Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Okay, y'all know what time it is - TMI Tuesday - which means Fury is in the building!

Ladies, all I can say is...keep an open mind, and try to give an (honest) answer - it's not as easy as you think :-)

Let's go!

"...But Would You Do Her With Your Own D*#k!?"...by The Fury.

Penis envy as a term makes me laugh, it's harder than women think to wield one of these big things ;-)

So yesterday I met up with Brookey for lunch (a long delayed hang out) and to pick her brain. Yes I'm real. Brooke told me that some of you don't believe I am, but if you ask the very nosy hostess at the restaurant who was straining to hear our conversation, she would agree that Brooke wasn't talking to herself at the table.

I'm pretty certain the reason she got all up in our convo was because she heard the question I asked Brooke.

"If you were given a dick for 24 hours and had to have sex with one of your female friends or you would die in 24 hours, would you do it? If yes, with whom? And why or why not?"

I've asked several female friends of mine and they were all perplexed. Not really about the ramifications of sexuality, but because they had just turned down 99% of their friends in their heads.

If you've turned those friends down, what does that say about how you view them?

What, if anything, does it say about the friends you choose?

Would your friends choose you? Why not? Do you front like you don't give head, but in reality you love to feel a deep throat? Do you tell them you're squeamish, but behind closed doors you like to get facials?

I KNOW women who act that way...it's ok, women lie to each other every day about their sexual antics. But I doubt that was the real reason you wouldn't do her with your own dick.

I understand it can be awkward to publicly say a friend's name that you would give the magical dick to in this situation - so you don't have to say a name (or names). Giving a name is only for the bold, the brave and the ones that don't mind saying.

(although it IS TMI Tuesday…)

I definitely want to know why or why not? Think, would you fuck your girlfriend with this magical (or you're dead) dick?

Fellas, don't just sit back and read! Ask your coworkers, female friends, girlfriends, fiance's and wives. Get the response and report back. All of a sudden, "Tammie" is too loose or "Marsha" has a funny shaped ass...ahhh the truth comes out about the girl they wanted to hook you or your boy up with…

Ladies, It's TMI Tuesday. Let's talk about which one (or more) of your friends could get it if you had a dick.

They call me The Fury and I wanna know what you'd do with that ding dong.

3, 2, 1…Go!

-- The Fury



BatMan said...


Domina*Tricks said...

Didn't even read this yet but I HAVE to be FIRST BITCHES!

Domina*Tricks said...

Okay, I guess I am NOT first - but the topic definitely piqued my interest. Will read Fury's post now - something tells me this will be good :)

Domina*Tricks said...

Oh, this is easy :)

I've actually f*cked one of my friends before, with a dick. Not a real one of course, but a nice little strap on. That was the second time though.

But I have had sex with a friend before, who is still a friend now. She was curious about my lifestyle once I came out as bisexual, and asked me to show her what the big deal was. So I did. Obviously it wasn't a situation where one of us would die if I didn't, but I had no problem picking out the friend I'd do if I had a dick. I'd do it again. I won't say her name, but I chose her because there was trust and I felt she was attractive.

There are friends, both male and female, that I'd never touch - but that isn't the question. Let's just say this topic was right up my alley :) Fury and I could hang - I'm jealous he got to spend time with the lovely Brooke yesterday. She is not a "real" friend - but I have a feeling she'd be someone I'd choose as well :)

NastyMan said...

I've heard some crazy comments made by the females on this blog, so I wouldnt mind seeing some them go at each other with a Dick!!

The Cable Guy said...

I am going to find a bag of Doritos and get a drink so I can sit back and read the comments to TODAY'S Blog. Fury is INSANE!

So spill it Brooke!

**this is goood**

And wait...I thought I forbade Brookey to be alone with Fury!

We'll come back to that later.

Jaz said...

So Fury IS real after all. I have to admit I questioned whether or not he was a real person that Brooke knew, but I guess if she's eating lunch with him, he must be.

Honestly, I might have to die. Not because I don't find any of my friends attractive, but because I know their past habits with men. I don't know what that says about who I associate with, but their sexual habits aren't always the best. That's bad, huh?

Craig n 'em said...

@ JAZ...How selfish...You rather die than fuck your friend with your 24 hr dick??? SMH

The Fury said...

@The Cable Guy - Noooo! Go ask someone and report back. Brooke will answer soon enough. Why am I on the forbidden list? What I do? I was a gentleman the entire lunch! Ask her!

@Domina*Tricks - I knew you would answer in the affirmative. Not shocked, but floored you've already strapped on for a friend.

@Jaz - yep I'm real. we were trying to think of a way to prove it in a picture then we lost the receipt after the check was paid. It's not bad that you don't like their habits, it just is what it is. Are your friends more sexually open than you?

Stephanie said...

Oh it's good to be back in NY. Fun topic today. Not only would I fuck one of my girl friends with my 24 dick I'd tried to fuck as many people( male and female) as I could just because I knew I had a 24hr limit.Plus I've always wanted to know what it's like to pee standing up.
I'd choose my best friend Regina.
1. because she's really small 4'11 and I'd be able to throw her all over the place.
2. she's a freak and would love it.
3. and she always says she wishes I was a man cause we'd be perfect for each other.
4. Oh plus she's Cuban and has a really nice heart shaped ass.

Jaz said...

They're sluttier than I am :) The ONE friend I WOULD have sex with has genital warts, but she got them from her now ex-husband. She's not a slut, but I wouldn't want to chance getting them from her.

I guess I could use a condom, you didn't say anything about that, but you can get warts even if you do use a condom, so there goes that.

The Unlicker said...

If I had a dick for a day... holy ish.. I'd be swinging it and hitting chicks in the chin all day long. I would break hearts and backs. There would be no tender loving whatsoeverrrr!

Now, assuming I would also be a man for a day and not a chick with a dick, I don't think I'd hit any of the chicks I know. Not because they aren't pretty enough, because they all are. I just think none of them would be my type. I know them too well. So I could never see them in that way.

My type would have to be a straight up loose chick who just wanted to go hard. I'd want no fluff and now fuss. Just down and dirty "lets see what this thing can do".

But.. F-dat, I'm good with my Kitty. Wouldn't trade her in for anything. Not even a dick.

The Unlicker

The Cable Guy said...

I just asked my sister if she'd f*ck any of her friends if she had a dick and she said "hell no!" She thinks they're all closet hoes! LOL!

I've read your stories Fury, and I don't want Brooke becoming one of them.

@Jaz, stay away from genital warts girl. You only have a dick for 24 hours, don't catch something you can't get rid of for the rest of your life.

Stef said...

my my my, why am I not surprised at today's topic. Fury is a freak.

And I'm surprised he was on his best behavior with Brooke, Fury must be her brother :)

I'd f*ck my friend Raquel because she seems quiet, and as a man with a dick, I'd probably consider her a challenge. She's gorgeous, and men try to get with her all the time but she won't give it up. I'd want to be the guy who hits that on the first try, and with only 24 hours, I'd make it my mission :)

But would she know it's me? Like, do they know they're fucking ME with a dick, or a completely separate man with a dick? I don't think any of my friends would have sex with me knowing it was ME, cuz they know me. But I think I'd make a FINE man! LOL!

Jay said...

Only Fury :)

Domina*Tricks said...

I think my friends would f*ck me knowing it was me as a woman, dick or no dick :)

The Cable Guy said...

Still waiting for Brooke's answer - even though I don't know any of her friends. I've seen a couple of them on her FB page though and I'd hit ALL of them :) LOL!

Brooke said...


Where were you? Glad you're back in the NYC :)

your answer was great! LOL!

And of course Domina*tricks never disappoints :)

Domina*Tricks said...

I'm waiting on Brooke's answer too.

The Fury said...

LMAO Love the answers!!!

@Stephanie - ummm...is your friend Regina busy this weekend? She sounds delectable!

@Jaz - As for the warts issue, let's just say all memory or leftovers of your dalliance will go away after the 24 hours as long as you do it. You do it or you die.

@The Unlicker - You. Are. Hilarious. I have a feeling if you had a dick I couldn't compete with your prowess. However, you have to pick a friend. Surely you have a loose friend that goes hard amongst your bunch.

@Stef - I am not Brooke's brother...I said I was a gentleman not saintly. She had her hands full with my flirts. LOL She knows she can get it...

I guess that's why The Cable Guy is concerned.

The Fury said...

To answer the question, you can tell your friend it's you or you can keep it secret whatever gets you to get it done within the 24 hours.

And yes you would be a man not just a chick with a dick...That could freak people out.

@Stef - is your friend free this weekend as well? Me & Stephanie's friend Regina may want company..LOL

Stef said...

I just told Raquel about this blog and my answer and she cracked up (after being a bit crreeped out for a sec) - but she said she'd let me hit knowing it was me as a man, but not a stranger she only met for 24 hours.

Brooke said...


That's why I'm hesitant to answer the question - I don't want to creep my friends out!

I will say that if I HAD to pick a friend or else I'd die, I DO have a friend I'd choose. All of my friends are great, and attractive and all of that - but I'd have to choose someone I was totally comfortable with, who I trusted, as well as someone I found attractive. Someone I kew for a long time.

I don't think most of my friends would be my type physically if I were a man. I'd most likely be attracted to someone who was tall like me, had hips, beautiful skin, great teeth and a nice heart shaped ass like Stephanie said :)

I think I could run mad game and get them to let me hit it within 24 hours - I have a way with words :)

The Fury said...

LOL @ Brooke running game and gettign to hit her friend within 24 hours. You're that good?? Well...yeah I remember talking to you yesterday.

@Stef - Would your friend Regina do you if she had a dick?

Domina*Tricks said...


Let's pretend that you have a dick and I'm your friend that you've known for a long time. I have hips, a nice smile, great skin and I have a heart shaped ass. And I'm 5'8, is that tall enough?

Brooke kinda described herself I think (only imagining her ass looking like a heart), so my question to you Brooke is, if you were a man, would you want to f*ck yourself?

Raquel said...

Hello everyone!

This is crazy! This blog is funny, so glad I could pop on for a second!

@The Fury,

Yes, if I had a dick, I would have sex with Stef. She's sexy and she's clean! I also think she could teach me a thing or two about women's bodies and what they respond to, even as a man. Maybe I would enjoy sex more once I turned back to a woman.

Brooke said...


I would DEFINITELY have sex with myself if I could! :)

I would love to know what I feel like to someone else :)

I'd love to know what a man's orgasm feels like period. See if it's comparable to mine ;)

Mr. Nice Guy said...

This is the best blog ever!

Mr.Thomas said...

@Stef, I aggree with Fury, your despcription of your friend is delicious!!

Annamaria said...

I'll never teeeeellllllllllll :)

Stef said...

@Mr. Thomas,

I think you have me confused with Stephanie :)


Aww, thank you!

The Cable Guy said...

Y'all women today who are brave enough to answer are sexy as hell!

Brooke, stay away from Fury please, you're too sexy to resist for too long :) I like tall girls too ;)

So Brooke won't name her friend - but does Fury know who she is? Is she hot??!! LOL!

LockSmiff said...

Nice blog ………. I’m loving the responses from the women. Now let’s FLIP the script!!!! Men, if you had to make a similar decision (24 hour pu$$y/”eff” 1 of your friends or DEATH), what would be your choice?

I’ll answer first.

For starters, the LockSmiff 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000% heterosexual male. Shit ….. I’ve been told that I put the “man” in Mandingo! Lol

Now that my disclaimer is out of the way …….. I would definitely select the pu$$y and my boy Harcher would “eff” the shit out of me. The reason for my decision is simple, Harcher is the only dude I know who is as nasty as I am. Therefore, I’ll indirectly get a chance to experience my nastiness as a woman.

There will be 1 contingency, that nukka better not kiss me!!!! Imma have to kick his a$$. LOL

Domina*Tricks said...

I was wondering if a man would post under the reverse scenario. So sexy!

LockSmiff said...

Domina*Tricks, I might have to give you some!!!!!!! LOL

Domina*Tricks said...


Wait in line, Brooke first :)

LockSmiff said...

@Brooke .... are you giving my "lock" away again????????


Domina*Tricks said...


Not yet she isn't, but I can give her something to lock down on if she wants :)

The Cable Guy said...

I agree with Mr. Nice Guy - this is a great blog!

**throwing empty Doritos bag away**

The Cable Guy said...

and I'm ignoring LockSmiff's comment #tryingnottojudge

LockSmiff said...

@ Brooke and Domina*Tricks .... sounds like a plan. I'll bring the video cam and the Lock Picking Tools.


The Fury said...

@Raquel - thanks for joining the party! And...your answer made me smile!

thanks Mr. Nice Guy!

I didn't ask the reverse because I didn't think it would fly. Mr. LockSmif may have just proven me wrong. I however would spend the 24 hours playing with myself and having a lesbian dalliance while planning my funeral. LOL

@Annamaria is a spoil sport

my conversation with Brooke is confidential. She can say whatever she wants. My lips are sealed

Anonymous said...

I see the men became quiet as hell when the tables were turned on them!


The Cable Guy said...

If the tables were turned, I'd just have to die :)

Ms. Penn said...

Why would you have to die Cable Guy? You'd be a woman, not a man, so the sex would be heterosexual sex. Aren't you curious to see what we feel when we have sex with you guys?

I'd have sex with my girl Tracy. She's is VERY confident and sexy and adventurous.

Anonymous said...

I'd become a 24 hour whore and have all my boys run a train on me!!!!!


DMoe said...

This. Blog. Is. Awesome.

Fury - Salut!

(reading by the fireplace with smoking jacket, cigar, and snifter of the finest cognac)


The Cable Guy said...

@Ms. Penn,

Because after the 24 hours, I'd know what I had done! And it def wouldn't be with any of my boys.


That's just nasty man. Man OR woman.

Ms. Penn said...

Cable Guy is homophobic :)

The Fury said...

I never want to know what a dick feels like...EVER!

I would like to know more about how women feel when they orgasm...and how to be better at making it happen.

I have a feeling if I got my 24 hour va-jay jay I'd be a squirter. LOL

thanks Dmoe!

The Cable Guy said...

@Ms. Penn,

I'm not homophobic, but call it what you want. I don't have anything against gay people, it's just not me.

I hate how people label you as homophobic just because you don't embrace their lifestyle. That's like people who overuse the word "hater" just because you don't like something. Stupid.

The Unlicker said...

@ Fury.. I really don't have a friend that I'd do. I've never looked at them in a sexual way or imagined what they would be like, feel like, taste like (yuck, already grossing me out). It would have to be someone I don't know.

The Cable Guy said...

So Brooke, is your friend HOT since Fury is sworn to secrecy? :)

Brooke said...

@Cable Guy,

Of course she is! Well to me I guess she is. I told Fury who she is and he knows her, so it's up to him if he wants to agree or not :)

The Fury said...

LOL @ The Unlicker. Well just take your dick and go beat up some hot strangers until your time runs out. LOLbe

The Fury said...

@The Cable Guy - yes the friend she said is hot. I totally understood giving her the dick. 24 hr or not. LOL

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