Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy TMI Tuesday!

And if it's TMI Tuesday, you know that means The Fury is paying us a visit :-) Before we get to the conclusion of Down to the Dirty Letter - I'd like to thank Brian for FINALLY taking me to the zoo on Sunday! yes...I was serious about the zoo...and I had a great time! I hope you all had a great, long weekend. Now - back to school you little brats! :-)

Down to the Dirty Letter (Concluded)...by the Fury

Here's a little more about me and my proclivities. If you put these all together, you have quite a sexy A to Z book. We could call it Dr. Sexy instead of Seuss.

If you missed the beginning of the alphabet..check last month's TMI Tuesday

N is for Noise. In general, I LOVE noisy sex. This isn't to say you should power up the jackhammer outside the window while we're doing the do. As much as I enjoy visuals, I also enjoy words. Moans, screams, whispers and dirty talk all drive me. I get off on getting off. In fact, it's been medically suggested, ladies, that the more noise YOU make, the more you will drive yourself to orgasm. This isn't to say you should fake the noise. That Meg Ryan fake orgasm in "When Harry Met Sally"? Not sexy! Another group of German scientists found (and I'm quoting Esquire Magazine) that in a study of Barbary macaques that when the females made noise during sex, the males ejaculated 59 percent of the time as opposed to less than 2 percent when the females kept quiet. They also observed that the females made more noise when they were most fertile and the power and speed of the male's thrusting increased accordingly....ponder that, I'll wait...

O is for Orgasms. I enjoy the female orgasm as illustrated by letter "N." The physical phenomenon is incredible to witness. The shaking, shivers, sweating, intimate contracting, squirting and gushing. This is what drives me sexually. I can't get off if you don't get off.

P is for Pet Names. Calling people, lovers, friends, bosses, et. al by pet names is a personal preference of mine. In fact, a few of the fake names I've used to tell stories are the actual pet names I've called people. I'm very good with names so I rarely have a problem with forgetting one (real or pet). However, not all pet names I use are complimentary, (bitch ass= former boss, dumbass = former classmate) but for the most part if I give you a pet name, it's because I have an affinity for you.

Q is for Quiet. I prefer to write in silence with only the hum of the computer fan and maybe a little TV for background sound. It helps to focus my thoughts. As I keep saying, quiet during sex is not a favorite of mine. Although, I have had some very quiet, sneaky sex that was so hot it made me a believer. Although, the sneaky part is what really got me hot.

R is for Rain. It's long been my fantasy to have hot, passionate sex outside in a thundering storm. I want to feel the raindrops colliding against our bodies as we thrust, lick, suck and grind with beastly passion. It should be warm outside, bordering on hot, with plenty of rain and some wind. While I know this isn't exactly hair friendly ladies, I can guarantee if you got me in this position...you would experience plenty of letter "O." Just thinking about it gets me aroused.

S is for Skinny Dipping. Something I've never done but would love to. This would also have to be in warm water. Cold water shrinkage is just not fun. I can be alone or with friends, preferably female friends or more female than male. This is on my bucket list - things to do before I kick the bucket. Who's coming with me?

T is Threesomes. Threesomes are all about politics. Not the nominations and countdown to delegates kind, but the "who touches who?", "how much and where?" kind. The best kind of three play are the free-for-all kind. I've had one great threesome and some three play in my life. It's always been about politics. No one wants to be left out or to leave someone out. Although, me being who I am, I'm always just happy to be involved. "Go ahead ladies, enjoy yourselves, I'll sit here and watch. Pull me in when you need me!" LOL But of course a three-for-all and no lingering jealousy is the way to go.

U is for Underwear. As for mine, I'm a boxers guy. It lends to a roomier fit which I find helps when you have those unexpected erections caused by hot steamy voices on the phone while you're working or hands probing to give you a hand job in public. I've been told by many women that boxer briefs are sexy to look at, but I haven't tried them out. Even with the stretchy material, they seem quite a bit restrictive in the "area." As for YOUR underwear, I've intentionally and unintentionally (umm...excuse me Miss, your g-string with the gold metal heart between your ass cheeks is showing) seen some pretty sexy undies in my time. The see through kind are always nice, but you can have a good cotton thong or even a great cotton boy short on a plump ass and I'm all too enthused to remove them..with my mouth. You can even go without...

V is for Voracious. Sex drives come in many different forms. A really powerful, driving sex attitude always intrigues my lustful side. I've been the beneficiary of being able to keep up where other men haven't, and therefore been able to tap the voracious animalistic end of O.P.P. Come on sweetie, show me what ya got, go ahead and bite me, eat me up, you little beast.

W is for White Women. For those of you that don't know, I'm an African American man. And being an American there is always a certain amount of taboo involved with this. Yes, still..in 2010! I personally have never had actual full blown sex with a vanilla woman. Not that I don't find our vanilla sisters attractive, I have a running list of vanilla women that could get it in a heart beat. It just hasn't happened.

X is for XXX-rated. There aren't many words that begin with X (go ahead and try to name 5). I have a plethora of xxx-rated material on my computer. The internet is a great tool for finding it. Much of the great photography I find looking for pictures to adorn these posts occupy a single folder in a single hidden file. Once I was updating my iphoto images when all of a sudden several hot naked pictures started uploading into the account. WTF? Seems I had a long lost hidden folder that contained close to two thousand pictures given to me on CD by "Bitchass" (see above) to hide from his then fiance'. I apparently uploaded the contents to my hard drive for safe keeping and never saw them again. You, my dear readers, will benefit from that archive in many posts to come.

Y is for Yank. You can pull, grab or push during sex, but please please please do not yank. It just doesn't sound like it feels good.

Z is for Z names. For a long, long time I've wanted to have sex..no I've wanted to fuck...a woman with a name that begins with "Z." There just aren't a lot of them. And usually the names roll off the tongue. I don't know what it is. It's odd. I have other names on the list too. Like "Brenda." To me, a "Brenda" always sounds like a thick woman with big heaving breasts, a phat round ass and cocoa skin that would fuck your brains out. And a "Z" named woman sounds like a sexy, slithering, exotic chick with a tight kitten and a penchant for riding well. There aren't even that MANY names that begin with Z, but damn if I don't think it's sexy. LOL

My name is The Fury. I'm as simple as A, B, CLink...

-- The Fury



Rameer The Circumstance said...


Rameer The Circumstance said...

Now that that's done...

Er...ah...nothing more to say. Damn, Fury - you ALWAYS kill it when you guest-blog, bruh! NICE!!!

Stef said...

Fury is always just so nasty! LOL!

Yolanda said...

Where I'm from, Y is for Yolanda. Hee hee!

Great piece Fury...you so nassy!

Domina*tricks said...

N is for Nymph. I think you all know this about me by now :-)

O is for orgasm. I love to give them. There is nothing like watching a man or woman shake uncontrollably and you’re the one who caused it.

P is for p*ssy. I love it. Can’t get enough of it. I bet Brooke has a pretty one ;)

Q is for Quit – as in a I quit caring about what other people think of me. I do ME!

R is for role playing. I love to pretend I’m a cop or some other woman in power who can make her man submit. Handcuffs are a favorite prop of mine when role playing.

S is for sex. I live and breathe for it.

T is for Trying new things. “S” never gets boring if you try new things.

U is for Usher – I’d f*ck the shit out of him :-)

V is for vaginas – same as “P” – just the more technical term for it. Mine is actually quite pretty as well.

W is for wet dreams. I loved Brooke’s blog about wet dreams, because I have them myself.

X is for Xstasy. If I can bring you to it, then I’m in heaven.

Y is for yelling. I love it when a man or woman yells in pain and pleasure. Turns me on.

Z is for zzzzz’s….nothing like good sex to make you sleep well :-)

Love it when it's TMI Tuesday!

The Cable Guy said...

Okay...wow. Um, Dominatricks, you should guest blog one day for Brooke too. I'd be interested in what you'd write about.

As for Fury, always kills it! I'd be here all day trying to write my A,B,C's...good ones!

Brooke - did you do YOUR alphabet?

Stef said...

oh, and Brooke - I'm glad you FINALLY went to the zoo! Is the Brian who took you the same dude who does the RTT Throwbacks? :)

Brooke said...


Yes, he is the same Brian. I had a great time - it was a perfect day for it. Who could NOT like the zoo?! :)

@Cable Guy,

No, I didn't do my alphabet - I think mine would be a bit like Fury's...no need to be redundant. But if I get a chance to work on it, I'll see what I can come up with :) I don't think I can top Domina*tricks ABC list either :)

The Cable Guy said...

Brian needs to stay away from my woman! I SAID I would take you Brooke!

But he deserves a high five - cuz a dude ain't taking you unless he really likes you...so he must be a good dude to tolerate the zoo :)

He just needs to realize that you are MY woman! LOL!

Stef said...

@Cable Dude,

She don't want you man! And Brian's throwback joints are HOT!

You can't compete :)

The Cable Guy said...

Stef = Hater

Jay said...

Good blog Fury - always entertaining :)

I'd like to see Brooke's ABC's too. I'd do mine, but not sure I have time today in between meetings. Dominatricks takes the cake tho!

The Fury said...

@Rameer, The Cable Guy and Jay- Thanks mangs!

@Stef- I can't help but being nasty..it's just the way that I'm drawn...

@Yolanda - Y can be for Yolanda...but I'd still expect you not to yank. But can I pull, tug and grab?

@Domina*tricks - Loved your alphabet. I look forward to you guesting as well...pretty huh...oh my my my

@Brooke- Z can be for zoo as in you and I getting wild and animal like...while Domina*ticks watches on the other side of the glass.

The Fury said...

Since you guys are fronting on an entire alphabet. Take the first letter of your first name (or moniker) and give Brooke and I a sexy definition!

Stef said...

S is for SEXY!

Jaz said...

For some reason, the first thought that comes to my mind is "junk in the trunk"...cuz I got a fat booty :)

Brooke said...

B...??? hmmm...

Brown (Sugar)


The Cable Guy said...


Oh my...

I'm with Dominatricks on this one - R is for Role Playing. I love to do that.

The Fury said...

I like how this is progressing...

@Stef- Come on Stef give me a little bit more baby. *licks lips*

@Jaz - Word!?? *Johnny Carson voice* I...I...I did not know that.

@Brooke - Have (no) mercy!

The Fury said...

Cosign @The Cable Guy on Domina*Tricks and the Role playing

The Cable Guy said...

Stef ain't NO KINDS of sexy.

Ms. Penn said...

P is for "Power of the P*ssy" LOL!

Okay...that was crass, even for me :)

Good ABC list Fury!

Jay said...

J is for Jealous Lover - I don't like to share.

Stef said...

S is for SHOOT Cable Guy in the face! LOL!

S is for Sugar lips!

Domina*tricks said...

D is for Dominatrix :)

Dick Slayer
Dykes (even though I prefer lipstick lesbians)
Double Penetration

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, PLEASE let Dominatricks blog for you one day! LOL!

The Fury said...

@MsPenn- Power indeed! I love the crass words on TMI Tuesday

LOl @ Jay

@Stef- Sugar lIps..there ya go, baby ;-)

@Domina*Tricks - Slayer..really? really? oh my my my

Domina*tricks said...

Yes, really...really :)

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