Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The One Night Stand Returns...by The Fury

I knew it was a one night stand. She knew it was a one night stand. Hell, she knew it before I knew it. I wasn't even sure she was going to go through with it. But there we were waking up from hot sex the night before to have hot rollover sex in the morning. Then I escorted her back to her room. And with one final hilarious quip, she was gone.

Yep. Gone. I have this kind of luck where I bump into people I least expect while walking around NYC. Never happened. I have this kind of luck where out of nowhere someone will call me out of the blue and say,

"Hey, I was just thinking about that time you were sucking on my clit and I had to call."

Wait. Who is this?

I have this thing where one night isn't really one night.

But with her it was one night.

I had a feeling she had a boyfriend (or more) back in NY. I had a feeling our hot sex in a hot locale was something her friends would keep secret from whoever he was. But the moans that escaped her pretty lips, how she squeezed her gorgeous eyes closed and then gazed at me after yet another orgasm…

Surely, surely we'd cross paths.

Kinky kismet right?

Every now and again, I get an odd Facebook request or Twitter follower - who…is that?? Naaaah.

And I admit. I've looked on FB and Twitter just to see if I could find her. All I remember is her first name. Her last name was something hella complicated. Was it her real name? Did I reject her request because the name wasn't the same and there was no picture? Yikes.

Am I pining over a one night stand? WTF!? It's been years and years over!

But alas, this is New York City and I know that at the least opportune time, I could turn a corner and she could be there -- with a shocked look and the GUY on her arm. Or a GAL on mine. I'd nod to them both and we'd keep walking in opposite directions.

And she'd remember the way she moaned and her excitement slid down her thighs, the way her smokey voice asked for more…

And I'd remember (again) how she tasted, how she gripped my manhood and pounded against my chest as she rode me.

…and perhaps then one of us would say, "Oh right her/his name is______, lemme press follow/friend and say hello."

Am I the only one? Have you lost touch with something juicy that you haven't spoken to in awhile (one night or more)?

They call me The Fury and my memory is a gift and a curse - that's how the one night stand returns.

- The Fury



A-buzzz said...

Am I first??? FIRST BITCHES!

Courtney said...


Fury is back! Yay!

I never had a one night stand :( Am I missing out?

Stef said...

Girl, you ain't missin' nothing :)

I had one one night stand, and that was enough. I felt so weird afterwards, not sure I'm built for that.

I think I saw him on the street once but wasn't sure. Couldn't really remember his face. That sounds kinda "ho'ish" right? LOL!

A-buzz said...

I am CRACKING up at Stef saying she couldn't really remember his face. LOL
She was probably staring at him like is that him...ummm maybe?? they got the same nose but I don't remember his eyes looking like that...
was he always that tall??? lol
Stef if you are single I don't think it sounds ho"ish"... Wouldn't sound ho "ish" if a guy said it. :)

The Cable Guy said...

No, the worst is running into a chick you hit and not remembering that you slept with her!

This girl was like "remember me?"

I thought I installed her cable or something, but turns out we had sex after a party one night. Or at the party. I can't remember.

That's embarrassing. But oh well.

But like Fury's story, there have been chicks I've hit one night and wondered what happened to them. The sex was crazy, so it's like you wouldn't mind hittin' it a FEW MORE times and then moving on.

@Stef, yeah...sounds kinda ho'ish - but I can't talk cuz I can't remember faces either...lol!

The Fury said...

@Courtney - I can't really say if you're missing out. Tha all depends on your one night stand options. ha! Thanks for welcoming back.

@Stef - I don't think it sounds ho-ish. I sometimes wonder if I'll recognize her face too. Someof those details get lost when you see so man people in NY.

@Cable Guy- that's EXACTLY what I don't want to happen to me. Even though I'm laughing my ass off at what happened to you.

The Cable Guy said...


That's happened to me more than once, so I guess I should stop drinking. Although I'm not really sure the alcohol is to blame, but I'm runnin' with that :)

I haven't had one in a while, I guess I'm getting too old for that.

Domina*Tricks said...

Finally Fury is back!

I've been lurking until TMI Tuesday. Since we missed one last month, I think he should blog again NEXT Tuesday. Just my thoughts.

I've had a few one night stands, mostly with women. Believe it or not, the men I intended on having one night stands with wound up sticking around for a while, even if only for a few weeks or months until we were all sexed out. But oddly enough, most of the men I wanted to have one night flings with somehow became boyfriends.

As for wanting to have another session with a one night stand, I can't say that I have. That sort of takes away from the whole experience. I like looking back on GREAT sex with a one night stand and leaving it just like that - one night. Makes it that more memorable. I once went back to have sex again with an awesome one night stand only to be disappointed the second time. Sometimes it's best to leave the experience alone and relive the memories.

One night stands said...

You probably need to be more careful. Starting with FB and Twitter, look before add somebody as your friend:)

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