Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Hey everyone!

Annamaria is making me type my random thoughts in my know...because Facebook just wasn't enough! LOL!

So here are my thoughts again...with a few more added in. Wanna read them? Here they go!

1. My baby gave me the best smiles this morning. I live for those moments.

2. Speaking of smiles, he was up at 1am just laughing and wanting to play. He didn't go back to sleep until 3:30, so I'm a cranky woman this morning. Luckily his laughs and smiles melt my heart - that saved him!

3. There's a sex tape, and then there's porn...with full camera crew and HD cameras. Mimi...girl, bye.

4. I miss watching my daytime tv shows now that I'm back at work - even though I have a tv on my desk. Just not the same as watching from my couch. Sigh...

5. Today is my Friday!

6. Madea is still doing plays?

7. There is a bag of M&M's on my desk just calling me. I don't know who put it there, but thanks!

8. What's up with Columbus Short beating up people and threatening his wife? Is that any way for a Gladiator to behave?

9. If you could sit down with your man/woman's ex for an hour to learn about their past relationship, would you?

10. Just had a wonderful breakfast and I'm already thinking about what I'm going to eat for lunch. Breastfeeding has me hungry like a mugg!

11. I'm out of "commuter" shape. Walking up and down subway platforms and around the city has me beat before I even get to work!

12. The ONE good thing about being back to work...I can take my time and eat slowly. I don't have to rush to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and scarf it down before my baby gets antsy. Notice I'm talking about food again.

13. I'm always thirsty too.

14. I feel like I'm the only person I know who doesn't drink wine. All of my friends and Olivia Pope make it look so nice and refreshing and sophisticated. Unless it's Moscato, I'm just not interested.

15. I think I need power steering fluid in my car. Didn't like the sound it was making this morning.

16. Am I the only person noticing random new people popping up in my Facebook newsfeed? Like people that I have not "friended" but "like" all of my posts? I have no idea who some of these people are, but hey...welcome anyway :-)

17. I'm dying to drink a soda with caffeine in it, but won't do it.

18. One of my good friends just had a baby girl on Tuesday - so happy for her and baby Zavia!

19. I still can't believe I'm someone's mother. I have a surreal.

20. I think it's time to bust open that bag of M&M's!




Abuzzz said...


ABuzzz said...

1. I'm mad that I work tomorrow.

2. I had a wonderful breakfast also.

3. I need to take my fat ass back to the gym.

4. Loving life lately

5. My child decided to make REAL eggs in her FAKE Kitchen last night. There were eggs all over her room. I just had to walk away. Grab a drink & sit down & breathe.

Yolanda said...

YAY!!! You're back.

Baby J is too cute. What a blessing.

I'm avoiding work.

I'm ready for something new.

I wake up tired. I need to juice or something.

So happy to see my friends and blog buddies making strides, hosting events, creating companies and the like. Success in 2014!!!

Okay, going to do some work now. My "to do" list is epic.

Have a great day, y'all.

ArrElle said...

1. I forgot tomorrow is "Good Friday" however it will be good once I meet my co-worker at Applebees for "Happy Hour".

2. Right now in this moment, I'm in a good mood

3. I'm hoping my tax returns will be in my mailbox so I can mail them out to the IRS, they were supposed to be here on the 14th.


Anonymous said...

1. Ain't been here in a minute
2. Y'all still doin "first bitches"
3. Has no constant sleep pattern .. I need to develop a sleep identity.
4. Procrastinating
5. To do list is turning into to didn't

#pretty ricky what dey call em

Monica said...

I'm so glad my lunch buddy is back :-)

This watermelon I'm having for breakfast is magnificent!! The pineapple is just ok.

Do people on the train digging up their nose think that just because they pretend to read something that you can't still tell they are doing it? yuck!

I still can't believe that Brooke watches daytime soaps.

Nope I don't think I would sit down with an ex. I pretty much know why it ended no need to rehash anything.

I wish today was my Friday.

I need a vacation asap, preferably somewhere hot and with a beach.

Stef said...

Do my eyes deceive me? Is this Brookey's Blog!!?? YAY!!!

We missed you! Congrats on the baby! You have to post pics!

I missed all the blog fam too!

Serena W. said...


I can finally say for some time that I wake up totally refreshed! THANK YOU JESUS! The bulk of the storm called Lyme Disease and other infections is passing on by! mentioned this and I cracked up, "12. The ONE good thing about being back to work...I can take my time and eat slowly. I don't have to rush to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and scarf it down before my baby gets antsy. Notice I'm talking about food again.

13. I'm always thirsty too."

When you breastfeed you have to drink a lot of water...I am talking 10+ glasses a day because you are losing a lot of fluid. And I still scarf down food or hide in the bathroom to eat because Jordan wants what is on his plate and yours!

I'm a Health and Resident Expert for (2) blogs thanks to my lovely Soror Yolanda!!!! Beautiful Brown Girls and Walker's Legacy Foundation. My profile is up on Walker's Legacy...awaiting Beautiful Brown Girls but it will up soon! So happy!

They spelled my last name wrong...but it's all good! (But I did ask them to correct it).

Applying to grad school for the fall because I know I will be fully recovered by then!

My pumpkin will be 3 in 3.5 months. Where the heck is the time going!

I'm with Monica...I need a vacation ASAP.

Annamaria...did I read right? Real eggs in the fake kitchen? Did she at least make an omlette LOL!

Going to a wedding on Saturday of a sista girl of mine. So happy for her.

Met a very fine tall glass of water in the Verizon Wireless store...he works there and is a military reservist. My oh my...what does God have in store for me!

Enjoying healing even during the daunting times...knowing that my total restoration is around the corner (along with a glass of moscato to go with it)!

Planning on doing a triathalon amongst many other things after I get totally well.

That's it for now...Brooke...hug that cutie patootie for me! Annamaria...tell lil mama make you some eggs next time and then kiss her on the cheek from us.

Smooches everyone!

Brooke said...

LMAO @ "to didn't" - Baron is a fool :-) LOL!

@ Monica, I don't watch daytime soaps, I watch daytime tv - meaning court shows and talk shows. I still can't get with soap operas, but I will watch Maury, People's Court, Divorce Court and Family Feud all day long! LOL!

Real eggs in a fake kitchen - it's YOUR fault Anna for teaching her how to cook :-) I still wanna taste that fried chicken she made!

Someone just said "he's in Tom Moody's office" but I heard "he's on a booty call." Whoa...where is MY mind this morning?

A to the BUZZZ said...

No she was trying to make fried rice from scratch.(She watches the cooking channel religiously)

This kid doesn't watch a lot of TV but when she does it's the cooking network or Jeopardy. I seriously think she is a 90 year old in a 4 year old body. LOL

Serena W. said...


My first Health and Wellness Article has posted onto Beautiful Brown Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY YAY and YAY! Y'all are the first to know! Check it out!

Dr. PLJ said...

1. Welcome back Brookey! Thanks for continuing to post adorable pictures of your little one on Facebook. They make me smile.

2. I'm two weeks post op and hoping to get the clearance from my doctor to start training again today. This surgery took a lot out of me and reminded me that my body is aging even if my spirit isn't. I don't approve.

3. Work has been more stressful than usual and I have no vacation in sight. Unfortunately, medical leave doesn't count.

4. What's up with Columbus Short? He better be careful or he'll be getting handled very quickly by Shonda.

5. Today is my Friday

6. I wonder what the weekend has in store. It's always an adventure with my hubby.

7. Have a great day everyone! Love and light to all :-)

juslikeu! said...

Brooke I haven't read this blog in about 3 years, since I was overwhelmed with the comments for having/wanting a male "friend" while married! But I needed to hear the comments!! I'm divorced now, and ecstatic! lol I learned my honesty with my ex was nothing compared to what he was DOING!!

I'm really happy about relocating to Atlanta and out of Syracuse this summer! I will miss my fam (Rickey!) :-)

I'm so much more comfortable in my skin and learned to love myself over the last 2 years of being single!

Living and Loving life, one day at a time, as I should be.

Congrats on the baby. Enjoy these moments.

The Cable Guy said...

Yes, Brooke is back! I missed this blog!

Congrat on the baby and husband. And thank you for ruining my fantasies of ever making you my wife and baby mama :)

just jokes...kinda. ;-)

The NBA is boring. Baseball is boring. Just waiting for football.

Your Eagles got rid of DeSean Jackson - bitch move. That man isn't in any gang, and he can ball his ass off. They'll regret that when they face the Redskins.

I'm off this entire week. Been chillin!

My son is a great athlete already, so proud of him. And my daughter is a diva.

I don't drink wine either.

Don't watch Scandal, even though I secretly want to just so I can know what everyone is talking about.

Stef, you're still a hater ;-)

Serena W. said...

I'm so happy for you justlikeu! It's a great feeling to love the skin you are in!

Hi Cable Guy!!!! I know the kids are getting big!


I missed the blog fam!

Powerz said...

Welcome back my good People

That is all......for now lol

shameless plug

juslikeu! said...

Thanks Serena! Nothing like it in this world!

Stef said...

Hi Serena!!!

Hi Cable Guy...HATER!!!

Brooke just emailed me a pic of her son Jaxon - GORG!!! That is one good looking kid!!!

But why wouldn't he be, she's gorg herself!

I read Madamenoire looking for your posts but haven't seen any. AM I missing them?

Abuzzz said...

Powerz the Realtor has been motivated like crazy. He's a busy little beaver... BUT he is taking time out for his princess tomorrow. SWOON.. LOL

Brooke said...

@juslikeu! - I probably haven't really posted in about 3 years, LOL! Okay, maybe not THAT long, but still. Anyway, glad you're back and doing well! Hope the move to the ATL is everything you want it to be!

Loreee! Hi!!!

Cable Guy - Hi!!!!

Stef - Hi!!!

I haven't posted to Madamenoire since I had my son. Actually, that's not true....I posted once in February and I have 2 coming this weekend. So no, you didn't miss anything :-)

Monica, what's for lunch!?

Go see Austin the Realtor and buy a house!

Serena W. said...

Austin I wish you had a license down here because in the next two years I will be a homeowner and already shopping around. It doesn't hurt to look and plus work on the credit too.

Brooke said...

21. I hate paying bills. Just one month I'd like for someone to pay them all for me...JUST ONE!

22. a cupcake would be WONDERFUL right now :-)

23. I'd better get in the habit of eating better now before my milk runs dry and I can no longer rely on breastfeeding to keep my weight down/under control.

24. I miss the perks of being pregnant, like an OCCASIONAL seat on the train. Not that everyone stood for me, but once in a while it was nice.

25. Can't even catch up on sleep during my commute because I'm standing :( Damn rush hour.

26. I miss the gym too - never thought I'd EVER say that.

27. Wonder what my little one is doing. I think I'll call and check on him :)

28. Ms. Lucy is a Godsend.

29. I think I was jealous of her for a little bit :)

30. I need more article ideas - gotta get back in the swing of things!

Powerz said...

My supporters (Abuzz, Brooke, Serena....the list goes on) keep me motivated!

Life is great. Its good to see where all my hard work goes in the form of smiles on the faces of my family.

Gave $20 to 4 teenagers dancing on a crowded subway car yesterday. Didn't kick anyone, not disrepectful, talented, could have been doing alot worse to get some cash.

Brooke, I still need to get you that script! And tell the hubby its time to get our training on!

Watching Wolf of Wall Street again and its gets me soo hyped to make money! I can relate to that corporate world too! #mycurrent9to5

What are your lists of movies that gets you motivated to do something big or get over that hump?
Wolf of Wall Street
Pursuit of Happiness
Antoine Fisher
Training Day LOL

Can't wait to surprise Princess Sophia tomorrow with a trip to Disney Live to see Princess Sophia! I love Daddy time

The Fury said...

1. BOOM! What? Y'all thought y'all wasn't gonna see me!

2. Welcome back to work, the baby growing well and eating in near silence, Brooke!!

3. Columbus Short BEEN crazy. That's why he gave out that Gladiator title. My n***a assaults people!

4. I wouldn't sit down with any of my ex's ex's. Eff them. I don't need the map to the distrust mind field they built. I just gotta cross that muthaf****r Why should I trust them anyway? They're just gonna be mad I'm giving her the best...

5. sorry... I'm trying to be nice for the first working post baby blog, back

6. @MONICA - You had watermelon for breakfast, huh. The pineapple was just ok, huh.... I'm being good. For now.

7. I saw lots of great news in this randoms posts. So congrats to all y'all.

8. That Mimi chick is a dummy. Though I can't hate on her acrobatics. She demolished the Kim Kardashian tape in the damn trailer.

9. Keep y'all big asses off the damn shower rods though. She taped that video in a hotel. The rod was drilled into the wall. Not like that tension rod you bought on sale from target.

10. I too recently returned to blogging...y'all know what it is. PICK IT UP!

11. Ooooooh kill 'em!

12. The damn Knicks...SMH

13. The warm weather in NYC lasted two damn days! I got excited to see legs and cleavage and then...the snow came

14. The damn Giants...SMH

15. Somebody should've told Mimi to make a toy line like Kandi Burress. I heard her toys are whassup!

16. ...I heard...

Brooke said...

@Fury, I was thinking the same thing about the shower rod! I'd have wrecked my whole bathroom trying to do that mess! LOL!

I'm not mad at her acrobatics either, but she has a daughter who will one day see that. She just comes off as mad thirsty - just desperate. She didn't think that one through.

A friend of mine recently had a bridal shower where everyone could purchase Bedroom Kandi - aka Kandi Burress' sex toys...and I heard they were the business. Might need to check that out.

That's if I can get my post baby mojo back...but that's another story.

Wolf of Wall St. - still have to see that. It's just sitting in my computer waiting for me - husband downloads studio clear/clean copies from BitTorrent!

That's legal right? ;-)

Powerz, get me that script, before I'm seeing your idea on screen in 6 months.

and I'll tell John it's time to get summer ready! I need to get on that too!

The Fury said...

BROOKE - Get that Mojo back, lady! I know you won't be making it porn and embarrassing your kid. And if you make a porn, you're not going to release it for the public. Uh ohhhhhh

ABUZZZ said...

Speaking of showers Brooke.. We were just invited to a baby shower & didn't even know the person was pregnant. They didn't seemed to concerned with our utter shock. They just reminded us to hit up the registry for their gift.

In the infamous words of my daughter YEA ABOUT THAT...

Eff outta here. lol

Brooke said...

Wow...maybe they are superstitious? I can see keeping it a secret for the first 3 months, but once you start planning showers, it's time to start letting folks know :-)

Serena W. said...

Wow...what's up with the invite and then telling you to hit up the registry (as Brookey says...tell them to kick rocks)!!!

Hi Fury!!!!

My get hype movies:

Jerry Maguire (SHOW ME DA MONEY)!
Brown Sugar and Something New (I'm a romantic and it gets me excited to know I will have true love one day).
THE HELP (I'm a writer and that movie motivated me to get published)!
Lyme Light (documentary on olympian who had Lyme Disease and conquered it and competed in this past winter olympics).

I know there are others but I will think of them later.

Austin I was just browsing online checking out some houses :-) nice to dream.

I'm getting a lot...and I mean A LOT OF LOVE on the new blog post on Beautiful Brown Girls. So happy!!!!

a-BUZZ said...

My munchkin came to visit me at work. I just wanna leave with her. LOL I love that kid. She's going to enjoy herself tomorrow with Daddy.. I must admit I'm slightly jealous. LOL BUT I know how important these days are in her life.

Brooke said...

I wish my munchkin came to visit me at work :(

Abuzz said...

Sorry B. Now you know why I bring her out here to go to school & to be cared for. It's easy to get surprise visits.

Serena W. said...

Ahh Brooke, one day he will never know :-)

The Fury said...

Hi Serena!! Tell Thor I said Excelsior!! LOL

I like this movie list. Let me tack on:

Back To The Future

The Devil’s Advocate

The Dark Knight

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Brooke said...

@Anna, I can't afford to have him cared for in midtown Manhattan. I wish! Queens is too far away!

@Serena, I've brought him here once - and I know he'll visit again soon when Daddy is off one day :-)

motivational money making movies...??? Gonna have to think on that one.

AbZZZZZ said...

B- TRUST me I know you can't. But at least you know you have something to look forward to when you go home. :-)

Brooke said...

Actually, this daycare that A&E offers as "back up" care in case your regular care falls through is CHEAPER per day than the daycare Jaxon goes to...but it's only available as a back up. If I were to enroll him in their REGULAR daycare, it would cost an arm and a leg. And it's right in Grand Central!

Serena W. said...'re funny! I think this year I will dress him up as Thor for Halloween LOL!!!!

The Fury said...

19. Realized my avi is the old one and was going to change to the new one, but I respect Brooke's space so much I didn't...

20. wait I just processed the comments from @JUSLIKEU...were you a Dear Brookey? That's crazy. Happy You're happy now. Get ya freak on.

21. Anybody have an ecrypted text message app they love. I need to constantly trade secret messages with clients.

22. ...NOT those kinds of clients

23. Predictions for Scandal tonight?

24. Does anyone here have breasts or ass implants? I have a question or two. No jokes. You can email me at dirtydetails at gmail dot com if you don't want to say on the blog

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