Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Soundtrack of My Sex

The Soundtrack of My Sex

Today is National Black AIDS/HIV Day - get tested, practice safely and have some Black sex... #shrug

I want to have sex with some music playing. It's been so long since I've taken the time to stop the action, find the perfect album, press play and go back to the romance.

It doesn't have to be romance music. It doesn't have to be all smooth mellow grooves. Whatever fits the mood is fine with me.

I began my musical interludes with, believe it or not, Public Enemy. It just happened to be the music playing when young Jaguar grabbed my face and pressed our lips together. She was a pretty girl with curly hair. Both of us in high school and the banging erratic beats must've amped her up.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"...

...echoed in the room as our trip to third base commenced. Our dry humping in the humid attic of her house increased. Hot, sweaty and her hair a mess. The soundtrack added so much energy to the session.

Jodeci, gave me the courage to caress Mercedes as she slept next to me after a long night of studying. Every freaking night, every freaking day. Next thing I knew she was topless on top of me. Jodeci became our soundtrack. She always found a way to turn it on when she was turned on. Sex in the car as K-Ci begged and pleaded. Sex in the bathroom as Jo Jo whined and Mr. Dalvin and Devante did whatever the hell they did.

R. Kelly was in the CD player when I turned up the music so the neighbors wouldn't hear the moaning and dirty talk during a threesome. "Arah" beats bumped as Honey Rider road me and Phoenix watched. It was still in the player three days later when Honey Rider came back alone for a return engagement.

I've had sexual interludes to great soul voices like Marvin, Al and Stevie, but never to James Brown...yet.

One of my former lovers would get overwhelmingly horny whenever she heard India.Arie's "Brown Skin." It worked out well for me. Like turning on a light switch.

I've fondled, kissed, caressed and received oral in a taxi ride to music from Pakistan. I've had private in home "lap dances" to a sexy playlist arranged by a lover. Prince has sung, moaned and screamed through many of my moaning and screaming sessions.

But recently? No music. Only the moaning, slapping and sweaty sounds of passion. Is it because music just isn't the same? Do I need to go back to the old school music, or is there something new out there worthy of getting it on to?

What about you? Do you like music while you sex? Is there a song that reminds you of a particular session? Do tell…

They call me The Fury and I'll be your DJ with all the platinum hits.


Domina*Tricks said...

First Bitches!

DMoe said...

Nice work Fury...This is the exact kind of blog playlists are made of...

Prince's "Adore" is the end all/be all. I have a bunch of thoughts, but Adore's thoughts are the most "high definitionest" of them all.


-V- said...

Nice work DJ, I concur with you selections over the years. My goto these days has been Dwele's unreleased joints ... smooth, rhythmic & sexual. Miles Davis always works if you put together his slow jams. Or if you haven't tried it yet, check out Portishead from the mid-90s for a slight change of pace.

But these days I agree, nothing beats the sounds of heavy breathing, moans & yelps.

The Fury said...

DMoe - Prince Adore is the soundtrack to a very vivid memory for me. Funny too

V - oooh Miles! Gotta remember that. Portishead is a thumbs up. especially if you're tipsy...or drunk as hell! LOL

Brooke said...

I lost my virginity to Jodeci :-)

that is all.

-V- said...

You saved yourself 'til college? Wow.

The Fury said...

@Brooke - That Jodeci be killin em!

@V - Look at you dong the math and shit. V:"Jodeci's first album came out in 1991 so...."

wow...until college, huh...

Brooke said...

My 19th birthday :-)

Domina*Tricks said...

I never have music playing when I have sex, always just the sound of passion!

Wow Brooke, you're good!

The Fury said...

@Domin*Tricks - The sound of whips and yelps, huh...

@Brooke - Held out for a minute. Then someone got to her. LOL

The Cable Guy said...

Damn B, I think you're the only woman I know who waited that long. It's sad that 19 is considered "old" to have sex. Wow.

Personally I love listening to hip hop when I'm gettin' it in. Nothing like that energy!

Stephanie said...

The music sucks today. i don't know if it's because I'm approaching 40 in 2 years. But the romance is gone from music.
Sade was and is my all time love making music.
When I want a good bang I keep it ghetto with Onyx,Ludicrous Or something grimy and hardcore.
You can take this girl out of the ghetto but you'll never fully take the ghetto out of this girl.LMAO

DMoe said...

Ummm yeah....I need to add an unlikely, albeit odd choice here.

50 Cent's "Baby by me"

One morning, it just so happened to come on at the right moment and the right time...

You wouldn't really consider this song, but there was just something magical that day:

"See I dont play no games, when i'm in that thing, you gonna see what I mean..."

That line right there? Inspirational. Bammin.

Wooo....I got my own self hot tellin that story....hahahahahaa!


DMoe said...

@ Stephanie

Agree 1000%.

Sade is a whole stick of butter for that grilled cheese.


Stef said...

Baby By Me! You could get yourself in trouble with THAT song Dmoe! LOL!

Brooke, props to you for almost being grown :)

We won't mention how old I was.

Sade, Prince, and a lil 112 ain't hurt nobody! :-)

Stephanie said...

Yeah DeMoe
@ Fury also love Adore or anything by Prince.

Mr. Nice Guy said...

I'm mad he said he got head in a taxi while listening to Pakistani music :)

The Fury said...

@Stephanie - Sade is that "finally I got you" music. Onyx? Luda? Oh damn when you get rugged you get rugged...*turns on Splashwater Falls*

LMAO @ "Baby by me" hell nooooooooo!

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