Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

So last night I asked my friend Aaron to give me a topic to blog about. I can't think of anything except my vacation, so I had a bit of writer's block. Aaron suggested I write about love letters. My question to him? "Do people even write love letters anymore?" Good question. He said that maybe I can explore the reasons why people don't write them do they think it makes them feel vulnerable? Is it even necessary anymore. Is it a lost art?

To me, it seems that now with technology being the way it is, people TEXT their feelings, or IM their affection...maybe even Twitter their undying love. It all seems so impersonal now. There is no more "love" or "letters"...just text, sex and innuendo. Not saying NO ONE writes love letters anymore, but when was the last time you wrote a love letter?

The last person I know who wrote a love letter was my sister Nicole. Last summer she and the kids went to visit her husband's family in Morocco all by themselves - without him. She was there for a month, and she said she wrote him love letters everyday. Being apart from him for so long gave her a chance to miss him, to remember the reasons why she appreciates him, and to fall in love with him all over again. I thought that was the most romantic, loving thing I'd heard in a long time. It gave me faith that love isn't something that has to become stagnant or stale. Love is what you make it. True love, unconditional love, lives and breathes.

So, not really sure how to write a love letter? It's been a while since I've done this myself, especially since I usually write poems for my loved ones as they serve as my muse. But if the only thing you write for your boo is a "honey-do" list, then let me give you some suggestions.

Fake it
- remember this scene from Sex and The City?

Later in the movie, when Big was trying to win Carrie back, he retyped all the great love letters from that book and emailed them to her. And when they finally got married, he whispered in her ear, "ever thine, ever mine, ever ours."

My point? If you're not the lovey dovey, sappy or creative type, then find some great love poems or letters online and write them down. You might want to find some nice stationary or blank-inside cards to add a special touch. You don't need to be a lyrical genius to convey your feelings. He or she will appreciate the thought and the effort.

If you DO decide to write your own words from the heart...

Keep it simple
. Write a poem or a letter that lists all the things your partner is – and isn’t. Make them things that have meaning just for the two of you, however silly or small it may seem. You can make it really funny if he/she loves your sense of humor. Just because it's funny or silly doesn't mean it's any less sentimental or heartfelt. They can be simple little things you jot down on a Post-It note for them to long as it's sincere.

What are the surprising things you love about your partner? Have you learned anything recently about them that you never knew before? Write these down and thank him or her for being so unique. Writing these things down may also help you to remember why you fell in love with them in the first place, and allow you to appreciate the small ways that they bring meaning to your life.

Write With Passion. In the middle of work and family pressures, it can be very easy to forget just how important passion is. If the spark has flickered out, and you and your partner really haven’t communicated apart from via shopping lists and random text messages, then take some time to write down just how sexy you think he or she is. It doesn't have to be raunchy or overtly sexual (even though notes like that can be appreciated too), but just a smoldering reminder that you still want and desire your sweetie. Most times people just want to feel wanted.

Feel free to add some helpful tips for writing love letters if you have any. While you're at it, be thankful that you have a loved one to write TO. Really sit and think about what that person means to you and how they make you feel. And then, in a moment like this - an extraordinarily ordinary moment when you're glad that you're with that person every day in every way - write it down...and then give it to them. Or better it to them face to face. Love letters made easy :)


p.s. I'm on vacation after today! I'll still post my Random Thoughts Thursday thoughts for tomorrow, I just won't be able to read yours and chime in. But please, keep the party going in my absence. I may even have some guest bloggers to keep you entertained on Friday and Tuesday. Have a FABULOUS holiday weekend and be safe! It's the unofficial start of summer! Woo-Hoo!


Annamaria said...

I'm FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPPPEEE

Annamaria said...

Great topic... I honestly am very bad when it comes to writing love letters BUT last year while going thru a lil rough patch I read something about writing something nice about your parter every day for 30 days & then showing it to them. SOOOO I did that. It was soo cool cause he didn't even realize how much the stupid lil things meant to me..Obviously it worked judging by the belly! LMAO
AND I must say although I may be bad at it HE is absolutely GREAT at it. For every occasion he gets me about 3 different cards & he always writes the perfect things in it. I swear he has a hallmark writer on staff...

Serena W. said...

The last thing I wrote was February 2007. A poem to my ex, framed and signed. It had things in their that directly related to our relationship.

I need to get with Hallmark or someone so they can put my poems on cards, etc lol.

I do think getting something written or even read whether it's in person, over the phone, etc is sooooooo much better than email. You can feel the vibe and emotion.

If it's read and it comes from the heart, even if it's a copy paste from a book, your favorite poet, etc it's great too. But something about looking into that person's eyes or hearing the depths of their voice wins me over hands down.

One day...who ever that lucky man is will get poetry from yours truly ;-)

Annamaria you're truly blessed. I can't wait to meet you, I feel the love you have for this man radiate over the blog (it's from the heart).

momo925 said...

aaaaah love letters! How romantic! I have received exactly two in my lifetime. One from a stranger and one from someone close to me that wanted to explain his secret feeling towards me. When the right person does's heartwarming and beautiful. Today it's very rare, so if you do receive one it's extremely special! The time it takes to write it out, make sure its legible, and speak from your mind and heart without any all makes you appreciate the effort behind it. I've only written a few and only to one person ever. I doubt that I'll be doing it again in the near future lol. I simply have not felt the urge.

Brooke said...

I've written a few, several actually. I like taking pen to paper, and I can get very sappy if you let me :)

I write poems mostly tho to people I've been in relationships with. They're always inspired by that person or an experience we've shared, so all of them are unique and special. If I sit and write a poem for you, then that is very telling about how I feel about you. And I've written them not just for lovers or boyfriends, but for my mother and sister as well.

I can't say I'll be writing any any time soon, but I'm sure I will again...looking forward to it :)

Annamaria said...

AWWWW Serena I can't wait for you to come up here either!!!!!
Yup that's my honey & through good & bad the one thing that I never question is the fact that we do love each other very much which is a great feeling...

Anonymous said...

Hey guys hows it going....Brooke I am so happy you are geared up and ready for vaca....but i wish i was going with you........anywho have a great time and me and the kids will miss you.....Kyce by the way is taking very good care of Cole....You can see the pride he has in taking care of YOUR cat....oh and he also wanted to let you know that Brahim is alwyas messing with the cat. or as Brahim would say the "chat".....

Now on to the topic at hand...I think this is a great topic and that love letters are good to not for your love one but for yourself when you get mad and your love one is on your nerve....LOL and also (this ones for Annamaria) to your children as well....i think I have one for Kyce that I wrote before he was born.....I better find it.....And although it is a sad and depressing thought I love the idea that the Mom who was dying of Cancer did for her children....Does anyone remember that from Oprah.....

But I love the idea of love letters and think that we should not let technology make us forget how to put pen to paper...

and I'm out.....

Annamaria said...

Wow I never thought of that. Writing a love letter to the baby while I am pregnant... I'm definitely going to put that on my to do list asap!!! :)

I'll put it in her baby book for her. Thanks for the idea.

Serena W. said...

I never heard about the love letter from the lady who had breast cancer to her children :(

Anonymous said...

Yes Serena This mother had cancer and knew she was dying so she wrote to her children about all the topics they would face with out her....She instructed her husband to give the letters on certain prom day , wedding day, baby shower etc.

Serena W. said...

Wow that is so sad yet amazing all at the same time. Really thank God for life after hearing about that.

Brooke said...

I guess this is only a topic for the ladies :)

Thanks for sharing that Nicole, I think I do remember that episode of Oprah. It's good idea to do even if you AREN'T dying. I'm gonna do that :)

I'm gonna have to call Kyce to thank him for taking care of Cole. I'm gonna bring him back a treat :)

how much money should I take with me? hmmmm....

Gonna write myself a few love letters too :)

Annamaria said...

Depends on where you are staying. If you are doing all inclusive then you need less money than if you are paying for everything as you go.
SUGGESTION: get like $30 in singles before you leave here. $1 here = $35 over there. Sooo therefore you can tip everyone like $1 and it actually means something... PLus if the staff at your resort is like the staff at the resort I stayed at they earn that $1. plus when you tip they look out & keep checking on you & are really nice

Brooke said...

Oh yeah, I know all about the singles! I'm staying at an all inclusive resort, so I was thinking more like souvenirs. I don't even wanna shop...I just wanna lay around and do nothing :)

Annamaria said...

Then don't shop.... let it be all about you & just relax. Bring 2 shirts back for your nephews as a thank you for watching your cat & call it a day. Take this time for YOU.. ENJOY IT!!!

Brooke said...

Thanks Annamaria!

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