Friday, May 6, 2011

Red Lips

The morning sun blinded me. I tucked my head further under his down filled pillow covered with a beige pillowcase. Slowly, I pried my sticky eyelashes apart as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. My fingers came away with a few lines of black eyeliner and mascara, as well as specks of shimmery dust I'd worn the night before. My brown legs above average height stretched out and flexed sex and sleep worn muscles. My toes curled as I slid my arms out from under the covers to run my fingers through my bed tangled strands of unwrapped, un-scarfed hair.

I sat up, back arched, allowing the bed sheet to slide down my bare, full breasts and rest at my hips. My nipples peaked from the sudden loss of heat and I let out a shiver. I turned and looked at the lightly colored pillowcase to see if I'd lost an earring and gasped....oops! Red Velvet.

That was the name of my new favorite lipstick. Red Velvet. My makeup was long gone from my face - a consequence of a night of erotic play - and was now a stain on a 700 thread count pillowcase he probably got from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I turned the other way to find my bed companion still asleep. He looked so peaceful. He rolled over to the side and pulled the rest of the sheet off of me completely, leaving me exposed....naked.

Seeing my Red Velvet lipstick on his pillow made me think of something one of my friends said to me once. "Be careful not to leave lipstick on his dipstick." I chuckled to myself as I eased out of bed, careful not to disturb his slumber. My feet landed quietly on the carpet and I tip toed to the bathroom to pee and catch a glimpse of my makeup smeared face. Not cute.

I crept back to the room ready to crawl back into bed to catch some more zzz's when I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I tip toed back over to my bag that was resting on the floor. It must have been a wild night, because I NEVER put my purse on the floor. Ever.

I reached my red manicured fingers in and pulled out a tube of a slightly darker hued lipstick. Red Velvet. I was a good girl for the most part....but not last night. My Red Velvet brought out the vixen in me. A wicked gleam in my eyes grew as I lathered the color of sin back onto my lips. Passion, my alter ego, wears red lips.

After I reapplied, I made my way back to bed. My partner in sex crime rolled over and I held my breath until my lungs hurt. I waited as if my life depended on it to see if he would wake up, but he didn't move again. I slowly released the pent up air and crawled under the sheet. Inch by inch, I moved further under, closer to him moving the sheet lower past his hips. I took another deep breath as I calculated my every move. When the covers eased away from him, halfway covering me, I balanced myself on my arms first in a plank position...then I lowered myself to my elbows between his legs...eye to eye with his morning wood. I ran one fingernail down his shaft and watched his face. Nothing.

He had gotten thoroughly f*cked the night before, so it was no wonder he was exhausted. He was in a coma-like sleep, so my challenge (and I chose to accept it) was to wake him up with my mouth. Let's see if he can sleep through a blow job.

I ran my fingers over his morning wood again, tracing the tip. His sex jerked and I looked at his face again. He didn't move and his breathing never faltered - sleep undisturbed. I giggled to myself again trying not to wake him with my laughter. I made myself comfy on my side so that the real test could begin.

I opened my mouth, licked my red lips and lowered my head to his swollen wood. I placed a soft kiss on the tip, then started at the base licking upward as I looked up at the length of my lover. His lips parted, but nothing else. I was waiting to see if his deep dimples would appear so I would know he was awake and smiling....but he didn't flinch. I opened my mouth wider and licked the spot I'd kissed, and this time, the natural reflexes of his manhood jerked against his stomach and bounced back up to my mouth.

Carefully, I slipped my hand over his stiffness and lifted it from his sleeping form. My eyes stayed locked on his face as I guided his dick to my Red Velvet pout. I swaddled his hardness into the warm blanket of moist tongue, pearly teeth and sticky lips and paused one more time to steady my breathing before I deep throated him.

I moved and took him deeper and sucked him gently. My tongue pressed against his hard front and the satiny feel of my lips wasn't lost on his sleeping body as he swelled up even more inside my cheeks. My filled mouth lifted and then fell again - not fast, but slow, steady and teasing up and down. I fought the urge to move faster, but instead rolled my tongue across his mushroom head and then down again.

Pre-cum leaked freely onto my lips, giving it a glossy finish. I swallowed the drops as they escaped , but some of them I allowed to flow down my chin. I eventually slid back up and drank them again. My lips molded to the perfect "O" and I could feel him getting harder. His brow was now twitching...but he wasn't awake yet. He was getting close though.

I stilled my movements until his face relaxed and then I began again. I teased him until his groin tightened up and his body was now reacting on instinct and reflex. "Mmmmm," he groaned, trying to open his groggy, dark brown eyes. He squinted hard as the morning light poured in. He tried to sit up, thoughts unorganized, but fell back to the pillow. He ran his hand down his chest, over his stomach down to my chin. He cupped my face with one hand, caressing my cheeks softly. Dimples so deep you could drink hot chocolate with marshmallows from them were now visible. He was fully awake, smiling. His fingers brushed against his dick, but then he let them slip off. Clearly I got this.

He lifted his head, opened his eyes, looked down at me and brushed his fingers through my wild hair. I sucked harder and a little faster, and he fell back to the bed like he was fighting gravity. He tried to move my hand away that was working in conjunction with my mouth, but it was too late. Toes curled, his cum spilled out - and since my mouth had enveloped him the entire time, not a drop fell to his skin. I sucked every spurt as he clinched his entire body before jerking uncontrollably until he was finished releasing his morning juice.

I held his softening manhood in my mouth, sending shivers up his spine until I was ready to let it go. I let the now limp weapon fall from my mouth to my fingers as I lay it against his flesh. He let out one last moan while steadying his breathing. A wide grin spread across my face and I licked my lips, proud of my accomplishment.

"Wow..." he whispered. After his heart rate found its normal pace, he glanced down at me adoringly.

"What are you doing down there?"

I was staring at the red ring at the base of his shaft. Red Velvet had left its mark to bear witness that no man could sleep through one of my blow jobs. Streaks of the waxy, glossy cosmetic coated his dick, and I giggled again before I eased off the bed. My heart was beating between my now sticky thighs, and I felt slippery - I needed to relieve myself from my playful position. I sat on the plush carpet Indian-style and looked up at him still on the bed.

He returned my glance, then looked down at the glistening beads of cum and saliva I had left on him.

"What the?" he asked to no one in particular.

He sat up and looked closer at his dick. He noticed the bright red color that circled the base as well as streaks of Red Velvet that painted his rod. He smirked and shook his head.

"Damn girl," he said grinning and laughing, "you sure are something special."

He swung to the side of the bed and looked at me again, his feet now resting on the floor. Taking in his gaze, our eyes danced a sexy dance, but then his shifted. He noted the smeared, ruby ripe swollen color all over my lips and chin. He said I looked like a sexy, blood sucking vampire because of my dick sucking deeds...and he loved it.

"Get up here and let me return the favor."

Now he had my attention. My lust filled stare locked with his and my breathing grew deeper. As my chest rose and fell, he grabbed me by the wrists and hauled me up to the bed. My head hit the pillow and my legs flew open on top of the crumpled sheets...accidentally of course ;-) He positioned himself above me, leaned down and gave me a deep, tongue massaging kiss.

"Thank you," he sung to me as he stared at my sweetness.

"You're welcome," I winked back.

He looked up and down the length of my body, rubbing my thighs as his morning wood began swelling again. He gave me one last lookover - taking in my post-f*cked morning hair and smeared red lips from his early surprise - then began sliding back down...never taking his eyes off mine. He raised his eyebrow, smiled with deep dimples and licked his lips like LL.

I knew...right then and there....I was in trouble.


Domina*Tricks said...

First bitches?

I just happened to be up and the title intrigued me.

ummm....Brooke, you've outdone yourself. Standing ovation. I'd love to taste your red lips - and the ones on your face too ;)


The Fury said...

Leave it to the freaks to be #1 and #2! Great story: Damn it's hot in here! You painted a beautiful picture. If I ever see you with those red lips i'll know what you've been up to. But it's "just a story" right, Brookey? Yeah right. Not falling for it.

Now let me go handle my own morning wood...unless there's a volunteer...

The Cable Guy said...

Great, not I gotta go clean myself off.

Brooke, WTF! Now I have morning wood, again...while at WORK!

bravo Ms. Dean...bravo!

Geeque said...

@Domina*Tricks - Your comment has me cracking up...

Jay said...

That woman, whoever she is, would be a KEEPER. That's all I gotta say about that.

Very vivid. If that dude really exists, he's a lucky bastard.

Stef said...

I was afraid to comment on this one. Damn Brookey!

That was...uh...some story! We asked for it, guess we got it!

If could write like that, I'd be rich. Hell, if I could give blow jobs like that I'd be rich! LOL!

This was great!

The April Jones Show said...

Watch out Zane, Brooke you are very talented and you paint a beautifully vivid picture, Go Brooke!

Mr. Nice Guy said...

Brooke, you know you ain't right for this right?

Courtney said...

Wow Brooke, no homo, that was HOT!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke is bullshittin' on that book, for real.

NKT said...


DMoe said...

@B -

I'd like to personally thank you for the Q.B.Rection (say it slowly) currently being experienced here at my desk.

Great, no printing any documents for a little while, and thank god I don't have to walk in the conference room for a meeting for another hour.

Hopefully, by then, this red lipstick imagery will be 'untattooed' from my brain.

Simply put: Well done. Vivid in detail. I could plainly see "the tale" and "da tail"


Stef said...

LMAO! @ DMoe!

Ms. Penn said...

This is some ish that should be on Fury's site. Not that I read his site or anything :)

Hot story Brooke!

Jaz said...

I don't even know what to say. Wow.

Yolanda said...

Whoa. I made it through the first paragraph. I'ma have to read this behind closed doors. Go Brooke!

Stephanie said...


Brooke said...

Hey everyone!

I'm off today, but thought I'd check in to get reaction - kinda afraid to see what would be written, if anything :-) You know some of y'all shy away from sexy subject matter :) LOL!

I'm glad you seemed to enjoy - just another form of writing I'm thinking of exploring, so thanks for the feedback!

DominaTricks, you were up early!

Fury, somehow I knew you wouldn't miss this blog, even while on vacation :-)

If I ever write a book like Zane and it sells a few copies, I'll take you all out to dinner :-)

Thanks all!

JUSTBNME said...

Well done Sis...Well done.

Craig n 'em said...

I don't see the big deal....This ain't nothin' but the today show in my house...This happens EVERY MORNING!!! Excepts weekends...gotta give my baby mouth a rest...Icees on Saturday and Sunday...My boo mouth gotta cool down...

KIDDING!!! About this piece not being a big deal not the part about my girl giving me MORNING KNOWLEDGE everyday but taking the weekends off to cool down with POPSICLES...That part is TRUE!

BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, Brooke!!! Excellent!!! I jizzed on my laptop!!! So SEDUCTIVE!!!

You had me @ PRE-CUM...;-)

Have you ever given your man the "PINKY and the BRAIN"???...Now, thats some FREAKY ISH!!!!

Stef said...

I'm afraid to even ask what the pinky and the brain is. Craig is STOOPID!

Jay said...

SMH at Craig....LOL!

Courtney said...


We didn't "seem" to like it, we LOVED it!

Now, I wanna know what HE did to Brooklyn, LOL!

Anonymous said...

anybody got any lotion....or vaseline? This ain't right.

Jaz said...

I hope pinky and the brain isn't what I THINK it is :)

DMoe said...

still aroused.


QB rection

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
*Ed's voice* Well damn! I got my hot red MAC Ruby Woo lipstick on me and I'm wearing my sexy-high black pantent leather pumps today. Boy, I'm gonna put that lipstick on and....ohh girl...after work I'm gonna go....right home and read your story again. WOMP, WOMP!
Aside from my sad life, just wanted to say your writing for imagery is off the charts. FANTASTIC story!
And that's all I have to say about that!

Ms. Princess

Sillouette said...

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents!!:)

@ Brooke!!

Im still looking at the computer screen like , WTH... Girl I damn near thought i was there.. LOL

Increidble.. Love the story.. You got everyones appetite wett!!...Literally... lol..

And tell me why a man hasnt snatched you up and married u.. You ooze sexyiness., classeyness and creativeity!! You go girl! :)

Brooke said...

Thank you Princess! Coming from YOU (Miss Book Editor) that means ALOT! gonna help me write this book or what? :-)

DMoe, you're silly :-) LOL!

Craig explained pinky and the brain to me offline and I wonder how many men would secretly like it ;)

Brooke said...

Thanks Sillouette!

I guess men don't like my brand of sexiness....oh well :-)

Sillouette said...

I think Im gonna go and buy some Red MAC lipstick ..... LIKE NOW!!! from the website... LOL...

Be Right Back!!! LOL (seriously)

Sillouette said...

@ Brooke

It's not that they dont like it. Its that they can't handle you.. Your TOO MUCH woman... Thats all that is... Shoot... lol... Lets just call it what it is... lol

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, even YOU don't believe that bullshit. ANY man on here would wife you up in 2 hot seconds. Especially after THAT story. But you don't want me.

I was actually MAD that that dude in the story wasn't ME!

as you would say, FUCKERY!

Brooke said...


Red lipstick (the right shade) will change your life :-)

MAC makes good ones. But the one I wear alot is actually from Revlon. No need to break the bank on a $30 lipstick when you don't have to ;)

They can handle me, they just choose not to ;)

Jay said...

I have to cosign with Cable Dude on that know good and gottdamn well any man would be proud (and lucky) to have you. You already know where I stand when it comes to you. Whenever you ready.

The Cable Guy said...

...wait, Brooke, you have a book editor friend and you haven't written that book yet?

Ms. Princess, tell her to stop bullshittin please. She could have dropped two books by now!

And Serena has a book - what the hell you waiting for B?!

Domina*Tricks said...

If I could be a bit more serious for a second, I want to expand on Sillouette's observation of Brooke.

Its very difficult to be sexy, intelligent AND classy for some women, but Brooke's sexy stories balance it brilliantly. Men and women like to put themselves in boxes and not express themselves fully. We can be beautiful, sexy, smart AND a bit freaky if we want to be so long as we do it all with class and respect.

Her stories are vivid, but not raunchy, sexual, but not vulgar, a bit freaky, but classy and descriptive and that's hard for some to achieve. But in all of that, what I find most intriguing is her ability to be totally confident and bold in her sexuality as a grown ass woman. It takes courage to put that on display without fear of being judged.

NONE of are virgins, yet some of walk around "prudish" as if we don't all share the same feelings and desires. Only a woman OWNS it and who is totally comfortable in her own skin and with herself can do that and still be percieved as the classy, intelligent woman that she is. Brooke, you pull it off effortlessly.

And yes, that IS hard for some men to handle, let's be honest.

I also applaud the women brave enough to even comment on how hot a story this is and give props to another woman who echoes our desires perfectly. Most women hide from their own sexuality, which is sad.

Kudos to you Brooke on this story. I look forward to part 2.

Stef said...

hand claps for Dominatricks!

Mr. Nice Guy said...

Yo, seriously Brooke, why aren't you married. We already know you're smart and beautiful, so what gives. Shit, if I wasn't already booed up, I'd try to track you down my damn self!

It's clear from your stories you've experienced at least SOME of this before, so who are the clowns that let you go?? I bet they reading this story and kickin themselves in the ass right now! How do you let THAT go?

Just have to ask...cuz it makes no sense. Are you a serial killer or something???

The Cable Guy said...

Shiiiiit, if I got head like that every morning, we'd have to work it out, serial killer not! LOL!

Dominatricks, well said.

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
Cable Guy, you're absolutely right! I done told you Brooke-lyn and Shana, I'm waiting. Y'all are pussy-footing around. I already had my consultation with Shana.
I am just waiting on you.

Ms. Princess

Brooke said...

I'll schedule an appt. for my consulation asap so we can do this!

Just came back from the best wedding, congrats Mrs. Lylah!

Serena W. said...! Brooke you are a great writer, you paint the picture (and well)!

I met Zane before and she said she started with writing short pieces (like yours) for enjoyment. For herself and friends. She never saw herself as an author, but one thing lead to another and then you had Sex Chronicles!

All I'm saying is...this is how authors get their start ;)

Yep...I need to ride to NYC and fast reading this story lol! Loved it!

Serena W. said...

Can you slip some red lipstick in my baby shower gift B! LOL! (A gift for baby and one for me)!

I'm being real too!

Brooke said...

I got you Serena!

Baby just might have an Irish twin messing around with red lipstick! LOL!

Serena W. said...


john said...

It made me remember YOU!

Unknown said...

"Last Bitches" I thoroughly enjoyed reading this scribe and the comments. Thanks for inviting me. I will explore your site to view more. thanks!!

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