Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy TMI Tuesday!

He's baaaack! I've decided to hand my blog over to The Fury again for another sexy, scintillating TMI Tuesday. Without further adieu...

"Ebony clawed against the bed moving slowly toward the foot of the bed. I massaged her deeply inside. Her warmth and juice provided my hand with a quiet place to reside. I massaged more on that spot. Ebony reached out, grabbed a pillow and shoved it in her mouth. Her eyes tensely shut.

Come hither, come hither, more warmth. More strokes, come hither, come hither, massage caress, circle circle, come hither. Her body convulsed with each come hither motion, shivered with every circle. She was relaxed with me. Free. Something she could never deny. I felt her upper
body relax, her lower body shivered. Her legs jutted out, kicked then went limp then shook again.

Come hither, come hither, circle circle, come hither hither hither hither. I quickened my pace. Her moans grew. Her squeals muffled by the pillow. Then I felt her lower muscles contract, heard her moan then saw an open mouthed soundless scream. Ebony's smooth legs, with her long skirt raised to her waist, shook. And then...

There was a gush....And another and another. A squirting gush that landed in my hand, overflowed it and spread against the dark sheets. Her body quickly shivered and convulsed, possessed by her squirting. Squirting? Is she really squirting? She erupted from her body in small, but copious gushes. She kept her brown eyes shut tight as she came down...slowly. Her sex contracted slowly against my fingers as I slid them from her. My palm was filled with her juices. I cupped it, stared at her torrential down pour amazed at what I had helped bring about. Reaching over, I let it dribble from my hand into the plastic cup. Ebony slowly came back to this world.

"I'm gonna need a towel..." She breathed as she spread her legs and surveyed the wet spot she'd created."

- from "I Like It Wet" on The Dirty Details

There have been plenty of studies and conversation on whether or not female ejaculation is a real and true phenomenon. Recently a wayward #FreakyFact described female ejaculation as being 90% urine and 10% Female ejaculation. WRONG! FALSE! BULLSHIT! The real studies show that the fluid is produced by the Skene's glands and contains NO urea. Blah blah blah pickup a medical journal. It's not urine.

Enough of the medical jargon.

How can you squirt? Why would you want to squirt? How does it feel?

According to studies, practiced professionals and my own experience, The best way to achieve female ejaculation is to stimulate the g-spot in circular "come hither" motions moving forward inside the vagina towards the clitoris with the index and middle finger...or your favorite sex toy.

The feeling is reported to be an extreme orgasm and a release virtually unmatched. I'll leave that to the ladies here to explain.

Be aware that during that stimulation, you will feel the urge to use the bathroom. Don't worry that's not what it is. Relax, breathe, exhale, the sensation will go away and rise to a new sensation. When you reach the moment of explosion, let it go. Be free. Be open. Enjoy your explosion. How many men do you know stop themselves from busting that nut?


The women I know that can squirt are usually fearful of the response they'll receive. Again I ask...how many men are so concerned? Let it explode. Go for it. Of course you can try it at home by yourself before trying it with someone you like, trust and want to share. Since I'm resident freak I'll tell you I enjoy all expressions of female openness. What better to be in the moment, than that moment? Really and truly a man won't be disgusted. Shocked, maybe. But once you tell him what he helped you to achieve he'll be too busy doing The Hulk Hogan pose with his ego to worry about it.

Another true story, I explained this phenomenon to a female friend in a conversation about g-spots.

"Wait....that's what I was feeling? I was wondering why I kept having to go to he bathroom during sex!!?? I always stop to tinkle! You're kidding right!?? NOOOOO!"

Yes. That sensation you're feeling is you on the verge of a mind blowing experience. Let your freak flag fly and let it go.

Men, how would you feel if a woman squirted during sex or a sex act? Ladies, can you squirt? Would you be ashamed, shy or scared to squirt during sex? Have you felt that need to pee sensation right when it was getting good?

They call me The Fury and I approve that wetness!

-The Fury



Anthony Otero said...

first BITCHES!

Annamaria said...



Since I am at work I just didn't even read the blog.. I just came straight to comments.. I ain't messing with you people! LOL

Stef said...

How in the hell did Ant beat everyone!?? NOT FAIR!!!

About the post, uh, Fury? WTF?? You just giving everyone an education huh? :)

I wish I could squirt :(

But honestly, how many men would think that was sexy? Honestly?

Anthony Otero said...

First...you know you both miss me, so it is what it is..lol

I have never encountered a woman who squirts...but I think that would indeed be sexy. To make a woman cum like that would turn me on way too much...

Stef said...

I can't front, I DO miss you Ant! LOL! Where you been??? :)

I'd be afraid I'd put someone's eye out! LOL!

Anthony Otero said...

Stef... I am seriously working on trying to get back to NYC. I have been working a lot and doing the job search at the same time.

If you are afraid of taking an eye out...have your man wear goggles..haha

Stef said...


Well good luck getting back to the NYC! You belong HERE with us! LOL!

Jay said...


I see The Fury broke it down for us.

To answer the question - I wouldn't have ANY problem if a woman squirted on me. It's happened to me, and the first time was a surprise to me, but I loved it nonetheless. It was sexy as shit. Knowing that I made that happen just turned me on even more. It drove me wild.

Any man that has a problem with that is a bitchass. And if women find themselves with a man who doesn't like that, I suggest you stop messing with bitch dudes.

I remember Brooke wrote that she could squirt, and I've been intrigued ever since :-)

Jaz said...

Fury, Fury Fury. Here we go again :)

I think I can squirt, but I'm not sure. I don't think I ever let it go cuz I'm afraid to pee on myself :) I think I should try it with a toy first and then see what it looks like.

What does it look like anyway? Does it have a smell?

Stef said...

Now when I think about it, I can squirt, but not with a man. Does that mean he's wack, or that only a toy can achieve that type of stimulation needed to do that? I've done it once or twice, but it's not an every time thing.

Anthony Otero said...

I think it depends on the type of stimulation.

J said...

I've been told I "squirt like a dude" during oral. I always assumed the huge wet spot was from all the tongue action. Who knew?

Jaz said...

J, you didn't feel it? Doesn't it shoot out?

Domina*tricks said...

Hey everyone!

I made a point to come back when Fury was posting again.

It doesn't always shoot out. Sometimes it's like a stream or a shower, not a gush. Mine are more like "spurts." I've been able to do it since I was a teenager, and I always let it go if I'm feeling it. No man has ever been freaked out by it, it only turns them on more. I wet my men up, and then spank them afterwards for taking it look good little boys :)

Unknown said...

Hey guys, Bruce here, new to the blog with my first comment. Let me just say this, after my first experience with a certified squirter, i found myself either seeking or teaching every other woman there after to squirt. For those that don't me, im considered a dirty dawg, cause I LOVE gettin squirted on and in. So dudes, when you find urself a squirter, KEEP HER. And ladies, if you don't how, it would be in your best interest to learn. Im out. PEACE!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

My theory is MOST women can actually squirt. They just don't know it or haven't had it induced.

One of my secrets behind closed doors is that I tend to be able to get the women I've been with to be able to squirt, even when they swear they can't. No, not EVERY woman. But I've gotten MOST to do it.

Hell of a thing when you get a woman to experience that for the first time!

Brooke said...

welcome Bruce, thanks for checking us out :-)

"squirted on and in" ??

How do you get squirted "in"? :)

The Fury said...

Hey! Sorry didn't know Brooke posted it. I thought she read it and said "oh hell no! Fury is gonna rid me of the rest of the readers he didn't force out last time." LOL thanks for being bold

@Stef - no thatmost likely means you hold back or they're just not stimulating you the way you need to squirt.

@Jaz - I guess it looks like water. No attainable scent. Similar to your own wetness...in gushes. wetness not the..umm...really thick wetness. (sorry I tried)

@Annamaria BOOOOOOOOOOO! Read it. There are no curses and no filth. It's as close to educational as I can get. LOL

@ Bruce I'm with Brooke, squirted in??

Thanks Domina*tricks! That was very visual...mmm wow. Yous hould come around more often when I'm not writing. Brooke is the ish!

Andre aka The Black Cloud said...

I think it's sexy too. I've encountered just one woman that could squirt. She herself didn't know, it just happened. She said she was so pent up she didn't care what happened and just let loose.

Very sexy.

LMAO @ Rameer. Dude sounds like the squirt whisperer. You have learned well Young Jedi! The Force is strong in you! LOL

Domina*tricks said...

I read her blog, but don't always comment. I remember she said you'd be posting again for TMI Tuesday, and since you and I are cut from the same cloth, I wanted to check in :) I know Brooke is the ish, and I'm a bit intrigued that she can squirt myself. I have an interest in her in my own way ;)

The Cable Guy said...

This just got interesting :)

In what way are you interested in Brooke Ms. Dominatricks?

The Fury said...

@Brooke it's TMI Tuesday are you gushing, squirting, does a fella need scuba gear? I'll get my certification. I aint scurrred.

@Domina*tricks - Oh..interested in Brooke, huh. I think she's strictly dickly, but please continue to express these thoughts...

Annamaria said...

@FURY: I know this nucca ain't boooing me!!!!!!!! LMAO Don't he know I will lodge a taser into his intestines so that every time he digests his food he will tase himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF.

I will read it when I get home & can't be fired! lol

Domina*tricks said...

I just think she's sexy :) I don't know her personally, but she has a lovely face, a sexy smile and a good brain judging from her writing. Very sexy combination. I can see why she's always getting hit on, by both men AND women.

Nothing wrong with strictly dickly. I love dick myself, as you all know. But Brooke seems to have a kissable face and a sexiness that comes across in her writing.

Ms. Penn said...

Interesting conversation today :)

I think I've squirted once, but I can't be sure. It's never happened to me again and I don't think I'm doing anything to hinder it.

That being said, I'd have to be very comfortable with the person I'm having sex with in order to let loose in ANY fashion. But I do believe it's possible. Women have to be really in tune with their bodies and their partner in order to do that I think.

Brooke said...

okay...well, it's TMI Tuesday, so I can answer Fury's question - although I think everyone on the blog already knows the answer to it by now :)

I can and I have squirted before, but not with a partner. It was a big splash to say the least, but not like a gush, more like a sprinkler. To answer Jaz, it was clear like water, and there was no real scent, but it seemed to smell "sweet" to me...if that makes any sense.

But it can definitely catch you by surprise if you've never done it and don't know what it is. That was me, and I ran to the bathroom thinking it was something else :) I had a big puddle on my sheets, and it soaked thru to my mattress, so I had a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards :)

I've only been with one person who caused me to feel that sensation, but I didn't let it go because I didn't think that's what it was - I thought he was stimulating me so much that I had to pee :) Now I know what it is, so if I ever feel it again, we'll see if I let it go. It's something I think I'd be self conscious about if I wasn't with someone I trusted.

Thanks for the compliments Domina*tricks!

Annamaria, put your taser away :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...


BAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'mma start sayin' that ish, too! Lmbao!!

The Fury said...

Oh damn! No one told me Annamaria had the new age embeddable tasers!

@Annamaria - I wasn't booing I was making a loud BO! noise like West Indians do when they like something;-) You can read me whenever you like...as long as my intestines remain untouched.

I agree with Domina*tricks a very sweet face...

speaking of sweet...lemme find out Brooke got the sweet squirt. Mannnnnn! Don't even get me started more than i already am. It'd be a soaking good time

Thanks for sharing Ms Penn. I agree about the being comfortable. I feel the same way when I'm releasing The Kraken!

The Cable Guy said...

I am officially aroused right now. Between Brooke's account of her squirting, and Dominatrick's interest in her sweet face, I'm all over this blog!

Good blog by the way Fury, very informative! I for one would have NO problem if a woman wanted to splash me! If I can make her do that, then bring it!

Brooke, holla at me! LOL!

Jay said...

A woman who can do that, and embraces it is SO damn sexy to me. Brooke, you have a gift :)

Jay said...

and I agree, a VERY sweet face.

Unknown said...

"SQUIRTED IN"?!?!?! Yes, i've been squirted in. How you ask? Not going into too much detail, wait... this is TMI Tuesday, right? Oh well then Fu@k it, I love to drink it. Yep, ride my face and bust all up in my mouth. I even make games out of it. While your riding me, lets see if you squirt it past chest, reach my mouth and you win a surprise treat (most can't squirt that far, but there was that one that did). I believe with the right coaching and practice all woman can squirt. Shit, I've been teaching women how to bust in dudes mouths for a good ten yrs. I'll just leave it at that, plus I gotta go. For some reason I'm extreamly thirsty.

The Fury said...

oh...OK that answers the in question. Totally understand and get that.

Women can swallow...men can too!

Jaz said...

Ewwwww!!! Yuck Bruce!!!

Unknown said...

@ Jaz, YUCK? Girl if you only knew. When you reach that point in your life where your comfitable with ur partner and ur sexuality and start exploring new and exciting sexual activities, you'll understand.

THATgirl said...

I squirted (at least as its described here lol) once. It left me stunned and in tears. That was the last time I had sex...I decided to be abstinent after that. It was literally SO GOOD that I knew I needed to wait on someone I actually cared about and /or saw myself with ..cause I don't have NO business having relations THAT GOOD with a dude I'm just sexin. True story.

Stef said...

WOW! Thatgirl, that's deep!

Cuz I would have kept his ass around if he made me cry!

But I feel you though, that's strength, I don't know if I could give up sex THAT good! LOL!

Jaz said...


What does it taste like?

Anthony Otero said...

I have to agree with Stef...if that man made you cry, you better keep his ass...lol

Not every man will make a geyser out of you...lol

Unknown said...

@ THATgirl, WOW thats deep.

Unknown said...

@ Jaz, it taste BITTER SWEET! LOL

Jaz said...

sounds nasty :)

Unknown said...

@ Jaz, LOL. It's an acquired taste. Sort of like women when they get their first taste of semen. It might be nasty at first, but you get use to it. Next thing you know your begging for it.

J said...

@ Jaz, I usually have a hard time reaching orgasm with someone other than myself, so when I do squirt like a dude or bust in a dude's mouth (nice!), I dont know what be going on!

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