with it.

10. Haven't had a hickey since I was a teenager.

I couldn't send out the link to my blog because I've been out of the office, so feel free to forward to whoever you want to see their responses :-)

ArrElle said...

1. No

2. Yes I've done a collabo with 1 man from my past and used my toy by my lonesome.

3. Briefs boxers

4. No

5. Depends on my mood

6. No

7. Innie belly button

8. Stanky morning breath n crusty faced sex worked for me

9. No

10. Years ago

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