Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Get Off with Myself Thinking About You - The Self Love Confession...by The Fury

Let's keep this short and sweet. I masturbate. I rub one out. I get off alone. I touch myself. I like some good jerk. I spank the monkey. I choke the chicken. I stroke my own schlong. It's natural. It relieves tension. It gives me a smile. It keeps me from beating the shit out of people. It's good for me, and reportedly helps fight against cancer. I've never done it in public, but I know people who have. I know women who've done it in the bathroom at work, at their desk and squeezed their thighs together during meetings.

I'm not some crazed masturbating freak. But I enjoy thinking about women I have been with in the distant past, the recent past and the near future. It's rare that I've had a fantasy about a girlfriend as we were dating. I'm more apt to pick up the phone and suggest (demand?) a meeting. I've enjoyed thoughts of having hot sex with some of the women reading this.

Yes, you.

I've thought about you while in the shower, miss. You were moaning for more as you road me. The hot water was splashing across your breasts and into my face. You turned around and moaned as I took you from behind. You were worried about your hair but I pulled it and it got wet. You were upset, but I made you cum and you made me cum and you disappeared before I got out of the shower, toweled off my still aroused erection and got dressed for my day. Then I sent you a tweet, a text, an email, said hello as you passed me in the hallway at work, gave you a ring just to say hello or posted a hello on your Facebook page.

You did the same to me. You told me so with your eyes. I saw you look me up and down and you thought about how you moaned my name.

So tell me, do you like to touch yourself?

Have you done it in public?

Who is your best/most common fantasy when you enjoy your "me" time?

They call me The Fury and I'm comfortable with myself...it helps me please you better.

- The Fury




Terri said...



Lawd,after that I really DO need a shower........

The Fury said...

why thank you Terri!

Busy Tuesday? No more comments? Guess everyone is out touching themselves...

ArrElle said...

I prefer the actual man, sorry

Yolanda said...

Fury is a mess.

Wait, what was the question again...somehow, I'm distracted now.

Stef said...


I fantasize about an ex who was the best sex I've ever had when I have "me" time :-)

The Cable Guy said...

Fury is funny :)

I jack off daily, no shame in it. I don't even really need any particular person to fantasize about either, I'm good.

Stef said...


I prefer an actual man too though :)

The Fury said...

@ArrELLE - I definitely prefer the real thing!

@Yolanda - give us some masturbation TMI

@Stef - does he know that?

@The Cable Guy - hahahaha!

Stef said...


He doesn't know it, cuz he's an asshole :) But damn if he's not the best dick I've ever had!

Domina*Tricks said...

How did I miss this??? Brooke, you're late!!!

I've spent FULL DAYS masturbating - not taking phone calls, no tv, even not eating! I've loved myself for whole weekends at a time.

Not saying that's good or healthy (or not) but I was exhausted and totally in bliss when my sessions are over :)

Courtney said...


Isn't that always the way? :)

I just discovered a new toy that has changed my life!

That's all the TMI you're getting from me today ;)

The Fury said...

@Stef- do you think he's an asshole because he knows he gave you the good dick? that may be the reason.

@Domina*Tricks - Full days? whole weekends? can I just watch for like 2 minutes of the day? LOL

@Courtney - changed your life?? as in forever? whoa...I'd watch that for 4 minutes

Domina*Tricks said...

You can watch for an hour :) I gets busy!

The Fury said...

@ Domina*Tricks - A whole hour?? *grabs popcorn and Big Gulp*

Stephanie said...

Yes, I must admit. I love to rub one out.It just relaxes me.When someone tells me they never have I find that so ODD.It makes me really suspicious of them.It makes me think that if someone is not in touch with themselves they will be shooting us from the local bell tower lol. I even do it while having sex, it makes my orgasm that much better.

Brooke said...

oh wow Stephanie :)

I need a toy, can't do it manually. Never could. Don't know why.

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